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Saturday, November 7, 2015


People have a hard time understanding why we in Sex Workers Anonymous do not have the sex industry, prostitution, or drugs, as our 1st step.  The reason is because it's not the problem for us.  When Bill Wilson began to understand the "ism" of alcohol"ism" the program of AA banned him from speaking at meetings, conventions, and even writing for the Grapevine.  They wanted the focus on alcohol - not him.

When Bill Wilson and Jimmy Kinnon wrote the pamphlet "problems other than alcohol" they were told "it's an outside issue".   Jimmy was driven to a spiritual bottom at 15 years sober where he almost murdered his family, and himself, just to stop the pain because merely being clean from drugs was not allowing him to be "happy, joyous and free".  He then had a spiritual awakening also - different than Bill's but an awakening the same.

With Jimmy, the men who wanted to hijack the literature to open treatment centers locked him out of the office, and illegally voted him right out of his own office.  They got their way and addicts are dying now instead of hearing the message.

Learning from this history - I have copyrighted and trademarked our message in SWA.  I have my own story of how people have tried to hijack our program and make it about "trafficking" and "prostitution".  This story will be out in December in "Anatomy of  Movement".  In the meantime, if you want to hear the message that people keep trying to silence - you can get an idea by listening to these tapes from our forefathers:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


My grandma used to say "the fox can't guard the chicken coop".  I'm reading about a plan by Los Angeles to expand their services for sex trafficking victims.  Do you know why I called out for this movement?  Do you know why I had to turn that warehouse spoken of at into a safe house?  Why I couldn't just put the women up in an existing program or shelter?  Why we couldn't just say put them in the local domestic violence shelter?  Call the police?

We were calling out for the public to understand that sex trafficking was real AND that existing services were not safe.  That an ALTERNATIVE system had to be set up.  I didn't tell people to call 911 for help - I had them call an 800 number I set up and I ALWAYS said "we are not connected with any law enforcement".  Why would I do that?

Because in most cases the system itself was involved.  One of our early board members was a man named Michael.  Michael told me his social worker "sold" him back to his pimp after he'd run away from the pimp to go to the police for help.  They assigned him a social worker who then sold him right back from where he'd run off from.

We had another board member whose teacher was pimping her out - so teachers can be involved in trafficking.

Here's a case of two cops trafficking children -  Do you know what happens when a child is sex trafficked?  I do.  I was a victim of police trafficking when I was in sex work.  I had them assure me I would not be arrested if I "worked for them".  I refused.  To prove their point they arrested me.  To get away from these men, I said I would work for them.  My attorney went in an got the case dismissed.  I then moved and changed my phone number.  However, that was in the early 1980's.  It's not the same today.   I know what we had to go through with the Chris Butler case where this is a private investigator working with cops who is running massage parlors.

Meaning they can find anywhere you rent a room.  They can find them through phone logs.  They can show up at any shelter with a badge and demand to speak to the victim, throw them into the back of a police car, and then tell the shelter workers they are "wanted for questioning".  Then what?  What is the shelter worker going to do?  Refuse?  Do they even know to refuse or question?  Do they know for example to call the station, ask to speak to the chief, and ask if this person is being legally removed or questioned?

What do you do when the foster parents are involved?

What do you do when the parents are involved?

One of the advantages of our hotline at is that if the person is being trafficked by the authorities, or someone in power over them, then they can safely call us to let us know there's a problem.  We can then locate someone that can be trusted to help them.  We have a list of people in just about every city of people other members have worked with in the past that we KNOW are "cool".  For example, if there's a problem with a local cop - we know a cop in that same town that we've worked with in the past that we can speak to about helping this person.  We've been around since 1987.  We have a long list of trusted people we've worked with in the past.  If we don't know - we can speak to a member in the area who might know a name.  Either way, we can get a name of someone they can trust.

Another advantage of us is follow-up.  If they get moved to another worker or another facility or another program or get another counselor - we're with them the whole way.  We know if we don't hear from them after a while where to go asking questions.

Most important if they tell us there's a problem - we can step in to do something in ways they can't.  For example, if a juvenile for example tells us their social worker has tried to exploit or molest or abuse them in any way we can then find out who that workers' supervisor is.  We can then go report what we were told to the supervisor WITHOUT naming the child.

The reason is simple - if they know it's that child complaining they will retaliate.  The same for "anonymous" tips.  They still record a voice.  If a victim is scared their voice recording can be identified by someone who can gain access to the records - we can make that phone call.   This is to protect the victim from retaliation in a system they can't get out of.

If the trafficker is a cop or a social worker or someone with "friends" then they can't get out of that system.  If it's known they complained - they can be targeted.  So we not only can keep tabs on someone in case they "disappear' - but we can also make reports about what's going on in ways the victim might be reluctant to do.  We don't "age out" (meaning we don't stop working with them once they turn 18 years old).  We don't get fired.  We can't be threatened with being fired.  Our only concern is our members' well-being.

But if a child is in a shelter or house on day and disappears the next - we can follow-up on that in ways others might be scared to do so.

Example - we got a call once from a teen shelter.  The director of said program was molesting the teen prostitutes in his care.  I told them "call the police".  They said "if we call the police, the news gets out and then we don't get donations.  So we're not going to call the police."  I said "what do you want me to do?"  I was told "if we ask to have the child transferred to another program we get fired.  You however can ask to have the child moved and no one gets in trouble."  Okay and that's what we did.


To Reporter Craig Walls - this case is EXACTLY why our hotline is so important as well as the Children of the Night hotline for minors. Most victims of trafficking CAN NOT CALL THE POLICE for one reason or another. The National Trafficking Hotline is great - however for those who can't call the authorities for help it leaves them no options as they either report to the authorities, or they refer to a task force headed by authorities. When I founded the movement to have sex trafficking recognized - it was two parts. Yes I wanted people to know trafficking was real but the SECOND PART was that we can't call the police for help in most cases. I'm working on a case right now where a woman was drug out of her house by two Pasadena officers. When I stepped in to help her - I was threatened by another officer myself.

This case is also why Brenda Myers-Powell and i had a big falling out when she took a job working with the Chicago Police. I told her very clearly it "blinds" us to those who need our help the most - those who can't call the police for help. These cops involvement in Chicago might have been recognized sooner by our chapter there led by Brenda had she not taken the job with the police. This has been my biggest objection to the involvement of local police in the task forces being set up across the country. As my grandma used to say "The fox can't guard the chicken coop".

I'd like to talk to you if I might about talking about our hotline - where victims can call 24/7 to speak to a survivor who is NOT connected to the police so we can get them help from the authorities we know are "cool". Thank you -


Since the hate sites went up recently against us - I've been asked this question a lot from people calling.  How do I know who to trust?  I've already said a lot about this in other blogs, things like none of those attacks are from actual members, we didn't suddenly turn bad a few months ago after operating since 1987, etc.  I've already ventured from what a member told us she thinks is going on - these sites are smoke screens to gather information on who is contacting us, etc.  But I do want to address this directly because it's a valid question.

This isn't a popularity contest.  This isn't about how many friends I have or how many people like me.  I don't care if everyone in the world loved me or if everyone hated me.  My "like" factor is not the question.  If anything history shows us the more good someone does - the more likely they are to NOT be liked.

I mean look at how people have treated people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Gandhi, John the Baptist.  I'm not saying I'm on their level - but it's still a fact of life that there is no one I know of in history anywhere that accomplishes something good that is universally "liked".  No one can argue Barack Obama has changed history by being the first African American to be President in history.  But even he has his fans - but he also has people who hate his guts.  There are probably 100 hate sites set up against him.

So to be brutally honest - I can show you a lot of people who were universally "liked" who didn't accomplish anything worthwhile.  Take one look at Samoly Mam.  That woman was getting all kinds of fans and awards - but what did she ACCOMPLISH?

So the real question is really whether our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, is EFFECTIVE.  Can we help people leave the sex industry and recover right is the real question?  People can say to you they hate me, they think I'm a bitch, I'm ugly, whatever.  Doesn't matter.  The question is "How do I know the program works?"

I just answer the phone around here you know (someone has to be the public liaison for the anonymous program) - but if you listen to the interviews I have up at - you will hear more than one person saying that this program works, or that I personally helped them to "recover".

Not they like me.  Not I'm their friend.  I don't care if I'm crazy in a straight jacket and the biggest bitch on earth.  These people are saying the PROGRAM helped them.  That they got help from our program to now be out of the sex industry, and free of any trafficking - whatever their case is.  Those interviews are in their own voice and their own words and from more than one person.  If you check the dates - you'll see this is also spanning over a period of years.

If you look at the clips and scans at - you'll see quote after quote in different articles from different reporters who are saying the program helped them.  Those quotes span from 1987 until recently.  The quotes the reporters got are also from different people, different reporters, different states, and over a period of years.

I challenge you to find one other program in the United States, working with American men and women, who has such testimonials for adults.  

Look - I can show you a photo of a house. I can show you a photo of me accepting an award.  I can show you a photo of me speaking to 1000 people.  I can show you a photo of a bunch of women hugging me.  I can make up those kinds of photos and plaster them all over a website.  I can post up 100 letters or tweets from people saying they "love" me.  I can show you a video montage of a bunch of dead porn stars.  I can show you my face on a book cover.  I can show you a photo of me sitting on some talk show stage.  Okay that proves what?  I'm popular.  I'm not out here trying to get people to LIKE me.  I'm not trying to get your money.  The point, the question, is "does the program work?"

Sharon Oselin has released a book "Leaving Prostitution".   I do not know this woman.  I was not contacted in any way for her research on this book.  I get no money for this book.

The book spans a ten year research project of three residential programs.  Two of these programs did not have Prostitutes Anonymous meetings (as we were called prior to 1995).  One program did.  The one program that did have PA meetings - is still operating today in Los Angeles.  They opened in 1980 and they are still operating today - and they use PA meetings as part of their program.  They are the oldest program in the country for adult females.  There is also interviews in her book from women stating that the PA meetings are the reason why they "made it" out.  I do not know these women nor Sharon and did nothing to prompt those quotes.  I have some scans from her book also up on

This article is dated 2000.  It talks about the Dignity program founded in 1991 in Phoenix.  They hold weekly PA meetings.  The founder, Kathleen Mitchell, got her recovery from us before opening Dignity.  Dignity is still operating in Phoenix from 1991 to current day.  They hold our meetings.  Their counselors use our Recovery Guide.  Project Rose, a program we protested, has folded.  So here are what appears to be the two oldest programs in the country for adult women - and they use our program as part of theirs. Do the math.

On the clip site at - you will see (1) scans from the pages of the book written by John Quinones of ABC's "What Would You Do?", (2) whole articles by Bob Herbert who was writing for the NY Times up until a few years ago, and a quote from me in an article written by Tom Ragan with the Review Journal.   I have not edited these pages and have included them in whole piece for you to read there.  There is nothing missed nor edited.

John and Bob came to see me personally.  They came to Las Vegas and met me face-to-face.  John came to my home and even met my daughter.  We had lunch together.  Bob came to my house and we had coffee together in my living room.  Both men saw how we operate SWA.  I took them into the office area I have in my home and they saw how things operate for themselves.  They interviewed other members of SWA also.

Then they wrote a report they received no financial consideration from me for.  These interviews were not done to pump up a grant application, to help push some Bill through Congress, to generate people to attend a fund raiser, etc.  They were just curious and came to see and wrote their findings.  If anything - they took great hits for these.

Bob's article with me was met with then mayor Oscar Goodman threatening him with a "baseball bat to the head if he returns to Las Vegas" for what he wrote. The reporter who wrote that quote with the threat was Ed Lawrence.  He was fired shortly after publishing that quote.

John's book opening for "Heroes Among Us" I feel was tanked.  He had told me he was promised a book tour, and to have the book be part of Oprah's book club.  It was not.  There was no fanfare.  I believe he wrote the truth and was spanked for it.  The only press I saw for the book was at the Hispanic Press Club with Geraldo in attendance.  I then saw Geraldo's show get canceled shortly after that.  Probably absolute coincidence.

Tom Ragan has been a writer with the RJ for 12 years he told me.  He came also to meet with me and we had coffee together.  He brought another person with him to one meeting so he could get a feedback from her on what she thought about me as from the mouth of a survivor.  The woman he brought had been previously sexually abused.

Tom then went and met with in person every other trafficking program in Las Vegas in May of 2013 for the article he published about the subject to discuss AB67 being passed.  You'll note my name was left entirely out of the article published in May.  Nothing good.  Nothing bad.   I'd like you to note that Michael Horowitz is quoted in this piece as saying the movement has been "hijacked".  Now look at the absence of my name again and think about what "hijack" means.

The photographer who took my picture for what was supposed to be me included in that piece tells me, in writing, she was fired for pushing to have me included in that article.  I must be doing something right to have someone lose their job over it.  Tom didn't mention my name and kept his job.  However, after all of this, he quotes me as a source in this article about a reality show supposedly coming to town.   I still haven't seen the show by the way.  It was supposed to be a reality show which showed how stripping "empowered' women.  Has anyone seen this?  Let me know because I haven't.  Honestly I think they couldn't get any footage showing it "empowered" strippers in Vegas and quietly left town with their camera between their legs.

If you check back on the clips - you'll also see press from our press conference in 2007 where the "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections" was released.  Now I ask you - if I'm in Las Vegas in 2007 as established by this press, and if in an article about trafficking groups in Las Vegas in May of  2013 does not mention my name, but then my name is mentioned again in an article by Tom Ragan in August of 2013 - clearly I was still in Vegas in May of 2013.

You make what you want out of it - but this does establish I'm still here, still operating, and reputable reporters are not writing anything bad about us.  If anything - I say it looks like someone was trying very hard to make us appear not to exist in 2013.  Meaning Tom must have really thought pretty highly of us not only not to say something bad about us - but to quote us a few months later establishing we are in fact still here.

I have put a news clip about my arrest on about my arrest for what the police thought was a brothel.  In reality it was the first "safe house" in the country for adults in 1984.   The clip proves the police assumed it was a brothel because of a past arrest I had for prostitution that was also dismissed.  The charge was because of my traffickers were trying to convince me if I didn't work for them - then I would be arrested.  So of course the charge was dropped when I said "yes I'll work for you" and then I moved once the charge was dismissed to escape them

Either way, I put these clips up to prove I was there in that world and therefore am a "real" witness and survivor as to both being in the sex industry at one time and to trafficking. Even Norma Jean admits her anger is from me breaking away from her in 1984 when I left the sex industry and she did not.  So while she's railing about how much she hates me - she's still confirming I was in the sex industry and that now I'm not.

In our blog, I've posted a copy of my checking statements proving I derive no income from the sex industry today.  I am no Samoly Mam and can prove everything I say or claim is real.  I'm not a shadow person or a "catfish" - my birth name is Jody Williams.  I have proven I was there - and now I'm not there.

My recovery speaks for itself.  If you look up what's happened to others such as myself - Heidi Fleiss, Kristin Davis, Jason Itzler, Jenna Jameson, and others who have gotten deep into the sex industry and then said they were "retiring" without joining our 12 step program - well go on - go see for yourself how they're doing.  Suvy Favor-Hamilton admits in her recent book "Fast Girl" she has relapsed more than once.  She calls it "resorting to old coping mechanisms" but a trick is a trick is a trick.

Now go and make a list of people who have been proven to have been deep into the sex industry, who have not joined our program - you go and see for yourself what the result is.  The studies I read when I first quit in 1985 was that over 98 percent of someone like me never makes it past the two year mark - meaning out of sex work, clean from drugs, not acting out on an eating disorder, shopping addiction, etc.  Just a normal person free from addiction of any kind.  So I'm a "two percent".

Then ask me again "How do I know your program will work for me?"  My recovery alone - being as rare as it is - speaks for itself.  Kathleen Mitchell's speaks for itself.  She's been out since 1991 according to news articles.  Brenda Myers-Powell's recovery in Chicago speaks for itself.  We're not just a "white girl" program now (I can say that also because I'm part African American and Native American - I just look white).

Now show me another program in the United States working with adult American men and women that can show you this kind of testimonials.  Go on - show me.  Then you tell me if our program works or not.


Both sites have been set up by the same person - Domina Elle.  Domina Elle you can read about here on other blog posts I've written.   She is living under the name of a dead woman.  She obtained her ID through a voter registration for Shekinah Avraam - who died a few years ago.  To travel under this phony ID, she also runs a travel agency.  All of this information was obtained from public records we obtained when we were trying to understand why she started attacking us in connection with the show "8 Minutes" starting in April of 2015.  This means she's either in some kind of witness protection program, or she's an undercover agent of some kind.  No sex worker goes to this much trouble to conceal their real identity.

When the sites went up at and at first we thought it was an attempt to try and harm our reputation, and spread lies.  DO NOT GO TO THESE UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS WHOLE POST.

All of the information on these sites is manufactured and false.  Other sites don't have these types of complaints because honestly other groups aren't actually working with real trafficking survivors and sex workers.  In fact, our program is the ONLY program that does work with adults coming out of the sex industry who simply want to quit - who are NOT "trafficking survivors".

If you listen to some of our members at for example - you'll hear from women who have been madams, Playboy bunnies, Hustler models, etc. who simply wanted to quit and used our program to help go through the adjustment out of the sex industry.

If anything, we found these sites increased our membership so at first we left them alone thinking "hey this is increasing calls to us so let it be".  Which it was.  Sex workers are not stupid - they see we're being attacked by shadow people who have no real proof and making up lies and they know there must be something worthwhile going on over here to be attacked like this.  So at first we are sitting here thinking "hey these people are doing us a favor - generating us new traffic".

Until we got a new member in today who is into computers and hacking and stuff like that.  She alerted us to a very real threat these sites pose that we need to warn you about.  When someone is thinking about contacting us - what do they do?  They research.  Which is true - the new calls lately have said "yeah I saw those sites and figured if they're attacking you - then you must be doing something right".  So sex workers thinking about reaching out for help are going there - and then coming here to us for help.

Do you realize that when you go onto those sites they are capturing your IP address?  That you might even be getting a cookie attached which then follows your next moves?  There is no "privacy policy"  listed on those sites.  Meaning they are not guaranteeing you any privacy with the information they gather from you when hitting that site.  What they've done is quite clever our new member informed us because over the years these people have tried to send in "spies" to get information on our other members and they can't get past our security systems.  They've tried hitting me with warrants and subpeno's to no avail.  They've even offered me money to be a paid informant on our members and I've refused.

The one really clever trick was when they started up with the death threats in 2013 at the same time the legislatures were considering a lot of trafficking bills.  A guy starts emailing me and calling on the phone issuing death threats.  Now what would the knee jerk automatic reaction be?  File a police report right?  Only I couldn't help but wonder why is this guy being so obvious?  I mean he didn't disguise his IP address, and he even called from an unblocked phone number.  He's saying into the phone on the voice mail a recording of a death threat.  I mean it was just too obvious.  I've had contracts out on me before - real ones - and they don't leave them on voice mail and give me their phone number and home address.  It was just too "obvious".

So I went and talked to the police before filing a report and asked the procedure.  The procedure would be to investigate these calls would be that I would grant the police permission to listen in on my phone calls, go over my phone records, and look at my emails and web activity to "trace" this guy to gather evidence.


Get me to walk right into the police station and hand them over the legal right to go through our phone logs, emails, etc, to get information as to our activity.

I didn't file a report.  I told the guy directly I was not going to file a police report and the threats stopped.  Now I tend to think if the guy had really wanted to kill me - the news that I was not going to the police would not have deterred him.  If anything that should have spurred him forward.

So in my mind that proves that this is what this guy was after.  Especially when my own intelligence people told me this guy was connected up to a child trafficking ring in the Philippines - well I knew then why this guy wanted to get ahold of my records legally to our hotline and program.

Starting in May of 2015 - people connected to Domina Elle tried for months to get through our hotline system into actual meetings talking to other members to try to make contact with them.  They scoured our facebook and other sites looking for "contacts".  We already had a policy where we don't add in members of SWA as "friends" or in our "contact" lists for this reason - so they can't be found by people snooping around.

They then scoured the internet asking for members to come forward with "complaints" about me.  Which is another clever way of trying to getting information on our members.  NO ONE CAME FORWARD.  

The next move was to set up these sites.  You'll notice they both ask for "comments".  Which is another way of obtaining more information on who you are - and who SWA is also.

I'm not going to tell you not to go onto those sites.  I don't tell people what to do.  I'm simply imparting information so you can think for yourself.   I don't think it's a good idea to hand over information on who you are to people like this.   I am going to advise you that I suggest you go to a library computer, or a fed ex computer, or use TOR or something else where you approach those sites with caution.

I know for a fact that the government issued some grants last year to gather a "census" on the "potential" for trafficking victims, meaning in other words a census on the sex workers in the USA.  These people know I will not release information on who contacts us.  No instead they set up phony bullshit sites where you go to check us out - and then they get a mirror of who is coming onto our site that way.


Monday, November 2, 2015

WILTHELMA ORTIZ WALKER PETTIGREW  I saw this today - Wilthelma has been named by Time Magazine and Ricky Martin as one of the top 100 "most influential" people of time.

I see she "spoke at congress" about her story.  And? . . . . 

I went looking for more of her accomplishments.  I found that she's done a lot of "testifying" and "fund raising".  She's in college.  Okay that's good.

I applaud her recovery.  If she was in fact trafficked.  I've seen no "proof" she was trafficked.  I looked online and found nothing.  So I question this only because we live in a "catfish" society right now where Samoly Mam also rose to great heights of fame and glory while her story was fake.  No one asked questions.  The same for Bill Hilliar who the movie "Taken" was based on.  He was arrested for lying about being a veteran and raising money based on that lie.  I just saw Kevin Brown on "8 Minutes" lying about having a rescue operation right on A&E.  The address for his "church" appears to be doctor's offices.  So if her story is in fact true - I applaud her personal recovery.

Do you know why I publish the news clips of my arrest on   When I stepped up on the first talk show stage in 1987 - people viewed sex trafficking on the same level as alien abduction today.  Meaning that when I spoke about women being sold and trafficked - it was literally received by the public in the same manner as if I said that "little green men are stealing women, selling them for money - and we need to get the police to start helping us, the courts to stop putting us in jail, and society to stop looking at us like criminals".

Now what was the FIRST reaction of people?  She's lying.  Same as the victims of Bill Cosby - she's lying.  So I laid my life open.  I published those clips and made them available even though the arrest wasn't even under my legal name.

The article looks like I was busted for "running a brothel" right?  Read carefully - the warehouse was next to the Van Nuys police station, covered with CCTV cameras that recorded tape and then broadcast back to my house, which was behind heavy iron bars and gates, and had armed security inside.  Now I asked you what BROTHEL is built that way?

The truth is this was the first adult safe house in the country.  Children of the Night had opened up beds in 1979 but they cut off at 18 years of age.  So I ask you -where were the adults over 18 years old to go for safety?  I had once used apartments as safe houses but we kept having pimps show up with guns demanding their victims back.  I got worried some kid was going to get shot in one of these rescues - so I figured I'd get a warehouse in a remote area, get it close to the police station, and we'd probably be a bit safer.

We were.  I got a call from a woman who was being pimped by a drug dealer in Lancaster.  She asked to come get her out of there.  I picked her up and put her in the warehouse.  He found out where it was and then tried to storm the place with another man.  They realized they couldn't get inside and left.  Next thing I know - they're reporting it to the police as a "brothel" on the "anonymous tip" line.  The police came in and arrested her.  She was on probation.  They got her to testify against him - he got locked up on drug charges from what I was told.  They had nothing on me because there was no brothel there and I wasn't pimping her.  This is why they arrested my mother and tried to force me to snitch on other people.  I refused.  Because I refused - I had to plea to a fraud charge and take probation.

I had to wait until I got off probation before I could go on camera and talk about what the place was for, and the fact that all over this country men, women and children were being forced to prostitute, strip, be in porn, etc. and then they were not only the ones arrested for this - but also the ones having to live with the shame.

So I have my news clip up there to show I was there, I had the warehouse, I was "in the game".  I also have the clip up showing that in August of 1987 - I started speaking out that this country needed to change the way it treated us.  I have a news clip up there with a date on it so it can be verified that it's real and true as to what I did and the date I did this.  

In 1988, the first alternative sentencing program for prostitutes was created by then mayor Tom Bradley, Chief Gates and Sheriff Block.  The first residential program for HIV positive pregnant prostitutes was set up at the old Via Avanta program in 1988 where they got a year treatment, and could keep their kids with them, rather than be incarcerated.  So too was the first house set up where transgender HIV positive men could be housed thanks to Tom Bradley.  He didn't call it that because it would have been fire bombed - but the men in the house, and the others who worked on this, knew what it was.

The first 12 step meetings where those exiting the sex industry, whether trafficked or not, could find recovery was called to order in August of 1987.  The alternative sentencing program was so effective in Los Angeles on many levels that Allentown, PA called to invite me to move back there and start one.  We opened the Program for Female Offenders in 1990.  We literally cleared every woman in the Lehigh womens' jail out of there and into the house where they got counseling, job training, daycare, transportation to work, etc.

People still didn't believe our stories of trafficking.  To further prove this - I remembered the public didn't believe Linda Lovelace because she had published her story in a book.  I refused over $1,000,000 in book and movie offers to tell the story because I knew it would then be a way the public would discount the story as "fiction".  In fact, I waited until I had this much in offers and went onto the Joan Rivers Show in 1991 - showed the contracts to Joan and the audience -and then ripped them up.  I then told Joan, the audience, and the camera that it was "more important people believe this was real then I sell some book or make a movie".

The Lindsey Wager Movie "Fighting for My Daughter" was made about a young girl in Canada we helped to rescue.  A pimp had taken her and no one would tell the mother where she was.  The mother called me asking for help.  I suggested she dress up like a hooker and go out on the stroll - and once the working girls thought she was "one of them" then they'd tell her where her daughter was.  That's exactly what she did and they rescued her daughter from a very famous violent pimp up in Canada.  The film was aired in 1995.

Our first drop-in crisis center for prostitutes, SPACE was opened in 1991.  It was opened by Paige Latin - who was a sponsee of mine.  It was taken over and turned into PACE in 1994 that's still operating today from what I understand.  This center is how the mother called me for help finding her daughter that became the film.  I have interviews up on our radio station page where Paige speaks about me sponsoring her, how she never "prostituted again" and how this led to her forming SPACE, and then handing it over to PACE when her father was dying and she had to go care for him at the end.

I have interviews up at where more than one person says I saved their life.  You can hear a meeting of SWA where men and women have come together to work in their recovery.  If you look at the news stories at - you'll see quotes from more than one person talking about how our program helped save their lives.

The Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed giving us federal recognition.  What that means is what I said - in 1984 and 1987 the world DIDN'T BELIEVE THIS WAS REAL.  I grew up with people JOKING about how "white slavery doesn't exist".  If you watch "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with Julie Andrews released in 1968 - you'll see they've made a musical comedy out of sex trafficking - clearly making it appear that NO SUCH THING exists!   They certainly wouldn't be joking about it like they did in that film if people thought this stuff was "real".

I can guarantee you that if Michael Horowitz, the author of the Act, had stepped up to have that Act passed in 1987 - he would have been laughed right out of the building.  The Act would NOT HAVE PASSED had I not spend THIRTEEN YEARS convincing America on their afternoon talk shows, and their evening shows like 60 Minutes, 20/20, and Inside Edition that this stuff was in fact REAL.  The very minute we created the first "alternative sentencing program" in 1988 - was the first time this country officially recognized these women were victims and not criminals.  I take that back - not WE but ME.

I want you to see what I was up against - in 1982 this was a hit movie starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone -  Noq just imagine me two years later trying to explain to the Van Nuys police the warehouse was a "safehouse" to protect me who were trafficking in women?  That the producer of the "Dating Game" was using the show to get papers to take women into other countries where they would disappear into harems.  That because of Iran Contra diplomat planes were taking American women to be sold to drug dealers.  Do you have any comprehension that when I would call the police for help in the early 1980's they would accuse me of "pranking' them and hang up!  That when I'd see therapists for my PTSD - they would think I was "hallucinating" because "things like that don't exist.  So I stepped up on those news shows, talk shows, tabloid shows, newspaper interviews - saying the police needed to believe us and the mental health system needed to learn how to help us recover.

There's more.  When the legal brothels spent $1,000,000 at a PR firm to bring the brothels into California in 1988 as a "way to fight AIDS" - we beat them.  We were the ONLY OPPOSITION.  No one else stepped up to oppose them with this Bill they tried to get passed in California.   So there are no legal brothels in California because of me.

In 2013, the brothels tried to expand into Las Vegas.  We were the ONLY opposition that appeared there that day testifying against this.  I have an 8 hour long videotape of the whole day of hearings proving this if you want to wade through to the end where we were the only ones who stood up after the Brothel Lobbyist testified for this project.  One that the mayor, the brothel owners, celebrities, architects, and investors all wanted I should add.  We won.  There are no legal brothels in Las Vegas where the Mob Museum and the Arts District is now because of me.

But Wilthelma Ortiz Walker Pettigrew is one of the top 100 "most influential people"?

Do you know who nominated her?  Ricky Martin.

Did you know Ricky Martin will "endorse your product for $500,000"?

You know what's sad?  I see on Wilthelma's Linkedin page she's "still looking for money to pay for her education".

Wow.  She didn't get enough for college after spreading her face and name all over the media - branding her for life a "trafficking victim"?  Reminds me of Linda Lovelace and how when she needed $10,000 for her transplant after being paraded all over to try and ban pornography for these people - they turned on her.

Wilthelma - I have an extensive list of places that will give you a scholarship.  I further have a list of companies who will hire you even with a record.  I have a list of foundations who give survivors money to start their own companies - even if you're a felon.  You want to get a BA in communications?  I have members of SWA who are working in the media now who would be glad to mentor you.

It's a crying shame when people like Ricky Martin, Malika Saar, the McCain Institute and the California Endowment, who are funding this "No Such Thing" campaign you're the poster child for neglected to either inform you of this information I have - nor the fact I have it and that's what I share with callers to our hotline and members of  But then if they had - I would have made sure you at least got your education paid for in exchange for plastering your face all over the internet as a survivor.  It's fun now - but when you get your degree and you find people not willing to hire you because of this - we'll talk.

But oh they care so much about you Wilthelma.  So that's why they didn't tell you I give out referrals like this all the time on our hotline for the people that pay not only for things like your degree - but I even have a list of foundations that will pay for your living expenses while you go to school?   I guess it's because I'm not "influential" enough.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


In the old days, the Catholic Church used to make women found guilty of adultery wear a scarlet "A" on the bodice of their dress.  I remember a movie with Demi Moore showing what those times were like for women.

When I was young, living in Los Angeles in the 1960's and 70's, I was fascinated with the witch trials.  At 17 years old, I started studying herbal medicine, alternative healing, homeopathic medicine, etc.  It was during that time I learned a lot about what was behind the witch persecutions and burnings.  Evidently women held a lot of medical power in the small villages.  To grow their healing herbs - they would be on the outskirts of town.  When someone would get sick - they'd go see the woman for a healing treatment.

This is where a lot of the imagery of the "witch" came from - when the church and the "doctors" wanted to scare people away from these natural healers, midwives, and shamans.  Because  these women were also the midwives.  Women would give birth at home for years before there was even such a thing as a hospital to give birth in.

Homeopathic medicine really put a lot of the health issues in the hands of these midwives.  Since it was also a way to make money once their husbands died, or if they never married - it was also a source of economic power for them.  They'd be paid for their herbs, for helping deliver babies, for giving herbs to aid with healing, etc.  In a system where women only could eat if they were married - the only options for them economically to marriage was that of being a midwife, a school teacher or a whore.  Remember women weren't "preachers" back then either - they could only be a nun who is still dependent upon the church.

Which led into what the "witch hunts" were about - land, money and power.  While a lot of press goes onto the witch trials in Salem - this was not confined to Salem.  This came here to the states from Europe.  Where it was extremely common for a woman who had a lot of land to suddenly find herself accused of being a witch.  After her burning to "save her soul" the church would then get her land.  So these "land grabs", which is what they were, were disguised as "saving the village and the souls" of the people involved.  The church comes in, burns the woman, takes her land, and they get called "heroes" for "saving her soul" and the town.

When you look at the stories of the witch hunts at the view of this being about how a lot of power was taken from the midwives - both economic and culturally - and put into the hands of the doctors, the American Medical Association, the church, the politicians, etc.  Of course one of the ways this transfer of power works is through imagery, name calling, labels.  The idea of a midwife being a healer turning into a witch was done with stories and labels.  Women who were out on their farms growing herbs, delivering babies, and healing the sick were also intuitive and empowered.  The very idea of this type of women has always been very threatening to the Catholic Church who, until only recently, has held positions of great power in this world.

Our country wasn't just built to break away from the English rule.  It was also built upon religious freedom.  Freedom from the Catholic Church.  The religions that came over to the US on the Mayflower was not Catholic.  Those people had seen whole families burned at the stake so their land could be absorbed by the church.  They had seen whole villages slaughtered in "the name of God" for the church.  England was basically co-ruled between the royals and the church.  Even the Henry the 8th was afraid of the church.  So much so that rather than divorce his wives - he beheaded them.  Why?  Because the country couldn't be ruled by a queen.  So let's just plow through wives until we get a male heir.

I know what our 12 step program, Prostitutes Anonymous, then Sex Workers Anonymous, produced.  The two I will speak about you can research online as they've been open about coming up through our program are Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell.  Both of these women came up from the streets with nothing.  They had been incarcerated multiple times.  They had no education.  They had been drug addicts and prostitutes.  As they got some clean time and "time" out of sex work under their belt - what did they do?  They got involved in local politics about how their sisters and brothers were treated.  They went to congress, the legislature, the people - and said "we need to change the laws".  They started their own programs themselves - Kathleen starting Dignity and Brenda starting Dreamcatchers.  Now mind you I'm not taking credit for them.  I am however taking credit for creating a program that produced them.

When I get done with my memoirs - you'll know the hell I went through just to bring that program to them in Chicago and Phoenix where they found Prostitutes Anonymous.  I didn't publish them in the 1980's because I refused to write another "happy hooker" book.  I didn't publish them in the 1990's because honestly I was busy bringing our program into the age of changing the training that counselors, social workers, judges, police, etc., received in the way of treating us when we came into the system for help.  I was also busy enjoying my recovery - my marriage, the birth of my daughter, owning real estate, running my own company, etc.  Plus I had an "underground railroad" to run helping women escape the legal brothels and the father's of their children who were also their pimp.  In the 2000's, I refused to write another piece of "trafficking porn".  Now I can write the story of the "Anatomy of a Movement".  A story I learned that only the conquerors tell.

By the 1990's - these women become leaders of their own programs, empowered, enlightened, and reaching out to help others.  They literally started changing the towns they lived in.  More important, they became something we teach about in the 12 step philosophy - they became "responsible, productive members of society".  Most important - they became RESPECTED.  I also spent the 1990's not so much with individual members - but with helping those who were running chapters of Prostitutes Anonymous in their towns learn how to "carry the message" and become a "responsible, productive member of society".  One who could walk in the daylight with their head up and chest out because other people RESPECTED them.

I'm going to tell you how something like "respect" can affect everything around you and the layers it travels through.  First, I respected myself.   As I was working on my own recovery from both prostitution and drugs - I found the man I'd been involved with for five years was less than supportive.   I'd come to see him and he'd have his Cognac, his weed, and his coke all over the house . He would start talking about "wanting to party".  I'd refuse.  We'd fight.

One night I took my chip for a year clean.  He refused to come see me take the chip but said I could come by after.  He was really drunk when I got there.  He just kept getting more and more stoned while I was there - and more insistent that I join him.  It was clear something was really bothering him.  I finally put him to bed like a baby because he couldn't even walk anymore he was so stoned.

I asked him "why are you fighting me so hard about staying clean?"  I'll never forget his answer.  He said "because if you keep this up - then I'll have to marry you" he said through his tears.   I'm like "what?"  He says "As long as you're nothing but a junkie whore - I don't have to marry you.  But you become 'respectable' and then I have to marry you."

Then he passes out.  It becomes very clear to me why he fought me so hard for those years we were together with leaving the sex industry, getting clean, etc.  It was all about me being something "unworthy" of him.  Wow what a trip.  I left that night and never went back in many ways.  I had no idea that some people were with me, loving me, being with me, specifically because they felt I was beneath them.  That was when I would no longer allow people in my personal life who didn't respect me as a human being anymore.

When then mayor Tom Bradley put together this board at the Womens' Commission for us to work out an alternative sentencing plan - everyone agreed to the idea but the Probation Dept.  Judges agreed, the police agreed, the prosecutor's office agreed, etc.  But I couldn't get a letter of approval from the probation offices for some reason.  It threatened to shoot our whole project in the foot.  The guy who had to sign the approval was in Downey which is about a two hour drive.

I said "I'll do it" because everyone else had day jobs.  I was working at a temp agency as a paralegal so I figured I could take the day off, go down there, and find out why this guy wouldn't sign to allowing prostitutes to not have to go to jail for prostitution charges, but instead to our program.

The minute I walked into his office - I knew what was wrong.  The man was a "regular' of mine when I was escorting.  He saw me and didn't recognize me of course.  I had gained weight, dyed my hair back to brown, was wearing glasses, etc.  He had no idea who I was when I walked in.  I asked him "can we speak in your office privately please?"  He agreed and after he shut the door I told him to take a real good look at me.  He finally recognized me after a few seconds of looking in my eyes..

I said to him "you of all people should know these women don't deserve jail for what they're doing - why won't you sign this?"  His answer?  "Because if they do this, get clean, get out of prostitution, then they've become RESPECTABLE."

I responded I had no idea why this was a problem.  He said "if a woman accuses me of seeing her - all I have to do is say 'who are you going to believe?'  You make a respectable citizen out of her and then I have a problem."

So I said "let me get this straight - you would rather see these women go to jail, lose their kids, lose their homes, have their lives ruined, just so that you don't have people find out you see prostitutes?"  He shook his head "yes".

I actually collapsed into the chair. To think this man would destroy all these womens' lives with jail because of his sense of guilt, shame and fear - I was speechless.   I'd seen so many women go to jail for 30 days when their motels were only paid for the week.  I'd see the motel owners throw everything into the trash so when she would get out of jail she'd literally have nothing but the clothes on her back.  I'd see their kids taken from them so they could go to jail for 45 days on some prostitution charge.  Then I'd see them fight for years just to get them back.  Many gave up.  I'd seen them not be able to get licenses to go to work as nurses, or pass the bar, even sell real estate - because of a past conviction for prostitution.  I just couldn't understand a man that would destroy so many lives over their own need to control and conceal their "dirty little secrets".  More importantly - to keep us at a level where society viewed us as subhuman.  Not equal to them.

I told him he had an "amends" to make and I wanted that paper signed.  He agreed. It was a very healing experience for me and him.  When I left his office - we shook hands as equals.   Now WE had the respect.  That signature meant more to me than just we were going to have an alternative sentencing program for the first time in history.  It meant to me that we were now being shown a gateway whereby we could come back to being "equal" to everyone else in society.  No longer viewed as subhuman trash.  Alcoholics were given the chance to have their crimes reviewed to see if they deserved jail or needed treatment.  Addicts got the same.  So did those in domestic violence court.  Now we would get the chance to also have the court review whether we were criminals - or if we needed help.  Just like everyone else in the system.

I say that because I remember when the mothers of the "Grim Reaper" killer took to the streets to protest that the LAPD was doing nothing to investigate the deaths of their daughters.  Because these women were branded prostitutes, and their bodies dumped at trash cans like so much trash - the police did nothing to try and stop this man.  Nor the many others targeting prostitutes in Los Angeles at the time.  I assure you that if these women had been secretaries - it would have been different.

I've done an informal study of my own for over 35 years now.  I see the news announce that a prostitute is missing or found dead - and the deafening silence that comes next.  Then I've seen a housewife, or someone like Lacey Peterson, or even Jon Bonet's body be found - and I've seen blood hounds, search teams, helicopters, news reports, posters, volunteers coming out in droves - it's a whole other world when a "non-prostitute" is found dead or goes missing.  I love the way it's portrayed quite accurately in the film "Frozen Ground" with Nicholas Cage.  We can't even get a search warrant issued after escaping the murderers house we can describe in and out.  Try it sometime - watch how the news handles it when a prostitute goes missing vs. a non-prostitute.  Better yet - notice how Lacy Peterson was called Lacy Peterson on the news when she went missing.  She was not identified by her job.

I am the founder of this very movement in the modern world.  It had died out in the 60's and 70's when I was growing up.  In fact, I saw nothing but sex work glamorized.  Why?  Because the pharmaceutical companies had birth control pills to plug that's why starting in the 60's.  That's when the "sexual revolutionary" hit the media.  Looking for Mr. Goodbar, the Happy Hooker, Linda Lovelace - sexually active women, even those who made it their career were celebrated.  Even musicals made about them on Broadway (Best Little Whorehouse in Texas).

I'm the one who stood up and said these men and women don't deserve criminal status when I saw them being drug off on buses in weekly sweeps.  I'm the one who started bringing people who had been forced to work as prostitutes, strippers, in porn, etc. onto those talk show stages to enlighten society that many of these people had been forced.  To arrest them, brand them criminal - was just wrong.  Yes I did that.

I also did it while saying that sex work is a job.  A job where the working conditions, and the safety of the worker, should be treated just like any other job.  Yes I've also tried to fight the legal brothels of Nevada.  But you'll notice I have not complained about the brothels I've seen in Canada, the UK, nor Australia.  Because my objection against the Nevada brothels wasn't because of them selling sex - but because of the working conditions.

If you listen to the interview of a woman who works at a legal brothel at you'll hear her speak about having no security, being raped daily, of not being protected from her pimp - and even more important - she can't get anyone to believe she's being trafficked right inside that brothel while the staff does nothing to stop it.  I've only come out against the Nevada brothels after trying to speak to the owners about changing the working conditions.  They've refused.  I'm sorry but in any other field where one is damaged sometimes for life - they get a pension to retire on.  Cops get a pension.  But when a prostitute contracts HIV on the job in a NV brothel - she's cast aside with nothing.

When Linda Lovelace tried to tell us about being forced to film "Deep Throat" she said NO ONE STEPPED UP TO STOP HER PIMP on the set.  If sex work is a job - then if this were any other type of work then someone would have.  If she had been a secretary and a man put a gun on her to force her to type - then someone would have called the police.  If she had been a farmer forced to pluck applies while a gun was pointed at her - then someone would have called the police.  The brothels are protecting traffickers from prosecution - and until they do something to change this then they need to be shut down just as any pimp or trafficker himself needs to be shut down.  We even have a "Good Samaritan Law" in place saying it's wrong for them to stand by and watch these women being trafficked by their pimps and do nothing.

So believe me - I've seen the effect of what's happened since the movement got hijacked by the TVRA of 2003.  When this policy stated that no federal money would be given to any group that viewed sex work as "work" and not a "human rights violation" - what it did was brand the women as "different".  This is when the term "trafficking victim" was coined.  Why?  Because money was only given to groups who viewed us as "victims" - not as human beings forced to work in the sex industry. 

That was a dividing line in the sand.  It said "we will only help you IF you say you ARE A VICTIM".  I view this term as the modern day scarlet letter.  I also view it as a way to keep us trapped.  When I went into the Sybil Brand Institute for Woman, the womans' jail, here in 1988 and started the first Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in there - do you know what I heard out of those women?  I heard all the blaming.  I heard them blame their parents, their neighborhoods, their learning disabilities, and yes even their pimps.  I heard them blame the drugs and the booze also.  These women had been trained by their counselors that they were just "victims of society" who had "no choice" but to do what they did.  Those women were suffering from "victim mentality".

As I listened to all their excuses about why they were there designed to make people feel sorry for them and wipe away their responsibility for their lives - do you know what I said to them?  I told them the same story my sponsor told me when I first started in recovery.  The story that "even if someone puts a gun to your head - you have a choice".  You have a choice to give in, to not give in, to fight, to not fight.  Yes they can point a gun at you - but YOU will are the one who CHOOSES how you respond to that gun.

Let me ask you something - if you're married and your husband comes back from a party and says that he slept with all the women there "because he got drunk" what would you say to him?  Especially since it was a party he walked into, a party where he knew there would be alcohol, what would you say to him?  Would you call him a "victim"?   Would you agree he was powerless to not sleep with those women after he drank the booze?

I've heard Theresa Flores story.  SHE MADE A CHOICE to go meet that man in the park.  I've heard Annie Lobert's story.  SHE MADE A CHOICE.  I've read Barbara Amaya's story.  I'm sorry but those women made CHOICES.

If anything - the one woman I think truly didn't have a choice is Yeonmi Park.  Even then, when her mother stepped up to take a rape for her daughter - that was a choice her mother made.  But when faced with the oppression and starvation that woman was forced upon her - now her I feel had no choice.  But guess what?  She has said on TV before that she is "no victim".

I've been watching this "no such thing" campaign for a while now and going increasingly angry.  It's putting a label on us of "victim".  While saying "don't call them prostitutes" it's saying "call them victims".  I don't want us called anything but human.  We are all humans.  If someone kidnaps us - then they should be charged with kidnapping,  If they threaten to kill us - they should be charged with threatening to kill us.

I don't see anyone standing up saying that the women raped by Bill Cosby should be distinguished from other rape victims by being called "Bill Cosby's rape victims".  Which is what is going on here when people who have not been in that world stand up at podiums paid for by rich white politicians and say that a "juvenile" should be treated differently than an adult and that there's "no such thing" as a "child prostitute" or a "child sex worker".  To insist on calling someone other than yourself something which is what's happening when the McCain Institute and the California Endowment are calling out for the public to view a "juvenile" as "different" than an adult coming out of the sex industry is STILL making them a different class of person.  All it's doing is replacing the words of "whore" with "victim".

More important - it's giving the impression that these people behind Malika Saar have the right to tell you the public what to call us.  What you're witnessing when you watch this is modern warfare.  No different than when the native Americans had people come onto their land with the assumption they had the right to take over that land.  To my knowledge, John McCain, Malika Saar, the California Endowment, the LA Board of Supervisors, and Sheriff Jim McDonnell are NOT survivors of that world, nor of being sold or trafficked or pimped and they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU WHAT TO CALL US.

When they booted us out of our meeting halls in 2004 and these church and state people pushed us out of the process and took over trying to help us escape and recover without our involvement - I've been watching very carefully the women who the state is now handling their recovery compared with our members.  Our members are getting degrees.  They're getting married, having kids, buying homes, etc.

Right now I have a list of women who have been helped by these "trafficking programs".  They aren't doing so hot so wanting more they've reached out to us after finding us online.  I'm hearing a very clear pattern no matter what state they're calling from.  They are all living in subsidized housing surrounded by drug dealers and pimps.  They are in and $8.00 or  9.00 an hour jobs at fast food places - donut shops, sandwich shops, fast food places.  Because they're working at this $9.00 fast food job they are not qualifying for vocational rehab or college.  Their counselor has them on more than one medication that I see no reason for. Not one has started their own business.  I do not see the reason for someone with PTSD to be on drugs like Serequel or Wellbutryn together.  Another woman is on Tegretol which is for epileptics.  The drugs are causing weight gain.  Drugs like 1200 mg of Serequel are making them sleepy and stupid.

They also are in some kind of medical study.  Meaning they aren't getting what they need - they're being researched.  For example, one woman is in a B12 study.  However, women with severe PTSD and still having periods need a lot more vitamins to heal years of abuse than B12 that doesn't even stay in the system longer than a few hours.  B6 for example cuts down on the flashbacks. Magnesium helps relax the muscles and aids sleep.  Valerian calms the nerves.  For those who have insomnia - melotonin helps them to sleep at night.  I can point you to every single "trafficking program" right now being run by the county or state - and the women in those programs are being researched.

Everyone of these programs is being carried out by a Christian organization.  Sounds good right?  Until you find out the lesbians are rejected.  The men, the transgenders refused.  Show me one Christian safe house that accepts transgenders, gays or lesbians.  Or Jews.  Our program is non-denominational.  Now I'm sorry but I was raised to know we were based on a separation of church and state in this country.  The reason was so we didn't have another witch hunt or crusades.  I have traced these Christian groups and their money every one back to a source that believes gays are "damned".  I find not one offers kosher meals.

In these projects, in these studies, in their "safe houses" they are not viewed as "responsible, productive members of society".  They are trotted around at fund raisers, as a token.  They are the token survivors standing next to the politician or prosecutor who then gets a career boost shortly after.    Just as I see this "no such thing" claiming they are "elevating the wishes of a survivor" - I ask you where is this survivor?  When you are elevating one word over another, and the person doing the elevating isn't a survivor themselves - that's not US leading US.  That's not empowering us - that's using and EXPLOITING us.  Just like these same people did when they used up and exploited Linda - never accepting her as one of their own.

I've watched the women getting their degrees in a few cases where they use them as "poster children" to parade around to the media.  Then I've watched them not get tenure.  I've seen them not hired for jobs.  I've seen their hours cut once the cameras went home.  I've seen them get fired once the press conference was over.  They are not being treated as equals in this system.  That's because they're not VIEWED as equals.

One of the greatest powers of our program is that we are ANONYMOUS.  No one knows who we are.  When they put these women in these programs - another thing they do is parade them around for the camera using their real face and their real names.  Then 1/2 of the country knows they used to be prostitutes.  Call them victim. Call them survivor.  The people KNOW.  In our program, no one knows but us.  Even then we don't know as we tell our members not to share last names, where they live, where they work, etc.  We don't put our status on our facebook pages, our resumes, our social media.  We are "anonymous" and keep that at the level of "press, radio and films". You will not find one official pages of ours with a full face photo, a real name, and the status of being a member of Sex Workers Anonymous.  This is because in today's world the only way to be treated as "equal" is for them not to know about our past.

When I first started doing training's for probation officers, cops, social workers, etc., I used to sit in the audience part of the room as they would come in for the workshop.  They'd think I was one of them.  I would put on the board the instructions "write down what you think I'm going to be like" being they were told that a survivor was leading the workshop.  As I would get coffee, mingle, and talk with the students they accepted me as "one of them".

Then at the moment of time to start the workshop  -I would step up and identify.  I would LOVE see how everyone's mouth flew open.  I told them "gotcha"!  I pointed out that every single one of them had an image in their head about what they thought I'd be like, and then to realize that I was just among them, one of them, was shocking.  They also had to confront the fact they viewed us as "different" and "beneath" them.  I would then explain that's these unconscious beliefs they were holding about us needed to be addressed if they were going to be of help to us.  Also it explained why it was important to keep the status of our past private. They saw how they reacted in their minds when they thought of me as an ex-prostitute - and realized this is who others will view us who know.  Because people are people and once you label someone - they will be looked down upon.  A very real effect then that can affect what jobs we get, what homes we buy, etc.

Betty Ford did a lot to dispel the myth of the alcoholic when she revealed she was drinking in the White House as First Lady.  However, I know if she'd been honest about this before they got into office - it wouldn't have happened.  But after it was revealed she was - people started accepting the alcoholic as "one of them".   But I assure you had she revealed this before the election - she wouldn't have become First Lady.

I've traced the money for these trafficking programs - and in every single one of them I've traced the money back to the Catholic Church.  Whether it was the lawsuit of ACLU v. Catholic Bishops, or Project Rose, or other courts I've seen set up.  The money is disguised and passed through 1000 tiny little shell groups - but if you "follow the money" you see it's coming through the Catholic Church.  In Nevada, Andrea Swanson and her campaign for AB67 - Catholic Church.

This "labeling" is what they do.  They do it to marginalize us, and keep us down and out. Separate us from them.   They always mask it and pretty it up with "saving" us at the same time.  I saw this when they destroyed my Native American ancestors to "civilize" us also.  Then we were "savages".   What the white man did then to the Native American's wasn't some altruistic mission to "save us" even though they claimed it was what?  Civilizing us.

THEY WANTED THE LAND.  They took us then out of our way of life and limited us to the reservations.  They also experimented on us then too.  But they did offer us "scholarships".  I remember a movie about Caleb.  They also gave him a Harvard education, a government job, and he got to record the history of his dying ancestors and culture they destroyed.

Do you see the pattern yet of the "rich white men in power" and the Catholic Church?  They come in with the smoke screen of "saving" us.  There are the labels and the imagery.  Whether it's the image of the witch with a crooked nose and a black hat scaring people away from the midwives and into the hospitals where you're more likely to die in the hospital than from an herbal medicine.  Where it's $5000 to have a baby in a hospital vs. free to have one at home in a tub of warm water with a midwife aiding.  Whether it's the image of the native American as a "savage" who is out "scalping innocent women and children", the scarlet letter of a whore, and now we have the label of "victim" being thrust upon us.  The goal with them is always the same - to take money and power - and to exclude us from their seat at power.

I saw a show recently with John Stossell.  It's where I saw Yeonmi Park get up and say "I'm not a victim". and  He brought a woman on who quoted research showing that the more the government has been "helping" the African American community - the worse they're getting overall.  They talked about how the "war on poverty" actually made things worse for the African American community.

I propose that the minute someone says they're going to "label" me to "help" me - RUN. RUN RUN RUN RUN!

I don't want to be treated differently than any man or woman.  No one MADE me do anything.  I made my own choices how I responded to threats.  I take responsibility for my actions and my decisions.

My name is Jody.