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Monday, February 8, 2016


First, let me start off by saying I look "white" but I'm not.  I have native American and African American blood in me.  My daughter is 1/4 Puerto Rican.  So we are not a "white" family.   The son of the plantation owner ran off with one of the freed slaves, and that's part of my bloodline.  They had to go to another state because it was illegal to marry at that time in Arkansas where the plantation was.  So I have a dog in this race.

The African American race.  I watched Beyonce's and I did not find it "positive" or "supportive" of the African American race.  Anita Hill was an amazing woman.  After she came forward against Clarence Thomas, more women than ever started speaking up about sexual harassment.  I remember the change in the workplace.  I remember the way women were treated in the workforce completely change after the hearings.  This was an educated woman who changed the world and she was African American.

I've seen Maya Angelou transform people about their race.  I saw the change in Tupac after working on a film with her.  I remember the total change in Dave Chappelle after spending time with Maya.  She herself having once been a prostitute who then read her poetry at the White House at the ceremony to welcome our first African American president.

These are people, and images, that support African American achievement.  Not images of the homeless, nor dancing around like a whore in a brothel where she would have been called a "high yellow whore" if this had been even 50 years ago.  There was a time when African American music videos weren't even allowed on MTV - and now she's performing at the Superbowl.  

Why wouldn't she be when she's perpetuating the images that the Aryans who own major media want perpetuated?  She's doing their job for them.  

I think this video deserves more attention.  So instead of singing along with Beyonce - just remember "They don't really care about us".


One of the biggest functions we handle in Sex Workers Anonymous is that of the job situation.  Because we're arrested for prostitution (in some form or another), then that shows on our record when looking for work.  When we're in the press - it's even worse.  That's why when I hear about one of us in the press - I know not only are they no longer going to be able to work in the sex industry but they also are going to have a really hard time finding work.  For this reason, we've collected a list of jobs and employers that either don't care about this type of thing, or that bypasses it.  For example, there's some jobs such as transcription, or taking plane reservations by phone as a home worker - where you don't meet your employer "face to face" so that if you did get your face plastered on the news it won't block you from finding work.

I assure you however very few are open about hiring sex workers.  In fact, if someone does throw out hand signs that they'll hire ex-sex workers it might not be where you want to work.   Why?  I go by the stories I've heard like the restaurant manager who willingly hires ex-prostitutes, but then he is raping them in the freezer.  After the rape, he then says "who is going to believe you?"  Tell me where a prostitute has won a rape case and you can see why no one has charged the guy.  So you have to be wary of anyone who makes a big noise about hiring ex-sex workers.

Then we have the companies who are willing to overlook the criminal backgrounds.  They ask me not to publish their names anywhere and they don't want the bad publicity of being known as hiring ex-sex workers or victims or whatever you're calling them.  Because most people these days really aren't making a distinction and honestly there shouldn't be.  Very few are in sex work by choice.  Whether that agent of force is another person or poverty.  Until this country goes communist, then many men and women go into sex work to eat and get shelter.  I have yet to see escort services in communist countries.  If there are, they don't have that many women working in them.   So yes we have a list of companies who will hire ex-sex workers, or trafficking victims, but they don't want to be on some list circulated around the social workers offices that they do.

What Kayla here went through is one of the reasons why we also support our members even after they get jobs.  Their past came come back to haunt them in many ways years and years down the road.  Then they get fired, evicted, lose their license to work, custody of their children even.  The article calls it "whore stigma" which doesn't even begin to explain how dangerous this branding is.  Once you have been stamped as a "whore" then again predators look at you like open season knowing you're unlikely to press charges, and if you do, you probably won't win.  Also, what's the point of charges if you're targeted for rape?

Trust me - the minute some men hear you used to be a sex worker - they are all over you.  The change in some men when they "lose respect" for you is frightening.  I've had it happen too many times, including a rape in Atlanta City.  I had just moved there and I called for night security to come help me during a hurricane.  The power had gone out and my apartment was flooded.  I was worried it would come back on and electrify me.  So I called the handyman for help.  He took this as a sexual invitation because of my past.  After the rape he said "who is going to listen to you over me?"  He had a point.

All the more reason why we also work with our members to get their records sealed.  NOT by "proving they were forced" but by showing they need this sealed to enable them to leave the sex industry, find work, get licensing to work, etc.  I've appeared at many work permit hearings in Vegas to explain why this person needs to have their past overlooked, to be hired, and to have their records expunged.  Stamping someone as a "trafficking victim" doesn't make this go away either.  Again, I used to come home from a TV appearance speaking about being forced to do what I did and I'd find "whore" spray painted on my car or my front door even one time.  I would also be fired and evicted.

So we've had to get resourceful, and also network among ourselves.  Many of us now own our own companies, or have become managers.  So we'll get hired among others in recovery.  We also have a list of employers who can help you find work, and jobs even where you can work for yourself.  Many of our members do well by becoming business owners and are doing quite well for themselves.  One of our first members is now making over a million a year running a cleaning service.  She can't risk associating with us now - but she's doing good working for herself.

What I would like to see is for us to have the same protection as the LGBT community.  If you're fired for being gay - that person has recourse.  However, if you're fired for a porn shoot you did 10 years ago - you have nothing.  THAT'S what would be useful for us.  We get just as much hate and problems believe me and that's why I think we need the same protections and recourse as the LGBT community has.  We're stalked and targeted for rape, abuse and murder just as much, if not more, than they are.  But we have less protections.


After I was freed from my own trafficking situation, I returned to sex work as an "outlaw" as they were called in my day.   When word spread I was working as a "free agent", that's when a LAPD owned prostitution operation tried to get me to work with them.  I refused and they slapped me into jail as a "set up".  Five minutes after coming home from the Beverly Hills police station on bail, I got a call from them letting me know it was them who set me up.   I tried running and found myself embroiled in what is now known as "Iran Contra".  This was when our CIA was bringing cocaine into this country for sale - while blaming the African American gangs for the epidemic.  I would literally got to a boat at the pier while a white man had a truck loaded with the coke which needed processing.  I would then drive the truck into Compton for this, and then again drop at crack houses.  Then I'd go home to watch the news take a battering ram to an African American home and the media would urge us to "just say no".

I also started out doing rescues - only to find they would also return.  After returning, they also were prone to be re-trafficked again.  Or murdered, robbed, beaten, raped, etc.  Look at the Craiglist killer - he's going into their rooms with gun pulled and robbing them as he did with his first victim, and then escalating to murder.

So we knew we had to develop a full process - from rescue to restoration - in order to fully extract someone from the sex industry.  The goal isn't just sex trafficking rescue.  The goal is to get them out of sex work entirely, and permanently.  This is a process we developed and it's quite effective.  We have testimonials at and

Once the TVRA of 2003 passed - suddenly everyone is cutting us out of the process.  They're telling us "they're right" and we're "wrong" for how we do things.  Then this comes out from an independent source showing what we're saying is true.  If you want to help these men and women to leave the sex industry entirely - then it requires a "process".  One that we need to be involved with from the start in order to build up a relationship with the person who is trying to leave.  We don't call them "victim" because they may not be at that time we meet them.  We speak about them only as "someone who wants to leave sex work" because that's what THEY identify themselves as.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Below is a comment we put on SWOP's site in support of decriminalization of prostitution on their site.

Sex Workers Anonymous as a 12 step program is not supposed to "have an opinion on an outside issue".  However, we feel this issue of criminalization is an "inside" issue just as it would affect Alcoholics Anonymous if prohibition were to be brought back into law.  Our group is the one who founded the modern day anti-sex trafficking movement.

We formed as a 12 step program so that victims of trafficking could be offered an "alternative to incarceration" instead of being treated like criminals in a world that didn't believe there even was such a thing.   Because prostitution is still a crime in all but a few counties in the USA - the religious right came and "backlashed" our movement by coining the terms "trafficking victim" to make it appear there's two different kinds of "victims".

Only there isn't.  There is the sex industry just like any other industry under which sometimes there's forced labor which is no different than when this happens in the farming, hospitality, mining, or other industries when someone is sold and/or forced to work in said industry.  Where this country is having a hard time understanding that trafficking can happen in both the legal and illegal sex industries is for just this reason - because prostitution is still criminalized.

I'd like to point you to cases like Holtzclaw where predators are still targeting prostitutes because they know the system is still not treating them the same as any other human being, as well as cases like Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, and even this NY cop who was just arrested for trafficking 10 women in NY.  Meaning that even cops can be traffickers.

Now I ask you - how are we supposed to get victims to be able to come forward with evidence against these men when prostitution is illegal and to do so means incrimination?  Even this NY pimp was only discovered after an "anonymous" tip - meaning they were afraid to come forward with what they knew because it's a crime.

Prostitution being illegal does nothing but hinder prosecutions against the criminals who rape, abuse, traffick and murder men, women and children in this country.  It's also creating this "hijacking" of the movement we created by people who want to make it appear that only those who identify as a "victim" are to be treated like human beings.  That those who are not "repetant" or cry "force" are still to be treated like criminals.  It's no different than saying one would not be considered a rape victim unless you were raped by a stranger, or only if you lost a limb fighting back.

We are having FBI agents, and police, even judges, now suddenly saying they no longer want to use our program as an "alternative to sentencing" because we're a "group of nothing but criminals" and that's a quote from an FBI agent in Omaha, Nebraska.  I'm sorry but this is like saying that the courts are going to start making a distinction between the addict who was using street drugs vs. those who were only using prescribed drugs.  Any addict should be able to receive help instead of being treated like a criminal = just as ANY sex worker should be able to receive help to leave the sex industry without having to call themselves "victim" because prostitution is illegal.

Trafficking has proven to increase where it's legalized as we've seen with Amsterdam and in Las Vegas - leaving the best tool we have against sex trafficking, and to build prosecutions against those harming us as being to decriminalize prostitution.  Because it's illegal, I can't even hardly find a meeting hall because most require insurance.  Insurance I can't get because technically a "group of criminals gathering" is considered a "conspiracy".  NA has had laws passed that allow them to meet, but I assure you there's more of them than of us.  The jails right now are pushing addicts out of them, while shoving prostitutes back in with the other.

There's not a day that goes by when our hotline doesn't receive a call from a person who can't find work outside of sex work because of their criminal record of prostitution.  These bills that are calling for "expungment if they can prove trafficking" is a complete waste of time.  If they could "prove" trafficking they would have.  This also doesn't take into account those who have this charge because of pleading down to it nor do most sex workers have money laying around to hire a private investigator and an attorney just so they can go get an $8 an hour job.

In other words, them having a record is tying them into prostitution.  It's punitive all the way around on the wrong person the courts and police should be focusing on.  We've been saying since day one that decriminalization is the best way there is to end trafficking, end demand for trafficking, and to put the real predators behind bars.

Why do I say "end demand for trafficking victims?"  When you arrest a man or woman for buying sex - they don't stop - they just get smarter.  Meaning they'll turn to someone they "know" isn't a cop in the future.  Now how do you do that?  By going to a trafficker that's how.  I've been involved with the board of Sexaholics Anonymous for years and I can assure you that's what happens.  So even having prostitution on the books as a crime against the clients increases sex trafficking.  Now - if you want to end sex trafficking you end it like they ended bootlegging - by decriminalizing prostitution.  If you have any questions - contact us at


Ever since the TVRA of 2003 got passed - I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what on earth happened.  Did the world get turned upside down?  Did I suddenly change into another person? I know I'm really glad my sponsors taught me how to "inventory" whether or not something really is me or not me as part of my 10th step - because it's been not only what's saved my sanity - but it's allowed me to get to the bottom of what's been going on.

What I mean by that is that by 2002- we had built not only our program into a truly national program, but we had created a movement.  There was the womens' movement, the civil rights' movement, the movement for rape victims to have ALL forms of rape recognized as real - meaning that even "date rape" and "spousal rape" was real.  The rape movement had to happen because there was a time literally when if you were married to the man who brutally raped you - then you couldn't prosecute him for rape.  There was the domestic violence movement along the same lines because it also used to be legal to beat your wife and children as "chattel" under the laws of our country at one time.

So to was I witnessing men, women and children being sold like cattle with everyone turning their head the other way thinking that ALL sex work was consentual, and therefore CRIMINAL in just about every part of the USA except for a few counties in Nevada.  Even there were it was legal, people weren't understanding one could still be forced to work in a brothel the same as a child could be forced to work at an egg farm as Rep. Rob Portman just rescued a few.  Forced labor is forced labor whether it's picking cotton, picking eggs or sucking dick.

The news clips I have up at show me being arrested for supposedly running a brothel in 1984.  Only who has a "highly secure sophisticated technological brothel in a warehouse next to the Van Nuys Police Station"?  That's what had the media scratching their head when they ran that story BECAUSE IT WASN'T A BROTHEL.  It was the first safe house for adults in the country.  An angry pimp retaliated and called in a tip to the cops it was a brothel.  When they found a woman on probation for prostitution in her PJ's at the warehouse at midnight - they arrested her and tried to get her to say I was pimping her.  Which she did not.  She told them about her pimp who then went to jail and my charges were dropped.  I would love to show you the paperwork on this case but for that I'd have to go to the warehouse downtown to pull out paper records because 1984 was before these records were on computer.

It was then that I launched the first hotline in this country, and the first 12 step program that was to be used as an "alternative" to incarceration because victims were being thrown in jail like criminals and something had to be done.  Then Attorney General Edwin Meese then told me that "this country won't ever decriminalize prostitution but you can provide the courts with an option to offer instead of jail with a 12 step program" being that AA was doing this for the alcoholic, and NA was being offered to the addict instead of jail.  He told me I could do this without having to get a center started, or a PhD to start some program, or wait on the government to give us grant money which wasn't happening then either because we hadn't achieved federal recognition yet.  Back then our government viewed the idea of sex trafficking no different than if I said little green men from mars were selling our men, women and children into sexual slavery.

So how do you get federal recognition?  Well first you have to convince the country something is real.  I started with myself and the first talk show I did was a Sally Jesse Raphael show in 1987.  I went on her show with a red wig, big sunglasses, and used the name the DA gave me to keep me alive when I came to court hearings.  They knew I had people trying to silence me in fear I'd snitch on them - so they put my legal proceedings under a male's name to throw them off as to my court dates which had to be published.  It was on Sally's show I gave out the hotline, and said that I believed my sisters and brothers and they could call us for help.  After that show aired, we got over 5,000 calls from all over the country.   The movement calling out to have sex trafficking in the USA recognized as real, and demanding our legal system DO something about this system of arresting victims as criminals needing to change was born.  

That allowed us to get some people out of their situation so when the next show came up - I was able to bring more survivors on with me.  Only we didn't have terms like "trafficking" or "survivors" back then.  All we had was "forced" and "in recovery".  Those were the only words we had at that time to identify ourselves with.  By 1988, through then Mayor Bradley, Chief Gates, and Sheriff Block, we were able to set up the first ever "alternative to sentencing" program that allowed for any prostitute in LA county to attend our meetings rather than go to jail.  It also allowed the jail to let go of prostitutes because of jail overcrowding.

Now I would emphasize that pimps were one thing, but traffickers were another when I'd make TV appearances because I'd witnessed a lot of things by then.  Ranging from Iran Contra throwing in women with their drug deals, to Chuck Barris trafficking women through the "Dating Game".  I had even seen a couple of LAPD officers running their own escort service.   So in my book, traffickers came in all colors - not just men of color.  For those who don't know - Iran Contra is when our own CIA was bringing cocaine into this country and then using the cash to buy guns for the Contra's - all while blaming the African American gangs for the epidemic.  The media was a big part of that whole cover-up also.  I would literally go drive a truck from the pier full of cocaine to the warehouse where it would be made into crack, and then see it given to the gangs for sale.  I know as I'd drive the truck to the drop-off spots at the crack houses.  Then I'd go back to my house in the valley and I'd watch the news blame the African American community in south central, and compton, when I knew good and well they weren't the ones who brought those drugs into this country.  Heck, most of those kids couldn't even drive - let alone fly planes in from Mexico and Columbia!

By 2002, our program was jamming.  We literally had chapters in every major city of the USA.  We couldn't get places to hold our meetings because of insurance.  That was because prostitution is illegal so a meeting of prostitutes is technically a criminal conspiracy meeting.  Therefore, we couldn't get insurance to hold a meeting anywhere except the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities who had been donating our meeting space from 1987 to 2002.  Up until then I knew that the meetings could be held at one of their programs in each city.  Until the TVRA of 2003 was passed.  Suddenly, each one of our chapters was handed a "pink slip" which told us to remove our meetings from their grounds.  We were also blocked from even speaking to our sponsees who were in their residential programs.  Those members of SWA who were holding jobs at these programs were fired.  Now if we weren't effective - I'd understand.  But we were HIGHLY effective.  Professor Sharon Oselin's 10 year study "Leaving Prostitution" confirms that we were quite effective also.

So what did we do?  No one would tell me but they sure told us we were banned off their property.  Which was a real problem here in Las Vegas because I also ran an NA meeting at the Vegas Salvation Army.  I then had NA yelling at me "what did you do?" and I'm going "I have no clue!"  To make things worse, they even refused to allow an alternate to replace me at the NA meeting - so NA had to find another meeting space suddenly also when they did this.  For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what on earth happened.

It was actually Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, who started talking to me about Randall Tobias and the TVRA of 2003.  I didn't know what she meant until she told me she herself was a trafficking victim.  She said she had wanted to leave the sex industry, but that every six months someone from our government would come and pump her for information that she'd picked up from her "johns". Further, they would insist certain women be sent to certain powerful men to further pick up dirt from individuals they wanted dirt on and blackmail.   She believed this was why Brandy Britton was found dead before she could testify at her trial - fear of what she'd say being one of her clients was David Vitter.  Jeane said she couldn't "take it anymore" and had decided to retire.  So she started looking for property in Germany, converted her assets to cash, and was going to the airport to leave the country and retire - when they stopped her.  She could easily have had the case dropped if she would have agreed to go back to status quo - but she wanted to expose who was trafficking her and that she was a trafficking victim so she refused.  That's why she released her "Black Book" also - to prove who was in her book such as Vitter, Tobias, and others she was about to name before her death.

When I asked Jeane what this TVRA of 2003 had to do with Randall and what had just happened to us - she started talking to me about how he was in charge of our policies with other countries where prostitution was legal.  How if they didn't sign the "anti-prostitution" clause they weren't going to receive government money from us and how Randall was the connection with that.  When I was still having a hard time understanding - she had me look up how prostitution is legal in Brazil for example, but if they refuse to sign the anti-prostitution clause they don't get American money.  She also showed me how it tied in with our previous campaigns to reach prostitutes through the distribution of free condoms - how the church didn't want condoms distributed and this was a way to stop that distribution.  It sounded crazy to me at first until I realized that all the outreaches here in the USA who had been distributing condoms to prostitutes did no longer exist because of a lack of funding.

After we essentially had the rug pulled out from under us where we had to then scramble to find other safe meeting halls that we could get free, or cheap, that wouldn't require insurance, I start seeing all this "faith based awareness" campaigns which were essentially confusing prostitution and trafficking together to make them appear to be the same thing.  I also started getting calls from members of SWA who told me they were being offered fat checks by the Catholic Church to set up safe houses - on the provision they not allow in any SWA meetings.  That made no sense.  It was SWA who made these women strong enough TO run a program - but then they wanted them to exclude that program?

To top it off, the programs had to be residential ones for women only.  Straight Christian women.  I say that because I started getting other phone calls for help.  That of Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan, and atheist, and LGBT women telling me they had just been kicked out of one of these religious based houses without any referrals to help whatsoever.   So let me get this straight - the Salvation Army is getting anywhere from a minimum of $30,000 to $80,000 a year from the "Rescue and Restore" people from the grants I'm seeing.  But the women who aren't straight Christians, or who aren't willing to convert, are being kicked out in the streets for me to service?

Okay well I'll just help them.  Only that's when the smear campaigns and the threats started up against every one of our members and chapters.  Except one.  For some reason, a member who is African American starts having documentaries made about her right and left that make it "appear" that she's the founder of our program.  They show her doing founder things, and women thanking "her for the program" so they're stepping just one line short of calling her "founder" - but essentially I'm now getting women in Chicago calling me up insisting that Brenda Myers-Powell is our founder for some reason.  A woman who is spouting off things about our program that are absolutely 100 percent not true.  So not true - I'm having to hit her with three "cease and desist" orders by this point in time because she keeps "expressing opinions about outside issues" like they're official SWA views and she won't stop doing it either.  Leaving me with no choice but to carry out our group conscience and serve her with legal papers to essentially "knock it off".

I had to sit back and ask myself what is it that's so different about what we were doing and what these new replacement groups who are being warned to "stay away" from us "or lose your funding and support".  All I was seeing was single, childless, Christian heterosexual females.  In doing some research to see if I was right - I also found many of these so called "safe houses" had adoption applications on them.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I mean who would ask someone who had just been rescued from trafficking, someone in early recovery, to make such an important decision as to give up their child, especially when their hormones are raging on top of the PTSD and probably very little clean time on top of that since most pimps hook their victims on drugs?

I then learn that their idea of "outreach" is to only target strip clubs.  When I would talk to them about expanding their outreach - I'd get shut down.  They didn't want to go into the porn field, the AVN, massage parlors, bath houses, sex clubs, peep shows, or the escort websites.   Only the strip clubs for some reason.  So I took another look at this wondering why - and what I saw was even more disturbing.  Because it wasn't just straight Christian women they appeared to be coming after - but WHITE straight Christian women to place in homes that are doubling as adoption mills.   Then someone send me a link to

Which made me remember what the world was like when my grandmother told me about our "family secret".  She was raped.  Only the man who raped her came from a wealthy family and she just was from a poor farm.  So she ran away to a "single mothers home" in San Diego.  She hated it and tried to leave.  Only the shame on single mothers was so bad she told me she couldn't get a job or even rent an apartment because they all felt like a single mother was the same as a "prostitute".  Rather than give up her child, she made a "deal" with her rapist to marry her to give her a name and in turn she wouldn't press charges.  She said they didn't have DNA then, but she had a good shot with blood type.  He was obsessed with her supposedly and agreed.  They "sealed the deal" and that became my mother - sister to her brother the rape baby.  That explained a lot to me about why my grandmother always seemed to hate my mom so much.   It also made me wonder where were those kinds of places going to get babies from now that young teens didn't have to "go visit an aunt for the summer" when they would get pregnant pre-Roe v. Wade?

Anyway, as I'm looking around at these programs that are being put in place now like "Don't Sell Bodies" I see everything is the image of straight women.  We used to work very hard at our media when we did our weekly public access TV Show to show a wide range of our members - the men, women and transgenders, the members of colors and the whites, the Wiccan, the Jewish, the Buddhists members as well as Christian and atheist.   To see if my ideas were correct - I contacted Mike Bartell.  He was doing a program in the high schools to try and flush out victims to come forward - only he would only have female counselors and call out to female victims.  When I broached the idea that he was completely ignoring the male victims he came extremely hostile and literally slammed down the phone on me.  As he was doing this - I heard him say "don't put her through again" after which I was blocked.  I then did a little digging into the church behind him and learned that they don't want to help the LGBT victims.  I thought this whole "gays deserve to die" and "HIV is what gays deserve" mentality went out in the 80's - but I guess not.   I mean could this man really be deliberately ignoring the male trafficking victims in his school program because he didn't care about them?  What Christian calls himself this?

When Terri Miller was running ATLAS - I had put in a grant application to hire a translator so I could go into the massage parlors and try and help women like those in "Operation Dollhouse" who spoke only Mandarin.

Another thing I've found is most outreaches, and safe houses, are only for those speaking English.  She refused to speak to me about it and told me that Judge Voy, and ATLAS, were going to go with a "religious program" instead.  I then confessed something I didn't tell a lot of people back then but that I was an ordained minister.  I explained that yes it's partly for the purposes of confidentiality, but it's also because I'm devoutly spiritual in my beliefs.  I even told her the same story I told John Quionones of how Jimmy Kinnon, Bill Wilson, and myself all share a deeply "spiritual awakening" that led us to found our programs.  When I was explaining to her that I was a Christian minister - she started laughing at me.  I didn't understand why she'd do that until I had a reporter tell me about the church that Terri belonged to, which was the same church as Andrea Swanson, Amy Ayoub, and everyone else connected to AB67.  I was then told by members of that church that they don't believe in gay marriage, and that gay people, as well as divorced people, go to hell in their opinion and therefore we're not "real" Christians.  Okay now the giggle made sense.

As reporters started telling me they've been told they'd be fired if they printed a story on our work, while promoting that of these religious programs only, I couldn't help but feel I'm watching a complete repeat of Iran Contra.  Right down to the increase in racial violence of cops towards minority men - and the erupting violence which in the 80's was Rodney King and now it's Ferguson.  I have been scratching my head telling people "I feel like I'm watching someone who took a play right out of the CIA Iran Contra playbook - only instead of cocaine it's now sex trafficking".

Only this time on top of the racial bashing, it's also got the religious right people attacking us which I still haven't understood on many levels.  First, because we don't have anything to do with abortions.  Second, yes we accept in men, transgenders, and the LGBT, as well as those who aren't Christian - but didn't Jesus himself teach us to "love everyone"?  He even got himself drug out of his own temple by saying God loved Gentiles the same as Jews.  So now we're supposed to believe He doesn't love Jews also?  I mean why is every police force I'm reading about right now refusing to even speak to us, but instead taking prostitutes to a religious based residential program?  I keep thinking what about the men?  What about the lesbians that are going to be kicked out?  What about those with kids and pets who can't stay in their program?

To me isn't this an issue of the separation of church and state?   It just seems a violation of the constitution that only faith based groups are receiving funding from our government, and that our police force is refusing to work with anyone but a religious program.  In doing some research, I came upon an interesting article -  and and

I remember hearing the name of the Family Research Council more than once.  In fact, I remember making quite a bit of headway with the Nebraska legislature, until the Family Research Council representative got on the phone with me to ask me some questions.  He kept bringing up money and I had no idea what he was talking about.  We were talking about making people who were applying for escort licenses take a special orientation about what sex trafficking was, and then giving them the phone number, and a chance to ask for help right then and there.  He kept saying "who will pay for this?"  I kept pointing out the license fee would pay for this.  But things now are making way more sense.  Especially that their VP was using a bunch of NGO's and Christians as modern day spies without them realizing how they were being used.

It also explains why they were trying very hard to keep us out of doing outreach into Asian massage parlors when they're using "Chinese smugglers" to carry out their plans.  Not surprised to read this started in 2003 either.  Everything in this article is explaining where they're getting this infrastructure built of Christian groups they're recruiting into this operation also.  Now I understand why at all these trafficking programs at churches - we've got security telling us we're banned from even attending.  I don't mean just me either -but any member of SWA.  We've had members of SWA banned at the door at various states when certain groups were holding events at churches.  Now everything is making sense - and this totally explains why the playbook seemed right out of the CIA handbook - because it was.  Even down to the Bush family connection - just as I saw in the 1980's with Iran Contra then and the Bush family connection.

Yes Michael Horowitz - this movement has been hijacked.  It seems by people who are once again using us to get what they want.  People can read more about what the Family Research Council stands for that is in the middle of this - including why they don't believe I'm a "real Christian".  I had thought we just had different beliefs.  I guess I was wrong and them thinking I'm not a "real" Christian because I believe God loves every one of us because the Bible tells us this just confuses the heck out of me.  But it does explain why all my attempts to get people from their group to speak to me in the past have failed.

We are no longer debating if we're imaging this.  The sex trafficking movement has been hijacked, and hijacked by people who think that I'm not a "real" Christian, nor is anyone else who thinks that God's love needs to be extended to every living person and creature on this earth.   Including those who are sex trafficked as males, transgenders, lesbians, gays, and also who are of other religions because maybe they got raped as a child by a priest and don't feel comfortable in a Christian church any longer.  God himself instructed us to "go after the lost sheep" - not the ones already saved.   So if you'll excuse me - I'm going to go back to honoring the Word of God who tells me to "love everyone" even my enemies.  Meaning I know now you are attacking us, it's not our imagination, but I'm going to pray for you also.  I remember when the priests would come burn the women as witches also to "save their souls" when the only evil being done back then was them towards us.

Welcome to the modern witch hunt.

Oh and this explains how Domina Elle tied into this - you remember her as the woman who came after us with site?  She's the one who is living, doing business under, traveling under, a fake ID in the name of the sole Branch Davidian cult survivor Avaarm that we talked about in another post here - and why we had Mistress Trinity telling us about her connections with hackers, and the authorities in Colorado who she is clearly working as an informant for.   Kay's church is based in Colorado.

I had said the site was set up to get a mirror of our traffic, as most people coming to our site go there to check out what their site has to say.  They can't get a copy of our traffic from us - so they have to do it sneaky like this.  Then capture your IP address once you hit their site.  So no wonder she walks around acting like she's immune from the authorities coming after her as a sex worker.  She's an informant!  Not any different than Alex Adams was.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


This video is about a NY cop who was also trafficking at least 10 women, including driving them on calls.  It's for reasons like this, that we promote our hotline which is for those who are afraid of others that are connected to the police.  Our hotline is not connected to the police in any fashion, and all calls are confidential.  The resources we use bypass the ability of the police to find you once you leave.  We can do this because we're all survivors here - we receive no federal funding therefore they can't access our records or resources.  If you need help - you can get it at

Monday, February 1, 2016


Enclosed please find a submission for an op-ed, an editorial, letter to the editor, or any other way I might be able to get this published!  I can also edit these if needed - your call.  I submitted two different forms, and gave myself room to edit whatever you think I should edit.  

Yes I am the founder of the sex trafficking movement.  I can validate this with news clips at  While Wilber Wilberforce founded the anti-slavery movement in the 1700's - I can assure you the sex trafficking movement was dead when I was a victim myself in the 1970's and 80's.  

Not only did nothing exist in the 70's and early 80's to help me anywhere in this country, the world didn't even believe what I was going through was even real - let alone did they have any programs for us to run to for safety then.  This was before Gary Webb validated that Iran Contra was real, before Chuck Barris had confirmed he was a CIA operative who used the "Dating Game" as a cover for sex trafficking internationally, and even before it came out that Alex Adams (the Beverly Hills Madam") was an FBI informant.  This was also about the same time Lyndon LaRouche was trying to get a bill passed to put us, gays, and junkies on an island somewhere to "quarantine" us from the "public" in fear of us being HIV/AIDS carriers.  So trust me - the world viewed us as "subhuman" back then - not at all like "victims" of anything.  

Meaning I assure you the things I was saying and seeing back in the 70's and 80's were considered science fiction.  This was proven to be true when Linda Lovelace stepped up in 1980 to reveal she had been sex trafficked during "Deep Throat" only to have the American public laugh and throw her memoirs right back at her.  The public said they didn't believe her because the crew on the film weren't standing up to validate her claims.  However, they hadn't released to the general public yet the knowledge the film had been financed with mob money, and that Chuck Traynor, her pimp/husband was now doing the same thing with Marilyn Chambers.  Meaning to validate Linda's claims - would have blacklisted them right out of the industry, and possibly put their life at risk.   Marilyn Chamber's own confessions about her being put on by Chuck didn't come until years later.  Probably because 

The police didn't even believe my warehouse was a "safe house" and arrested me for pimping the woman I was hiding there.  Yes she testified against the pimp and the charges were dropped against me - but the clip proves I had this safe house in 1984.  There are also clips showing the launch of our hotline and 12 step program in 1987 - calling out for change by telling our courts our program needed to be used as an "alternative to sentencing" just as how AA was doing so for the addict not to be treated as a criminal for things beyond his control also.

Showing this to be 13 years before the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  There was no other program for American sex trafficking set up and calling out for recognition and change prior to ours.    Our first formal alternative sentencing program was launched in Los Angeles in 1988 thanks to then mayor Tom Bradley, Chief Gates, and Sheriff Block cutting through red tape.  Thanks to their help - we were able to set up the first HIV/AIDS testing site that doubled as a trafficking rescue site.  If one was being forced to work as a prostitute by their pimp and found to be positive - because this posed a health risk - so we were able to extract them from the pimp physically and get her to safety.  This work later became AIM and the Office of Aids Policy.

If I can provide you with anything - just let me know because another committee with the same people on it that's getting us nowhere is not going to help anything.  I can assure you that right now in this country I have cases where I've tried to reach out to every single task force with black and white evidence i have about trafficking going on in their region that I can't even get a return phone call about it.  Whenever I push and insist - I get threatened with being locked up on a psychiatric charge, and either my kid put into foster care (when she was under 18) or my RV being impounded while I"m in custody now she's an adult.  Meaning I'd be lucky to get it back in pieces once I was released.  No thanks.

Bob Herbert validated once in 2007 in your paper that everything I told him was true about sex trafficking existing in legal businesses in Nevada.  For that article, mayor Goodman threatened him with a "baseball bat to the head" if he ever came back to Vegas.  However, news of this hit Obama's ears who then made a comment that also angered Oscar who then demanded an apology from the President.  But the damage was done and because of this scuffle - there is now a Mob Museum where Dennis Hof had been trying to years to open a legal brothel in downtown Las Vegas.  

So thanks to you - the brothels were pushed back and now the Mob Museum is there, which spawned an arts district, which spawned a farmers market and changed the whole face of downtown Las Vegas.  

Help us now by allowing us to publish something, anything, that another task force, policy committee, board, etc., is not what this issue needs right now.  Not when the only ones making any headway in this movement now are "human" trafficking groups - leaving us behind like Helen Keller's quieter sister.  

Thank you. 
Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529 Cell Phone

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” Edmund Burke

We've lost the history of this modern day sex trafficking movement. In doing so, we're repeating the same mistakes as the January 28th article “US Placed Immigrant Children with Traffickers, Report says” illustrates is happening today. But first, let me tell you about Mike. He was sold by his drug addicted mother when he was 10 years old to a biker gang. They pimped him until he started to mature at about 13 years old. That's when he was sold to another pimp who would dress him up as a female, dosing him with hormones to complete the illusion for his “johns”. To maintain control over his brood, this pimp would force one of the kids to kill another monthly so they'd have a murder rap over their heads to scare them into not running to the police. When it came Mike's turn – he shot the pimp instead. At 13 years old, he's now in juvenile detention for murder. At night, the guards are locking him in his room so staff can rape him at night. To silence him, all of his teeth are knocked out so he can't speak.

The biker gang hears about where he's at now through the news and then buys him back from his social worker for $1500. It's made to appear as if he ran away to explain his absence from the jail. He escaped them once only to be arrested. The police returned him to the same social worker who then resold him back to the gang. Mike finally was able to escape and wanted to help other kids like himself as a therapist.

So he put himself through Cornell as an independent escort and porn performer. What else do you do when you have a past like his to get into Cornell and you don't have rich parents? Then he got a job working with other juveniles like himself and was doing quite well. Until his pimp from the biker gang showed up at his job with his porn photos. It didn't matter to his boss those pictures were taken while he had no choice – only they existed. He was fired on the spot. Especially after the pimp showed his boss a copy of Mike's murder records.

Juveniles were not able to find the help they needed as trafficking victims within our current system back prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000 because the world didn't believe “white slavery” existed anymore. The only two cases prosecuted under the Mann Act of 1910 until the 1960's was against two African American men for marrying white women. The social worker who sold Mike back to the biker gang was able to clear the background checks to get into that job. Meaning traffickers know how to either infiltrate, or how to bribe people within the system to get what they want. There was no one for someone like him to report his social worker to back in the 1970's because he wouldn't be believed. It was because of stories like Mike's that Lois Lee formed Children of the Night in 1979. However, her program cut off help at 18 years of age.

So what about the adults? Adult prostitutes back in the 70's and 80's were being hung up on by the police, not allowed into drug treatment centers because they had no insurance or cash, and refused a bed at homeless or domestic violence shelters because they weren't equipped to deal with the pimps who would show up at midnight with guns demanding the “return of their property”. Mothers of African American prostitutes were protesting in the streets about nothing being done to investigate the disappearance and murders of their daughters while LAPD yawned. When I sought help for my anxiety attacks because of what I was witnessing in connection with Iran Contra – I had doctors wanting to lock me up for observation because I was clearly “hallucinating” as “things like that just aren't real”.

Imagine if I was to say to you little green men from mars were coming down to force our men, women and children into sex trafficking. There is no hotline, no program, and no system set up for “victims of martians” because we don't believe in aliens, let alone them trafficking anyone. This was exactly the way our country viewed the subject of sex trafficking back in the 1970's and early 1980's. The first safe house for adults wasn't set up until 1984 by myself. An angry pimp retaliated by calling the police saying it was a brothel I was running however and I was arrested. The charges were dropped when the victim testified against her pimp. But clearly I needed to do something different.

So in 1987, I launched the first hotline and 12 step program originally called “Prostitutes Anonymous”. We chose a 12 step format for one main reason – until this country could stop arresting us as criminals, it provided us with an “alternative to sentencing” under laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

But things still needed to change in the system itself. Addict/alcoholics now have their own courts that treat them differently than just “criminals”. Courts that take into consideration the disease makes you act against your better judgment. So to have other things. Tracy Thurman v. City of Torrington changed the way police handle domestic violence calls. Bringing in rape kits along with a rape advocate specially trained in taking rape reports wasn't even done routinely until the late 1970's. Members of our program who had been forced into sex work appeared on national TV shows for 13 years before we finally got federal recognition with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 that sex trafficking was real, and therefore our system needed to change the way it responded to us also.

However, all that hard work was hijacked when the TVRA of 2003 was passed. This act, written by Randall Tobias, basically stated no one could receive federal funding unless they signed a position statement that was against all forms of prostitution. As a 12 step program however, we can't have any “opinion on an outside issue”. Meaning suddenly anyone who received any type of federal grant or paycheck didn't even want to so much as associate with us, let alone involve us in the process we had a major hand in creating, simply because we can't sign a formal policy for or against anything.

Now imagine a system to help the alcoholic that not only excludes Bill Wilson and Alcoholics Anonymous, but further is stating unless you're in full support of bringing back prohibition you can't be involved. Now I ask you – how well would such a program do at helping the alcoholic achieve sobriety? Even better, put non-alcoholics who have never even been to an AA meeting in charge of designing all training to do with alcoholism awareness and the training of substance abuse counselors. I would imagine this would work as well as programs for the alcoholic worked before AA – which means they didn't. Anymore than prohibition had any impact on alcoholism either.

I appreciate Rob Portman listened to the complaints of various advocates who were knocking on doors for YEARS about the system not working and stepped in to pull those kids out of that situation. But I'd like to point out here that those kids were “human trafficking” victims, not “sex trafficking” victims. Yes victims are victims, but the rings who operate in one vs. the other are set up differently. So too is the fact that a politician is more willing to listen to the plight of a human trafficking victim than that of sex trafficking victim and respond. Because what Mr. Portman showed us is the system works. The complaints were heard and something was done – for human trafficking victims. The press also reported on the situation.

However, right now in this country sex trafficking is going on where our complaints are not being heard, and the press is not willing to write about it. Rob Portman suggests another “oversight committee” be set up to hear these complaints, but I assure you if they're not listening now, adding in another committee who isn't going to listen either isn't going to change anything.

We have everything we need in place RIGHT NOW in this country to stop trafficking. I know that's not what the politicians, and the fund raisers, want to hear, but it's true. What we don't have however is people who are listening or some way or making them listen. I've been making the same complaints about sex trafficking activities going on in other regions besides Rob Portman's that have been falling on deaf ears.

In the past, when we couldn't get anyone in law enforcement, or politics, to listen we'd go to the press. That would produce a result such as we saw in the Chris Butler and Kemp Shiffer case. Press on those stories brought about them being brought to justice when we couldn't get anyone else to listen. However, I have a long list of complaints I've been making about other cases in other cities right now where I've gone to the law, the politicians, and the press and no one is listening like they used to prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1995. Meaning since a handful of corporations own most of the media today. Corporations that support prostitution and if a few victims get hurt along the way – oh well. No different than the tobacco industry who also has a product to sell – and if a few people get cancer along the way – oh well.

We run the oldest, and largest, group of survivors of sex trafficking in this country. We opened the first safe house for adults, and launched the first hotline and 12 step program for survivors in the 1980's. However, the only groups I'm seeing being heard at Congress on the issue of trafficking are groups who speak about “human” trafficking” for labor jobs such as maids, fisherman, farming jobs, restaurant jobs, etc. Rob Portman responded to a complaint about “human” trafficking of juveniles – not sex trafficking. Even Jason Chaffetz made a complaint about the DEA owned strip club because the owners were partying with Columbian cartel while active DEA agents, i.e., a drug issue. Not that the women in that club were being sex trafficked.

Our members aren't being asked to testify at Congress, nor do I see any other program that is non-faith based and comprised of only sex trafficking victims that are both male and female, as well as LGBT, being asked to testify either. We weren't included in the “No Such Thing” campaign, nor are we being asked to be a part of the “survivor board”. Our letters to senators and congressmen about sex trafficking we're seeing going on across the country is being ignored. So too are our letters to the HHS, the Rescue and Restore office, and each task force that we've gone to. Which can be a problem when the victims are telling us about traffickers who are also local law enforcement and Internal Affairs at the same time as has been the case with both Reno and Las Vegas. Another committee not listening to us isn't going to solve anything.

In other words, we got here because people weren't listening to us about what was happening to us, nor about what needed to be done to help us. That's why Lois Lee struck out to create something that would work for the kids by inviting them into her program directly through her hotline, and I invited adults into our program through our hotline. We had to bypass the system entirely because they weren't listening. After 13 years of us telling our stories on TV – people listened. The TVRA of 2000 was passed. Then the TVRA of 2003 came in and took the movement away from us and handed it right back to the people who weren't listening to us in the first place. So once again we've created a system where victims were supposed to be going to get “rescued” who just got taken to a new set of traffickers.

Now they want you to think creating another committee of the same people is going to solve this problem? Isn't that a bit like asking the guy who just robbed my house to install a new alarm system for me for protection?


Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” Edmund Burke

Dear Editor:

This is in response to the January 28th article about Rob Portman stepping in to rescue some kids who wound up being trafficked by the very system that was supposed to be protecting them. His response was to write HHS suggesting they need to create an “oversight committee” so this type of thing doesn't happen again. These are the people who created the problem in the first place. Hello!

For those who aren't aware of this, I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement. I have news clips up at showing I opened the first safe house for adults in 1984, and launched the first hotline and 12 step program in 1987. A program that brought onto national TV men and women who were forced into the sex industry who were treated like criminals because of the way our system addresses this issue and calling out for change.

That change happened with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 which gave this federal recognition in a world that had believed “white slavery” didn't exist anymore. A world where the Mann Act was passed in 1910 – but by the 1960's only two African American men had been arrested under that Act who had married white women.

Our victory was short-lived however. When the TVRA of 2003 passed, it turned over all grant money to “faith based groups” who “opposed prostitution”. Money to be disbursed only by the “Rescue and Restore” office of the HHS. In 2002, Katherine Chon and Bradley Myles launched Polaris, who runs the National Trafficking Hotline. Katherine Chon is not a survivor herself, and is the Director of the Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) within the ACF at HHS. Her husband, Bradley, still runs Polaris officially. So even though every study out there verifies victims themselves don't identify as “trafficking victims” but instead as “prostitutes” or even “sex workers”, they continue to advertise their hotline as for “trafficking victims” (despite the fact that by their own admission their hotline had not received one call from a sex trafficking victim until 2014). In other words, correct language based on the TVRA of 2003 was more important than reaching the victims using their language or calling the “Sex Workers Anonymous” hotline.

This explains why our hotline gets five times more calls from sex trafficking victims from what I can estimate than theirs does despite quite significantly less promotion. While I appreciate that Rob Portman stepped up to help some juveniles who were forced to work on egg farms, and Jason Chaffetz stepped in when he heard some DEA agents were partying with the cartel in Columbia, the fact remains I'm unable to get anyone to return a call about the information we receive to our hotline about sex trafficking operations going on all over the country. Even from Polaris or Katherine Chon.

I've called the police, the task forces, the politicians, the press, as well as Polaris, and the Office on Trafficking in Persons, the HHS, as well as the people who are issuing the grants to these various offices and task forces, about information we're getting that won't show up on a “background check”, and we can't get so much again as a return call.

The only groups we see getting any response, testifying at Congress, getting articles written, or getting a reaction out of politicians - involve either human trafficking of labor, or drugs, but never ever when it's just solely about sex trafficking. Nor are any of the groups who are in front of these committee's sex trafficking survivors, whose groups focus only on sex trafficking survivors also. It all seems to be those focusing on human trafficking with sex trafficking as some kind of after thought. I dare say if instead of being forced to work on egg farms if those kids were being forced to work in the strip club – I don't think we'd be having this discussion.

It doesn't help at all when I get some of the people I'm trying to complain to are the people I'm complaining about. Which is why another committee isn't going to help if these people are again some of the people I'm at issue with. This is why the system needs to be changed. I mean how am I to complain to the HHS about how the grant they gave to Polaris has resulted in none of our calls being returned when it's Katherine who is the one we're complaining to? Or someone whose checks she's signing? Better yet, someone who wants to get a grant check from them in the future.

Nor when I have a woman reporting to me that she's working in a legal brothel in Nevada because her pimp is forcing her to, and that during her shifts she's having the police officer who is in charge of picking up the HIV/AIDS test kits is getting a bribe from the owner each week to not turn in those tests in exchange for being able to drug and rape her (because that's his fantasy), and when the only person to report this officer for this conduct to is the Chief of Police, who he just happens to be – Houston we have a problem there.

As to when I'm getting calls from Vegas members reporting an officer is raping juveniles on the “trade” that if they try and stop or report him he will arrest them for prostitution and put them in juvenile detention, and when I go to file a report against this officer I then get a threatening call from the Chief to “back off” or I'm going to find myself carted off to the nut ward on the accusation I'm “imagining things”, which will have my kid wind up in Child Haven, there's also a problem here another committee isn't going to solve.

Just as when I go to file a complaint against a N. Las Vegas officer for refusing to take my call about a juvenile sex trafficking ring, and I go to find out she's not just head of Vice, but also head of the whole department AND head of Internal Affairs – I mean where am I to go with such complaints?

Here's what happens when there's a recommendation to “form another committee”. They put us off saying the “committee is being formed”. Then we get told the “members need to be selected”. After the members are selected, then we hear we have to wait until “the members form their policies”. By then a few years go by and we get told our issue “doesn't fit into their program guidelines” or some other nonsense. So trust me – their “committees” aren't getting squat done from our perspective. Not when I'm having to drive juveniles from Nevada into California to get help because no one will return my calls do I call that a functioning system.

It's a red tape maze now that even I can't navigate, let alone a victim who is lucky to be able to get to an unsupervised phone once in a blue moon can hope to navigate. No “oversight committee” of more people not listening to us speaking for survivors who can't speak for themselves isn't going to help. Which is what happened in this Portman case by the way. The victims themselves didn't call his office – it was other people who brought this to his attention. Other non-survivors. Now I can't change into a non-survivor in order to be heard. Nor should I have to.