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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Can someone explain to me why our program was not included in this report   being that we've been providing legal assistance for our members for THIRTY YEARS NOW?  

All over the United States, male and female, with many different forms of trafficking - we've been providing them with legal help with their (1) criminal cases, (2) family law issues such as divorce from their pimp, child custody issues when the pimp is involved, restraining orders against the pimp, etc., (3) issues that come up with recovery such as fighting an eviction, repairing their credit, and (4) assistance with legal forms such as applying for citizenship, disability or even student loans for school.

You clearly have us on your mailing list as we received the final report - so please can someone explain to me why we were not included in this process yet again?  Once again, I find this the equivalent of preparing a report on alcoholics while excluding Alcoholics Anonymous.  I'm not understanding this and would like an answer please.  

Jody Williams
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Friday, March 4, 2016


I'm watching some new shows which have come out about Charlie Manson lately.  If you want to know what a pimp is like - there you go.   This is how they operate.  This is how they get these men and women to do anything for them.   If you want to study how pimps get their victims, turn them out, train them, and then stand back and say "I didn't do any of that" - Charlie is a prime example to study.


I don't like to talk about this much, but when I see Bills like this being considered, I feel like I have to.  I've learned through the 12 step process that when we share what we've endured, then it at least serves a purpose to help others.

I have sat here and watched as "fake" trafficking victims like Samoly Mam, to name just one of many, has been manufactured and created to speak for victims in what appears to be them speaking for us.  However, as I've studied what these fake victims are saying - it's NOT what we as real survivors would say.  Nor is what they're asking for what WE would ask for.

Right now the program of Sex Workers Anonymous is the OLDEST and LARGEST program of adult survivors of sex trafficking in history.  I have answered over 500,000 calls according to our phone logs since 1987 and that's not counting emails and letters we've received.  Our subscribers to our blog is over 50,000.  The number of members I have in our current database is 190,000.   Meaning when I send something out for our members to input on - I'm representing the voices over OVER 190,000 survivors at any given time.  We also have been in existence since 1987 - meaning I've seen who is playing games, who is for real, and what groups are set up to simply launder money. When you do something for 30 years - you know all the games.

Think of it like the man who is always dating teenagers.  Why does he does this rather than a grown woman?  Because a grown woman will see through his bullshit that's why some men avoid adult women.

We just witnessed what happened with Planned Parenthood.  The tape was obtained illegally and those who produced it are now going to be charged as criminals.  The tape was illegal and shouldn't have even been viewed.  I'm old enough to remember when these people tried this with ACORN and Obama.  They dressed up a guy as a pimp and tried to get ACORN implicated on trafficking charges.  However, when the whole truth came out it was learned the man on the tape was stalling this so called pimp until the police could arrive - and that he was letting him incriminate himself.  The reporter who pulled this stunt was fined $100,000.  In remembering the ACORN tape - I knew this Planned Parenthood tape was also staged because I'm OLD ENOUGH to know the games.

Now I'm hearing about a "rape Bill".  This Bill is supposedly being spear headed by a victim who has filed motions to keep her rape kit on file until it can be tested.  I immediately got suspicious because I've been raped three times and I assure you her actions were not something I would do.  I then spoke to four other rape victims I know who told me the same thing - not something they would do.

Now am I saying she's a fake?  No - I'm saying she's one victim.   I remember when Narcotics Anonymous was run by group conscience.  You can't fool a room full of addicts.  Can't do it.  Which is why I watched as people like Bob Stone, and others, knew that to get control over the millions of dollars NA was bringing in through book sales they had to get group conscience done away with - and the power into the hands of the few.  This was why the "concepts" were introduced into the service structure of NA.  Then I watched as they chased away from service every old timer, stuffed the service structure with newbies with no clean time who were easy to control - and voila!  These few people now have the control over NA they wanted.

So I've watched this process as the power and money hungry have taken over Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and the sex trafficking movement.  You can find anyone that for the right amount of money and attention you can get them to say anything.  I remember the apology I got from Ruth Jacobs when she admitted to me she allowed Rachel Moran's so called "friendship" to get her to lie about me to people.  She says when she learned she was being manipulated and broke away from Rachel Moran, she did come to me to apologize - but the damage was done.

Meaning when I'm hearing about a rape Bill being based on ONE survivor, and not coming out of groups that represent large numbers of rape survivors - I have to question things a little deeper.  Because not only does this affect me as a rape survivor, but also my daughter.  In fact, I've read statistics that say something like one out of four women are raped by the time they hit 18 years of age.  So I think this affects a lot of MEN and women.  So why is just this one person being used as a poster child here?  That's your "sign" as Jeff Foxworthy used to say to look for.

But here's something to think about with respect to this Bill.  When I was going through my divorce, word spread through the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous.  A program I attend, and will attend for life because I'm a recovering addict.  To get through my divorce clean, of course I share what I'm going through.  A man was also attending these meetings who was part of a crime ring comprised mostly of police officer's, sheriff's, and even some marshal's, heard from people talking in the rooms I was going through this divorce, about my past in the sex industry, and that I was clearly now vulnerable.

Only I didn't know this at the time.  I had suffered a massive stroke the year before, so I was also undergoing a lot of medical issues.  Because of these medical issues, I was not working and money was very tight.  My days were either spent at doctor's offices, or in bed.  It was a very difficult time, especially when my husband disappeared on me right before my mother was to go in for cancer surgery.

Everything seemed to be coming down at me at once.  I had just driven my now ex-husband to the airport and figured I should go to an NA meeting while I was out to try and stay calm.  But when I came out of the meeting, my car wouldn't start.  This man approached me and offered to look at it.  He did a few things to it and suddenly the car started again.  I later learned he had gone outside during the meeting to rig the car to fail deliberately.  The predator had set his eyes upon me.  

There's a reason why people say that what you say at a meeting "stays in the meeting".   I had been taught that to stay clean, one had to be "transparent" at meetings.  I've been clean since 1985 and therefore believed this was the way to go.  Meaning that everyone in NA that knows me knows that I'm not only the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous, but knows that I used to have a past in the sex industry.  So when this man came into the meetings because of drug court, he wasn't there to get clean.  He was there to keep the court off his ass.  It seems people in NA told him about my past and that's when he set his sights on me.  They had also told him about the money I used to make when I was "in the game" and of the types of crimes I used to do.  Seems this crime ring felt my experience would be useful to them.

I know what it's like to be a teenager or in my 20's, young, hot and cute, and to have some pimp come after me to turn me out.  But here I am in my 40's at this time, I'm on disability, I'm walking with a cane, I'm out of shape, and certainly not feeling like someone like a pimp would want to come and "turn me out".

However, this group of cops felt they could use my knowledge just as the "family" felt they could use me when I was first was turned out for the same reasons.  Anyone can be a prostitute - but it takes someone with some brains and game to be involved at the level of "management".  Meaning when this man heard about my past, this ring felt it would be useful if I had a "relapse" and joined up with them.  They had also felt that SWA would be a good "front" for them.

So this man rigged my car to fail.  Then he stepped in like the white knight to repair it as a way to get close to me.   He told me that he felt the engine was ready to blow and he offered to come by the next day to look at it for me.  This man was 18 years old and I was 42 at the time.  So I felt he was just being friendly like people in NA do to help one another so I didn't make any mind of it at the time.  He did show up at the house the next day and did some work on the car.  Of course I was nice to him.

A few days later, my mother started having problems with a tenant who was renting a room from her.  He was doing drugs and robbed my mother.  So she had to evict him.  I asked a girlfriend of mine if she knew any man who would come help us.  She told me this man could come help.  I also learned later he was bribing her with drugs to get close to me.   I remembered him from the car repair so I said okay.  Him and three other men showed up and threw this guy out of the house for us.  Then he offered to spend the night on the couch to keep us safe in case he came back.  Which he did at 2:00 a.m.  Then he chased the crackhead off the property for me.  So he was doing quite well at making himself into a "white knight" for me.

A few weeks after that, I realized my husband was not coming home.  My mother didn't wake up after her surgery for 10 days.  The doctors said I either had to move in with her to care for her, or she'd have to go into a nursing home.  I didn't want that and I could see I couldn't afford my rent anyway so I realized I needed to move in with my mother and give up my apartment.   This man stepped up and offered to help me move at no cost.  Again, I'm not thinking it's sexual at the time but that he was just a fellow NA member trying to help out an "old timer".  He did pack up the whole apartment and move it into storage for me while I took care of my mother.

Then he starts making excuses to come by the house to help.  He's offering to help us take out the trash, take us shopping, etc.  For a few months, he's just acting very friendly and helpful.  All part of getting me to trust him.  As I'm getting to know him, I'm hearing about all of his cop friends.  We're going to NA meetings together so I'm seeing a young man trying to get clean, with all these cop friends, and I'm getting an image of a young man trying to make something out of his life that being presented to me as who he was.  He even asks me to help him study for his GED.

After about six months, he starts professing to have feelings for me.  Because of the age difference I kept rebuffing him, but said I appreciated his friendship.  He starts introducing me to his friends and family.  Taking me to BBQ's that are full of cops, sheriff's, and musicians.  Seems his dad runs a company that does sound for musical events like Bikefest.  I can't understand why this guy is trying so hard to come onto me because I'm so much older than him.

But his pursuit of me was endless - calling me daily, trying to help me out with things constantly, looking for ways into my life any way he can.  Even doing things like showing up with DVD's and popcorn and telling me that he knows I need "cheering up" because of all of the stress I'm under so let's have a "movie night".

I had a medical emergency where I started bleeding real bad from the blood thinners I was on about Christmas time.  I almost died from blood loss.  I had to have a transfusion, and an emergency cauterization to stop the bleeding.  This meant I could no longer have children.  It also sent my hormones off the charts because I'm now in menopause because of the surgery.  Almost dying, combined with the hormonal swing, threw me into a midlife crisis.  I began to wonder why was I keeping this handsome young man at arm's distance if I die tomorrow.

He came to visit me after the surgery and I told him "what the hell - let's do it".  I thought I'd have a fling and that would be the end of things.  Only this man proposed and turned it into a serious relationship.   Started talking about adopting my daughter.  Next thing I know he's talking about how I need to move out of my mother's house, and we have to find ourselves an apartment to live in after the wedding.  My daughter had seemed quite taken with him as he was taking us to the movies, roller skating, to the park, etc.  So I'm falling for this hook, line and sinker thinking maybe this is my happy ending.

As him and I are literally out apartment hunting - this is when he starts telling me what's really going on with all of his cop friends.  He tells me that "if we're going to get married then I need to know everything about him" and he starts showing me the inside of a very large crime operation where prostitution was just a small part of the whole thing.  These people were connected to Chris Butler and therefore we running drugs, guns and prostitutes as well as stolen auto parts and even blackmail.

I explain to him I'm a "retired OG" and not interested in going back to jail ever to protest what he's proposing I join into.  He sets about trying convince me there's "no way anyone's going to get arrested" because "everyone is in pocket".  He shows me how they're recruiting prostitutes from within the jail itself.  The guards he introduced me to are "bird dogs" who identify a prostitute on the inside of the jail.  That way they avoid undercover cops or informants.  One woman was a guard at the Clark County jail and got her back injured when an inmate assaulted her.  Seems they wouldn't give her disability so she decided to use her connections to set up a chain of "dungeons".

See bondage parlors bypass the prostitution laws.  So this woman has set up some places all over Las Vegas offering "bondage and discipline" and they're completely legal.  All these people he had introduced me to as "cops" and "guards" at these BBQ's and parties - now I'm being told there's a whole other side to them as they try and entice me into joining them.  I am going to be his "wife" after all he tells me.

As I kept refusing, they kept showing me how they were set up to not have anyone go to jail.  The DA who is in their pocket, and even how if someone is arrested on accident they can literally make it all disappear out of the jail computer.  Seems one of their pimps got arrested on a traffic violation and they showed me how his name disappeared right out of the computer and he was home an hour later like he'd never been arrested.

This dance went on for about a year of them trying to talk me into joining them.   He's showing me how things run and how I have nothing to worry about, while we're making wedding plans and looking for apartments.  Finally it comes down to the moment of truth.  He starts trying to involve me in these operations.  I get a phone call that he needs me to go and pick up one of his friends at the NY NY Casino.  I ask why he can't go and he says he's "working".  I agreed and went to pick up this couple and brought them back to one of his friend's house who is a Las Vegas cop.  I know because I've ironed his uniform for him and spoken to him at the jail.  As I get out of the car everyone starts laughing profusely.  I'm asking "what's the joke?" and they tell me that I've just transported them, and DRUGS, in my car and how funny they think it is that I didn't know what was in her purse.  I get upset obviously because if I'd been stopped I would have been arrested and lost the car.  So I get angry at what they did to me and storm off.  They're realizing I don't think it's "funny" and that I'm not going to come back into crime.

This is when things start turning from the "sweet" to the not so sweet of how pimps operate.  He starts telling me that his "friends" are getting "nervous" that I "know so much but I'm not dirty and this scares them".  He tells me I need to take a job doing dispatch for the escort service.  I need the money after all.  I refuse.  Next thing I know him and one of his cop friends decide to threaten me about what will happen if I tell anyone what I know about their operation.  I found myself being chained to refrigerator in a garage and told what's going to happen to me and how my "body won't be found" or "I'll be shot resisting arrest" or whatever else they can do to me if I don't "join up".

This is when the mask starts coming off.  People can only pretend so long and this is now about 18 months he's now been pursuing me.   It was about then he gets drunk or loaded or something and decides to tell me the whole story about how this was all a set-up by him from the very first night when he rigged my car not to start so he could introduce himself.   I guess he figures that if the lying won't work - then maybe the truth will.  He points out that I need work and this operation needs my help on the management level and why don't I "come off my high horse" and this "SWA nonsense" and come back to a life of crime with him.

I can tell what's going to come next is more threats so I made arrangements to move out of my mom's house.  What I hadn't really counted on was his cop's connections.  They pulled my phone logs and found out the number I'd called to hire movers.  He paid the movers $100 to give him my new address.  Told them we'd had a "lovers spat".  Next thing I know he's at my door.  His presence was threat enough about what was to come since he knew I knew I didn't give him that address.

He told me I "knew too much" and that I needed to give them an answer that night.  I avoided answering the question and waited for him to leave for work the next day.  Then I changed the locks and added extra dead bolts.  Told my daughter not to let him in under any circumstances if he showed up and I was asleep or not home.  She was about 11 years old at the time and not really understanding any of this.  She was just too young.

I knew I had to go to the police with what I knew.   I knew everything - names, addresses, bank information - everything about how this ring operated.  I went to get into my car to go make a police report and the car wouldn't start.  I called a mobile mechanic who discovered my brakes had been rigged to fail.  He asked me if "someone wanted me dead" and showed me how the car had been rigged to drive for a few minutes, and then have the brakes fail.  I knew this meant I either needed to join up with this operation or I was going to be fighting for my life once again.  This is now 2004 and I've been drug and crime free since 1985 and here my past is coming back to get me in a new form.

I didn't have the money to move and I had no relatives to send my daughter to go stay with.  So I just did what I could which was to tell her we no longer were speaking to this person.  I did find a job to pay for the apartment and had to go to work.  She was in school so I thought we'd be okay.  Only she got sick one day and had to stay home.  I told her she had to keep the doors locked and went to work.
When I came home - I found this man sitting on my couch.  My daughter was in her bedroom.  The air was strange when I walked in and I knew something was wrong instantly more than just his presence inside the house.  He of course tried to give me the "let's kiss and make up" routine.  I told him to leave.

To my surprise he just left.  That was because he's already done his damage.  Seems my daughter had been out on the patio talking to some of her friends in the complex like kids do when left alone.  She had forgot to lock the door when she was done.  When she wouldn't answer the front door - he then jumped over the balcony and pushed his way into the apartment through the patio.

Then he sexually assaulted my 11 year old daughter.

Of course no one tells me that.  All I know is he's sitting on my couch when I came home from work.  He leaves quietly because he's already done his harm.  My daughter insists "everything is fine" like most rape victims, or those who black out what's happened.

All I know is the next day the school calls me up to come get her.  Seems she's carved "suicide" on her arm.  So starts me taking her to see psychiatrists and multiple hospitalizations.  We know this man has done something to her - but we don't know what as she's insisting she "can't remember".

I find a man who is supposedly the best there is at treating juveniles.  I explain to him that this man is dangerous and we have no evidence of anything.  If we make a report, it's just going to go nowhere.  He already showed me how they dealt with women who filed rape charges against any of them.  Seems Quest Diagnostics is the only lab in Nevada.  Seems anyone with a code can get into the files and alter test results.  I explain to him that's who I'm dealing with and we don't want him keeping notes nor do we want him making a report against him.  I'm dealing with a man who has police friends who have had been "joking" with me about "accidentally shooting me during resisting arrest".   So no I don't file a police report against him.

He agrees for her safety it's best if we just move and not play into this man's hands or friends.  But before I moved I went to the Chief of Police.  I gave him a detailed accounting of how this operation ran and who was involved thinking if they got arrested for that then I wouldn't have to worry about him.

The very next morning the couple I had picked up at the NY NY casino are at my mother's house.  I asked what is wrong and they told me how everything got cleaned up and cleared out the night before.  Seems they got thrown out on the street and have nowhere to go.  His girlfriend is pregnant.  So I went and got them a motel for the night and helped them get relocated.   Then I went and checked every address like for the brothels, the chop shop, etc.  Everything's been cleaned out.  This couple told me the Chief himself had shown up at the house telling everyone to "clear out" just hours after I'd turned in the report on them.

He even knew the jig was up.  He married some other girl a few days later and took off for N. Carolina.  Seems a lot of the gypsies and gangs have gone down there to expand their operation.  What's sad is that someone reported this therapist for not making a police report about my daughter and what happened to her.  He lost his license to practice for a year.  For the life of me I wondered why on earth it seemed this man wanted us to make a police report against him.

I then learned that if she had - it would be a report that would follow her for life.  Does it matter?  I've worked pretty much as a paralegal since I've gone straight and yes I've seen that lawyers can use these types of records against you - especially if you ever get raped a second time.  Which is possible being I've been raped three times myself.  But I can assure you in this situation - I would not want my daughter's address on file somewhere about a rape kit with a man this having been the one that assaulted her.

So this matter interests me and is why my daughter forwarded me information on this Bill -  Now I ask you why should there be a system in place for a victim to know where her DNA materials and rape kit is RATHER than there be a law requiring the materials be tested IMMEDIATELY?

Do you realize that for every day that rape kit sits untested is a day when the rapist is walking around FREE?

I've been learning a lot lately about how politicians make it "appear" they're doing one thing while in reality they're doing another.   Now I ask you why is this Bill ALLOWING these kits to sit untested for these long periods of time?  Oh if we tell the victim where the kit is sitting that's somehow going to make it all better?

Why can't Medicaid test these kits?  Shouldn't they?  If this rapist has something like HIV and he's running around loose because these kits haven't been tested and the results put into the computer - doesn't that leave him free to infect people?

There's also something else I don't like about this Bill and that's the clause that the victim doesn't get charged with crimes if she cries "rape".  Do you know how many FAKE rape charges that's going to produce?  Oh I can avoid criminal charges if I cry rape?  Sign me up.

There's reasons why people get arrested for prostitution and for drugs and that's so the court can take jurisdiction over that person and ensure they get help.  I also don't see where they're going to pay for this counseling, and also why they would pay for notifying the victim where the kits are but not test the kits?  It makes no sense to me.  I know it costs money to store kits and to notify the victim where they are.  Which I'd be willing to bet it would be cheaper to just test the kits.

If a rape victim actually has evidence in a rape kit we need a law that TESTS it IMMEDIATELY not that allows for an indefinite storage period of time as long as we tell the victim where it's at.  A criminal has the right to a "speedy trial" so why doesn't a victim have the right to also speed up that process by having these kits tested immediately also?  I see no reason why her own insurance company now we have Obamacare and everyone has coverage can't pick up the tab on this testing.   It's in the public interest to identify these rapists!  Especially when I think it's cheaper to test, and get his guy off the streets, than to pay to store it.

This Bill sounds to me like permission to store these kits indefinitely.  That's not progress for victims.  

What I've learned out of this I hope others may benefit from and that's a few things.  One being that predators are always out there looking for someone they can revictimize.  Then when the stuff hits the fan they can say "oh she's crazy" to get people not to listen to the truth.

Also, we have people in the rooms of NA who aren't there because of an honest desire to get clean 100 percent anymore.  There are now informants in the rooms of NA.  There are "recruiters" who are looking for people to engage in crimes with - including insurance fraud.  I watched an expose on TV about how some of these "programs" are obtaining information on addicts in the rooms of NA and then billing their insurance for "group therapy" the person isn't even attending.

Do you know one of the reasons why I shout very loudly that sex trafficking is NOT just about the pimp prostitute dynamic?  Yes many pimps do look for and target young men and women they then "turn out" into prostitution, or they outright sell to a trafficker.  

However, there's also victims like Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, who says the government kept her working long after she wanted to quit because they were using her for information, and to do things like blackmail some of her clients.  I mean what better way to smear someone than to have them caught in a hotel room with a hooker and some drugs?

 Remember, Eliot Spitzer wasn't exposed because of being arrested.  A tape of him was conveniently "leaked" to the press.  How did that tape get obtained if not through some type of cooperation with the madam or even Ashley herself?  With his connections as governor, and having been a prosecutor, he never would have been arrested as a "john".  So yes even a madam can be a victim of a trafficking operation.

Just as I was.  I've said before the people who initially came and "turned me out' didn't do so with me just as a prostitute - but because they wanted someone who could sign papers at the bank, open up business accounts, apply for business licenses, sign leases on houses, and to basically put things into my name and appear that I was the one running things - not them.    In other words, they were forcing me to do things OTHER than just straight prostitution.

Anything that could be a felony they wanted all fingers to point to me and not them.  That's how these pimps do things so nothing is in their name and to protect themselves.  I'm the one who drove the car that I bought in my name while they stayed "off the grid".  I was "turned out" because of my intelligence and management skills - not to have sex for money.  I was also being used as the one who go "down" if anything went wrong - not them.

Which is why another set of traffickers found out about my past and came after me when I had been out of the life since 1985.   When I refused to join up with them - my daughter was sexually assaulted.  I'm not so sure the assault was the whole punishment.  I believe they wanted us to file charges so they would have the legal ability to keep tabs on us.   Bear with me here - but if you are as a victim kept on some list to be notified where your rape kit is at - that means your information and  your address is kept on some computer somewhere that depending upon who raped you and their "connections" they can FIND YOU.

I've witnessed how rapists become murderers if left unchecked.  Let's look at the Craigslist Killer, the Hillside Strangler,  Ted Bundy, even the BTK Killer - these are men we know started out raping and ESCALATED to murder.   Rape needs to be treated seriously and immediately because it's an act of VIOLENCE, not sex.  And anyone who can get aroused enough to leave a semen sample at the act of violence isn't going to stop.  They will do it again and like any addict - the need will get stronger for "more" and it will not stop at just rape.  Which is why I don't think we should be focusing on keeping tabs on the victims when we should TESTING THE KITS!

This Bill is a smoke screen.  Don't fall for it.  Stand up and demand these kits be tested TODAY.   Not have the government tell us that as long as they tell us where it is that they're doing something for us.

More important - we have got to stop falling for this "poster child" type of campaigning.  I don't want to hear from one rape victim.  I want to hear from VICTIMS plural and many.   Our politicians are supposed to be representing the PEOPLE plural - not singular.  That's a democracy remember?  

That's why I question any law written about sex trafficking that refuses to involve the largest and oldest number of survivors in the country - and why I am also questioning any Bill about rape from one victim's mouth also.  I want to have these politicians take the time to hear what WE as a group have to say about this before shoving something onto us.

So speak up.  Let them hear you that no you don't want these kits laying around.  You want them tested NOW.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I was 21 years old when Ernest Angley was a major TV minister.  Look at what we had for church in 1981!!!


If you want a taste of street prostitution - Theresa Russell is awesome in "Whore".  I have to tell you I hated this movie when it first came out because I found her performance "stiff".  However, now I'm older  - her performance was how it is!  The car scene where she's telling the old guy "oh baby do it" I about fell off the couch laughing.  Totally reminded me of why I wanted to quit the "life".  Pimps, traffickers vs. the "johns" who's to say who is worse.  Even the old guy dying on her - do you know how many hookers have told me some old guy has croaked on them!

You want to know what it's like?  The scene where her pimp has his throat cut is horrific right?  But if he hadn't of been murdered - she'd be dead.  So she's witnessed a murder, but it saved her life.  Such is the "yin and yang" of the sex industry - legal or illegal.

Reminds me of why I want to get our "Recovery Guides" into the jails and prisons.  I've been getting asked and asked and they never have any budget for these books.  Fine.  I think I have an idea how we can get those books into their libraries.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Dear Gale:

I caught your article on “tiny houses” and feel like I’ve time warped to 1984 again.  Can we talk?  I say that because I’m the person who founded the sex trafficking movement that led to it’s federal recognition with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  An Act where even the author of this, Michael Horowitz, has been quoted as saying our movement has become “hijacked”.  It clearly has been when I read one of the quotes in your piece. 

This is also demonstrating what’s happened since it’s hijacking.  Let me explain why.  I don’t know how old you are but in the 1970’s and early 80’s no one believed in the idea even of sex trafficking.  Across the board the world viewed us as drug addicts, sexual deviants, mentally ill, and as criminals with no regard for the law.  In 1986 Le Rouche tried to get a proposition passed that would actually take “prostitutes, gays and drug addicts” and “quarantine them on an island to protect the public safety”. 

This of course reflected the view that we weren’t “decent” people worthy of the same access to medical care, housing, and other services everyone else who wouldn’t be on this island receives.   When the police would do raids on massage parlors, strip clubs, and illegal brothels – all of the women on the premises were arrested and charged as prostitutes.  There was absolutely no questioning if these women were there by force or not.  Didn’t matter – we were criminals in the eyes of the law, and as such we were all arrested.

In the late 70’s, early 80’s, cocaine was flooding Los Angeles.  Now we know about Iran Contra – we know it was our own CIA that was bringing these drugs into our country with the gang members serving only as scape goat and street distributor.  The influx of cocaine created a record number of serial killers targeting prostitutes.  Iran Contra also was providing a perfect cover for the silencing of witnesses – make her look like a prostitute and no one would investigate her disappearance.  Look at how the Grim Reaper case took 25 years to get some traction for proof of what I mean by how LAPD just wouldn’t even look at evidence in prostitution murder cases even when their mothers were protesting in the streets to “do something” long before “Black Lives Matter” was doing the same.

Only these men and women had nowhere to go.  The drug treatment programs wouldn’t take them.  Homeless and domestic violence shelters wouldn’t take them in.  No one would take them in because they were viewed as “criminals” who “wanted” to be there.  When I surveyed the police and social workers about why they had this perception these women “wanted” to be out there on the streets getting the life beaten out of them by pimps with serial killers chasing them – they said “because every time we get them out of that situation – they go right back”.  So I asked them if they ever asked these prostitutes “why”?  Why did they go back? 

I say that because if one doesn’t understand how trafficking works – simply extracting them out of the house the pimp is in doesn’t solve anything.   The dynamics, and his threats, if not changed WILL lead her right back to where they took her out of.  Meaning they might have moved her but they didn’t “free” her.  Without that – yes she will go back but not because she wants to but because they didn’t solve whatever her situation was causing her to feel trapped.  I mean take the example of they’re threatening to murder her family back in another country as we saw with the strip club in NJ owned by DEA agents.  Those men were employing illegal aliens from Columbia with the threat they’d murder their family back home if they didn’t stay and work there, make a quota, and keep their mouth shut.  You can take her out of the club – but unless you deal with getting her family to safety back in Columbia -  then yes she’s going to go right back. 

Of course they had no idea what I was talking about.  Now our Attorney General back then was Edwin Meese from the Meese Report on pornography.  Linda Lovelace in 1980 had tried to raise awareness she was forced at gunpoint to film “Deep Throat” which was a mob financed XXX film that aired in mainstream theaters for the first time in our history.  No one believed her – but she did help Edwin Meese with this report on the evils of pornography.  He told me “you’ll never see the USA decriminalize prostitution in our lifetime – but you can provide them with an ALTERNATIVE TO INCARCERATION” pointing me to how NA was helping drug addicts in drug court ny being a 12 step program. 

So Prostitutes Anonymous, and our hotline was born.  We went in and set up the first alternative sentencing and diversion program in Los Angeles in 1988 that WORKED.  It worked so well I was asked to duplicate it back east in 1989, and then in Vancouver, Canada in 1991.   Now our hotline advertised “if you want to leave the sex industry for ANY reason – we can help you”.  From there, we averaged maybe 10 percent of our phone calls were about trafficking.

Trafficking is something that exists in ANY industry – whether it be farming, mining, manufacturing, the meat packing industry, food service, hospitality, etc.  So too does forced labor, and even outright selling of a human being, exist in ANY industry.   The sex industry is no different.  We have trafficking in the legal brothels of Nevada even.  Yes we had victims of pimps calling for help.  Yes we had women calling who were being sold like cattle.  But we also had Playboy Bunnies who just were getting old and wanted help to quit. 

I myself had been getting tips about women being sold to men like the Sultan of Brunei, as well as drug dealers to seal “deals” by our own CIA who told me to “think of it as them serving their country” when I couldn’t rescue those women off diplomat’s planes.

The problem we had was victim’s services was refusing to pay for anything because the LAW was still classifying them as “criminals”.  Yes we were providing them with a way not to have to go to jail – they could come to our program instead of jail if convicted.  But if they qualified as “victims” because of things like being raped, kidnapped, beaten, etc., by these pimps and traffickers, or even “johns” – victim services was refusing to pay for the same services they were giving to housewives and secretaries because of prostitution being illegal. 

The Mann Act of 1910 was paying to relocate foreign victims of sex trafficking, and juveniles who had been trafficked across state lines – but we had NOTHING in place for adult Americans who had been trafficked – thus the system was still classifying them as “criminals” and as such would not pay benefits or for their care and treatment.  We had embarked on some serious media bombardment to raise awareness about our plight, and about this being real.  I was going onto talk shows, Good Morning America, 20/20, the news, you name it.  We also had a weekly public access show where we had survivors telling their stories, and we made three documentaries back then about this.   Which is why we got approached by 22 Attorney General’s (yes the same ones that Bush fired but wouldn’t state why) who told me if I helped us to get the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed – this would allow them to get money for these victims.


I’ve seen Indian tribes who received federal recognition have it not go the way they were promised also.  What it’s done is to create a “class system” within our legal system where if you say you’re a “trafficking victim” or a “juvenile” under the legal age of sexual consent THEN our system will help you.  This was cemented when the TVRA of 2003 came in and further wrote this division in stone when it said that “no money” would be given to any program who didn’t sign an “anti” prostitution clause.   Now this would be like telling AA that the court won’t recognize them unless they joined in with those pushing to bring back Prohibition, or NA couldn’t be used in drug court unless they joined in lobbying against the prescribing of opiate medications.   They can’t do such things because it’s an “opinion on outside issues”.  So suddenly our program went from being used in every court in the country for prostitutes – to now people acting like we don’t exist.  (BTW – the Supreme Court ruled this was unconstitutional – but I haven’t been able to figure out how to broadcast this fact yet.)

What it’s created is Latesha Clay in Michigan.  This is a 15 year old mother of two small children.  She can’t get welfare because she doesn’t have a GED.  The father of her children has over 30 other children so he’s not helping.   She had not pimp.  When this “No Such Thing” campaign resulted in a court who wouldn’t try her as a juvenile, but because she had a gun felt they had to charge her with something, they had their hands tied and tried her as an adult.  Only they’ve been so busy “forgetting” we exist – instead of referring her to us as an adult – they just locked her up for years and took away her children to foster care where they’re 10 times more likely to follow in her footsteps as a prostitute, or trafficking victim, or whatever terminology they want to use on these kids.  The bottom line is if she’d been arrested prior to 2002 – she would have been referred to us or even and SHE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN HELP. 

This has allowed the same type of hostility to be exhibited towards us that was used on us in the 1980’s.  Anyone not classified as a “victim” is back to being viewed as a “criminal”.   Because a prostitute is homeless, probably on drugs, but is so far gone no pimp wants her and thus living on the streets in a “tiny house” – now she’s having neighbors want her “out of their area” and her home that she does have taken away from her.   Just because she may be a prostitute to buy food – doesn’t mean she was using that “tiny home” as a house of prostitution. 

This is the same type of thinking that got me arrested in 1984 because the police couldn’t understand that I was housing a prostitute in that warehouse because it was a “safe house” not a brothel.  When the police came out and saw I had a prostitute sleeping there – oh my it must be a brothel and I’m arrested.  When the victim testified against the pimp and explained how I was saving her – they dropped the charge against me but then charged my mother with pimping me.   THAT’S what caused me to have to plea bargain to save her from prison back then because the police didn’t want to let me walk.  Can’t let “criminals” walk you know.

But we’re right back where we started from and now while some real victims might be getting help – what I’m seeing is a whole wave of “fake” victims who are claiming that status because it PAYS.   This same homeless woman you’re referring to?  If she was to say she had a pimp – she’d be in a house tomorrow.   I’ve been seeing a wave of women that’s getting bigger and bigger every day where they want a free ride and not only are they falsely claiming they’re “trafficking victims” to get that free ride,  but I’m seeing real prostitutes turning on innocent people saying they “trafficked” them to get out of being charged as a criminal because they’re not being offered our program as an alternative any longer.  Not automatically anyway. 

So I was wondering if we could talk?  Call me anytime at (702) 468-4529. 

Jody Williams