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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Especially in Orange County, California -


After reading that Erwin was asked by the California Attorney General Kamala Harris to "do a report on the corruption going on in Orange County", I contacted him.  He told me "I haven't been asked to do any report" and sounded confused.

I sent him this article - and told him that "this is the report they said you were asked to do a report on".

Well it seems he's now written to Loretta Lynch about the situation - who I wrote to also about what's going on in Orange County.

So our blog is getting action taken!

Below is the letter I just wrote Erwin:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 3:56 PM
Subject: corruption in Orange County
To: Erwin Chemerinsky <>

Dear Mr. Chemerinsky:

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I contacted you after reading an article that you were asked by Kamala Harris to do a "report on the corruption in Orange County".  You told me you had not been asked to do such a report.  That corresponded with my experience with Kamala Harris in her refusal to even speak to me about a sex trafficking operation I've been dealing with since March of 2013 that's operating within the USA, whose heads of said operation are based in Pasadena, California.  

This case ties to people living in Pasadena, the Pasadena police, and a Chief of Pasadena Police who resides in Orange county.  Things became even more compounded when a show aired on A&E in May of 2015 called "8 Minutes".  This show was supposedly a sex trafficking outreach headed by a retired cop named Kevin Brown based out of Orange County, California.  While there were many articles in the news making it appear that Kevin was doing sex trafficking outreach - that was not the reports we were hearing back from our members.

However, we had no proof the whole thing was phony until one of the women filmed on the show came to us with proof it was being staged and faked.  The show on A&E was being billed as a "reality" show, and was used to support grant applications for federal funding for not just sex trafficking programs such as the OC Sex Trafficking Task Force, but even for things like a $400,00 grant for housing for these victims.  

One teeny tiny little problem is that Erwin, we started the sex trafficking movement 30 years ago.  Our hotline has taken over 500,000 calls to date vs. Polaris who has taken about 100,000 calls.  We founded our program, and this modern day sex trafficking movement, out of Los Angeles.  So we've been an established group that's been here the whole time and everything we were seeing and hearing was going on out there in Orange County, or coming at us from Orange County, was something that obviously would affect us.  So it's been kind of hard for them to run a fake trafficking program for example while we're running around countering what they're saying with the truth.  

At one point in time, our program had the mayor, Board of Supervisors, city council, the probation department, UCLA, the jail, the court, the Chief of Police, etc. on speed dial.  That was when we were building towards achieving federal recognition for sex trafficking being real.  However, it was like once we had the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed - it got hijacked out from under us.  A sentiment echoed by the writer of the Trafficking Act, Michael Horowitz, in an article in the Review Journal.  

Today we not only are not receiving any help or support from people within the system tody, such as Kamala Harris to name only one, but we are under active, aggressive attack to try and shut down our program.  Again, the reason being that we're interfering with not only the traffickers now but also those wanting to sit back and collect some serious grant money without any interference by us to actually do anything with this money.  

I'm therefore asking if we might open up a dialogue about this while you are getting Loretta Lynch involved hopefully in some kind of investigation into this matter.  To give you an idea what I'm dealing with here - in March of 2013 I was approached by a woman residing in Pasadena who reported to me her mother, brother, and sister were essentially the heads of this sex trafficking ring who had been forcing her to work with them since she was 8 years old.  She's in her early 50's now and wanted to retire.  

When she told them she wanted to quit - she said two Pasadena officers drug him out of her home, and then slapped her with two fake prostitution cases.  They further told her if she didn't "get back to work" that they would slap her with a third charge which would then get her deported back to China where a man there would see to it she got the death penalty.  This was two years before Liang Yaohui was arrested who ran over 1000 escort services, 3000 massage parlors, and was also a member of the People's Congress in China.  Meaning the threat was very real.  

Further, these people were pushing to have her son attend school at USC where he was used to recruit other young people.  Young people and professors who we saw later were involved in an espionage and corporate spying operation that would have resulted in billions of dollars lost to the American economy.  Evidently, when the women get too old to prostitute in China, they're brought over here to work in the massage parlors.  They're told if they "cooperate" their children will come to the USA to get a college education. Only when they're brought over here - it's to also involve them in sex trafficking, espionage, and other crimes.  

I have documentation and evidence about all of this operation and how it works as well as how it all originates out of Pasadena.  There have been convictions in Wichita, Kansas now, with other arrests in Seattle of pimps in this ring.  When this woman came to me for help she was threatened.  I found an attorney who said he would be willing to help her get these fake records cleared.  He then went to order the booking tape from the police who then responded by threatening him.  When that wasn't strong enough - another attorney called to threat him.  He withdrew from the case and advised me to also.  I continued to help this woman but then they told her they had expunged her records when they had not.  When I went to show her that her criminal record ws still there - a Pasadena officer called to threaten me to "back off".   I have a tape of that call.

When I went to the Chief about this call to me - I was ignored.  I went to people over him to have someone speak to me about this officer threatening me and about her and they pushed on him to speak to me.  The minute this happened - I had a woman in Orange County connected with their trafficking task force suddenly start these crazy accusations I was stalking her, threatening her, and I was a "5150".  It was made clear to me the minute I set foot in the Pasadena station - I'd be carted off for observation and/or arrested for supposedly stalking this woman I hadn't even spoken to.  

When that failed to deter me - the smear campaigns started online.  These people then set up the site at which accomplishes a couple of things.  It scares off people from calling our group for help for one thing.  It also tries to gather dirt on us.  On top of that, it's a "mirror" site meaning anyone thinking of contacting us will also go there.  They then get a "mirror" of our traffic by having this site up online.  The woman who set it up is living under a fake name, and traveling under the fake name meaning she's either in witness protection or a snitch.  

I have other people who have told me they've also tried to report sex trafficking to the authorities - only to find themselves being threatened and stalked in the same manner I was being.  They gave me documentation of this.  Imagine you go to report sex trafficking and the next thing you know is you're being charged with stalking, or even a 5150 campaign or a gag order.  

Our chapters who are working with real victims - are finding themselves threatened.  We're now being bombarded with people trying to get into our meetings to get at our members by pretending to be other victims in need of help.  I've had to set up all kinds of new security to keep these people out of our rooms and away from our members.  They've even told me to my face they're going to keep up with the stalking, threats and attacks until they get us to shut down our hotline.

Right now, I don't have one single person in authority who will even speak to us about these victims nor look at their evidence against their traffickers.  I've written to Kamala Harris, Jim McDonnell, the Board of Supervisors, the City Council, mayor, prosecutor's office, John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, in other words everyone I can think of and no one will even answer me.  Of course the minute after I reach out to them, one of these private investigators or "influencers" as they're called contact them to tell them I"m "crazy" and if they "value their reputation and business future they'll not even speak to me".  

We are at a point right now where Columbia was in the 1990's where a person who wanted to testify against the Cartel would find if they tried to reach out to the authorities to make a report - their phone records were sent to the Cartel and the person was murdered or threatened almost immediately into silence.  Only this is what's happening right now here in the USA with respect to sex trafficking.  The traffickers have become the fox who has taken over the chicken coop.

Two senators were called in to rescue some kids who were put into a trafficking "safe house" where they were then being trafficked by the people running these programs.  They called for an  "independent audit".  That's not going to solve the problem.  

I am the person who stood up on that first talk show stage in 1987 saying that this country needed to recognize that not only was sex trafficking real, that it was here in the states, but that our country needed to create a system that could address this issue.  It's now been throwing money into the system I said didn't work - and it's made things just worse.  

To show you what I'm contending with  - I read that CASTLA was starting up a sign outreach campaign in June of last year.  I reached out to them to find out it was great press, but nothing was happening in reality.  When I told them I wanted to start doing the outreach ourselves, I asked what type of housing or services they could offer.  They then said they had a "year long waiting list" and didn't want any new calls.  I then offered to go show them how we find housing for the victims who call us for help immediately and offered to come down there and bang out that waiting list so everyone on it had housing immediately. 

They refused.  They said they "wanted it long so they could get more grant money" referring to a fund raising they were holding at $50,000 a plate.   I then told them I was going forward with the outreach, and we had no problem finding the housing these women needed on the spot essentially.  They told me that they've been telling the local police, social workers, etc., they have a year long waiting list and need more money and I'm essentially going to make them look bad by going out there and bringing forward some victims and getting them housing if needed.  That's when our outreach workers started being threatened and I also found that I can't get a return call from anyone in authority.  

Now how am I supposed to go out there and do outreach for victims when I can't get even a cop on the phone if needed to help them, and I'm having our outreach workers threatened with being carted off on stalking or 5150 charges?  I"m sure you've seen the faked Planned Parenthood video - well these people have been trying to get me to go to coffee to put me in some kind of crazy position and also trying to infiltrate our program to get at our members.    

We're at a total impasse here and I'd like to show all of it to Loretta once you have confirmed she's investigating all of this what's been going on.  These people have been following all our activity online, listening to our phone calls, hacking into our emails, and trying everything in their power to get us tripped up, set up, and shut down they can.  

The end result is we're not able to get anyone to look at the evidence we have against the heads of these trafficking operations.  I've been in touch with people at the FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, etc., and they're reporting the same thing is happening to them.  For example, I have police officers in Vegas telling me if they try and help a victim - they're seeing the officers doing this run right off the force, fired, set-up, etc.  

For example I took a file two inches thick on one operation to Chief Gillispie in Nevada.  I had names, addresses, outlines of how it was all set out, even maps of where the network as, and how they operated, when their drops were made, etc., and within 24 hours after I handed him this file - everything was cleaned out down to the walls washed with bleach to get rid of evidence.  Okay he's now stepped down because of corruption charges - but so what?  I still don't have a system where I can call and get help in Nevada for a victim.  

So if you get her attention on this issue - please consider allowing me to get some of this information on my end to her for review and consideration because again we're at an impasse now I have never been at in the 30 years I've been doing this work before.  I also have other officers and agents reporting the same who I'd like to direct her to.  

I appreciate any help you can give us in this area.  Thank you.  


Where there's smoke there's fire usually right?  In cases of serial killers -  men don't wake up generally one day such.  They start out harming animals usually, then escalating to violence against women.  In almost every serial killer case, there's someone in their past claiming they were assaulted and/or raped by this person in their past.

The two men who were called the "Hillside Strangler" started out as pimps.  Us working girls who were being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then forced to work as prostitutes so their testimony wouldn't be "credible" before they eventually escaped knew that our calls to the police about these men were being completely ignored.  I myself drove a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by them to the task force with information on their names, addresses, name of the shop, etc. a year before they finally did catch these guys only to also be thrown out of their offices and ignored.

When I got shut out of the APAC when James Deen took over as President - I'm not shocked to hear about what his treatment of other women in the industry was like.  Predators don't want their victims comparing notes, nor banding together for strength.  In every jail, or court, where officers were found to be raping and abusing women in their care - I've seen cut out of their offices before the news started leaking out about what was going on.

OR we get included so we can be distracted.  We don't "associate" or "affiliate" with other groups for good reason.   Which is why when Brenda Myers-Powell got offered a job working with the Chicago police to "help prostitutes" I was upset and told her if she took the job she had to drop her affiliation with us.  The reason is because we have to be able to see things objectively.  For example, how are we going to be critical of a police department's handling of prostitutes if we also have a job where our financial resources are dependent?

So am I surprised when I heard the news report that two Chicago police officers were arrested for trafficking a 14 year old girl?  Absolutely not.  If anything, it explains why at a police sponsored event on sex trafficking Brenda was asked to speak, but I was excluded and blocked at the last minute.  They advertised on the site I was coming to speak.  They told me i was coming to speak.  Then three days before the event, I was told that I would not be speaking.  Why?  No idea as Brenda was allowed to speak, but I wasn't.  Again Brenda whose rent is now paid by the police department so she's not going to speak out against them in any way.  However, I have no problems with filing a complaint with Internal Affairs when I have a member come to us who says they were just raped by  cop.   What they did with Brenda was they were then the ones in charge of who she worked with, who she talked to, etc., once she accepted a job working with the police at the same time she was also running a chapter of

There's always signs there's problems with respect to sex trafficking long before the sex trafficking starts in other words.  As some of you readers to this blog know, I've been having a very difficult time getting any type of cooperation, or even acknowledgment we exist, out of the Orange County police.  Considering how many prostitutes and trafficking victims are in Orange County - that's shocking to me.  Especially when their trafficking task force refuses to respond to any of our calls or emails to speak to them about victims who call our hotline for help.  I can't help many of them without partnering with someone in law enforcement.  So when someone at the task force, nor the police, refuse to even return my calls - how am I supposed to help that victim?

Pedophiles are known to group together to protect themselves.  They connect to other cops, judges, psychologists, etc., to not only prevent their victims from making reports against them, but to further get protection from a system that won't prosecute them.  Traffickers get cops, judges, prosecutors on their payroll so they won't be prosecuted when their victims escape and go to them to press charges.  I read a statement from the undercover officer who busted a few people in the "League" in Seattle that these men were so cocky and bold they would talk openly about their operation there in restaurants.  Well that's because they have law enforcement, prosecutors, attorney's, investigators, etc., in their back pocket.  So why would they be worried?

As you know, I've been trying to get someone to look at the information we have on this "League" that ties them into the convictions in Wichita, Kansas, and also how the heads of this operation reside in Pasadena, California.  By the way, if you think trafficking doesn't affect you - there's an HIV epidemic in Kansas where this ring has been operating from about 2009 until about 2013.

But everyone I speak to says "until you file a report in Pasadena there's nothing we can do".  Only the Chief of Pasadena was ignoring me until I pushed on people over his head to force him to speak to me.  Oh he spoke to me alright.  Starting pushing on me to come down into the station and speak to him in person at the very same time a 5150 campaign starts up against me, along with a phony stalking accusation, both started by a woman on the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force who also is head of Abeni, and connected to SWOP headquarters.

Meaning the minute I set foot in the station - I'm going to have Meg down there filing her phony 5150 and stalking charges against me and I can kiss my ass goodbye.  The 5150 charges are simple - I've committed no crime and there's no grounds to drag me off to jail.  So it's a great way to get me locked up somewhere without the benefit of the law on my side for who knows how long or where because it's up to the judgment of some doctor.

As I'm trying to figure out who I can speak to that will look at the information I've been provided on this ring by their victims that will actually follow up on them to do something about locking these traffickers up so the victims can be freed from their grip - I'm looking for the names of agents who are actually willing to go up against these guys.

I started reading about Claude Arnold.  Look at some of the arrests in connection with this guy - or or so it looks to me like this guy is fearless about going up against Asian traffickers, or any traffickers for that matter.

I go to try and find him to make contact.  I learn he's no longer working with Homeland Security but instead with a police auction company called  I was thinking to myself when I read that it seems like a really strange jump to have this guy who is going after the really big bad guys to go to work in sales at a police auction company?   So I look into what they're doing.  They take stuff confiscated from the bad guys and they sell it to the public to raise money for the police departments.

Then i come across this article trying to find out what happened to Sharon Mitchell since she no longer runs the AIM Clinic anymore.  They shut down 10 years ago and I can't seem to find anything on what she's doing now.

Interesting case.  Seems a film maker whose father is not only a sheriff, but also the founder of an auction company selling confiscated items.  Interestingly, even 60 Minutes supposedly did a show attacking the victim.  This might explain why all my attempts to get the tape of the show I did for 60 Minutes about our 12 step program have gone unanswered.

Seems his father, Don Haidi, died in Newport Beach in 2012 after having raised a lot of money for Mike Corona's campaign.

I can't seem to find the name of the auction company he founded anywhere.  I'm going to dig a little deeper and won't be surprised if I find that Claude is now working for that same company.  I'll keep you posted after I do some records searching.

I found it interesting that many of the same things they did to attack this poor woman to try and stop her from prosecuting them is the same things they use to stop people from bringing trafficking reports to the authorities as well - going through her trash, stalking her, releasing medical records, etc.   Sounds just like what they're doing to those who report sex trafficking to the authorities.  Same exact m/o.

I further find it interesting they "distributed posters asking for people to give them dirt on the victim".  Gee - sounds like how Meg went online asking people to give her dirt on me, and then when she couldn't get anyone to talk bad about me, Domina Elle then set up the site at asking people to post dirt on me also.   Same m/o.  This is a pattern or system with these people because clearly this woman was not their only victim.   Pedophiles set up systems around them to protect themselves, as do rapists and sex traffickers.

You aren't going to stop this by "ending demand".  We have to address the "system" that allows this to happen.  A system that traces right back to corruption it seems every time.   I have been trying for two years now to find someone I can speak to about the actions of the Pasadena police.  Not just the chief, but the officer that threatened me and the two officers that drug this one victim out of her home and slapped her with two fake prostitution cases when she said she wanted to quit hooking.

When the heat stirred up on this gang two years ago because of the light I've been shining on them - did they stop?  No.  They started importing Korean women to throw off the investigators.  Yes there was a few arrests in Seattle recently - but STILL I don't have anyone talking to me about the HEADS of this operation.  This is why the RICO laws were written - you just remove a few cogs out of the wheel and the wheel remains.

I'll get back to you when I find out what auction company this Don Haidi owned.


Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it is the saying. I'll go one step further and say this goes beyond just knowing about something happening but also in comprehending the events in the past. In 1986, Lyndon LaRouche led Proposition 64 which was asking to quarantine addicts, homosexuals, as well as sex workers on an island in order to create a quarantine process for HIV/AIDS. Speaking as someone who has seen how the system treats each of these communities – the last thing I wanted to see happen was a law being passed allowing anyone to put sex workers on some island somewhere. First of all, I resented the implication that all sex workers were possibly infected with the virus. Second, too many sex workers were disappearing in Los Angeles at this time without the police following up on any of these cases. The last thing I wanted to see was for us to be cut off from family, and friends, as well as the media and the public eye, and then trust these same people who clearly didn't care about us one bit then being in complete control over my safety and well-being.

So I fought back against this proposition with everything that I had. Thankfully it didn't pass but it didn't change the fact the world at this time was viewing addicts, homosexuals, and sex workers, as someone they could even consider treating us like we were back in Nazi Germany times. Because I viewed it as a “Final Solution” in that planting us on an island somewhere would be essentially removing us from the best health care that was vitally needed if someone was infected. On top of removing us from access to the best doctors, the latest research, etc., - this would also have blocked us from support groups and our emotional support system that was so needed should one find they were infected. While HIV/AIDS is a horrible thing for anyone to contract – it was especially horrible back then for women. Because of our hormonal cycles, most of the medications available then didn't work for us. Most research on the virus wasn't done on women either. Meaning if you were a woman back then who contracted the virus – you were usually dead within 18 months once the virus took hold.

While the gay community was rallying and connecting in order to get the latest information out to it's community with respect to the latest research, the best medications, cutting edge doctors, and taking real self-responsibility with respect to spreading information about protection, getting tested, and also banding together to get political action taken with respect to the virus and the LGBT community – this was not the case with the sex industry. You have to keep in mind that this was before we had the internet, social media, free long distance on computers, and other current methods to obtain the latest information, as well as to connect to others with a similar interest.

The civil rights movement was plotted out by people connecting to each other through the African American churches. By connecting with the young through the colleges, and the older generation through the church - a movement was able to be planned and executed. When HIV/AIDS started gaining speed in this country, the LGBT community was able to connect to each other pre-internet days through the gay nightclub scene. However, because much of the sex industry is illegal how was sex workers supposed to connect to each other in order to also learn the latest research on how the virus was contracted, thus learn prevention, and when infected keep connected into a network that could provide the latest information on the virus, as well as new medications.

Granted, COYOTE, Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics, was created in the 1970's by Margo St. James. This connected together a lot of female sex workers who were engaging in illegal prostitution across the country. But this still wasn't quite grabbing the connections of the strippers, the porn performers, as well as those who worked out of massage parlors. While there were a few states where the police would bust someone for simply being gay and arrest them for gathering in a club – it didn't compare with how admitting one was a sex worker would get you arrested. While I wasn't hearing of many gays being arrested for walking down the street and “appearing gay” - I was hearing all the time this happening to sex workers. I was even seeing cases where judges were locking up prostitutes in jail to prevent them from prostituting seemingly oblivious to the idea of this being unconstitutional. Yet again here's this proposition now discussing rounding us up and carting us off to an island somewhere where in my opinion abuse of us was going to be even more prevalent than it is now by men in uniform.

COYOTE was also not connecting in to the male sex workers, nor those who were working at the lower ends of the sex industry such as street walkers, or those who were working at peep shows, live sex show theaters, studios where guys could come and take photos of nude girls (where usually the cameras didn't even have film in them), nor some of the underground sex clubs I knew that operated in California, Nevada, and New York.

HIV/AIDS testing was further complicated by the fact that many sex workers felt testing would be a form of self-incrimination. Especially in states where to work in the sex industry after they could prove you were aware you were positive was a felony. Add into this that pimps were forcing some to continue prostituting after a positive diagnosis because they could care less about the health of their victim, nor the public health – in a world that didn't even believe sex trafficking existed. There was no SWOP at this time, nor any type of magazine for the sex worker community universally read like how the LGBT community has “The Advocate”. Nor even a politician who could speak for us like some of the gay politicians the LGBT community has.

Now you see the challenge presented in trying to get information about the HIV/AIDS virus out to the sex worker community in the 1980's which was compounded in difficulty by the fact sex work is illegal in the USA except for a few tiny counties in Nevada. The absolute only thing I saw connecting the sex industry across the board with each other was in the fact the police were arresting us. From the street walker, to the top madams, as well as strippers and porn stars – the one common thing that seemed to be a connecting point for all of us was that we were being targeted by law enforcement as criminals.

I further found it almost offensive that a drunk driver could get out of jail time by being court ordered to attend AA meetings – but even in situations where we were being forced to prostitute ourselves because of a pimp that we were thrown in jail as criminals without the court taking into consideration any of our extenuating circumstances. Even for those who were prostituting themselves because of a mental illness. Halle Barry for example played a character who had multiple personality disorder and when one of those personalities would take over – she'd actually prostitute. Believe it or not, I've also spoken to women with DID who have told me they've got “alters”, or other personalities, who when they slip into these roles they also prostitute themselves. So the alcoholic can get out of jail time claiming he's suffering from a disease and the court will allow them to seek medical treatment – but for someone who is in sex work we get no such loop holes.

These are some of the reasons why I formed “Prostitutes Anonymous” in 1987 (now called “Sex Workers Anonymous”). Once the hotline, and program were launched – I then connected to Tom Bradley, who was the Mayor of Los Angeles, along with Chief Gates, who was friends with Norma Ashby back then (a madam who had been arrested in the 1970's), and Sheriff Block. They put together a commission where someone from each department was represented – from the police, to probation, social services, mental health, the CDC, criminal justice, etc. I was also on this board and the first “alternative to sentencing” was launched in Los Angeles, California also in 1987.

What this program allowed the criminal justice system to do that hadn't been done before was to allow those convicted of prostitution a way out of jail time, even in cases where the law called for mandatory incarceration, because of laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Prostitutes Anonymous even allowed those in jail currently to be released early into our program. Another thing this 12 step program, and hotline, allowed us to do again pre-internet days, was to be a point of connection within the sex industry as a whole to also get out information with respect to HIV/AIDS about the latest research, prevention, education, testing, and even up-to-date information on treatments, medications, doctors, etc.

One of the things this committee allowed us to do was to find a way to have the police put down their weapon of criminalization for a time. We explained to them that we couldn't be expecting this community to “practice safe sex” if the condoms were also going to be considered “evidence of prostitution” and used against them in court. Many massage parlors, bath houses, and even sex clubs were not allowing condoms even on their premises because police would photograph their presence, call it “evidence of prostitution” and then start arresting people and shutting things down. The same for street prostitutes. Condoms found in their purse was being used as the sole grounds to cart them off to jail – calling the condom “evidence of prostitution”. So to get the condoms and spermicides out there being used – the police, the DA, the judges, etc., had to agree to stop arresting prostitutes, and to further stop even considering condoms as “evidence”. This extended to testing also. One couldn't be asking for the truth about one's sexual history if to do so would incriminate the sex worker.

Bradley, working together with the CDC and UCLA, set up a special test site in Los Angeles where not only could the sex workers come in for free anonymous, and non-incriminating testing and education about HIV/AIDS, but also the place was set up physically so if they had a pimp forcing them to work we could extract them from their grip. But even this couldn't be done if we didn't have anywhere to put them once we did. They were being asked to walk away with nothing but the clothes on their backs and also being HIV/AIDS positive on top of it. Meaning we had to be able to offer them food, housing, medical insurance, clothing, and job retraining if they asked for help in getting away from the pimp.

This was when we started partnering with HUD, state vocational rehabilitation (who previously hadn't considered sex work a “real job”), Medi-cal, local therapists, etc. But one also can't ask a sex worker to simply “close up shop” once they're found positive without providing them with some kind of alternative work either. Research grants were set up which allowed us to hire sex workers who had been diagnosed as positive for HIV/AIDS as “outreach workers” as well as “educators”. They served as walking billboards in a sense when they would go into strip clubs, introduce themselves as an ex-sex worker who was now HIV positive, and also said that “life went on” after a positive diagnosis. Harmony Dust was an example of one of those who started using their own HIV positive status as a means to reach back into the sex industry to try and get more testing done, education distributed, and also help those who were positive find other work that didn't expose anyone else to the virus.

One huge problem still remained in that sex workers just generally don't trust non-sex workers with sensitive information about their lifestyle. It was found to be invaluable to have outreach workers, as well as educators, to be ex-sex workers to make this connection. But we had no medical doctors the community could turn to that was retired from the industry. At least not any that would admit it openly anyway. This is when a porn performer, Sharon Mitchell, stepped up. A special type of medical license was issued for her which allowed her to perform STD testing on sex workers – without her having to go through the standard years and years of training those wanting to be a doctor normally had to go through.

The AIM Clinic was born. While the press talked a lot about how AIM was used as the primary source of testing for the porn industry – the truth is that it was used by many within any part of the sex industry. This recognized the fact that many who worked in porn also stripped, also prostituted, and sometimes just used porn as a platform to promote their work in prostitution. Anyone going there for testing knew information on who their sexual partners were, their clients, and also their personal lives were going to not only be safe there, but also wasn't going to be turned over to the police in a manner to be incriminating.

The AIM Clinic was shut down because of accusations Dr. Mitchell took a bribe. I might think that was true if not for some of the other things that happened to them that brought about the demise of the clinic. One of the things I felt most proud about with AIM was that not only was this clinic founded and ran by an ex-sex worker who was open about having been in the porn industry at one time and now she was a doctor running this important company – but also that it was being run by a woman. Many people don't remember what a difficult time women had getting their voices heard with respect to HIV/AIDS testing, medications, etc. When men were able to get these “cocktails” over in Canada that was making them almost without any symptoms of the virus at all – women were still pretty much dropping dead about 18 months after their diagnosis. Research wasn't being done on women that recognized we had monthly cycles the men didn't have to contend with. Many circles were even acting like women, especially lesbians, had “nothing to worry about” at all like we never were even at risk of contracting the virus.

Think about HIV/AIDS during the 1980's and you immediately think about men like Larry Kramer, and groups like ACT UP. Now think about a straight female with respect to this disease and tell me if any name, or name of a group, pops up immediately to mind. Because heterosexual women were being completely ignored by many of the politics, and the medical community, going on with respect to the virus back in the 1980's – the light wasn't even put onto the fact heterosexual women were affected until a demonstration at Shea Stadium in 1988.

But here the AIM Clinic is now a connecting point of everyone within the sex industry, especially the porn industry, which is being run by not only an ex-sex worker, but a woman. I'd like to point out briefly here that while Dr. Mitchell did run this clinic – not only was any outbreaks contained within almost 24 hours within the industry – but that this country was seeing us gaining against the virus.

The AIM clinic has been shut down for about 10 years now. Since it's closing, this country is now seeing another HIV/AIDS epidemic just like we saw back in the 1980's. It's been confirmed in Kansas, Indiana, Tijuana and China as reaching epidemic proportion. I think AIM could have fought back against the bribery accusations and continued to stay open if not for the events that happened shortly after this news broke out. What I mean by that is when all of her clients' medical records were leaked to the Porn Wikileaks site. Porn performers real names, their home addresses, information on their family and children, other jobs they might be holding, were all leaked online. That was the nail on the clinic's coffin. Some had to be behind that leak and the timing was very telling that someone wanted AIM shut down. It was shut down in December of 2010, with the file leaking happening about March of 2011.

The person who has been trying to take AIM's place since day one is Michael Weinstein of AHF. There's information that's come out that a man who worked for the AIM Clinic, is now working for the AHF. Some “insiders” feel he was working against the clinic to get it shut down so AHF could take over the empty hole left by it's closing. I don't know if it's true – but I do know this. When most people who were working within the sex industry were going to her clinic for testing, and when those who told the clinic that they wanted help to leave the industry were then referred to our program for assistance, as well those who were being pimped and trafficked, we were a tight knit network within the sex industry that many people besides Michael Weinstein wanted to see disrupted.

My biggest complaint right now with the whole anti-trafficking community that's sprouted up since federal recognition we helped to get passed has now meant that there's money available that wasn't before to try and help sex workers. Our hotline has always averaged calls that amount to maybe about 5 % of those seeking help to leave sex work are doing so because of being sex trafficking victims. This means there's 95 % left over who are not victims but who are wanting to quit the business for other reasons. Maybe they're HIV/AIDS positive, gotten pregnant, their knees are making it too hard to dance around the pole every night anymore, maybe they've been beaten horribly by an ex-boyfriend like we saw with Christy Mack making it so she can't do any porn shoots for who knows how long.

Meaning with all these billboards going up talking about “sex trafficking” - the conversation about HIV/AIDS virtually stopped once the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed. This was impounded even deeper when the TVRA of 2003 was passed. When this revision was passed, making it so any money to help this community was only to be distributed to “faith based groups” for one thing. For another, only to groups who were “anti-prostitution”. Meaning that only religious groups who are against the industry, and the workers, are the ones getting the money. So no it's not a surprise to read AIM was also being shut down because of a “lack of money”. AIM, like our program was not “against” the industry anymore than Alcoholics Anonymous is for prohibition or against the welfare of the alcoholic.

So I'm not surprised that the AHF has risen to power on top of AIM's ashes because they show a complete lack of any regard or concern whatsoever for the sex worker. From the day they opened until recently, I've knocked on their door to open discussions about how to EFFECTIVELY do outreach where it's needed within the sex industry. I've tried to open up discussions about how trafficking victims with HIV/AIDS infections are unable to leave without assistance to escape their pimps to no avail. I mean let's face it – someone who is working in mainstream porn as a performer is probably going to be HIV negative. They're not the ones who need to be found, tested, and extracted from sex work because they're exposing huge numbers of the public with unprotected sex.

I'll tell you who is the one I'm most concerned about with respect to the HIV/AIDS virus = and that's the victims of the Asian trafficking rings. I've been getting calls from women who are being brought over from China where there is already a confirmed HIV/IDS virus to this country through LAX. They are brought over on either marriage contracts or work permits to work in nail salons and/or restaurants. Once here, they're put to work in massage parlors where they're having as many as five to ten sexual contacts a day without protection. They aren't being tested and many of them don't speak English. Because of not speaking English – they're reading and watching materials in Mandarin on Asian programming. The doctors they do see are Chinese doctors who are seeing them “off the books” as well as the “johns” who don't want their tests showing up on records their boss or wife might see.

THAT'S who I'm the most worried about with respect to carrying this virus, second only to those who are being trafficked by the Mexican Cartel being that there's also another HIV epidemic confirmed out of Tijuana. The cartel brings them across the border also as drug mules where they're sleeping with the border patrol to get into this country without being searched. The women are then trafficked like cattle from city to city across the USA to other Hispanic men. Again, the media they're watching isn't American English speaking programming – but shows that are primarily in Spanish. It doesn't help that Telemundo's new CEO is Steve Sassa. A man not known for caring much about the sex workers since he was fired from Hearst Media after being blackmailed by a pimp.

After having Mr. Weinstein refuse to even speak to me about the condom law with respect to the porn industry, and that being something I had a hand in back in the 1980's where we had obtained the cooperation of the porn industry to incorporate safe sex into their product – it was clear to me this man didn't care at all what happened to sex workers and something else was at work here with him. That's when I went back to the Ryan White people who remembered my work with this virus in the 1980's and let them know about his refusal to even return my phone calls, let alone try and work with me with respect to HIV and the sex industry. Their response was to deny him a $3.8 million dollar grant that year. I thought that would at least get his attention – but no such response happened.

I no longer have the backing of politicians in office we once had in the 1980's. While the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors is talking about how to get addicts out of the jails and into counseling – they won't even allow me to speak at many of these events about what to do about allowing this same help to prostitutes. If anything, it looks like for every addict they're going to lose their per diem while they're incarcerated the system is intending on making up by putting as many prostitutes into custody as they can. Oh excuse me, we don't call them that anymore. The system only recognizes “trafficking victims” as real and says there's “no such thing” as a prostitute anymore. That's why in 2015 the LAPD has published a big fat zero in the number of prostitutes arrested. The problem with that is this has eliminated all the mandatory HIV testing of those who were branded prostitutes.

Without any idea how many prostitutes are infected with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles – I ask you how we're supposed to get any money out here for this same community? What this “no such thing” campaign did essentially was wipe out any money being set aside to help prostitutes infected with HIV/AIDS because the statistics of those infected now reads “zero”. I've again tried to speak to AHF about this fact – and of course got no response again. If the man won't even acknowledge that Sex Workers Anonymous exists – then I'm not surprised he doesn't want to talk about what's happening to the sex workers calling my hotline reporting they're infected in the same numbers as we used to see in the 1980's.

Yes there are sites that will test sex workers for free in cities like Los Angeles, California. I've even set up a system where once a week we're providing transportation to sex workers to get tested who can't get there on their own. But I'm worried about those in other cities where we don't have members who can coordinate such rides there. I'm also worried about the fact I've gone into random strip clubs, massage parlors, and even places like the Paris House which has been around since the 1970's, and the men and women working there not only don't have a clue about HIV/AIDS prevention, they're not using protection, and they have never even HEARD of a vaccine.

I wrote a letter asking the AVN if I might be able to set up some kind of booth to get more information out there at their shows not for those who would be there exhibiting, speaking, or taking awards – but for those watching the AVN at home. I got a strange response about them not being sure how to “not offend people” with such a booth and then was blown off. I found it even more interesting however they did bring in a hospitality booth from the “Cupcake Girls” to be at a hospitality suite giving away cupcakes and make-overs.

People – giving away cupcakes and make-overs is not what needs to be done at the AVN. From where I stand, these events are the closet thing we have to connecting the industry as a whole we've got right now. Those who aren't there involved – are watching the event from home. Our clients are people who have walked away from the sex industry. Meaning those with money usually won't even acknowledge their past in the industry while those who do are those who are broke. So no I don't have the funds to pay for a booth to help us get information out there. So I'm asking you readers – any ideas? The AHF is not being run by a sex worker – retired or active. Polaris is also another male run group run by a man who never was a sex worker. When James Deen took over the APAC – we were excluded from any contact with the members. I didn't know why at the time – but now I think I know why we weren't allowed to be brought into the loop when they were having discussions about sex trafficking or leaving the sex industry. One of the largest drug treatment centers in Los Angeles was recently in the press for using the female clients who were sex workers as the founders' personal harem. One woman who couldn't get clean because of this man being in charge of her treatment died even. Dennis Hof has told me he has “invested too much money into recruiting” to allow us to post our flyers up in the legal brothels.

I'm seeing the Hunt Foundation donate millions of dollars to prosecutors across this country to put up billboards offering “help to trafficking victims by calling the National Trafficking Hotline”. So all of the community outreach materials are talking about trafficking – which means not talking about the spread of HIV/AIDS virus right now in the industry. I got a call last week from a man who has been working in porn for the last year. He tells me not a month has gone by he's not infected with something. Los Angeles for January's Human Trafficking month had all kinds of walkathons, parades, conferences, etc. all over the country about sex trafficking. We were denied even five minutes of time, any type of flyers posted, anything about HIV/AIDS within the sex industry or our hotline which offers help to anyone wanting to leave the industry for any reason. We were denied because they say by calling the sex industry an industry and not rape that we're “legitimizing the industry” and therefore are “no better than the traffickers”.

I have no idea when simply offering help to anyone leaving the sex industry became such a political hot potato. I have no idea when the idea of distributing HIV/AIDS education to those new to sex work became such a hot potato issue either that the AVN nor APAC even want to talk about it by simply allowing us to get our hotline # out there to those who might need help. But while everyone is out there fighting out all these issues like what to call us, whether this is “promoting” something or not, and all this other ideological debates are going on – the calls of to our hotline of those who are diagnosed as positive is increasing daily.

And I don't know what to do about it anymore. If you have any suggestions – please call us at (702) 468-4529.

Jody Williams

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I moved to Nevada in April of 1996.  I had been getting these horrible phone calls from Nevada since 1988 and was feeling powerless for many of these calls.  Let me give you an idea why.

Reno and Carson City are on the northern end of Nevada.  Las Vegas is on the southern or opposite end of the state.  Pahrump is one hour outside of Las Vegas.  There is only one highway that goes from one end of the state to the other.

Up to 2012, there was no Greyhound bus line that would go from one end of the state to the other.  Meaning if you wanted to go from Las Vegas to Reno before 2012, and didn't have a car you were just out of luck.  Take a look at a Nevada map to see what I mean by how the state is laid out.

There are strip clubs in the Las Vegas area, along with a lot of massage parlors, and the same for Carson City and Reno area.  But the smaller towns in between like Beatty and Goldfield - they're very small towns.   Now take a look on the map at where the Bunny Ranch Dennis Hof owns is with respect to Carson City.  The Bunny Ranch is a THREE 1/2 hour drive from Las Vegas and an EIGHT HOUR from Reno.  

Then take a look at where the Mustang Ranch is 20 minutes outside of Reno on this map.

Here's where you can really visualize what it's like in Nevada to drive to these legal brothels on Google Maps.   Twenty minutes doesn't sound like a lot but when you're driving it down a dark highway - it feels like forever!,-119.5574578,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8099225f746c934d:0x275b77de4045461a  You can go into Google Maps and type in their address, and actually look around from a 360 degree angle to see photographically what you'd see driving in and out of these brothels into the middle of a dirt highway.   Then imagine it at night.  

Now many brothels have shut down like the Shady Lady for example.  Here's a map of where there are existing brothels as of 2016.   Which keep in mind is even fewer than Nevada had years ago before the 2008 economic crash.  

Brothels are allowed to operate in Nevada in Lyon County,, Lander, Humboldt, Mineral, Nye, Storey, White Pine and Elko County.  There were no legal brothels in Nevada before 1971 either.  As far as I know, there is no other state but Nevada that has legal brothels.  While some states have areas where it's not illegal such as Rhode Island for a while allowed it to operate behind closed doors.  

The legal age of consent for sex in Nevada is 16 years old - and one can apply for a license to work in these brothels as a legal prostitute at 18 years of age also in some counties like Lyon.    Some counties require that you have to be 21 years old.  The laws have changed and at one time you could be over 16 to be licensed as a brothel prostitute.  When the child trafficking law was passed  in 2013  - that's when the brothel license had to elevate their legal age to 18 years of age.

Another fact not commonly known is that some brothels in Nevada have built-in strip clubs.  To work as a dancer in the club, one only needs a work and sheriff's card.  You can be younger than 18 years old to get a work and sheriff's card.  NRS 609.210 has an exception "unless the minor is in the casino area to provide entertainment pursuant to an employment contract".  Meaning they can work as an entertainer with a "contract" under 18 years of age.   

In fact, in 2014 the court ruled that stripping is a "job".  Because it's a "legal job", therefore one can get a work permit to work a "job" under 18 years of age with special work permits in Nevada.  To get the exception to work there under 18 years of age - the "sale of alcohol can't be the primary business".  Which of course in a brothel/strip club the service of alcohol is not "primary". 

Meaning that when we've heard women talk about 16 year old's working in the strip clubs literally in the same building as the brothel - yes it's legal in Nevada.  How?  Because the strip club is in the brothel where the "primary business" is the brothel so the sale of alcohol in that club is "secondary".  Meaning that yes it's legal for a 16 year old to be stripping in that strip club literally in the same building as the brothel.  Which in some cases is separated by only a few steps.  

* Note - you can't get a license to work in a brothel with a past record for conviction on a prostitution charge.  The Cupcake Girls and  Nevada Speaker of the House, John Hambrick, made a claim that "strippers were not able to find work because of a prostitution conviction and/or they weren't able to expunge their records for a prostitution arrest.  

Based on this claim - this law was passed by their efforts in 2013.  It states basically that "if you can prove to a judge you were trafficked that judge can expunge your records".  Okay let's use some common sense here.  If you could prove you were trafficked when you were in court the first time - YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A PROSTITUTION CONVICTION.  

The thing is, Joy Hoover had a volunteer working with her organization  when she lobbyied for this law who was working as a secretary at another company than Cupcake Girls with a past record so she KNEW that it does NOT block one from finding work in Nevada.  Here's a website showing the names of companies in Nevada who hire FELONS.  So those companies will not give one twit about a solicitation charge which is a misdemeanor.  The Urban League gets felons work -  This is a list of temp agencies that hire felons -  I have a list of companies who regularly hire men and women with prostitution records, even more than one conviction.  However, they don't like advertising this fact and I respect their wishes not to publish this list online.  It's not exactly great PR to shout you shout you hire ex-hookers and felons.   But since 1996, I've had no problems with ex-sex workers finding work of any kind in Nevada with a past solicitation conviction.  

As for expungement, we've also had no problem with that either.  We've prepared a file where we've asked the court to review the person's employment record, their rent receipts, along with medical records if there was completed drug treatment and therapy, and letters of recommendation if they did volunteer work, joined a local church, their landlord or boss, etc.  We've also gone into court with the member explaining to the judge not only how this person has changed their life, but how their record is hindering them from that new life.  For example, if they want to obtain a real estate license to sell houses or mortgages - then the record needs to be expunged, or we need approval for them to have an exception, so they can get licensing to find work.  We've been approved on every case we've gone to court requesting expungement, or a license exception for work, without having to retain an attorney where the average retainer is $1500-2500.  

Under the new law that John Hambrick and Cupcake Girls passed with this false claim showing they are actively LYING to sex workers by telling them their records will hold them back from taking other types of jobs, or obtaining other licenses for work, basically now any judge can sign to have their record expunged NOT based on proof they've left the sex industry - but instead based on what that judge considers "proof of trafficking" provided to them.  This will allow that person to obtain a license to work in the brothels.  

Clever.  What a clever way to get a prostitution charge removed from your record without that silly old way we used to do it in the courts by going in with a minimum of a year's worth of records proving they were now out of the sex industry, and/or needed an expungment to obtain a license to work such as a real estate license.   I mean if they told voters and politicians that this was so a convicted prostitute could get a brothel license I doubt it would have passed.  

Why do I make that accusation?  Because the premise is a lie they based this whole law passing on that's why.  Getting the right judge in Nevada to expunge records won't be hard.  I had a judge sign a warrant claiming I had "impersonated" myself when I used my own debit card with my name on it to buy a burger.  Yep.  Not kidding.  The police came in and took my debit cards, my checkbook, and then made me come in and "prove" that I was myself in order to get them back!  BTW - the Bonaventura's are very close  The constable  Bonaventura was the brother of the judge Bonaventura who is the father of the Assemblyman Bonaventura.    Makes you wonder what this Bonaventura was doing illegal searches on porn performers for doesn't it?

Okay now back to Nevada and our work there.  I wanted you to get a visual eye for how Nevada is laid out for one.  Then to see how the brothels and strip clubs are scattered all over the state.  Imagine how you can't get on a bus to get from one end of the state to the other also.   Now the two main shelters in Nevada for a prostitute in trouble would be the Shadetree for women and the Salvation Army shelters which are both in Las Vegas.  Which as you can see by the map is hours  and hours away for someone who is on the northern end of Nevada or even in Pahrump or Mound.  

There are no cab companies in the towns where there's legal brothels either.  The zoning is set up for the legal brothels so that there's no other businesses within so many feet of them either.   Even if there was, there are laws in each county that restrict whether you can leave the brothel and walk down the street at all, with some counties saying you can walk out on foot, but you have a "curfew"  to be back in the brothel by 9 pm.  All of them have a 48 hour restriction when you first come to work at the brothel while waiting on your HIV/AIDS test results.  So literally the first day you walk into the brothel at maybe 18 years of age (or younger if you're there as a dancer), you can't walk out again for 48 hours!  Even you could - where would you go for a ride out of there with no cabs in the town?  This is an interview with a woman who we helped get out of the legal brothels in Nevada in 2012.  Let her describe what the conditions are like up there for her - talking about being raped daily by a police officer who was coming to supposedly pick up HIV/AIDS test results weekly.   Why didn't you hear about this?

Ironically when we went to file a complaint against the man, we were told to "file it with the Police Chief".  That was the instructions that appeared on the website for Reno also - to "file it with the Chief of Police".  The Chief was that same man she told us was raping her when he'd come to pick up the test results!  We asked for Internal Affairs for the Reno police station and were told there was none in 2012.   In 2012 and 2013 - there was no Internal Affairs office for Reno. 

I remember clearly going to try and file a complaint against this officer in Reno because she reported he was not taking in the HIV/AIDS test results into the lab.  This poses a threat to public safety.  We were told that this was the policy and there's no way she was going to walk into that police station to face him to file a report.  I also know what the website said in 2012 when we went to look into filing a complaint.  However, when I went to take a screen shot of their page to show this - I found the site had changed.  It now reads there IS an Internal Affairs.  I found that quite interesting. In fact, in looking at the only report that appears on their site - it's dated 2014.  It also reads on the report that it's for 2010 to 2014.  

I then found a document claiming that an "Internal Affairs" had actually been in existence in Nevada since the 1980's I've never seen before in google searches.  I found that interesting and wanted to see the reports for pre-2010.  I also wanted to see who was in charge in 2012 when we originally went to make the report.   Look at what I found!  A bunch of news listings on Google about a man who was "instructed to lie to Internal Affairs in Reno" but when you click on the news articles - there's nothing there!

But I kept digging and voila!  I found one article that hadn't been taken down about this "lying to Internal Affairs".  Evidently "mynews4" has removed everything about this but I found the Wisconsin Gazette paper that had published something.  Seems that officer James Steigmaier had tried to file a report to Internal Affairs and other officers supposedly responded by threatening him and "discrediting him".  Oh Jim how well I know how those shoes fit!  Ever since we started trying to file complaints against officers who were abusing women in some fashion either through rape, trafficking, violence, corruption - Nevada officers and politicians have been doing a real good job of "discrediting" me also.  Lovely things like refusing to take a police report when my front door was kicked in on the claim I "did it myself for attention".  That sort of thing.  As for my accusations that the media can't be trusted in Nevada - well explain to me where the articles went in Nevada on this issue and why the only one I can find is a paper in Wisconsin?  

So you have an idea that when I'm getting calls for help to "come get me out of here" then I'm looking at literally physically if I'm not in the same town as that person making the call then there's going to be a problem.  In other states, if I get a call from a woman who has just been beat up and left by her pimp in the middle of the street somewhere I can call the local police in other cities if I don't know of anyone and ask them to help me get her to help and they'll respond.  But not in Nevada in the 1980's and 90's.  Oh no.  

Nor could I tell them to "get in a cab" or "hop on a bus" or even "get on a shuttle to the airport" because they don't exist near any of the legal brothels and some of the strip clubs which are inside of the brothels.  If you read about Joe Conforte's past, he shot a famous boxer dead in cold blood IN FRONT OF A COP and didn't serve on day in jail!  Meaning that when I was outside of Nevada and I'd call the local police to help me get a woman in trouble from point A to the bus station or airport to get her out of there - I'd have the cops tell me to go fly a kite because some of them were on Joe's payroll.  Even the guy that took the fall for Joe was sentenced to "life" and then was released a few years later when the press died down.  

Now you have an idea why I decided to move to Las Vegas in April of 1996.  My mother and grandmother moved there in 1994 after the Sherman Oaks earthquake had destroyed all of our homes.  We all lived in the same apartment building on Coldwater Canyon in 1994.  When the earthquake leveled our homes - I got married and moved to Nebraska.  My mom and grandmother went to Las Vegas.  So I shut down my business, canceled my radio program that was #2 in three states rating wise when I did this (second only to Husker football), sold our rental properties, and we moved to Las Vegas at first to be where my mom and grandmother were and so my mom could help also.  

After we got there - then when I would get calls "please help me" I'd be able to hop into the car and go and get them to help.  The drives to Pahrump from Las Vegas wasn't bad - but the drive or flight to Carson City, Reno, was a whole other story!  

Come meet Sharnel Silvey.  She used to manage the Mustang Ranch.  I was not the only one to want Joe out of the brothel business with the way he was abusing the women working there.  But technically what he was doing was legal.  Anything not legal everyone was too scared to file a complaint.  ESPECIALLY after he shot the boxer dead and nothing happened to him.  If you saw the movie based on him with Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren you'd know that Joe ruled his kingdom.  The women I'd help get away from him were severely traumatized and there just was no way to file any charges against the man.  

Realize there was no Internal Affairs in Reno until 2012 (supposedly), and the man who used to come pick up the HIV/AIDS test results weekly I was told was the same man as the Chief of Police there in Reno for a very long time also.  The only thing I could think of was how they got Al Capone.  So I called the IRS to file a complaint against Joe knowing he didn't keep honest books.  Guys like that don't.  Sharnel helped things along by "accidentally" leaving the wrong set of books out the IRS found she told me and they found them.   She wanted out of there also but knew she'd never be able to be free until Joe was out of there first.  As you can see by that article, Sharnel still had a close relationship with the other working girls in 2003 despite the fact she was now out of prostitution, clean and sober, and attending a small church in northern Nevada which I won't name.  

But after Sharnel left the sex industry, and did get clean, I was able to call upon her for help when we needed someone picked up on the northern end of Nevada.   She knew the other women working at the other brothels were being kept sheltered by having to live on the premises, and by their pimps.  Many were even kept from watching TV and many weren't allowed to read magazines even.  If you were on duty - you'd actually be penalized for reading because you had to "be ready" to do a line-up at the drop of a hat during your shift.  The Review Journal wasn't writing up any articles on our program or hotline - so how do we get help to these women when they're on the brothel grounds 99.99 percent of the time with the pimps, the madams, and the brothel owners, as well as men like Kemp Shiffer running around with his IRS badge.  

How did Kemp operate for 12 years without being arrested?  Kemp was a retired police officer who became an IRS agent.  He then was one of the agents who took over "management" of the Mustang when Joe fled the country.  Knowing the legal age of consent for sex is 16 in Nevada, but 18 in California, Kemp would hop over to the Oakland area of California, hook himself up with some young girls in foster homes, group homes, with step-parents, or even a horrible mother, and talk about how they could come work as a waitress in the restaurant legally in the brothel.  Using his badge and that he was an ex-cop - people trusted him.  

At 16 years old, this girl would then get a special work permit to work as a waitress in the restaurant.  That would get her inside the brothel and used to the people, the customers, the building, etc.  From working as a waitress, she would then be befriended by the other women who would teach her how to dance for more money.  Then once she turned 18 years of age - no problem getting the brothel license and by then she's worked there for two years.  That's why the IRS fired him but couldn't arrest him.  I mean why does an ex-cop and ex-IRS agent go and become an accounting professor at University of Reno?  To get access to young college girls that's why!  After 12 years of getting really cocky - he then finally did step over the line and he only gets TWO YEARS?  Really?  

Anyway, I didn't want to file a 501c3 nonprofit for Sex Workers Anonymous.  If I did, then I'm open for auditing by the IRS.  I'll give you three guesses why I didn't want to open myself up for an audit by the IRS while I'm in Nevada and butting heads with Kemp Shiffer!   But we want to set up an alternative sentencing program in Nevada like I'd done in Los Angeles in 1987 and in Allentown in 1989.  To do that however, we need a nonprofit.  In Allentown, we formed the "Program for Female Offenders" and that was our nonprofit.  So Sharnel and I are wondering what we're going to do on this point.  That's when she said she could get her church to help her form "A Scarlet Covering" as a 501c3.

Now her outreach into the brothels was brilliant.  She would get these roses and put  the hotline phone number on the inside of the wrapping for the individual roses.  Then she'd go up to the brothels by trading on the fact most of the madams knew her on sight and by name so they'd talk to her.  Sharnel would then say she "wanted to give them a rose and tell them Jesus loves them" and she'd start Bible thumping.  

Well - that would get the madam, or the owner, or the pimp to walk away and leave her alone with the prostitute!  They figured she was "harmless" and just talking "Bible stuff" and so they'd tune her out.  That's when she'd tell them "if you ever want help to get out of here - the phone number is inside the rose where they don't know where it is to take it from you".  Remember, these women aren't walking around with a laptop or a yellow pages.  

Once she did that - the phones' ringing off the hook.  Especially those who got busted or sick and lost their brothel license.  What most would do then is just go up to Carson City/Reno area and prostitute on the streets.  Also, the young girls waiting to turn legal age would come up from California and hook in the red light districts of northern Nevada.   Pretty soon what this means is our hotline is getting an equal amount of calls from both ends of the state!   But with Sharnel, and members of her church up there on the northern end of Nevada, and me covering the southern end of Nevada - we've got the state pretty well covered.

You can read here Sharnel has got herself a job working "for friends taking care of their elderly father for $300 a week".  and that she's doing  lot of outreach now to prostitutes.  See us mentioned?  Nope.  We wanted it that way also because the ones she'd come across that needed to get away from their pimp or traffickers we didn't want them to know Sharnel was getting them into the front door, and I was taking them out the back door.  

By 2009, using "A Scarlet Covering" as the 501c3 nonprofit we needed to approach the court - the first alternative to sentencing program was founded in Nevada.  Sharnel was even doing out reach with the Reno Street Enforcement Teach  The plan was to run this program for about two years - then after setting a great record we were going to expand the program across the whole state and into Clark County (Las Vegas).  Here's a report on the program -

But remember when you're reading this - 2009 was still when there were powerful men trying to get the Nevada legislature to approve expanding the legal brothels into downtown Las Vegas.  Read what it says on here very very carefully.  It says "not on the agenda".  I have a tape of the proceedings if you'd like to see them.   On February 18, 2013, there were 45 "abolition" groups who went to the Nevada legislature to "support AB67" which was a sex trafficking bill.  SWOP and SWA were the only two groups who opposed AB67.  

After the hearing for AB67 was over in the morning  - all those "abolitionists" went home.  They refused to stay and go in with us to that "back room hearing" that wasn't listed on the calendar where George Flint, the Brothel Association Lobbyist tried to convince them to let the brothels expand into Las Vegas.  Aubrey, the woman in the interview above, got up by herself and told the legislators what it was like inside those brothels for the women from her "first hand experience".  She also read a letter from other Nevada survivors on what we'd like to see done to change things to help us.  To their credit, the legislature turned down their bid and the Mob Museum now sits where they had once wanted to build legal brothels.  So we won!  

I want you to see that in 2009 when the alternative sentencing program was created in Nevada - there were very large powers that were also wanting to expand the legal brothels geographical area of operation into Las Vegas where we also had our sights set on expanding our program to help prostitutes.   Some of those people were the brothel owners, the owners of the Review Journal, the then mayor Oscar Goodman, some men from the Cashman family (who called to threaten me and try to scare me out of Nevada saying they'd "been there longer than me"), Lance Gilman, Joe Richards, Heidi Fleiss, even Gene Simmons was considering becoming an "investor" in the "magnificent brothels" that Oscar was promoting around the world to try and get this passed.   Lance Gilman, current owner of the Mustang Ranch, is also an adviser to governor Brian Sandoval, and the head of the Nevada Board of Economic Development.  A board that includes just about every major business in Nevada such as Cox Cable, Nevada Power, the Review Journal, and a lot of other large Nevada corporations.  That's who we were up against folks!  You can read the clips about all of this at

Now remember that "elderly gentlemen" she was caring for now as her job for $300 a week?  He had cancer.  The man also felt grateful she was caring for him because there were no other CNA's anywhere within driving distance to his home.   So guess what?  He told her that "after his death he wanted her to go out and buy herself some new clothes".   She did.  Sharnel took and used the card he told her to use to buy what he told her to buy before he died.  Only after she did this, I remember she got a phone call from Joe in Brazil.  He had sent her an expensive piece of jewelry also.  

I asked her what was up and she told me he had asked her to come down there to help him "run women" with him there where it's legal.  She turned him down and told him about what we were doing in Nevada - and our plans to expand it into Las Vegas and the whole state soon.  Well after the old man was dead and buried - the family suddenly out of left field presses charges against her for theft.  There unfortunately was no written Will to prove what he'd told her before he died and Sharnel was charged not just with theft, but with "elder abuse" as well.  She got five years.  I can't help but wonder why her "friends" would turn against her like that.  I feel even more so it was a set-up because of the way the media changed after her arrest.  Before if you google'd her name - you'd see one article after the other about her work helping prostitutes in Nevada.  After the arrest - it was "elder abuse" and "thief" and just one smear after another without me being able to find one of the other articles about her work to balance out the reports on her arrest.  It looked like the media was trying to make it so that's all you saw when you went to read the story - that she was some kind of monster.  

Contrast that this was her first offense, it was a misunderstanding  (or a frame-up depending upon how you look at it), and she received five years with no shortening of her sentence or time off for good behavior because it was "elder abuse".  While Kemp Shiffer got TWO YEARS.  TWO!  

I mean what's wrong with this court system in Nevada and their values.  I warned Sharnel walking into the court to get an attorney.  She kept insisting to me that "because of her work with the prostitutes" and her "friendship with the family" that she'd "just explain it to the judge and it will be dismissed".  I warned her I thought it was a frame-up to shut down our program and plans and to get an attorney.  They did not give her another date to pass sentence, nor any time to manage her affairs.  They literally took her right out of the court room and into prison for five years!

I remember how massive of a shock it was because no one was prepared.  We had no keys to the building where the meetings were being held - she had them.  We didn't have any of the passcodes for the email, or the voicemail on the phone - and calls and emails were just going unanswered because we had no idea how to pull up the messages.   She was also taken into prison where I was told I couldn't visit her without being put on the list first.  Which how am I supposed to reach her to tell her to put me on the list when I can't visit her?  I got nothing but the runaround every time I called the prison to try and get in to visit her to get the codes for the records, the phones, the emails, the website, etc.   I sent her more than one letter that came back claiming I hadn't "addressed it properly" or "inmate has moved" or some other excuse.  

What I can talk about now I couldn't talk about back then to anyone was our "Tonopah Station" as I used to call it.  When you're getting calls from women all over the state who are calling you flat broke, no ID cards, no cars, no place to live, and maybe not even shoes on their feet because they've been thrown out of a moving car, or they've been shot five times in the back with a 9mm because of running away from their pimp - I mean what do you do?  

I wasn't going to form a 501c3 and get our donors harassed by the IRS or stalled like the Tea Party was stalled for years from even being approved.  I didn't want our members files to be public record either.   You need a nonprofit to hold fund raisers and grants.  Sharnel was using "A Scarlet Covering" to run the alternative sentencing program.  We needed to be able to have a place to put women that couldn't be found.  Not by ex-cops private investigators like Chris Butler, or constables like John Bonaventura, or men with access to the Governor like Lance Gilman.  

Welcome to Tonopah.  We met a man who owned just about everything in Tonopah at one time.  He owned the Clown Motel, a bunch of apartments, the little casino in town, the thrift store that sold clothing and furniture, and also he sold used cars on payments to people who had bad credit or needed a break.   The motel even served breakfast to tenants.  

So guess what we could do?  We could literally show up at the motel at 2:00 a.m. with a banged up woman and get her into a room without any questions asked or needing any money.  In the morning, she'd have a continental breakfast.  Truckers stay at the motel and if we needed to get her out of state - the morning in the parking lot we could get her into the cab of one of those trucks and to wherever she needed to go courtesy of the wonderful truckers.   

If not, we'd call the Pahrump social worker.  Because it's a tiny office - the worker would come right out with a bag of food, a check, a medical pending slip, a housing voucher, and a coupon good for furniture and clothing to set up a new house.   If she needed to apply for SSI disability - the worker would help her fill it out .  If not, and she needed to work - she'd be hired at the motel, the casino, the thrift store, or wherever they needed someone to work.  Then this patron saint would take those vouchers and move her into an apartment, get her some furniture, some clothing, and even get her a car on payments she could afford.  He didn't do it for charity now really.  He got paid because our program does believe in the 7th tradition.  But he worked with us to accept those payments and vouchers, and to break things down to where we could get her in and set up considering the situation. 

There was a psychiatrist who was based out of Pahrump who would come up to the jail once a week and he'd see anyone who needed anti-anxiety medication or psychiatric medications.  The man who owned the hospital and ER in town also owned the town nursing home.  So if they were banged up pretty bad - we could also take her into the ER and then they'd keep her until she was well enough to be on her own.  Came in handy if she needed drug treatment because then her medical records showed she was in a nursing home not a drug treatment program.  Important to have if you don't want your medical records to say you've been in drug treatment.  It also allowed us to move her around from room to room if there was someone looking for her to keep her safe.  

We had a therapist who specialized in PTSD and working with prostitutes who would do weekly therapy via skype.  We'd have weekly meetings at the local bookstore in town which was across the street from everything - the motel, the casino, the apartments, etc.   They also had NA and AA meetings there.  If she didn't have a computer for her skype therapy sessions - the bookstore would let her use their computer and a back room.  

Then once they were on their feet, stable, healthy and wanted to move on out of Tonopah - they could either hit Carson City with Sharnel or Las Vegas.  If they wanted to go further - they again could hitch a ride with a trucker or they'd have the car paid off by then to drive themselves.   We had a little assembly line of recovery going by then.  There's a lot of retired veterans who live in Tonopah and would go to the AA meetings.  If I needed help to go pick up someone calling for help in Pahrump, Vegas, Mound, Reno, Lake Takoe, I could get one of the volunteers to go or even ask one of the truckers to pop on a passenger for us with "mum's" the word.  Some drivers would drive up and down the state almost daily - so we had regular truckers even we could count on to pop a woman into a truck and bring her to safety.   

(PS - after Truckers Against Trafficking came to pass we have trouble getting rides from truckers anymore for victims.  Now I spend time arguing with them telling me "call the national trafficking hotline for help" and they walk away.  The few I get to call the hotline themselves to learn that's not going to get a woman from Storey County into a program in Las Vegas who has no money - take me an extra hour to convince them to call and then convince them we're not going to get them in trouble with their boss.  We're just on the "down low" as they are about it.  Seems they have trouble understanding no matter what the program may be in Nevada - no one transports the woman there and we have to get her there!)

As for those under 18 years of age - up until Judge Voy opened his courtroom we'd take them to a bus station or airport and would fly them out to them.   Only after Judge Voy took over and opened courtroom 12 - he had other plans.  Before, social workers, police, probation officers, would call me when they had a minor on their hands who needed to get away from a pimp.  I had one girl who actually stabbed her pimp to death and needed to get out of Vegas before his associates came looking for her.  With her, her probation officer brought her to my house where I then got her to the airport and then to Children of the Night.  

I had another case where the father was pimping both the mother and all of his four daughters.  The mother thought the only way out was to kill her daughters, and then herself, so she had drugged the girls and then tried to kill herself.  She didn't do it right and everyone wound up in the hospital.   The eldest teenager daughter when she woke up grabbed the other girls and came to my house for refuge.  I had the father banging on the door demanding I return them.  I took them out the back and put them on a bus to Children of the Night and they're all fine now.  One graduated college, and the other is married with two kids now.  

Now in 2007 - I had given a press conference about how sex trafficking was real in the legal sex industries of Nevada.  I have clips at about this international press conference.  Judge Voy was aware of the press conference - so he knew we were operating in Nevada in 2007.  So it's not like no one knew who I was in Las Vegas in 2008 when Judge Voy decided a better approach to teen prostitution was to not give them to us, not give them to Children of the Night, but to instead lock them up in jail.   BTW - he admitted in print he had locked up girls WITHOUT there being a criminal charge because he was "worried" they "might work the streets".  I'm sorry but isn't there a law about "habeas corpus" or something about you can't "deny someone their freedom without due process"?  

He then starts parading these teens in jail around to the press while asking for $2,000,000 to open his own residential 14 bed program.  Mind you - he sees 14 girls at least a week in his courtroom.  Having 14 beds wasn't going to even put a dent in being enough IF you could get those girls to stay in a locked down facility.   The only way would be to arrest them and then force them to stay.  This lock-down program also takes them out of school, and away from any good friends and family they have, a local church program, and certain away from other survivors in recovery.  

Meaning in 2008, suddenly I have a judge who has decided instead of getting these girls into existing help he's going to parade them around while asking for money like they do with abused animals to get money donated to the ASPCA.   Oh I forgot - an operating budget yearly of $649,000.  Where is that going to come from?  This was the "better solution" than the existing one we had which wasn't costing the state a penny.  For those sent to Children of the Night - Nevada never paid one penny for their transportation or their housing. Those who came to us - same thing.  We never charge for what we do.   But after Judge Voy opened courtroom 12 - every social worker, probation officer, and cop was told by him and by the mayor Oscar Goodman that "if you even read the report Jody Williams and Melissa Farley have written - you'll be fired" in 2007.

Shame.  Maybe if Andrea Swanson's husband had read the report in 2007 their own daughter might not have fallen prey to a pimp that she spoke about at the hearings for AB67 in 2013.   I say that because her husband was in law enforcement and thus one of the men threatened with being fired if they even spoke to me, let alone read our report, about how sex trafficking operates in Nevada, and what you can do to pull your kid out of it written not by law enforcement - but by someone who has been working with this community since 1984 overall and in Nevada since 1996.

What ever happened to "station Tonopah"?  First we started noticing a lot of zoning violations.  I remember the parking lot had to be repaved.  Then roofs had to be redone.  The electrical systems had to be upgraded in all the buildings.  The propane tanks had to be moved further back and 10 feet off the ground.  Then one apartment complex was divided into two counties.  Meaning that suddenly there was two zoning inspectors from two counties out for the same buildings!  One of the judges for the Goldfield county was an hour drive away!   Doesn't sound that hard until you realize how expensive it is to get any licensed contractors out to Tonopah!   Anyone licensed was either in Vegas or Carson City and thus an arm and a leg just to get an estimate done.   Then to bring in equipment like to pour the cement and tar in the parking lot?  Another arm and a leg.   But this man kept rolling with all these zoning violations.   He told us they hadn't bothered him before - but boy were they coming now!

When that didn't seem to deter him from helping us - a fire broke out and almost burned down one whole apartment complex.  He had to redo the  whole roof he'd just installed in one whole building and it cost him $10,000.  I don't think we thought it had anything to do with us - until the police came out and told him it was going to keep up until he kicked all of us out of his buildings.   He refused and came and told me about it.  Told me he wasn't going to stop helping us and that God had made him wealthy so he could help us.   I think he was fine until his wife died actually.  After his wife died, and they kept up with the threats and the zoning citations, he came and told me that one cop had been pushing on him really hard to "throw me out in the street".  He said he wouldn't but he was getting worried this cop was sounding desperate like he might trying something else if I didn't leave town and get out from this guy's radar. 

Sure enough the next day was when I had five cops and a drug dog at my house with a warrant claiming I was "impersonating Jody Williams".  They tossed my house for hours, and then took all my banking cards, checks, checkbook, etc.  Told me I had to "go to court to prove it was mine".  Then after tossing my apartment one of the cops called CPS.  Said the unit was "uninhabitable" and that my child should be removed.  Thankfully the CPS agent laughed and told me "you have four hours to clean the apartment" which wasn't easy with my disabilities but I did it.  

Then when they came back to a clean apartment - I could see he was angry.  Even angrier he couldn't find any drugs to arrest me over.  He asked to "speak with me inside" and that was out of the security camera view so I refused.  He could say I attacked him or anything so I told him no.  Then he got really angry and said "I'll be back".  I didn't like the sound of that one bit - so I literally packed up and we all hauled out of there that night.  I wasn't going to find out what he had in mind when he came back.

After we left, our volunteers started being stalked and threatened.  One man had his apartment robbed and the stress caused him to have a heart attack.  One man was so cared he left town and another left the country he was so scared!  He was getting calls from a NY number with threats that really scared him.   This owner also started getting threats and stalked.  Then someone lit a fire in one of his buildings.  Someone set fire to the storage units.  I remember he told me about  a lot of fires and that's when he said with his wife gone he just wanted to "go be old and quiet somewhere now".  I understood.  He sold all the buildings and did just that - retired.  We got a lot of women out of the sex industry, and away from their pimps, because of Sharnel, this man, and those volunteers.  

The therapist got some kind of slap on the wrist for doing the therapy session on skype, but then the county turned around and started doing the same thing.  The social worker who helped us was fired.  The hospital owner had a bogus lawsuit and complaint filed against him so he sold the property.  Basically everyone got harassed, stalked, threatened, and attacked until they stopped helping.  

I moved down to Vegas in 2009 right after Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam, was murdered.  I rented a house from someone so everything was in his name and I couldn't be traced easily.   He was approached by some "friend" in Metro and next thing I know he's accusing me of stealing furniture in the house I was paying for along with the rent.  I had the contract and receipts showing that I had paid for the furniture I took with me when I moved out after he physically threatened my daughter.  We moved out a week after he tried to attack my daughter for some crazy reason and her dog stopped his attack (what a great dog!).  

That's not all about Nevada - but that's it about "station Tonopah" and Sharnel.  Since Sharnel's gotten out of prison I've tried to reach out to her and don't get any response.  But this takes us up to about 2009 in Nevada.  More later on Nevada in another blog.  

The main Casino in town

Clown Motel - Notice the parking lot where trucks can park

Little Post Office

A little casino diner 

View of the Clown showing right off highway

Liquor store in town

Book store where meetings were held

An apartment building where we some women were housed.

The thrift store where we could get furniture and clothing for the women.

Show you how close California is from Humboldt County

The apartment building we lived in while there.

Where we'd get the used cars we could make payments on.