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Friday, May 20, 2016


Dear Respected Attorneys:

I'm contacting you because I run  If you look at clips we have up at you'll see we've been doing our work since 1987.  

I had my first "run in" with LAPD back in 1984.  The so called "brothel" you can see I was arrested for running was actually the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims I put together.   The police however wanted to call it a brothel and did everything they could to try and charge me for pimping. 

When my attorney pointed out there was no phones, no ads, no condoms, no customers - and the only one inside was a woman who was hiding from her pimp who had broken her arm and nose - instead of dismissing the charges they then threatened to charge my mother with pimping me if I didn't take a plea bargain.  So I did for fraud and once I got cleared in 1987 - I went forward with our hotline and 12 step program.  

Of course this was also during RAMPART and I had the cops try and plant drugs on me more than once to violate my probation, so I went to work as a paralegal to get inside attorney's offices so they had to stop following me to work, tapping my phones, planting drugs on me, etc. to violate my probation.  

When we started the trafficking movement, it was with the intent to set up a system other than 911 to call because in most cases of organized trafficking, the victim can't call the police.  A movement which has been hijacked by the  religious right out from under us once we got the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed by people who are using the media to make people think we did this over pimps.  No - back in 1987 we could call the cops on pimps.  Who I could not get away from was LAPD nor CIA during Iran Contra.  THAT'S why we called for a movement and a new system to be set up for us to get help.  

Meaning these trafficking task forces were supposed to be set up so I could take victims to them for help.  Instead, they're corrupt officers on steroids who are now threatening me to stop our members from getting help.  

In 2013 I was contacted by a woman residing in Pasadena who told me she couldn't leave her traffickers because their connections went all the way upstairs to the highest levels of government.    She told me when she told them she wanted to quit they had two cops drag her out of her home and slap her with two fake prostitution charges.   She was further told if she didn't get back to work she'd get a third charge, then deported back to China where she'd then meet up with a man within their government who could make sure she got the death penalty.  

We hired an attorney who ordered her booking tapes.  He was then threatened by the police and an attorney to "back off" which he did.  I was threatened also as well as a friend of hers.  

This attorney then stepped in and falsely told her he had cleared her records and she didn't need my help.  He lied. I showed her the charges were still there.  In response, I then received a call from a Pasadena officer to "back off" or face stalking charges.  I made a recording of the threat and as a Nevada resident I'm allowed to record that call without consent.

I'd like you to see who was arrested not long after this in China.

I tried contacting both the Pasadena Chief AND Chief Beck repeatedly and at first I received no response.   

After going to some press, some politicians, and raising a stink about the threats her and I received,  a campaign started up after me by multiple private investigators and members of the national trafficking hotlines as well letting me know if I pursued this  I was going to be either drug off and arrested on false charges of some kind or even a 5150 charge.  

By the way, this proves Homeland Security was a part of the operation she was telling me she was afraid of.

I then found an attorney who told me she was going to help me file a charge against the police for the threats against me.  She kept refusing to give me a signed retainer agreement, and stalling me.  It was only when I got fed up with her stalls that I contacted another attorney who told me that I had been stalled past my six month statute date that I have to file a complaint under.

So yes, Chief Beck is deliberately stacking the deck here so officers are not being properly charged with misconduct. 

Now, let me ask you something - if trafficking aka pimping is when you're being forced to work as a prostitute,  and these women were raped, then forced to CONTINUE working as prostitutes in order to be informants, does that not make them traffickers?

Jody Williams
(702) 488-1127 Telephone

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I've been told Joohoon David Lee can't be charged with trafficking for what he did when trafficking women from Korea while also a Homeland Security/ICE officer.   However, people like him HAVE been charged criminally AND sued civilly for actions they've done while off-duty.  Now since I doubt he did everything he did this this criminal operation while on duty, I'm sure some of it was done off duty.

To any victims of Joohoon David Lee, or anyone else who was trafficked by an officer of some type in the government, there are actions you can take to win a monetary judgment in my opinion.  Please get in touch with me to talk about this confidentially if you'd like.  I have attorney's who would also like to speak to you.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


MORE CATFISHING EVERY DAY Time to remind everyone she's still out there and still conning people.  Beware!


I saw your photography project on abolitionists  and I was curious how you did your research for the project.  I say that because I must be missing some huge gaps in our social media.   Not hard to have happen since 99.99 % of my time is spent only working with victims of sex trafficking directly.  I don’t spend time in things like fund raisers, awards, etc., because the work is just so demanding of my time I don’t have a spare moment. 

The only time I am not working directly with victims directly is when I’m trying to address the traffickers, or the sex industry itself.  For example, from 1984 until 1987, I had to “lay low” because of being on probation.  Why?  Because I set up the first safe house for adults in this country.   I took an old warehouse I still had a lease on when I left the sex industry myself, and converted it into a safe house.  I had to as victims had nowhere safe to go if over 18 anywhere in this country.   The fear of HIV/AIDS, combined with a total lack of recognition sex trafficking was even real, had drug treatment programs, homeless and domestic violence shelters all completely shunning us from being admitted for any reason – running from traffickers included long before the term was even invented.   So to the term “safe house for adult survivors”.   None of these terms existed in 1984 I assure you.  Not when if you called the police back then for help you’d be arrested, and if you called someone in the mental health field they would literally try and lock you up for psychiatric observation on the idea you were “hallucinating”.

After we launched our 12 step program and the first international hotline for adults to call when they needed help for ANY reason, including what’s now called sex trafficking, to get help to leave the sex industry (which encompasses more than just prostitution as it includes porn, stripping, webcams, etc.), and set up the first outreach into the sex industry to get help to get out to those who included those needing help to leave traffickers, the first alternative sentencing program which recognized some of those arrested for prostitution might be victims of force, and the first HIV testing site which had a physical set-up with security and a back-door so those who were being trafficked could ask for help to go out the back door while their traffickers were sent flying out the front door, etc. – we no sooner had these programs set up when we had to take on a full scale battle with the legal brothels out of Nevada.

Joe Conforte, then owner of the Mustang Ranch, bought himself a staged HIV test out of the University of Berkeley.   He literally set up the results so it would appear none of his brothel employees had any HIV infection (just like how big tobacco used to buy their research results before that trick got exposed), and then after putting up $1,000,000 into a PR firm in California – Joe embarked upon the media trail to get prostitution legalized in California by parading around that test result proclaiming “none of his prostitutes had HIV/AIDS”.  This was prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1995.  Meaning he couldn’t go on TV without an “opponent” when it came to something being voted on.   Which also meant the only person who would go up against Joe on TV and oppose him after having murdered a famous boxer in cold blood without serving one day in jail was me.  It was great publicity for our hotline and we got literally 1,000’s of phone calls.

We also won.  California did not legalize prostitution in 1988.

This didn’t stop Joe from trying again in 1991.   I think there’s maybe one line about the whole thing mentioned somewhere in the media – but it happened.   Joe went into the Nevada legislature with the proposal he wanted to expand his brothels in to Las Vegas.   I was there talking about how badly this would affect property values if it passed and it didn’t.

Then we had Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch, and ex-mayor Oscar Goodman with his idea of “magnificent brothels” as he was quoted as saying during his many interviews he gave trying to get the whole project approved.   Not for trying, the mayor brought in potential investors such as Gene Simmons from KISS, and even took a showgirl on trips with him trying to find support for the whole idea of legal brothels in downtown Las Vegas. 

It was not an easy fight to push back the brothels from being on the site where the Mob Museum now sits.   We had people like Aubrey testifying about being forced to work in them. Which led to the press conference we gave with Melissa Farley calling to “abolish” them, along with revealing that yes trafficking did also exist within the legal sex industry openly advertised – not just on street corners and dark alley’s.   In fact, Bob Herbert’s interview with us in 2007 resulted In not only him being physically threatened with a “baseball bat to the head” by Oscar Goodman, but also in every Metro officer, university professor, and social worker in Vegas to be fired if they even looked at the report “Making the Connections”  about Nevada sex trafficking 

We even got letters from major top Fortune 500 companies about how much money they were NOT bringing to Nevada in conventions BECAUSE of the brothels operating in Nevada submitted to the Legislature to show them how much money these brothels would COST the economy, not boost it as the mayor was promoting.   It wasn’t until the President made a crack in our favor that we were able to top the scales on that project and finally they agreed to put the Mob Museum where they had once had an architect draw up plans for a legal brothel.

That didn’t stop them from continuing to try however to expand into Las Vegas.  In fact, right up to 2013 when they tried to push through an “off calendar” unscheduled hearing to get the brothels approved to operate in the downtown area.   That’s when we brought in Aubrey again to testify about what really goes on inside the brothels to get a win there. Only you won’t find a word about her bravely going in there to testify against them by herself because they’re put a bomb in our outreach RV so we couldn’t make the hearing, and how they then threatened the lives of her and her children so badly after this win at the legislature, that she had to flee the state with them to stay alive.

Why not a word?  Because Sheldon Adelson has been controlling the Review Journal for many years now before coming out in the open now about buying it.   He had a reporter tell me after our press conference in 2007 calling to “abolish” the industry we had a “lifetime ban” on any publication he had any control over ever printing our name, or the name of our program or phone number “no matter how many women die for not knowing where to find help” was the quote delivered us from his reporter.

True to his word too.  Now he’s got John Hambrick in as speaker of the house, he’s now got Dennis running for senator, and Ron Paul backing up Derek Ellerman, who helped put Polaris on the map (virtually ensuring no calls from the brothels go into the national trafficking hotline) while Polaris further keeps shutting down their competitor, and he’s spent a reported $100 million dollars trying to get Obama shot down at every turn over his work helping trafficking victims.   I mean they’ve even now managed not just Samoly Mam to distract the public from the message of “real” survivors, but they even now got another “catfish” Lexie Smith put right into Obama’s home church so he’ll “think” he’s hearing from a trafficking survivor, but in reality he’s not.    I mean let’s go on making more laws that already exist against pimps while making sure REAL victims who are being trafficked by men with badges not only stay immune from prosecution – but get to retire with their pensions.

We certainly don’t want them seeing what’s going on right in front of their eyes what with Sheldon’s “prostitution policy” going into effect right now trying to get prostitution legalized like it’s a separate issue from sex work itself which is why not only has Dennis now started running for Senate, but it’s why Polaris has now partnered with Google and Palantir Technologies.  What a great way to make sure that no calls reporting being trafficked while working at Oculus hits the media than to try and get everyone thinking Polaris runs the ONLY hotline victims call for help.  

Because while one hand is putting all that money into focusing on “ending demand” and the “johns” – no one is realizing they’re just pushing the market right into Oculus’s front doorstep all in the name of “fighting trafficking”.    An identical strategy to how big tobacco rolled out their “youth prevention project” to stop teens from smoking which was in reality a clever brainwashing to GET youth to smoke.   I mean what’s the best way to get someone to think about a pink elephant?  Tell them NOT to think of a pink elephant of course!

I mean why else celebrate women who got their recovery in the first place in our program, but not our program or the founder of it in the first place? 

Because it’s all hoopla, bells, whistles, and a big brass band to distract from the message the actual founder has been saying since day one – that we’ve always been able to call the cops on pimps and get help for those victims.  What we couldn’t get then, and still can’t, is to address victims of those who are like Joohoon David Lee, or the victims of that DEA owned strip club, or the NY cop pimp, or all the other traffickers like Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, etc., who STILL CAN’T CALL THE POLICE for help. 

Now maybe when they stop pushing all the callers into calling Polaris so Palantir Technologies, i.e,. the CIA, can collect data on people instead of recognizing that REAL victims of trafficking CAN’T call Polaris because that’s essentially calling their traffickers, the very reason I set up that first safe house in 1984, and setting up some REAL help which includes either abolishing the whole industry entirely OR setting up a system for them to call which has a separate check and balance system for victims of men like Joohoon Lee, then we’re making some progress.

But most people don’t even have a clue that while they’re out focusing on “ending demand” – Sheldon is going to push prostitution to be legalized in this country right alone with medical marijuana he’s also pushing.  Which is why he’s completely taken over the drug counseling training field while everyone was out chasing “johns” down the street thinking that’s some kind of solution suddenly when it wasn’t 30 years ago either.   Or maybe no one has noticed that Polaris has refused to demand their hotline signs be in the legal sex industries such as the legal brothels, porn agencies and studios, strip clubs, massage parlors, etc., while making a big fuss about how they’re in truck stops!  While I can assure you if they can get into a truck without their trafficker around – they’re not being trafficked. 

Anyway, I was wondering if you had a way I could reach out and introduce our program and myself to the lovely people you’ve highlighted in your photography project.   I only seem to know a few of them.  Again, I guess I spend so much of my time either answering our hotline, or working with our victims – I don’t get out to events much to meet others in the field to meet them and was wondering if you could help me find a way to reach them? 

Thanks for your time and assistance.

Jody Williams

PS – any help with the petition signing appreciated! 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Scroll down to the bottom of the attack site set up against us on and note the date of July 15, 2015.

Note the date on this article about Relativity Media, the company who filmed "8 Minutes" on which this article of July 15, 2015.  Remember Kamylla claimed she was a woman who was paid to be on the show pretending to be a prostitute for them to pretend to save and is the woman they're claiming I was "using" to promote ourselves into the press.

Okay one point here - I challenge anyone to find anywhere online, in the news, anywhere where I identified Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, as a member of Sex Workers Anonymous until AFTER her death when I did so in protest of the determination she was a suicide victim.    Now if I was "trying to get some publicity" I would think I would have said something about the fact she was talking to me every day for the last two years of her life BEFORE she died.

I was NOT "exposing sensitive details on Kamylla online" as they were claiming.  Kamylla was a complete "catfish" used to raise money by people who THOUGHT she was on the show.   When I did get a call from a woman claiming she had been filmed on this show, nothing about her story washed.

THAT'S what I was exposing.

There was no case with the Houston court matching her story under ANY name.  She was claiming she was (1) being evicted, (2) being deported, and (3) had been arrested for prostitution by cops on the payroll of "8 Minutes".

The prosecutor and the jails in Houston said if she was not a US citizen, there would be no case pending under ANY name because they would not post bail for a non-US resident without a paycheck type of job.  They are held without bail until their case is heard because they might deport them.  In fact, there's been riots in jails lately over the fact they are holding aliens for indefinite periods of time without processing them just to collect that per diem for holding them.

Here's an article about just this practice.  But she's supposedly gotten bail on a prostitution charge and needs money to fight the case?  SHE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN RELEASED.  Here's more about jails in Texas doing this.

Every reporter said they had not seen her face, seen her face on the show, nor had they even seen a contract that she'd even been on the show.  Nor a copy of the $200 check she claimed she was paid.  Relativity Media's HR department refused to show the W2 or give any type of confirmation she was even on the show.  I have a tape recording of Relativity refusing to confirm she was even on the show.

By the way, she's not the only "catfish" on the show either.  Kelly Townsend is a man who claims HE was connected to "8 Minutes" as a private investigator.

She told everyone she was from Brazil.  The voice of the woman who called me sounded Brazilian.  However, listen to the voice Maxine claims is Kamylla.  Does that sound Brazilian to you?  Also, WHERE is Kathleen's "threat".

No I'm not going to post the original voice online because I think they may have coerced a real prostitute into calling me and I don't want to put her voice online.

Kathryn Griffin-Townsend was NOT even running a program back then this Kamylla was claiming to have been in.   I checked with all of her social media and found nothing on a diversion program.  When I spoke to the Houston jail, police, and prosecutor they each said she hadn't been running even her jail program - let alone their diversion program in over a year.

I didn't put up fundraisers for Kamylla - but the person who put together did.  Not only did they use her to raise money, but also to get emails to generate support for Maxine's lawsuit against California.

More important to try and not let the cat out of the bag the show had been staged and faked and was NOT REALITY.


Two reasons.

One - that show was based on the premise that Kevin Brown ran a "real" trafficking program.  If it leaked out it was faked  - it would raise questions about people like Lexie Smith.  Lexie Smith who was speaking at Obama's church as a "trafficking survivor" courtesy of Shared Hope.

Not just Lexie - but also D'Lita Miller or Dee Tucker or whatever her name is.   Here she is on the cast  Then I have her on the phone telling me they "have no resources for victims".   Some "consultant".  When I offered to share a list with her of resources for victims - she blocked my phone.'Lita%20Miller

Now does the cast photo look like this person?  The reason why I said "Dee Tucker" is I have people who claim that there WAS a legitimate program out here in Los Angeles, that got infiltrated by "imposters" who then took over the program right out from under her and then ousted her out.

Sounded a lot like how I have Brenda Myers-Powell having done three documentaries now making it appear SHE'S the founder of Prostitutes Anonymous instead of me so I get it.  Ask someone in Chicago who founded PA and they'll tell you "Brenda".

Why?  Money.   Lots of grant money.

Meaning if the truth came out the show "8 Minutes", and the team of people doing the show, were complete "catfish" then that's a pretty big conspiracy to defraud not only the government, but also the donors who were going to all those church fundraisers while the show was on the air.

So was I "threatening and exposing a sex worker online"?


I was exposing a fraud.

Another Samoly Mam who is hiding the voices of REAL victims of trafficking and REAL sex workers.  Not "influencers" like Domina Elle and Maxine Doogan.  Jenna Jameson called out to unionize sex workers.

In all the press about Kamylla and "8 Minutes" and Maxine Doogan's lawsuit - have you heard one peep out of anyone about a union?

Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire trying to get prostitution legalized in this country, who is obviously supportive of what Maxine is doing, is a union buster.

I never opposed brothels in California when I defeated Joe in 1988 - I opposed the workers had no union nor advocate.  Same for when they wanted to expand into Las Vegas twice and I opposed them and won.  So while Maxine and Domina Elle are pushing legalization, and trying to attack me personally - they're also trying to attack someone supportive of unionizing sex workers.

Relativity Media also took investors money based on "8 Minutes" being a reality show.  So they were screaming fraud also - and Ryan had to back them down by saying he wasn't.  So he couldn't have me running around saying he was.

THIS is how the modern pimps fight.  In the streets they get their "bottom bitch" to do their fighting and threatening.  Online - they get Domina Elle, Maxine Doogan, Christina Parriera, etc.

Don't know what or who to believe?

I have clips spanning 30 years at

There are two sites online bashing me.  BOTH set up in 2015 by Domina Elle.   Both written by her with clips and screenshots she claims are mine.

Meaning she's violated my privacy while attacking me for supposedly doing the same to Kamylla.  You are also reading she drove by my address listed online to see if it was where I lived.

So who is threatening and violating the privacy of who here?

Do you see any others posted before or after attacking me than hers by anyone else?

John Quinones came to visit me and liked what he saw.  So did Bob Herbert.  So did the findings of Sharon Oselin's 10 year study "Leaving Prostitution".

So you take a look at this and I think any person who can read can figure out what's going on here.

She's also begging me to sue her.  I won't.   What give her a date and time where I'm going to be?  Don't think so.  Anyone with half a brain can see what those sites are.

No different than when I had stashed a woman in a safe house in 1984 and the pimp retaliated by calling the cops and claiming I was "running a brothel" and got me arrested.

Pimps retaliate.

Means I'm doing my job.

If I can't expose a poser how would I keep a pimp plant out of our meetings?  Think about it.  They cleaned up on fund raisers, grants, investors and supports to legalize prostitution WITHOUT unionizing.

And I'm the predator?

FIGHTING MODERN TRAFFICKING  This is a case about Joohoon David Lee - a Homeland Security agent who brought women in physically from Korea to be forced to work in massage parlors as a prostitute.

Do you want to know what fighting modern sex trafficking looks like in America?  Back in 2013, a Chinese woman came to me about being trafficked.    Details about that case are here -  I had never worked on an Asian case before because I don't speak Mandarin.  However, this woman spoke English so I was able to speak to her about what was happening to her, and other women who couldn't speak English.

When I initially went to the Pasadena Chief of Police about her supposed false arrests - I was ignored.  I then went to LAPD and was ignored.  After that, I then went to Internal Affairs, Homeland Security, the Attorney General, politicians, and the list went on about every door that I went to who was ignoring me.   No one wanted to talk to me about a woman drug out of her home by two cops in front of her mother and son and then supposedly slapped with fake prostitution cases and death back in China after being deported if she didn't go "back to work" as a prostitute.

Did I let that stop me?  No.

In fact, I made a list of who I could write to about this case I hadn't written yet and started checking off names.  So also in 2013, I wrote a letter to the Chinese government about what was going on.

Note the date of Liang Yaohui being arrested. It's 2014 - a year after my letter was sent.

After the Pasadena Chief of Police ignored me, I then went to the city business manager.  Then I did yes have the Chief start calling me five times a day literally asking me to "come in and speak to him in person" about this case.

I told him there would be no point until he had understood the depth of this case and to get a copy of the files from the Wichita authorities before I came in to talk to him about it.  I told him I'd wait two weeks to come in to give him time to get, and read, the Wichita files.  That way he'd know what I was talking about in our meeting.  This is the case I was referring to.

Six months after this woman had reached out to me - this case in Wichita went down.

However, the back story was the arresting officer in Wichita had heard about "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007.    This case happened after I had been ignored by Chief Gillispie, and threatened by an FBI agent.

So I brought in a reporter to check out my accusation about sex trafficking in Las Vegas and corruption.  The reporter asked for a "ride along" to a stake-out.   Then pushed for a surprise raid.  The result was this case.

However, please note the reporter's name, nor my name were in any of the press at the time.  I was told by both a reporter at the Sun, and the Review Journal, they had been told there was a "ban on printing" my name, or the name of Sex Workers Anonymous.  So despite trying to get someone in the press to talk to me about "Operation Dollhouse" and the fact Vegas was only one stop in their network which spanned the country - no one would and the charges against the two cops were dropped.

Please note further Greg Munks, one of the officers, was also on the San Mateo police force.

So the Wichita cop had started trying to get them arrested in 2009 after a long investigation.  Only it wouldn't work because to quote him "he had too much interference from the local police".  So he says he waited until he retired from the police force, to go to work for zoning, and that's where he was working when he got this case pulled together.

This was his first attempt in 2009 -

I figured if I asked the Pasadena Chief of Police if he had the Wichita files - he might lie to me and say "yes" when he hadn't.  So after about a week had passed - I contacted the Wichita police, prosecutor, and court. They each told me that "no one from Pasadena has called to see that file".

At the same EXACT time the Pasadena Chief is calling to have me "come down" to talk to him, a private investigator from San Mateo appears on the radar.   Please note Woodall Investigations also is a "K9 Handler".

Ms. Woodall was listed in San Mateo at the time she started speaking to me in trafficking groups on Linkedin.  Yes I screenshot this activity.  Only she didn't know me from Adam - yet every time I'd make a comment to anything about trafficking in Linkedin groups - she'd pop in right under me with "you're crazy".  I'd post something and she'd comment "you're crazy".  Even to the point of one time saying "you're 5150 and need to be locked up".

Notice her resume says she "assisted anti-trafficking task force", i.e., Greg Munks who is on the trafficking task force in San Mateo

Notice on page 5 of her resume it says she is a "member of the Defenders Shield Team" and again she works with the K9 unit.  Greg Munks also runs a program for inmates and dogs.

Greg Munks had one person run against him for office after Operation Dollhouse, Juan Lopez.    

One thing NOT noted in this article however is the phone in question which was "smuggled into the jail" was supposedly a phone that an informant who had been "lost" in the jail used to call the FBI agent and let her know where he was.

In other words THIS phone

Back to Ms. Woodall - when in these Linkedin groups for trafficking topics I started noticing a pattern.  Not only would she respond to everything I said with a response of "you're crazy" but she started calling people I was talking to and TELLING them "Jody is crazy" essentially.

I learned of this by people calling me to tell me of this and either letting me hear her voice messages, which I recorded, or sending me her emails, which I saved.  Without exception, anyone I so much as said one word to online - she was on them with telling them to "stay away from Jody" and "Jody is crazy".  I'd like to add I've never spoken to the woman before this same week that the Pasadena Chief was calling me to "come down to the station" and talk to him in person.

So I called Dan who founded the Defenders and asked him not only why this woman was attacking me this way, and stalking me online, but further why was she not helping me with this Pasadena Asian woman's case?

I mean if she's such an "anti-trafficking advocate" why was she not only attacking me, but also refusing my attempts to ask for her help with what this woman was telling me was going on not just in Pasadena, and not just Wichita, but also San Mateo?

In fact, one of the pimps convicted in the Wichita case not only owns property in Pasadena, but he also has a website up offering Asian prostitutes in San Mateo which I saved.   When I asked Ms. Woodall if instead of spending her time attacking me if she'd like to go check out this San Mateo address where trafficking victims were supposedly being forced to prostitute - she'd refuse.

Anyway, Dan tells me she was NOT a member of the Defenders as her resume says, and he had "only talked to her once on the phone".  The day after he told me this he then calls me up and says "she just called me and told me you're crazy and if I 'value my reputation in the field' I'll stop speaking to you entirely".

Well isn't that interesting because I've worked with Dan on past cases when we've needed his type of help and now she's not only stalking me, attacking me, and refusing to help me with a San Mateo case, but now she's trying to get Dan to stop helping our victims?  Interesting.

Also at this same EXACT time I have Meg (Margaret) Munoz, who is simultaneously running Abeni with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task force AND the Orange County chapter of SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) emailing me on Facebook acting very strange. (Interestingly Chief Sanchez in Pasadena resides in Orange County.)  She's another woman I've never met, never spoken to, have no idea who she is.

The same month this all went down was when I had served the producers of "8 Minutes" and A&E with a threat to sue them for defamation if they did not take their show off the air based on the show being faked.

If it was a random operation where only Hispanic women were being called up to the hotel room working as prostitutes, and talking about how they were prostitutes because they couldn't feed their kids, their kids were taken from them, they were on drugs - and basically making it appear that all Hispanic low income women are drug addicts, prostitutes, bad mothers, etc. that's one thing.  But when it's being STAGED then that's defamation of not only Hispanic women but ALSO of sex workers who they kept repeating every two minutes LITERALLY these women were "trafficking victims" over and over (I bring up repeating every two minutes because I timed it - which also interestingly is the same time Derren Brown used to brainwash his victim in the innocence experiment  Meaning he kept repeating his suggestion to his victim every two minutes.)

But the week after I'd served the notice, and the show was taken off the air 8 hours later, this Meg starts accusing me of having "outted the identity of the woman on the show".  Which I had not done.  I challenged her to show me proof of where I'd exposed anyone's identity which she could not do because I had not done it.  But that doesn't shut her up.  She then starts telling people online that I'm "threatening her" and "stalking her" and I'm "upset because she refused to partner with us" and I'm sitting back going WTF?  I hadn't asked to partner with her nor could I.  I run a 12 step group and therefore we CAN'T partner with anyone.

Then she escalates and sends Domina Elle to go by our post box address who then verifies it's not my house in a slam then posted on us at  Well now you know why we don't have an office and I don't post my home address online.  Meg was asking anyone if they knew where I lived so they could "send someone out to arrest me" for these supposed threats I'm making against her.

My response?  I sent a letter to both of them saying I was going to file a complaint for defamation if they continued lying about me online, and I'd further get a TRO filed against them to make sure they didn't come near me.  I further told Ms. Woodall I would file a complaint against her PI license letting them know she found it more productive to follow my IP activity to stalk and defame me for 8 hours a day INSTEAD of taking a look at how this transnational sex trafficking operation had women in San Mateo they were trafficking while claiming to be helping trafficking victims in her marketing.

They both stopped.

However, I'm still now getting calls from Chief Sanchez's assistant now asking me to come down to talk to them.  I told her I'd "come in once he had the Wichita files" and to let me know once they did and then I'd come in.  What's the point otherwise?  I then contacted Wichita again to follow-up and they said "nope - no one from Pasadena has called".

Making me think "why does he want me to come in so badly?"  Ironically, this was about the same time as Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell.  Especially after hearing she was pulled over by a cop while being  a known advocate against police wrongdoing and then she's found dead hung in her jail like a long list of people before her it seems.

Needless to say - I thought twice about going into the Pasadena station without an escort of some kind like a reporter or the media.

But that didn't mean I was out of ideas.  If Homeland Security was going to ignore me - well how about the LAX security?

So I wrote and told them this ring was bringing in women from China who were between 40 and 55 years of age to be trafficked in the USA and to be "on alert".

Which is at the same time they switched from Chinese to Korean women.  Meaning someone from Homeland Security had to know about the letter I sent.

So if the police had Internal Affairs, I thought "well Homeland Security must have someone who checks into what they're doing".  Which is the Office of Public Responsibility.  So I wrote them.

I invite you to read the part where it says here that about a year ago the "Office of Public Responsibility conducted the investigation in this case" against Joohoon David Lee.

Probably had nothing to do with my letter to them about a trafficking operation which was bringing women in through LAX to staff massage parlors, licensed legal massage parlors who did NOT advertise on Backpage, who also had stops in their network in San Mateo, and Las Vegas, as well as other states going clear back to New York.

Now I had someone who had retired from Homeland Security tell me "Joohoon David Lee was an isolated bad apple" and there was no "systemic corruption within Homeland Security requiring any special investigation or measures".


It began and ended with him?  Impressive.

What do you think?