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Thursday, July 14, 2016


Is this what happens if you leave working at the Nevada brothels and go into "business" for yourself? This speaks that Brooke had left the Bunny Ranch not to retire from sex work, but in fact she'd been working as a prostitute in Oklahoma when this horrible tragedy went down.    Please note it says this murder was "planned".


The women we've helped to leave the Nevada brothels do so because they want to leave the whole sex industry.  So the vast majority of the women we work with don't go back into prostitution, stripping, porn, etc. upon leaving.

However, some of that isn't necessarily by choice.  Many of these women report they've received threats, even death threats, about what will happen to them if they "don't come back".  Especially if they grant media interviews about what things were like on the inside.

You'll note that no one gives any interview about the Bunny Ranch without Dennis right there in the room.  Also, note these women are residing at the brothel at the time of the interviews, or know they have to go back.  Take any job and tell me if you're going to speak the 100 % truth about your boss or working conditions while they're sitting there?

Christina Parriera?  Her husband is a working associate of Dennis Hof.  She lives in Henderson, Nevada and based on the threats she's issued towards myself personally she knows some pretty bad dudes that can make one's live miserable if she "wanted to".  Meaning she knows full well these same bad dudes could just as easily be turned on her.  That along with the history of domestic violence charges against her husband who she lives with in Nevada - doesn't tell me she's speaking the whole 100 % truth either without fear or possible coercion behind what she's saying.

Christina was just fine with me and we were talking on her social media BEFORE she went in to work inside the brothels to create her report.  She made sure to be online daily so people could keep track of her.  That's why I was alerted when she sent out a signal in the middle of the night saying she "wanted to get out of there".  Clearly she didn't have a way to leave on her own or she wouldn't have asked for help to leave.

So I said I was "coming".  Before I could reach her, she came back online saying "everything was fine" and that she had just "had an episode because of changing her bipolar medication".  I'm not revealing a confidence here when she's posting this on her twitter feed.   The next day I found myself shut off from all of her social media and in fact I'm now threatened with lawyers if I even attempt to speak to her again.

I don't know many secretary's who have their husband or boss threaten me with lawyers if I speak to them so excuse me if I tend to think they might not be fully speaking their minds in the media.

I'd like you to make a note of what does happen to women who leave the industry and then take the extra step to reach back and try and help others to leave.

See how they attack me at   I'd like you to note the big view here seems to say that they think there is "no program" and that it's "just me alone".    This was said after the people who created the site spent six months trying to get past me to the other members to no avail.  They couldn't.

It also ignores the interviews we have up in members' own voices at, quotes from members spanning 30 years at and even members who have appeared on TV with us back in the 80's and 90's.   So clearly we do have members - it's just that no those people trying to get at them can't.  We have had to set up that type of security because they were being threatened.  When Aubrey left the brothels for example she had gotten a new unlisted phone number and STILL had the owner of the brothel call and threaten her life if she gave another interview.

Go down the list:

Shelley Lubben

Created by Michael Whiteacre, Christina's husband.

Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, and others who try and help other people leave the sex industry, are discussed here.

Note all attacks seem to be connected to Michael Whiteacre.

Who another pornographer says is hired by Dennis Hof here:

With what appears to be Michael's full time job of investigating, stalking, and blogging attacks against those trying to also help women out of the industry - I'd certainly imagine it makes Christina also think twice about what would happen to her if she not only left the industry, but also started talking about what she knows about the industry as well.

I believe Sharnel Silvey was framed.  Sharnel also not only left the sex industry, but worked very hard to try and help others leave the Nevada brothels.  She would bring roses to the women in the brothels basically posing as doing Christian outreach.  Only this was a good way to get the owners to tune her out when she was talking to the women.

She built up to starting the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  I was helping her get this program started, and it was very effective.  Aubrey even came through this program at first.  Many women leaving the brothels wind up prostituting illegally in northern Nevada and then are arrested.  This was the focus of the program was helping these women.

Sharnel told me Joe Conforte was calling her from Brazil asking her to come there to help him "run women" where it was "legal".   But the job offer was more than a job offer - it was also a bribe to try and abandon the program helping women leave prostitution in Nevada.

She refused. Shortly after she was set up on a charge where the court threw the absolute book at her.  First offense, non-violent crime - FIVE YEARS.

I found it interesting Google seemed to lose all trace of her good work once she was arrested.  It was like the good news clips just disappeared.

I have YET to find any of these types of attacks against that group of women, those trying to help others leave Nevada sex work, that is NOT connected to Michael Whiteacre, whose wife works for Dennis Hof.

Yes giving rise to wonder about what happened to Brooke Phillips.  She was "known" for Cathouse and had set up shop away from Dennis.  This was not a random killing.  It wasn't suicide.  It wasn't an accidental overdose.  This woman was out and out murdered and the men who murdered her not only planned the murder but even "complained" that she "wouldn't die".

Are just these women  the only ones being bullied here?

What about Chris Edwards stating that John Hambrick "bullied his way" into being Speaker of the House?

I stood by and watched Assemblyman Bob Beers completely set up and railroaded out of his position by the Review Journal.   This man was on our side, and had declared he would do something to help the women who were working in the massage parlors in Las Vegas.  Take a good look at "Operation Dollhouse" as to why these women need help in the first place.  Or what was going on in the Crazy Horse strip club for that matter where the owner is drugging and robbing customers, then being a part of paralyzing one man for life.

Bob reported to me he was receiving death threats when I asked him if he was going to fight back against the phony ethics set-up.  This is a man who meant well finding himself getting death threats.  Having a family to protect I don't blame him for withdrawing - making room for John Hambrick.

When I first heard of John, I asked to meet with him.  He refused.

When he was going to Carson City to work on AB67 I asked him if he could help me get up there also.  I had no car then and no money to fly up there either.  He refused.

I asked him for an interview on our radio program.  He refused.

I then found him working very closely with Congo Justice.  Who was NOT talking about NEVADA prostitution.

Then he partnered up with pastor Tony Martinez.  Only his so called "documentary" focused entirely on illegal prostitution on the streets.  There was not one frame, not one interview, not one SECOND in there about women in the strip clubs or the legal brothels in Nevada speaking about trafficking.  I had tried reaching out to Tony repeating during the production of his film - only to be completely rebuffed.  Now the film's done - he's on to working with gang members.  So clearly his heart isn't in helping Nevada prostitutes.

Why does it make a difference they're not including the legal brothels, strip clubs, or massage parlors with sex trafficking media/propaganda?  Listen to this interview with Joe Conforte and myself from 1988  Notice that he equals all "problems" with prostitution as "only being where it's illegal".  Notice I counter that these issues happen in the legal venues just as often.  It that isn't the case then why would Amsterdam shut down their legal windows district in 2007?

My point being that if John Hambrick cared one single tiny bit about Nevada's sex trafficking victims - then why were all of our calls rebuffed?  Take a look at this video from 1988.  Clearly I've been working with the issue of Nevada prostitutes for a LONG LONG time.

Now he's reported to be "bullying" his way into Speaker.


Well made it easier to chase off Harry Reid - a loud opponent to the Nevada brothels.  Here he is in 2011 posing they even be outlawed.  Well of course they had to get rid of him.

Now we see Dennis running for Senate.

How does the Nevada brothels treat it's opposition?  They get Polaris to outlaw it.

Can anyone tell me why Polaris would go to all that effort to shut down Rhode Island but NOT Nevada?

Well probably because one of the men on their team says he "owes his career to Ron Paul".   Ron is a libertarian.   Libertarians are trying to push legalized prostitution across this country - NOT "decriminalized".  Legalized is another word for "pimp owned".  Derek Ellerman wrote the paper WITH Katherine Chon which got Rhode Island decriminalized prostitution shut down.

So here is the tie between Dennis Hof and Rhode Island being shut down as a competitor to them using some pretty big dogs and a lot of money.

Sheldon Adelson has now bought the Review Journal.  Basically the only newspaper in Nevada.

A man with a clearly known agenda to get prostitution legalized in the USA.  A man who is also known for hating unions by the way.

Step in Sex Workers Outreach Project.  When Robin Few died, they seem to not only get a new cash infusion, but were taken over by people who wanted to make damn sure no one knew about our group or myself.  Immediately Christina Parriera, or her husband using her email address, went about having me shut out of all SWOP online groups and discussions.

Why?  She didn't like me personally?  If that was the case why the timing that it was?  No the plan has gone into operation to not only get prostitution legalized, all opposition shut down, but also to make sure sex workers DON'T UNIONIZE.

Welcome now to the Cupcake Girls.  A group putting itself inbetween the sex workers of Nevada and our group.  They hand out cash and cupcakes and in return get close to as many of the women as possible.  Notice not one word about unionizing out of their mouths.

But the law they got passed allows women with a prostitution conviction on their record to be able to clear it away and get a license now.  A law that sure wouldn't have passed without the bullshit smoke screen of it being about "jobs".

Our group has been getting women coming out of sex work jobs since 1988.  There has NEVER been an issue about their prostitution record blocking them from jobs.  In fact, many companies  PREFER it.  They say they know if the woman was a prostitute that she "knows how to interact with the public" and she "knows how to sell".

When I reached out to the Cupcake Girls with a list of companies who only hire ex-sex workers with records - they blocked me from all contact.  So clearly helping these women find jobs was not the goal for them as stated.

But now you can get a judge to sign off on your record and get yourself a prostitution license thanks to them!

No readers - this much money, time, trouble, etc., put into getting this "prostitution agenda" spread and we're supposed to think there may not have been some connection to Brooke's death being that she'd left the ranch.   I think this case needs a little further investigation myself.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Prior to about 2013, I had a good working relationship with the Nebraska legislature.  They had been discussing pushing for a "harsher sentencing" against traffickers.  I was very concerned about this because I felt the backlash would just be more prostitutes being murdered.  I mean you give a guy a life sentence for pimping and he'll just knock that woman off rather than take the risk.  So I had started writing them asking them to reconsider a different approach to get more arrests which wouldn't endanger the women as much as this would.

The response was I read they were "reconsidering" this and they did in fact back up.  We then started discussing how to start training police officers to identify women in trouble and how to set up "safe houses".  This is where I got concerned because of what I'd found when I first moved up to Nebraska.

I wasn't there a month when I got a call in connection with something going on at Boys Town.  As I got more involved in that case, I was asked "well don't you know about the Omaha Franklin scandal"?  Which I had not - but I sure learned about it fast as I got deeper into helping in connection with what was going on at Boys Town.

In fact, I met Johnny Gosch's mom who gave me a very good book about the scandal.  I found it interesting what she had in there about ABC news also stealing some of her documentation and evidence.  It was because of her book I had warned Jeane Palrey not to trust the ABC news and we were right.   They originally said there was "no names of significance" in her book until we said "not so fast" and the Smoking Gun revealed names such as Randall Tobias (who wrote the TVRA of 2003 giving all the money to faith based groups who had nothing to do with this movement at that time), and David Vitter.  So if left up to ABC those names wouldn't have hit the press.

The staff at Boys Town was having us come in at night and take certain kids to another shelter which we knew to be safer.  They didn't want to risk their job and bad publicity they said would hurt donations.  If they lost their jobs then they wouldn't be in a position to refer the kids being targeted to us to help get them out of there.  

But I had moved back to Nebraska in 1994 to set up safe houses.   There was houses with land we could buy back there for $5000 outright.  So it became easy to take women needing help from either the east or west coast and set them up or new lives in the midwest.  Back then it was amazing because we could let them stay in our house until they got working.  Which jobs were plentiful and well paying.  Most employers didn't even ask for an ID, a resume, nor would they do any background checks.  So we could get a woman working by the next day making $10 an hour to start.  Now with the average rent for a house being $250 - that $10 an hour went a long way back there.

My now ex-husband has a very large family.  His nephew was a prosecutor in Omaha at the time.  So we had no problem helping these women get settled in and not worry about their pimps following them out there to drag them back.  Being in such a small town - if anyone did show up asking questions about a woman - we'd hear about it in five minutes and could act accordingly.

What threw me was after we had started talking more and more to the Nebraska legislature about setting up more safe houses and doing some training, as well as changing the licensing process for escort services (which they license back there), this man with a church I won't name started calling me and basically "taking over".  He kept repeating to me "where is the money going to come from to get this stuff done".  I would explain where the money would come from but that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear.  I couldn't help but feel he was hinting for a cash payment.

But why?  If you're charging for an escort service license, and you set up an orientation process for these women to go through where a proctor gives the orientation about what sex trafficking is, where to go for help, etc. then you charge them for that and VOILA!  That's where the money comes from to pay for the testing.  Then he'd say "well how are we going to pay to change the forms?"  I repeated "from the fee you charge the applicants".

Suddenly the "wall of silence" goes up.  Next thing I know I'm hearing they've set up a "task force" and "safe houses".  I get a call from a woman back there saying "we have no money for anything" and I'm like "for what?"  She says they need furniture, clothing, houses, etc., for the safe houses and there's "no money".  I told her "honey, I've got safe houses right now back there.  I've got family who will help with picking the women up and taking them to the safe house.  I have a whole network already set up back there you can tap into so why isn't anyone calling me about these women?  I mean who in the hell is even providing therapy?"  I say that because back in the mid-1990's the whole state of Nebraska only had three licensed therapists in the whole state!

The woman was shocked telling me "what do you mean you have these resources?"  She then starts telling me how she's running around trying to get all these things because she thinks there isn't any resources.  I'm like "well who told you this" and "why didn't anyone tell you about us?"   I then learn she was talking to a representative who I'd been talking to for years.  Clearly this woman didn't want to tell her about us for some reason.

I go to contact her and she's been promoted.  Now why she wouldn't tell a survivor who is trying to help other survivors back in Nebraska we exist I just don't understand.

But reading this - well it makes more sense now.

When these trafficking task forces first formed, of course we assumed they'd want to know about our work in the area for years before they formed right?   Wrong.  We started reaching out to them offering to connect them up to our local group, to utilize our existing resources, etc., and we're getting completely shut down.

Why?  If someone opens up a task force to help an alcoholic and Bill Wilson calls up saying "hey how about I connect you up to our local AA chapter?" you'd think they'd jump at the chance right?

Only we've been finding one by one by one that someone, or many, on those task forces has been directly involved with the very trafficking they're claiming to be fighting.  If anything, a pattern is emerging - that of the cover-up.

We also start getting calls from private citizens telling us they went to report sex trafficking to the task force and they started finding themselves being threatened into "backing off" not just pushing on the information they have against the traffickers, but also from extending help to the victims.  One woman was telling us how she was hiding a victim at her house and when she went to the police to let them know what was going on - she finds herself being brought up on charges!

Wondering what "safe houses" they're using for these victims, we keep hearing they're being taken to the Salvation Army or the Catholic Charities shelters.   But they only take straight women - they refuse men, transgenders, and lesbians.  What we also keep hearing is that any of these victims who have one bad thing to say against anyone in office, or a priest - they're kicked out on the streets.

It took me a while to figure out why these shelters instead of working with the network of houses we use - and then I saw the movie "Spotlight'.  I began to realize the Catholic Church has been covering up a lot of stuff for a lot of years.  I then asked myself if any cases of corrupt law enforcement being involved with the actual trafficking have com out of these shelters run by the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities and the answer was "no".

It also made sense to me finally why I have been calling these same shelters in Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and other states asking them to help us with victims and they won't even speak to me.  I mean they're getting money to house these victims so why not the ones who come to me for help?  Well the ones who come to me for help are usually the ones who are trafficked by cops or priests.


Now I'm piecing together why they won't help any victims we call them about.   I help them and they deny they exist by telling anyone "don't listen to Jody - she's crazy" and it just makes them all disappear "officially".

Just like how ATLAS at the end of 2007 had ZERO victims they reported saving, while that year we took over 300 calls just from Nevada.  Calls we tried giving to ATLAS only to have them say "we can't work with anyone that isn't referred to us by Metro".  I'd explain to them these women were reporting being raped and pimped by Metro now WHY WOULD Metro refer them someone who is going to be talking about what they did to them and THAT'S why we needed their help.  They were the ones who got $870,000 to "help trafficking victims".   Well here I have trafficking victims sitting on my couch needing help and what am I supposed to do with them when I'm living on an SSI income of a whopping $730 a month?

And then when anyone would ask Metro or Terri Miller about the calls we're getting they just say "oh she's crazy - we don't have any of that going on around here".

Well the news that's coming out proves otherwise.  Now we're seeing it's not just law enforcement.  It's not just the prosecutor's.  It's not just Homeland Security.  But it's also the church involved here and part of the cover-up.

WHEN are people going to realize these victims CAN'T call the police for help and that's why they call us?  I don't know of any other national hotline that does what we do but us.  Hopefully as these articles come out - maybe people will catch on as to why people in these offices are trying so hard to get people NOT TO LISTEN to what I'm saying on behalf of men and women who are having to protect their anonymity and can't?

Monday, July 11, 2016


I've followed Joyce Meyer since I got clean in 1985.  I've been a "partner" of hers for probably 10 years now and tithe to her ministry each month.  I do this because she was the FIRST and ONLY ministry which opened spoke about a house she put together where the women she helped were PROSTITUTES.  That's what she called them clear back in bot 2004 - "prostitutes" NOT "trafficking victims".

Back in Biblical times, there were "slaves".  Mary Magdalene was a PROSTITUTE.  She DID NOT have a pimp when Jesus saved her.  He found her whoring and then told her "go and sin no more".  He did not put her into a "safe house" where he then had her making jewelry she sold to raise money for Jesus.  No.  He told her to "go and sin no more" and she then started STUDYING under Jesus.

Joyce has always been very open about these women in her house being "prostitutes".  So for this reason I've financially supported her ministry also with my tithe.  But today was the first time I've heard her use ONLY the word "trafficking victim" while NOT saying the word "prostitute" once.

I was upset and went to write Joyce a personal letter.  In the process of finding her email address, I went to find one on Christine also.   In the process of doing this - I found this site about Christine and her husband -

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Dear Editor:

I’m writing to weigh in on the Oakland sex scandal.   Thirty years ago, we launched the first hotline for adults to call for help to leave the sex industry.  We also founded the first 12 step program which was not just for recovery, but also to be used as “alternative sentencing” for those being treated only as “criminals” by our society back then.   To date, our hotline has answered five times as many calls for help as the National Trafficking Hotline.  Our 12 step program, Sex Workers Anonymous (originally “Prostitutes Anonymous”), is the oldest, and largest program of those who have left the sex industry in the world. 

I’m bringing up how old we are to explain how things have dramatically shifted now in this field which this case in Oakland not only typifies, but further is happening all over this country right now.  A situation we are going to have to find a solution to and fast.  Because it’s not just women like Celeste who are being victimized here.

Take for example the case of  Joohoon David Lee.  He’s a Homeland Security and ICE officer who was caught sex trafficking women from Korea into Nevada and California.  Walking his victims right past airport security trained in how to spot and help such victims now on the taxpayer’s dime.   To cover up his REAL sex trafficking activities, this man falsely accused a whole innocent family of being sex traffickers who owned a restaurant in Las Vegas.  The wife was even forced to wear an ankle bracelet for six months tracing her movements while their restaurant, and family reputation, was run into the ground.

Our calls on behalf of the victims were not just ignored – we were aggressively threatened into “backing off” speaking to them by police, private investigators, attorney’s, and even various Chief of Police as well as Internal Affairs.  We’ve had our hotline responders, volunteers, members, and service providers we work with threatened off.   Members of the press have reported they’ve been threatened into not reporting on what we’re saying is happening.  

Even worse, cops, prosecutors, probation officers, social workers, foster parents, and even politicians have reported to us they’ve been threatened also into not speaking to us when we’ve called trying to get help for women like Celeste to get out of the sex industry.   Many have reported they were outright fired for even suggesting we be brought in to help such victims when we have a strong consistent proven record of success in this area.

Let’s talk about money for a moment.  Oakland and Alameda County received $80,000 from Hunt Alternatives to “end demand”.  Alameda County spent $1,000,000 on a billboard campaign, (take a look at this site and tell me how this would help someone like Celeste Guap please), which for six months went to a bus schedule. 

Long Beach’s sex trafficking task force has received about $4,000,000 overall, while Los Angeles has approved $7,000,000 to “fight sex trafficking”. Private and government grants aside, there’s also been countless fund raisers within womens’ groups and churches.  All to raise money to get help to women like Celeste to be able to leave any part of the sex industry, legal or not.

Women like Celeste who call our hotline reporting they have “no other options” to get help than to turn to us because of what we’re seeing being exposed to the light here in this Oakland case, and many others coming to light lately also.    The National Trafficking Hotline for example refers these women to task forces who are being led by the very men they’re trying to get away from.   That or programs who aren’t equipped to help women get away from the grip of not a street pimp, but men like William Johnson, and all the connections a man like him, as well as Joohon David Lee has.  One can’t simply go into a Salvation Army shelter when running from such traffickers as this.  Not unless they want to wind up like Margo Compton did – a woman who relied upon people not equipped to properly protect her and her two children when she tried to stop her sex trafficking. 

Take for example “Operation Dollhouse”.  There our hotline was getting calls for help where these women were being trafficked on private property.  There was no way to get undercover police inside the operation, nor could we get actors pretending to be customers in to help extract them.  I had gone to the Chief of Police at the time in Las Vegas with information on how this ring operated, right down to street addresses, phone numbers, names, etc.  Only to find everything shifted within 24 hours to “clean up” everything we’re reported. 

In the past, we’d been able to get help through applying the press to the situation.  A reporter then asked the police for a “ride along” and then put them “on the spot” to do a spontaneous raid.  This resulted in 24 Chinese women found in private homes with mattresses on the ground, along with bags of drugs, including finding a minor female.   It also found two police officers who were on the San Mateo sex trafficking task force.  All 24 of these women were released back to their pimps and the case initially dismissed entirely.   Meaning this women had no escape and we couldn’t get any help to them either because of a lack of these officials working with us to do so. 

This was the same year that ATLAS had received over $870,000 to “fight sex trafficking”.  Only to report ZERO cases of sex trafficking at the end of the year.  This money was carved up by the police departments, local shelters, and even things like $80,000 spent on a billboard which no one ever called.   When we had pushed on this case to get those women some help – we found ourselves not just threatened but we even had a bomb placed in our outreach RV, our front door kicked in, I was stalked, our volunteers threatened, and further all calls to anyone for help for these women were completely ignored.  We found ourselves even banned from attending the trafficking conference held that same year in Vegas.  Further, a reporter and a photographer for the Review Journal were fired for trying to get a story run on our work in Nevada with cases just like this.   To cover up why no one was even returning our calls – I personally was smeared  like that was some kind of explanation why Sex Workers Anonymous was not being called in to help women leave the sex industry. 

As for Oakland, I can show letter after letter here we’ve been sending to the police, politicians, the press, attorney general’s office, even the governor’s office trying to get help to women like Celeste only to find not only are we being ignored by them – but such ignorance of us is supporting what’s going on.  Again, not just harming women like Celeste, but further harming innocent citizens, wasting taxpayer’s and donor’s money, and further SUPPORTING the sex trafficking.

Which is going to continue unless we start seeing a dialogue opening about INCLUDING us.  Not bringing in some program who has no track record in this area who is also not set up to deal with EXACTLY this type of situation.  While groups like Victory Outreach may be set up to deal with women like Celeste’s spiritual needs, and maybe even help one escape street pimps – they are far from set up to be helping these women leave prostitution when they’ve got as many as 30 men with badges trying everything in their power to make sure she doesn’t. 

How many more cases like this do we have to see go down before someone realizes we need to be involved?  Or further the fact we aren’t is a problem in itself?  Again, who tries to help an alcoholic without involving Alcoholics Anonymous?  Clearly not someone interested in helping them get sober that’s for sure.

So if you are like Celeste and you need help to leave the sex industry – please know about  And the next time you see a meeting going on saying they want to help victims like this and we’re not part of the panel – you are watching in this Oakland case why we haven’t been included in the past functions.  If you want that to change – please get in touch with us at (702) 488-1127. 


Jody Williams, Founder

Monday, July 4, 2016


I bet to differ with the opinion you've put forth here based on a "lack of arrests".  I used to see a lot of "numbers juggling" with the HIV/AIDS epidemic I lived through in the 1980's.  For example, I used to see whole cities that would refuse to give any doctors who worked with HIV/AIDS a license to operate.  They would block pharmacies from carrying any of the medications, and then further refuse to give clinics a license to operate also.  Then with no services for the HIV + patient - one infected would have no choice but to relocate to where they could get proper medical care.  Then at the end of the year - the city which had just driven everyone with HIV/AIDS clean out of town would then say "oh see - we've done such a good job we have no more sick people living in our city".   The same would happen for cities which did have proper medical care - their numbers of "new infections" would soar -  but all it really meant was a lot of people who were sick moved to town suddenly.

Take a real good look here at "Operation Dollhouse".   Over 24 women were found in those houses with mattresses on the floor these two cops said they "thought they were massage parlors" they were going to.   Yeah with bags of drugs found also, and cigarette butts on the floor along with the mattresses.  The cops said they thought they were at a "legit massage parlor" because they asked the cab driver to take them to one.  Only problem with that statement is if you get into a cab from where they came from and drive even a block or two - you'll pass huge signs for massage parlors.  The media also refused to go pull the tapes from the cab's camera in the dash which records everything said.  That would have shown what they asked for when they got in the cab - which wasn't done.

So despite bags of drugs found on the site, along with mattresses on the floor, and two cops there on just coincidently the same day as I told them that cops would be there from San Mateo, CA (which is where these two cops were from and EVEN belonged to the trafficking task force there) making the regularly scheduled bi-weekly drop the traffickers would make using cop cars to avoid detection, and despite the fact these women were required to be held until ICE processed their Visa's to make sure they were legit, they had possession of them, and they were questioned so they knew these women weren't being forced to do what they were doing, which was NOT done before they were released right back to the pimps and shoved off before our program could arrive on the scene to question them ourselves - they were released 20 minutes later along with the two police officers also.

Now I raised an absolute stink about this and wouldn't let it go.  I complained to Homeland Security, ICE, the US Attorney's office, and any other office I could think of about the fact these women were supposed to have been rescued and not SENT RIGHT BACK TO THEIR CAPTIVITY.  That TWO TRAFFICKING TASK FORCE MEMBERS, these two San Mateo cops, were insisting these women were not "trafficking victims" but in fact "massage therapists" (even though not a one of them had a license and these were found in private homes - not even a commercial office address) and there wasn't even a MASSAGE TABLE in the whole place (mattresses on the floor are not what massage therapists use), and insisting that our government DO SOMETHING to help these poor women.  I mean how much more physical evidence would one need before realizing these women were being trafficked, and they needed HELP?

Note - one of the women was a MINOR.  Now since minor's can't consent to "sex" - this means that her being a "prostitute" does make her a "trafficking victim" being if she can't consent - then she was FORCED.  But according to the judge in this case - NO ONE WAS A "TRAFFICKING VICTIM".  But again a minor there who can't consent to sex because of her age therefore means she was there against her will, and therefore this WAS a trafficking situation.

Seems one is guilty of "pandering", while other was guilty of "living off the earnings of a prostitute"  But no one here was convicted of "sex trafficking".   So here's a clear case of sex trafficking that was not LISTED as a case of sex trafficking despite clearing being the case in reality.

I'd also like to add that I was not notified of the hearing to testify at all as to what I knew about the trafficking operation before the sentencing was handed down either.   Meaning the court WANTED to classify this as "not a case of sex trafficking" before the hearing even started.

I suspected someone from Immigration was involved in this matter because these women were let go before Immigration could properly check out their Visa's, and interview them, with an interpreter, as to whether they were in fact there against their will or not.  

So I continued to follow up on this by talking to other victims talking to me until I realized there was in fact someone at ICE involved.  I won't say how I knew - but I knew at one point.  I also realized someone at the Dept. of Transportation was leaking information after I wrote them a letter tipping them off women from China were being brought in for trafficking purposes - only to then have the operation switch over to using women from Korea.

This told me that yes someone at LAX was definitely involved.  My letters to the Chief of Police and Internal Affairs were being ignored - so I went up a level to the Office of Professional Responsibility.  This resulted in Joohoon David Lee being arrested.

For BRIBERY.  Seems we can't charge a Homeland Security Agent who flew victims of sex trafficking over to the USA on the government checkbook with sex trafficking.  So the best they got against him was "bribery".  They didn't get the guy who bribed him by the way - but they called it "case closed" with no mention of if he kept his pension or not in the process.   So he was charged with BRIBERY in BOTH California and Nevada but NOT "sex trafficking".

So you see - just because there were no "charges on the books for sex trafficking" doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Nor does it mean the "campaign to end trafficking was successful" either just because people are bending over backwards not to classify something as sex trafficking when it clearly is.

It just means we're STILL where we were in 1987 when I launched our hotline, program, and this campaign to have this country realize it wasn't the pimps we were trying to raise awareness about.  There are already laws on the books for a pimp and you can call 911 today  if you have a pimp and you'll get them arrested.

But what do you do when the men trafficking you are Homeland Security and ICE?  Where do you run then?  Who do you call when you've had sex with over 30 cops from around southern California over a period of years as we're seeing is the case in Oakland?  

You can't call 911 that's for sure!

Look at this poor girl in Oakland with THIRTY cops telling her how to avoid being arrested.  NOT to PROTECT HER - but to save their own ass.   Oh no let's not do to her what happened to me where I  found myself arrested and the judge ordered me to find a job, get into trade school, and with probation hanging over my head make sure I get out of the sex industry.  On no - let's not do that and then make the girl THINK these guys were "protecting her"?  Baloney - they could care less if she died on the streets as long as it didn't come to light what all they were up to.

And no I don't believe THIRTY cops in the same region all wind up sleeping with the same hooker for CHANCE.  Some of those cops by the way were from Alameda County.  So Nancy O'Malley - when you took that $80,000 grant from Swanee Hunt to "End Demand" which your bright idea to do this was to arrest more "johns" - having the same cops who were sleeping with this teenage "prostitute" oops - sorry there's "no such thing" is there of a "teenage prostitute" (now we know why they REALLY wanted to stop arresting teens and also trying to tell us there's "no such thing" in reality folks) be the ones arresting men on the streets for picking up prostitutes.

I'm curious what law applies here when the same cops who are arresting men for doing the same thing they're doing.   But at least now we REALLY know why those billboards went to a site that had nothing but a bus schedule on it for six months instead of something USEFUL like our hotline or the Children of the Night hotline (what a way to put on a show but also make sure real victims like this poor girl don't actually find a way out).

What we have here by the way is what I've been saying all along - this "end demand" is nothing more than a smoke screen to go after "independent" sex workers and their customers and push them into "legal" prostitution which is just a hop and a skip over the border to Nevada.  Bootleggers used to do the same thing to get rid of their competitors and then come in with their higher priced moonshine.

Because let's face it - if you really wanted to get these girls some help you'd be doing more than just saying "oh let's stop arresting them" but then do what?  The social services, foster care and mental health systems are already completely overloaded.  There isn't even anyone IN the juvenile probation department office last time I looked.  

So I can't exactly get an alternative sentencing program going with no active Chief's of Police, and no head of probation to sign off on anything we'd propose.

But this is brilliant - run an article saying because there "were no arrests for sex trafficking" then you got the problem all under control"?  Boy this must be why they keep coming up with more fake survivors like Samoly Mam, Chong Kim and rescuers like William Hillar - because they're sure doing everything in their power to shut up REAL survivors who would contradict them and say "no this just means we STILL can't get any traffickers arrested" NOT that they "solved the problem".

Far from it.  The ZERO number is FAR MORE DISTURBING to see because it means we're still not even getting the right types of prosecutions going against the traffickers - well because then it would expose what they don't want to expose.  Oh and then they might have to actually spend some of those BILLIONS of dollars meant to help us escape and recover ON US for once.  Instead of paying off their own paychecks, donating to their friends, and sliding money off to safe houses that will silence anyone from talking about what's really going on out here.


Thursday, June 30, 2016


I'm not sure what's up here in reality with this show any further. When I first saw the show for Season One, I of course went to immediately offer to help. The issues shared here are almost identical in many ways to the women we've been helping to escape pimps since the 1980's. In fact, almost completely identical to the situations where victims aren't just being pimped - but actually trafficked within religious cults.

I say that because of the very first case I went onto my first national TV show to try and find help. In researching a group I wanted to put together to help people leave prostitution, which often meant leaving pimps and traffickers also, I was told to go talk to members of a local church who had developed a reputation of getting women off the streets and away from their pimps that was really big in Los Angeles back in 1986.

I went to interview those women and found that almost all of them had at one time been pimped by street pimps before being "rescued" by the church. After finding the church, they would get married and start popping out kids. Since this was a very rare thing since studies at the time showed something like 98 % of women who had been involved in drugs and prostitution never made it out at all - of course I wanted to know how this church was achieving this. In asking the women what their lives were like now - I was quite shocked to find out the truth.

Which was they might not be turning tricks on the street corner - but they were still being exploited by the church leader. Basically their street pimp had been replaced by the pastor where they were doing essentially the same thing - only instead of the money going to drugs the money was going to the pastor and the church.

They were in situations where they were in a multiple marriage with the leader, having kids by him, and then he was using the children in child pornography which was sold to support the church financially. The adult women were then trained to do pretty much the same thing they did as street prostitutes did in order to bring men into the church who would donate heavily. They called this practice "Flirty Fishing".

That church was the "Children of God". After talking to these women I thought had found a solution - we had just found 10 women, with multiple children, who desperately wanted to leave. But none of them had jobs - while almost all of them had criminal records for drugs and prostitution. Most didn't even have a drivers license or a car. The leader always kept them without any money on them at all to prevent them from leaving.

Now I ask you - how in 1987 am I supposed to find a place that would take in 10 women with multiple kids per family who had no ID, no money, and we knew the father would come after them crying "kidnapping" if they tried to leave with the children at a time when our society didn't believe sex trafficking was even real?

Remember the Trafficking Act of 2000 wasn't passed until the year 2000 - so this was right on the heels of a time when Linda Lovelace had tried to get the world to believe she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" while her husband/pimp had pointed a gun at her from off camera on a mob financed film while no one on the set would lift a finger to help her.

All I could think of to do was to go onto a national TV show, tell the public about how this was a very real issue in today's world (people used to think "white slavery" as it was called back then didn't exist anymore), and ask for someone to step up with resources to help these 10 families escape.

Sally Jesse Raphael gave me an hour to do this - and after the show aired an apartment building owner came forward offering housing for each of the women. He gave them a year free rent. I had an auto lot dealer give the women cars on easy financing (we didn't have to make payments for 90 days), a counselor stepped up offering free counseling, and we even had an attorney donate his services to help these women fight their leader for custody. I even had a temporary employment agent step up and help us find work for each of these women while a daycare even offered free daycare so these women could get on their feet.

After the publicity hit the air - the church up and left California that year for Europe. They changed their name from "Children of God" to the "Family" and their leader ran like a rat from a sinking ship. We even had a cult "deprogrammer" who had been connected to the Jonestown victims offer help to these women to get their lives back to normal again by offering them "deprogramming". This is the process of breaking down all of the brainwashing their pimps/traffickers/abusers had laid on them to basically make them afraid to leave the situation.

These survivors then helped us launch "Prostitutes Anonymous" in 1987, along with the first hotline for those to call who wanted to leave the sex industry. Since we were the first hotline for all adults (the only other hotline at this time was for juveniles, we'd get calls of all types. This meant those who had pimps, those who were being trafficked, as well as those who might have done some stripping to pay for grad school. Every call was different.

When the teens would call though it would be very difficult as in many of these cases the parents were involved in forcing them into prostitution. Our most difficult cases came out of the Mormon communities. We'd see a lot of situations where the woman was turned out into prostitution by her husband. He would marry them to avoid prosecution for being a pimp or trafficker and because the law won't force a woman to testify against her husband.

However, as they'd start having children, we would see the fathers using them in child pornography to financially support their large families and multiple wives. Sometimes they'd even sell off a young daughter to an older member of the church for a large cash payment or even donation of real estate.

When the girls would get older - they'd turn them out into prostitution working right alongside their mother. The boys would either be trained to be a pimp themselves - or cast aside on to the streets if not participating. Then when the woman would try and leave this man - he would then threaten to file for kidnapping charges against the mother.

If I tried to take in just the teenage girls - then the father would show up at my door threatening me with kidnapping charges while the girl would be pleading with me not to let her father drag her back. So with teenagers - I found the best place to send them who was equipped legally to fight their fathers was

I later learned that the "Children of God" cult had returned to the USA and centered themselves in Phoenix, Arizona where they are now. I later learned about their return after Ricky Rodriguez's famous video surfaced on his shooting himself in the head because he felt there was no way out from this cult.

Our work grew, and we changed our name to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995 when the internet was created. Because I kept getting calls from victims in Nevada who were reporting they were having to fight not just their pimps but also the local police to escape - I relocated myself to Nevada in 1996. Think Joe Conforte, owner of the Mustang Ranch Brothel. He shot down a famous boxer in cold blood without doing one day in jail. In fact, he even got a cop to take the fall for him on the murder.

The legal brothels of Nevada are in locations where there are no buses or cabs for these women to be able to leave by and it's actually against the law to leave on foot. Literally if you try and walk out of a brothel on foot to escape - you can have a cop come arrest you for leaving. If you try and leave the brothel within your first 48 hours - you can also be arrested because of the HIV/AIDS testing laws (or so they claim it's for that purpose).

The real problem with trafficking in Nevada was that this country seems to only associate it with street prostitution. There is absolutely no media out there talking about the type of sex trafficking that happens within the legal side of sex work such as the strip clubs, massage parlors, webcam studios and yes legal brothels. Nor would it be talked about when the brothels are trying to expand outside of their tiny rural areas into the larger cities and states such as California and Las Vegas.

So while the brothels were trying to expand into Las Vegas - I was able to get reputable reporters attention to this issue such as Bob Herbert from the NY Times. He came out to see this for himself and wrote a series where he validated that it was in fact so bad in Nevada he literally was able to "find a victim of trafficking within his first 15 minutes of randomly looking". A statement which then had the mayor then, Oscar Goodman, threaten Bob Herbert with a "baseball bat to the head" should he return to Las Vegas ever again. A threat so serious the DA did open an investigation into charges for this threat.

Meaning we had to go bigger to not only get help to trafficking victims within the legalized parts of sex work such as the legal brothels and strip clubs so dominant in Nevada, but also where we're combating the fact victims literally CAN'T just get up and walk out or they'll be arrested in some situations for walking down the street because of curfew laws, HIV/AIDS laws, etc., or even just because they're in the middle of nowhere without a car and there's no public buses, cabs, etc., they can get into to get out of the clutches of their pimp and to safety.

So I helped organize a press conference in 2007 about the Nevada sex trafficking situation along with Melissa Farley. You can read more about this press conference at The report I helped Melissa write by connecting her to women we'd helped to escape trafficking within Nevada, especially out of it's legal brothels there, which was then turned into the report created by Shared Hope which was then presented to the State Dept. That report became "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections".

In 2013, a great deal of money started flowing into Nevada to try and get AB67 passed. This was claiming to "help" trafficking victims in the propaganda - but in reality it was EXTREMELY dangerous to victims of trafficking. For example, this AB67 provided victims of sex trafficking could make a video statement about what happened to them to testify against their traffickers which could be used in place of live testimony at trial.

Law enforcement claimed this would help them get more convictions. Only they left out they also had the right to hold a woman UNTIL she made this statement without charging her with a crime. That because she wasn't charged with a crime - she was denied speaking to an attorney. Because she was denied speaking to an attorney - she was also not advised of where her statement might be personally incriminating against herself. Statements for which she was not provided with immunity from prosecution for other charges. Meaning they were being held until they not only talked about their pimp on tape - but also incriminated themselves without benefit of a lawyer, i.e., in violation of their 5th amendment.

More importantly, before when the court needed the victim to testify at the trial they would provide protective custody for these victims. Needing to keep them alive for trial - they were vested in protecting these women to make sure they got their testimony up on the witness stand at trial. This would make it so the victim would be protected until the date of trial, and even up in going into the court to testify.

However, with now having a videotape of this testimony, and not needing their live testimony any longer - police now didn't have to offer any protective custody. Protective custody from a very angry pimp who now knows she made this video statement against him so the cops would let her go. Because the police were now able to hold a woman for MONTHS without charging her with anything to try and force them to make this videotaped statement. So for reasons like this - no we didn't agree with AB67.

So while our tiny group of survivors was trying heavily to oppose AB67 - I suddenly saw a huge influx of money coming into Nevada to create phony groups I'd never heard of before in my life to stand up and support it. Groups like "Nevadan's for the Common Good" for one. Never heard of them before nor saw anything they ever did after - but they chartered a bus to drive 45 "advocates" to Carson City to support AB67 by testifying at the NV legislature.

A bus that when I asked if they could throw in a few of our members who had no car to drive the 9 hours to Carson City so they could testify at the hearing - they refused. A group of advocates who then spent literally all morning supporting AB67 and then up and left the Nevada legislature.

After they cleared out the building - this left our group as the SOLE opposition to a back door hearing that wasn't even listed in the calendar. It's supposed to be listed in for the public to know that once all these "abolitionists" left the legislature building - then the hearings to decide whether or not the brothels could expand into Las Vegas were held. So we were literally the only opponents who showed up at the hearing against AB67, and opposed the brothel's expansion into Las Vegas after these guys had gone home (making for the fact there's a Mob Museum now where Dennis Hof had wanted to build a brothel instead).

We won by the way and brothels are now not legal in Las Vegas. The way we were being shunned by the media while doing such ground breaking work however didn't escape the attention of a reporter at the Review Journal named Tom Ragan. He called up wanting to hear what I thought about AB67 to which I joked I'd tell him IF I "thought the paper would actually publish my answer".

He asked me what I meant by this. I told him I'd been told by another reporter that Sheldon Adelson had put out a blacklisting of my name, and the name of our program, ever being published in any publication or show he had anything to do with because he's trying to get prostitution legalized throughout the USA - and since I'd been successful in fighting them back out of CA in 1988, and now again in Nevada in 2013. I'd also beat them back in 1991 from expanding into Nevada as a whole, he was going to make sure I didn't get more press to keep blocking his "prostitution agenda".

We're talking a lot of money here. As you probably know, Obama supports fighting human trafficking. He's the first president to seriously put some money behind the fight as well. However, it's reported that Sheldon Adelson has put up over $100 million dollars trying to get Obama not elected, and then out of office. Which doesn't surprise when I heard he was donating to and supporting Mitt Romney being elected when he ran against Obama. You might remember Mitt was also talking about cutting off people from thing like welfare and disability. Great way to encourage prostitution by the way is to remove all social funding programs for the poor who are mostly single mothers and limit their access to birth control.

He told me he thought I was "crazy" and there was no way we were "black listed" in the media and to prove it he was going to go out and write a cover story about all the Nevada groups working on this issue, including ours. So he spent two weeks interviewing us, and also the other groups reporting to work on this issue which I had told him had suddenly popped up out of nowhere for this AB67. I had told him they were phony groups meant to make it appear there was more support for this law then there was in reality - and he of course said he'd go investigate if this was true or not like a good investigative reporter would do.

So at the end of the two weeks - he calls me sounded quite deflated. When I asked what was wrong he told me "you're not lying - these groups are all bogus". Going on to explain basically anyone who was reporting they were a trafficking victim in Nevada was simply being given a referral to the local homeless shelter as "services". He then told me he was going to expose this fraud, publish a cover story on the work we were doing in reality, and further show even the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 was confirming this movement had been "hijacked" by special interests and corruption.

At one of our meetings he brought with him a woman calling herself "Christina". When he said down he said to me "you know Christina" like we were old friends. Only no I didn't know her. I'd never met the woman. The woman then went on to rattle off lines out of the book "Trafficking in Nevada" like she'd memorized it and applauding my work with Nevada victims making it sound like she was a supporter of work but also in the process trying to sound like she knew me personally.

When I asked who she was and why she was at the table - Tom told me she was working on an art project with sex trafficking victims. I asked to know more and was told that she was doing a project whereby sex trafficking survivors were given make-overs first. Then after being dolled up - they were then photographed by Christina as a means to "build their self esteem".

Christina acted like she knew me and was a fan of our work. She even invited me to come participate and be photographed also in her project and encouraged me to send our members to her also to be photographed. I told her politely our members who were trafficking survivors had gone to great lengths to change their appearances and would not be interested in photographing those new appearances and then posting them online for everyone to see - including their traffickers.

I know myself during my first year "free" I deliberately packed on some weight, got colored contacts, cut and dyed my hair to short mousy brown, and did everything I could to make myself appear not only "different" but also to de-sexualize myself. I wanted to have the "johns" leave me alone and so the weight gain, hair cut, and wearing a lot of sweat pants. Not because of a self-esteem issue - but to distance myself from the sex industry and being viewed as a sex object.

At this meeting with Tom, Christina was clearly acting like she knew me. I didn't know why. I also didn't know why she'd be photographing survivors new appearances and posting them online, nor understanding that for many of us we wanted to look like "frumps" for a while as a "rest". Many of our members STILL can't dress up, put on make-up and heels, and basically glam it up without triggering all kinds of PTSD memories. I know I couldn't put on mascara for two years without triggering a panic attack.

So I let Tom know I didn't know Christina at all the way she was pretending to - and then tried to get to know more about her so called "trafficking work" better by calling her after and inviting her to coffee with me alone. She refused to answer any of my calls or emails once I left that coffee shop with Tom. But during our meeting, Christina was made aware that we did a lot of "rescue" work not only of trafficking victims, but also had an "underground railroad" to Canada for those with children by their pimps.

Why Canada? Because Canada offers free health insurance for all, and doesn't extradite back to the states on kidnapping charges'. So in cases like Aubrey's where her pimp was threatening to put her children into child porn if she didn't go back to work for him at the legal brothel and the courts had awarded him full custody because she was the one with the prostitution record, not him, the only way to deal with a situation like this is to run off to Canada.

We've had no choice but to develop this underground railroad because if the woman leaves the pimp with his child - he can just report her for kidnapping if he's not provided with the whereabouts of the child and given access to them. Further, the mother can get 20 restraining orders - but the courts won't do that for the child until they've been hurt. By then it's too late and even then, it's still not that easy.

Especially if you're in a court system favoring the predator - which is often case in areas around the legal brothels where the courts almost always give full custody rights to the pimp fathers because the mother is a "known prostitute" who when she quits prostitution then often has no job at all. The same applies in Mormon areas where the men are also friends with the court judges, prosecutors, cops, etc.

So I knew Christina knew we had this railroad back during this meeting in 2013 with Tom, as well as she knew about Children of the Night will take ANY male or female child under the age of 18 years old and at their expense put them on the nearest plane to their non-religious based program that's over 30 years old also as our program is.

I've personally put more than one child in there who was being pimped by one of their own parents, step-parents, foster parents, etc., for who "returning them home" was not the best option. I've also seen those kids grow up, go to college, get married, and go on to wonderful new lives after coming out of Children of the Night also with my own eyes.

Further, I've not heard of one of these kids tell me they were further abused by anyone on their staff unlike I've heard at other programs such as Boys Town, Covenant House, and others where I've been told someone on their staff had tried to molest them, sleep with them, or even outright pimp them out - which sadly is a more common thing to happen in other programs for youth I've heard about over the 30 years I've been working with this community. This includes drug treatment programs by the way supposedly these mormons love to put kids who try to run away in.

Tom by the way did find out the blacklisting of our name was in fact REAL when he went to publish his story. Both him and the photographer were fired when they pushed to have a story on our work published. THIS was the article the Review Journal approved which you'll note an omission of my name or that of Sex Workers Anonymous.

But at least he got the quote in there from Michael Horowitz about how this movement has been "hijacked" by money interests. He told me he talked his way back into the job because he needed it (which is completely reasonable) - but that he would "get my name slipped past his editor one way or another" which he in fact did a few months later!

I never heard from Christina again until I saw the first season of "Escaping Polygomy". I reached out to this show's producers in fact because I was pissed. I was pissed watching a show called "escaping" polygamy which was showing not one kid escaping anything! I saw children being taken to another state where they were just extradited back to their home with their abuser. I saw them drug off into mental wards and drug treatment programs where they were labeled as "addicts" and "mentally ill" on their permanent records. I also heard the show's kids talking about the fact they "didn't know anywhere to run to" for help where they get escape the powerful lawyers many of these polygamists were able to retain, along with their influence with the courts and cops.

So I went onto Facebook, found the page for the show, and wrote in to the producers offering to help. In fact, I offered to let them see how we got kids out of the states into Canada where they wouldn't be extradited. I also told them of the dangers kids would face if they ran to Las Vegas as they had said one kid was taken to a home in Las Vegas.

Nevada is set up as a pipeline directly into the local strip clubs and brothels there where the legal age for sex is 15 years of age. Men like Kemp Shiffer were actively recruiting to take California teens into Nevada where he was able to them get them a work permit for a restaurant job which the brothels just happen to have a restaurant in the same building as the brothel. Where they can also legally strip on stage at 16 years of age if they just shut down the bar first.

For which by the way, the authorities were not able to get a case built against Kemp for 12 years - and then once they did he got only TWO YEARS for trafficking teens from CA to NV using his IRS badge and connections. Meaning that he'd also be able to find out where the kids ran immediately using his IRS connections. Try and escape an IRS agent and then tell me these victims don't need special assistance!

EVERYTHING about Nevada is geared to trafficking teenagers and getting away with it. Look at the case where a volley ball coach at the Andre Agassi Academy was pimping out young girls. They bring in "at risk youth" to begin with. Then no one questions them out and about with their female coach, i.e., madam.

This was not some "accident" either as Brooks was a known madam who went into that school specifically looking to "recruit" young girls. I mean only in Nevada can you find men like Rick Rizzolo, owner of the Crazy Horse strip club, also on the board for Youth Charities of Southern Nevada.

So needless to say when I contacted the producers of this show, I also wanted to let them know Nevada was the ONLY state where we take all of our new members directly OUT OF THE WHOLE STATE IMMEDIATELY. Nevada has even officers within their youth courts sexually abusing them for one reason -

The Chief of Police has stepped down because of corruption in Nevada along with FIFTEEN OTHER OFFICERS -

It's a state where you can get 24 victims rescued out of a house full of pimps and drugs - only to have them turned around and SENT BACK TO THEM immediately in order to dismiss the charges against the two trafficking task force cops who were found there at the same time

A state where a Homeland Security agent is a trafficker and even when caught red handed trafficking AND FALSELY CHARGING AN INNOCENT PERSON and the worst thing the courts will do is charge him with "bribery".

NO NEVADA IS THE LAST STATE YOU WANT TO SEND A TEENAGE VICTIM OF SEXUAL ABUSE - who may not have proper education, job skills, a strong family support system, etc. They also have an extreme lack of properly trained mental health providers - with even one of their largest clinics operating unlicensed for months! They've even had class action complaints about psychiatrists over-prescribing drugs they get kickbacks for prescribing.

Here's where it gets interesting. After seeing Season One of "Escaping Polygamy" as I said I came onto Facebook, found the show's page, and started sending a message offering to provide assistance to these kids and the producers of the show in actually helping some kids REALLY ESCAPE polygamy. We have lots of members now residing in geographical areas where there's this type of thing going on because again there's a lot more of child pornography and sex trafficking going on in these cults than is being portrayed even in this show.

When I came onto this page for the show, I find I'm talking to Christina, not one of the kids as it appeared to be the case at first. I remembered her and asked her point blank why on earth she would take a teen into a private home in Nevada rather than just send them to a program like Children of the Night who is properly and fully equipped for this sort of thing.

She didn't have a straight answer for me. I was concerned also because Christina has a website up online talking about her own abuse as a Mormon wife and cult member. Meaning I have no idea the quality of her recovery - but I sure know she's not a licensed therapist properly trained in treating these types of issues. I also have my concerns after having spent time with her at coffee with Tom and her pretending to Tom that she knew me when she didn't. I clarified with Tom that I did not know her and the only thing I could think of as to why she was pretending to know me when she didn't was to throw my name around in order to get trafficking victims to sign up for her art project which it turned out her new husband was photographing.

Which if legitimate I had to wonder why then she stopped answering my calls once we left that coffee shop and Tom's presence. But for this show, I asked Christina why she would be telling people she "had no idea" where to send these kids when not only did she know about Children of the Night, and their hotline which can place anyone anywhere else if they need something other than their program, and is an award winning hotline that was the first in this country to address this type of abuse in teens - and I couldn't get a straight answer out of her.

I then told her back then that I found it horrible that they couldn't seem to actually get those kids out of there, and the others were being sent into hospitals, drug programs, etc., where those records can follow them, and limit them, for life with future jobs, future college admissions, etc. Which is what these predators often do - label the victim "crazy", create a record that makes them appear "crazy", and so then no one believes their story.

So I told Christina right then and there that if they wanted to get a kid out of there and into Canada where they can't extradite I'd be happy to show what a REAL "underground railroad" for victims looks like and provide some hope for the viewers that there is a way out.

What was stranger even then was Christina confessed to me she was actually one of the producers of the show herself. Well fine then I told her and I offered her directly that if she wanted to really get a kid out of one of these abusive types of homes not only did I know of programs in the USA where they could be taken and not extradited back home, but if they really had to escape completely I could show them how we get these types of victims into Canada.

I offered to set up a sub-hotline for these types of victims to our existing hotline for sex trafficking victims and to set up another website so that other victims could look for help online, find us, and get some help which her show could then air. Because there is a link between the two. For example, when these teenage girls run away and hit the streets most of them are going to fall into prostitution, and being pimped, very naturally, because of the way they've been "groomed" by the predators back at home.

Her response was to stop returning my calls and refused to meet with me. Considering I've done this for 30 years - it's not like she didn't think I didn't know what I was doing. She'd supposedly seen the press conference even we gave in 2007 about the state of trafficking in Nevada which resulted in Nevada getting their first federal grant money to help these victims. So why the cold shoulder when I'm offering to provide not only the help she says these kids are lacking but to further agree to let her film it for her show?

I thought to myself maybe she was scared she'd lose her job as producer if I came on board to help so I left her a message assuring her I wasn't after any of her money or her job - that I just wanted to help because these kids clearly needed it and since we were already providing to those coming to our program and it wouldn't be that much more of a big deal to expand this existing structure/program we had to help these kids. According to her they had no money, no resources, no homes for the kids, no attorney's, etc. So I would think she would have jumped at the offer to assist.

At the same time this show first aired, another show was just airing on Bravo called "8 Minutes". I learned this show was a completely staged, scripted and a faked program staging fake sex trafficking rescues. There was no outreach, no program, and the victims were hired actors. The whole thing was a complete "catfish" in other words.

Why? Grant money for one. The staged faked "8 Minutes" had led to Long Beach getting a $4 million dollar federal grant, and Orange County received a $1.2 million dollar grant, along with a separate $400,000 grant for housing for trafficking victims. There was also the fund raisers being held in private churches where people were donating based on seeing this show and thinking this Kevin Brown actually had a church and rescue. Only his story was he had retired two years prior and "found God" and then started doing rescues two years after his retirement as an OC cop. Only thing was his church was incorporated in 1994 so that story wasn't washing out either.

"8 Minutes" was filmed by Relativity Media. When the investors learned this so called "reality show" wasn't actually a "reality" show - they claimed the producer was a "con artist" and sued them for fraud. They just filed for bankruptcy in response. Even hired some mistresses to stage some fake "protests" of the show for publicity in the same vein of how Emma Watson had hired a PR company who staged the fake threats against her when she spoke at the UN to get her some press to the event. Which frankly I would never have heard about her speaking at the UN if not for the threat against her - so it was a clever PR stunt.

It didn't take long to find out Christina is not only a producer on the show, but that she's partnered up with the same group who has sponsored more than one "fake" besides "8 Minutes" which is Shared Hope. Shared Hope was also a sponsor and supporter of this "Kevin Brown" with "8 Minutes" who was using scripts where they were making it appear that Backpage was supporting the trafficking of women.

After the Planned Parenthood videos - the world should be well aware of how fake videos can be created to support someone's position where they're raising money, or trying to change the laws. This whole "8 Minutes" was being faked to try and help win lawsuits and laws being written to try and attack websites that are believed to "be involved in sex trafficking" such as Backpage.

Well frankly if we're going to do that - let's just wipe out cell phones. Sex trafficking is also facilitated by cell phones so let's just wipe them out also if we're going to use that for logic here. Which was also done against Planned Parenthood also - the creation of fake interviews with fake sex trafficking victims claiming they were being trafficked in connection with abortions at Planned Parenthood. Only problem is that REAL TRAFFICKERS WANT THEIR VICTIMS PREGNANT.

Why? Simple - an 18 month leash on their victims just like we're seeing is the case here with these polygamy victims. And sure enough Christina's got web pages and "go fund me" sites up asking for money to create the programs she's claiming don't exist. NOW i'M UNDERSTANDING WHY SHE'S SAYING THAT HELP DOESN'T EXIST THAT DOES because the sex trafficking people connected to Kevin Brown are doing the same thing. People like Kelly Townsend with 12 Legions of Angel's who gets up claiming there are no "places to put sex trafficking victims" so he can raise money to create these programs which supposedly don't exist - but do actually exist.

There are resources. There are resources that exist NOW and that don't require raising funding for them first. Kelly Townsend was claiming to be a private investigator on another so called "reality show" - but in reality he doesn't have a private investigator license at all. Never did according to the state of Arizona where he claims to have a license.

I then tracked down the executive producer of the show. Online I find an article saying the owner of Fed Ex executive produced the show "Escaping Polygamy" after hearing about their plight. So I sent an email to the guy - only to have Facebook send me back a response that this was a "fake account" I'd just sent him a message on. I then tried to find some kind of contact information on the guy to no avail.

I contacted a friend who works at Children of the Night and asked if they'd seen the show. They said "no" but told me that filming a show like that would be very difficult because any filming of any kind, including reality TV, requires that a social worker be assigned to the child actor, who then has to shadow that kid 24/7 while on set or being filmed.

She told me it would be pretty hard to have a social worker next to a kid I'm then running out past the Canadian border without her father knowing when the worker would be legally required to report what she would see us doing to the police. I then contacted the Screen Actor's Guild and basically verified that yes this would be the process - meaning it would be impossible pretty much to legally shoot real teenagers escaping polygamy if the social worker wouldn't be allowed to leave the state with us, and the kid can't go anywhere without the social worker. Meaning it was most likely these people saying they're teen victims - are most likely be actors.

As was the case I found out with another website where they are talking about "abduction by CPS of kids". The author of the site said because of laws forbidding them to speak about real names on real cases online concerning juveniles - they do "recreations" and "re-enactments" of events for "dramatic purposes" and then their fund raising on the site.

The FCC, along with a lawsuit won by Fox, allows for the media to lie to the public. Fox further won the right to fire anyone who won't report something they know to be false as if it's real. While I can understand all of that - when this "fake" reality shows are being used to raise investment dollars, grant money, private donations, and to pass laws - well I think we're entering into a very grey area which Noam Chomsky has called "manufacturing consent".

Tonight I was watching a new episode of this show where a teen victim was taken into Nevada. In my professional opinion this is absolutely the worst possible thing you could do for this type of victim - it's like putting a canary in front of a cat, a hungry cat, and walking away. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Note here how this article says pimping girls in Nevada who are teenagers is "all too common".

Because of the state of affairs in Nevada - it's the only state where anyone we get out of sex work, and/or away from a pimp or trafficker we take them directly out of the state. Here's an example why - read up on the Joohoon David Lee case in Las Vegas. This Homeland Security guy falsely accused a whole family of trafficking as his cover for his real trafficking. When his boss was complained to - his boss said there was "nothing he could do" to stop this guy from what he was doing to completely wreck their lives, their business, and their family. The wife even had to wear an ankle bracelet for God's sake for six months so he knew every move she was making.

Then when caught the worst he gets is a bribery charge? What about his pension by the way? What about a trafficking charge or maybe even kidnapping? The authorities have called this "case closed" despite the fact the guy who bribed him he's found guilty of taking said bribes hasn't been arrested yet

The authorities in Nevada leave a guy like Peter Todd running around loose and free despite at least THREE women I'm aware of in that state having disappeared in connection with him. But he can run around pimping women free as a bird because the police have classified him as an "informant".

Everyone knows there's studies showing the majority of women who enter into prostitution were sexually abused AND SHELTERED in STRICT RELIGIOUS HOMES. So let's do this - let's take girls who have been in "strict religious homes" and "sexually abused" and send them without any money, away from friends and family, to some woman who isn't even a trained licensed social worker or therapist to Las Vegas who claims to run some kind of rescue program. Who further is using her private home with no type of oversight. Here's more on how Nevada is not a good place to be sending an "at risk youth"

Now catch this - when this season first went down I asked Christina if I could meet with the girl she said was already in Las Vegas and check out where she was staying so I could know she was in the proper hands at least, and if not, I could offer some better suggestions for the girl. She declined. So I've been working with victims longer than her, especially in Nevada, and she's not allowing me to see anything about the operation she's running? Sure I've seen this kind of thing before - with people like Kevin Brown who running a fake operation, as well as Chris Bathum, was pimping out the clients in his drug treatment program and sexually abusing them. I should mention I offered to help out for no money, and no mention or credit on show or social media whatsoever in case she was worried there was a charge or I was trying take some publicity from her.

Now considering I've now uncovered FIVE DIFFERENT SO CALLED "REALITY SHOWS" which were faked in connection with Shared Hope, Shared Hope lied in their report I saw created for the State Dept. (they took the report I had worked on with Melissa, deleted all references to my name and our program, then redated it to appear to have been released months prior to my report, took claim for the work we'd been doing as theirs, and then used it not only to present to the State Dept. about "their" work in Nevada, but further than went around Nevada's churches speaking about my cases like their cases, and after raising over $1.2 million dollars from people THINKING the money was going to be used to help Nevada sex trafficking victims - they then left the state entirely telling people they don't "provide direct services in the USA".) and Shared Hope was responsible for bringing us the faked Samoly Mam and even the faked Chong Kim as well as the faked Kevin Brown and Annie Lombert. Annie Lombert who raised over a million dollars to supposedly help sex trafficking victims who then filed bankruptcy and ran off to Africa until the dust settled and the victims she'd promised to help were in reality then helped by our organization without one penny of support from them.

So yeah I had wanted to see what she was doing in reality to see if it was even real because yes I was seeing she was raising money from people who were donating based on the perception she was actually running some kind of underground rescue for these polygamy victims. Only when I asked to see what she was doing because who knows - maybe our hotline would get a call from some kid needing help of this nature and I needed to know how good their program was so I might be able to give them a referral - I then couldn't get a return phone call.

Meaning if she's really out there helping polygamist kids - then I wanted to know about it because we get calls for that help too all the time. Since our hotline only refers to programs we've checked out with our own eyes and knows what they're doing.

Now if she's a producer of the show - then I'd think me offering to show her how to actually tap into an underground railroad that would take them into Canada would be a hell of a show to watch. Only she wasn't returning our calls about that either. Then when I go to find their executive producer higher up and see if they want to see a rescue where the kid isn't just sent back home by morning - I find out there's fake profiles for them online and I can't seem to find one valid number in reality for them. In fact, the production company was a "for hire" company. Meaning they're like the company that Anthony Bourdain uses where they're paying the photographers to do the filming for them - not like the photography is being done by the station.

If Christina would lie to Tom Ragan and act like she knew me for some reason personally, and then when put in front of me actually had the balls to try and keep up the act even to my face - she was pretending to know me for some deceptive reason. From what I could tell it had something to do with her art project to film trafficking victims dolled up in make-up, pretty clothes, etc., with the premise it helps them "build self-esteem". Only I'm a survivor, and I showed this to literally 20 other survivors who told me it would have more impact to have photos of them taken without any make-up at all whatsoever to be then told they're "beautiful" naturally.

I later learned that the photos she had taken of these victims were later turned into a "stock photo" library where people could come and pay to have photos of these victims in various poses. These photos were then marketed to nonprofits who needed photos of survivors they didn't create themselves for their fund raising and media purposes. I contacted one of the women who had been photographed by Christine's husband in this project and asked her if she was aware her photo was being sold to other companies who wanted to buy stock photos of trafficking survivors for their PR purposes and she said "no". That she further had received no percentage of the money Christine was charging for her photos either. But in Christine's defense - these women did get free photos of themselves taken.

I can tell you the number of licensed therapists in Nevada who are properly trained, licensed, etc., who would take something like Medicaid, to work on these kids in Nevada to help them in their recovery process they're going to need if they're "escaping polygamy" on one hand.

The courts here are full of judges, DA's, attorneys, and even the family court sheriff's, who are not to be trusted alone with a young vulnerable female who is escaping abuse. The school system in Nevada is not only one of the lowest rated in the country, with over a 50 percent drop out rate, but it has just as many pimps within the schools here as California and NY does. With the age of sexual consent in NV being 15 years of age, and with them being able to work in a strip club legally at 16 in NV - again this is NOT the state I would plant a survivor of this type of abuse.

Which is why I was even more concerned and checked with the Dept. of Health & Human Services in each city this show was being filmed in. I asked if any social workers had in fact been hired to be on the set of the filming of this show "Escaping Polygamy" as is required when shooting a reality show involving teenagers in any of the cities they were filming in. After speaking to quite a few "supervisors", I basically was told "no". Meaning if they are filming real teens for this show - it's not being filmed legally.

I don't take in teenage victims of sex trafficking because I don't want the legal risks and issues involved with bringing one into my house. What if they claim I'm abusing them? Am I going to videotape every move to make sure I"m not set up by a pimp? Which by the way happened with at least one program I know about in Florida. The place was doing such a good job at helping women leave the sex trafficking ring in Florida the local trafficking ring had someone plant drugs in the place, and then staged a raid. For that matter - it's what happened to me in my 1984 arrest where I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam". I had an angry pimp call the cops and claim I was running a "brothel". Because the lease was in my name, and the woman was on probation for prostitution. Sure I got it cleared up after spending a small fortune on my attorney. Which is why I opted for a hotline and an "outpatient" program with our 12 step format ever since!

Especially when there are other options besides Christine's house. Again, if this woman was "above board" with everything she's claiming to do then why when I asked to see more about these resources for the callers to our hotline and then we get a clam-up? Meaning she'll only help HER callers to her but not callers to OUR hotline? Seriously? She wants to help these victims so badly that she does this - but then won't offer those resources to callers to our hotline? Because to date I've yet to receive ONE PHONE CALL, email, or anything from Christine offering those who call our hotline any type of assistance for anything. In fact, Christine stopped returning my calls the minute I left the coffee shop meeting with Tom Ragan, and then we didn't speak again until I accidentally found myself talking to her on FB when I went there to talk about the show during Season One. Then the minute I started asking to see her program, meet her survivors, and check out her program more to see if we might be able to help her more, or she could help us more, etc. - she stopped responding to all attempts to communicate with her. I mean let me understand this - we're talking to victims of sex trafficking, and those leaving sex work, all over the world on a daily basis. Have been for over 30 years now. We have local groups positioned in this country, and five other countries.

We've answered over 500,000 calls on that hotline, and our database shows we have over 190,000 subscribers to our social media who are most likely either recovering from sex work in some fashion, or work the in the field. There is no other program for adults in any country I'm aware of who has been doing this longer, and with more members, than our program - and yet if she's doing all this great work with this community - why are WE NOT BEING OFFERED ANY INFORMATION ABOUT IT EVEN, let alone offered the resources she's talking about providing.

I'm sorry but I've seen this type of thing too many times - and each time the reason has been either the program doesn't exist in reality, or there's something "fishy" going on. When we've tried to make contact with Samoly Mam for example - we were shunned. When we tried to go into Community Recovery and carry them in a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting - we were shunned. When we offered Kevin Brown some of our Recovery Guides to give to the women he claimed were coming through his "ranch out in the desert" we were shunned and found out there was no rescue in reality. Let me put it another way - if she was offering her services to alcoholics and Bill Wilson were calling to find out more about her program and services - wouldn't she answer?

I've got SWA members all throughout Nevada - from probation officers, to social workers, therapists, etc., and I've not heard a one of them talk to me about Christine's work with these kids. Something that I think would come up if she's doing what she claims to be doing on this show. Which when I started checking into the laws governing how to film teenagers on a reality show - I'm not buying this show is even real.

Meaning proceed with caution please. There are places who can help this type of victim who are properly licensed, they do exist, and they have a proven track record. They don't go running around claiming other services "don't exist" and to "please donate so we can create these services". It's a scam I've been seeing sadly growing in the trafficking field because these shysters know most real trafficking victims aren't going to go public and let people know these programs are not doing what they claim to be doing - they're just set up as fund raising machines in reality. There's all kinds of reasons why something might be "fake" of which raising money to be pocketed is only one reason.

Look here at one article saying some groups are being faked for "espionage" purposes.

I'm also just plain suspicious at any program addressing the issue of juveniles leaving abusive situations which isn't addressing head-on the fact this country has our laws rigged to where it's virtually impossible for a parent trying to protect their children from abuse from a parent or guardian to be able to fully protect that child WITHOUT having to go to the extreme of running off to Canada. Where our children are being abused not only in their own homes, but also everywhere they are turning from their volley ball coaches, to their teachers, social workers, therapists, police officers, etc. Where they're being trafficked right out of the trafficking programs they'd supposed to be in to safe in like what happened in Ohio - to even being raped by police officers in Oakland.

While these Chief's of Police in Oakland were sleeping with this young woman - I was trying unsuccessfully mind you to get the police up there's cooperation with an outreach program to get signs up posted that are now required to be up everywhere in California in fact - SB1193.

Our program has recovering members willing to go out there and get these signs posted where they need to be posted with not only the hotline number for the National Trafficking Hotline, but also our hotline number, and that of Children of the Night who will fly out any teen needing help to them on the spot if called for free right now without needing any fund raisers to be held first before they can. We got NOTHING BUT REBUFFED by the local police which we have to involve when we're doing street outreach.

Why? Because if we have women who have past records for prostitution out at midnight running around the streets in red light districts talking to local prostitutes, and local vice comes by who isn't aware we're doing an outreach project out there that night, and who our members are who look like this, and otherwise is pretty much on the same page as us knowing we've got people out there doing outreach - then those outreach workers are likely to be mistakenly arrested by cops thinking they might be out there hooking, or they could be kidnapped and raped by the local pimps seeing a "rogue" woman out there on the whore stroll, or thrown into the car of some "john" thinking they're working as prostitutes, or even worse if there's some guy out there like the Green River Killer was. We also don't want to risk local pimps falsely accusing our outreach workers of something like assault to get them out of their way. So for this reason we don't go out doing outreach unless we have the knowledge and involvement of local police.

ESPECIALLY in cases like this one of this Oakland teen. She's saying she's had local police sleeping with her. I would imagine at least one is married. Out of all of them, I'd bet at least one wouldn't want to worry that his boss, his wife, or the press is going to find out what he's doing. Nor would he want to worry about a program like ours suggesting she has to file a complaint with Internal Affairs that one of their officers isn't exactly following the law himself. He certainly isn't going to want to risk having her come sit at one of our meetings and start talking about his dirty laundry. Especially if he's doing anything else such as drug, drug sales, pimping, trafficking, etc. such as a Joohoon David Lee was doing while being in Homeland Security. Look at the extent he went to in order to cover his tracks by arresting a completely innocent family - and even putting an ankle bracelet on this poor woman to trace her steps.

So no - they aren't going to want us doing outreach in their area because they're going to want to cover their ass and their dirty laundry. Making it 1,000 times harder for this young lady to get the help she needs to leave sex work. So they do what they did when we first started doing outreach to them about wanting to do outreach in Oakland which is to blow us off using any excuse they can from "we're already working with another program" to "we've heard nothing but bad things about your program" to "well we've heard you're crazy and do nothing but cause trouble" or 1000 and one other excuses they can come up with to get people not listening to us because they don't want anyone listening to women like her.

In fact, you can trace a DIRECT LINK between every area where there's something "fishy" going on and the exclusion of our program.

Here's a little checklist to prove my point here:

Samoly Mam - fake. Did you ever see her reach out to us, invite us to one of her events, include us in one of her articles, talk about our program or me to anyone?

Stella Marr - another "fake". Did you ever see Stella so much as "friend" us online?

William Hilliar - fake. This man is the one who the franchise "Taken" was based upon because of his stories helping trafficking victims. All of which was shown to be completely false.

Rachel Moran - fake. According to many people who have even signed Affidavit's her story is false, Rachel Moran's story about being trafficked has many people claiming it's false. There's not been one shred of hard proof her story is real - and you'll find Rachel also won't even so much as "friend" us online let alone speak to us in any fashion.

Michigan prosecutor who wouldn't allow prostitutes in his county avail themselves of coming to our program for alternative sentencing purposes because he was clearly covering up his forcing sex upon local prostitutes in exchange for legal "favors". If they were getting out of jail without his help by being allowed to come to our program - then they wouldn't need to be blowing him to get favors -

Chris Bathum - We've been providing continuing education for drug treatment providers since the late 1980's. Yet when Chris opened Community Recovery we offered to bring in a panel of recovering members to speak to his clients about how if one wants to stay clean long term then one is also going to have to ease out of all sex work - which includes even being a "kept woman" with one "john" every month as you see on sites like Sugar Babies.

We offered to provide a free workshop for his counselors which was turned down also. When we tried to ask that those in his program be providing referrals to our program if they were also coming out of prostitution - those referrals were not provided. Then surprise - we later learn he was paying clients within his program for sex as his personal prostitutes. This even led to the death of one woman who was not able to stay clean, nor stop being Chris's personal prostitute.

When the "biggest arrest of sex traffickers" first went down - our thought was with a huge number of victims suddenly coming into the system would be needing recovery resources. We contacted these authorities asking the survivors be referred to our program so we could provide them with local support. This was when we were refused - saying that "they were sent to reputable providers who if they needed our help would contact us directly".

Which considering the average life span of someone who is a social worker, counselor, therapist, etc., is six months in any office - we can't possibly be providing every single person who comes into the field every six months with a copy of our phone number so they know we exist to provide those referrals. However, survivors are survivors for life so once we let them know we exist - then they can call us whenever they decide they want to check out what we offered. It's just physically impossible to keep all those social workers informed of our contact information across the USA, into other countries, when there is such a high turnover of staff in the helping field.

Our program started in Los Angeles. For years and years we've had cops who have our business cards in their wallets who hand them out to prostitutes who want help to quit. Suddenly we had LAPD officers acting like they had no idea who we were, and some outright refusing to even speak to us about our program, let alone how we'd run an effective outreach and alternative sentencing program in the USA for years and years until the Sherman Oaks earthquake in 1994.

Then we started getting calls from drunken cops at 2:00 a.m. APOLOGIZING for not handing out our number to prostitutes in the area. When I asked why this had upset them so badly - I was told it was because they had been "threatened by other officers about getting their ass fired if they did give out our number". We later than learned these cops threatening other cops were ones who were preying upon these women and getting them help was the last thing they wanted them to have.

Shelley Lubben has more than one person who is verified as being in the sex industry stating she's "a fraud". Some even speak to being personally exploited by Shelley for her to raise money to help them exit sex work which Shelley then pocketed - leaving this person with nothing to show for their time and essentially just pimped by her in another fashion.

You'll not find Shelley has acknowledged we exist in any manner. Shelley has refused an interview on our radio program at where we have interviewed other non-members of SWA about what life is like outside of sex work. She's refused to include us in any of her events even with so much as an invitation for us to come hear her speak.

Annie Lobert debunked here at Further, she helped raise over $1,000,000 to open "Destiny House" for "Hookers for Jesus" which then the pastor of her church, Benny Perez, filed for bankruptcy instead of building the house. This left the women who had been paraded around to donors as benefactors of this house now "out in the cold" without the help they had been offered even. Annie ran off to Africa to lay low during the fall-out. I provided help for those women who were now homeless - and not wanting to return to prostitution to get on their feet where they now are each working and in their own homes. I then contacted the IRS who then basically threatened Pastor Perez if he didn't open up SOMETHING for the money he'd raised, and because of all the press Annie had capitalized upon in the media, that he was going to be in pretty big trouble. Before this however I had tried to donate shampoo's I have new and unopened I was not wanting to just throw away and I'd read she was asking for toiletry donations. She refused to even speak to me about the donations - I guess if the guy who had donated a million bucks to open her program knew our program existed then they might have felt that donation was risked. I don't know her reason behind acting like we don't even exist when Christ himself taught us to "love everyone" even our "enemies". So not liking me isn't even an excuse for her as a Christian.

My point being here that I have a long string of cases showing that whenever someone wants to act like we don't exist - it's usually a sign something "fishy" or "fraudulent" is going on and/or speaks to their character, honesty or integrity as having issues. Reputable programs, reporters, providers, etc., have had no problem in acknowledging our existence, referring to us, including us, networking with us, etc.

Again, why would anyone say they want to help an alcoholic - but then act like they don't know who Bill Wilson is then if he were to call? Being I founded the first program and hotline for adults 30 years ago, and spoke about the need to treat this like the courts treat addicts now as needing help rather than "criminals" like they did before NA existed - this does make me the equivalent of the Bill Wilson of prostitution.

Like Alcoholics Anonymous was the first program ever created which said alcoholism was a "disease" and not a "lack of will power" or a "moral deficiency" like had been previously the thought on the subject of those who drank up their rent money - so too was our program the first to venture forth the idea many of those in prostitution might also be there against their will also, and thus needing extra help to be able to leave the industry long term.