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Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've learned how these people operate.  They distract with one hand while they do something screwed up with the other.  For the life of me I've been trying to figure out why all this fuss about Backpage, Backpage, Backpage, etc.  Like it's the center of all trafficking.  Great advertising if you ask me to let people know they can run sex for money ads on that site.  But it sure has nothing to do with sex trafficking really.

I know sites like Sugarbaby are way more "hardcore" than  Backpage.  So are sites like Grinder, Instagram, Seeking Arrangement, etc.  So I've been asking myself - I wonder what's going on with these sites?

I went into the SugarBaby site just for giggles and set up a bogus profile.  I wanted to see what was going on in there.  Sure enough this guy answers me saying he's in Peru.  Makes no sense.  He can buy a woman for probably a buck down there - why is he online?

He offers to send me money without one clue what I look like and I've said nothing to him.  I'm curious so I let it play out.  He says he's sending me $4000.  What?  Who does that?

Then he tells me he can't Western Union it.  Well if you can send it - you can western union it. I let it play out and I get this email that says I need to pay the "processing fee of $400" to get the $4000.

I'm turning this one over to the cops!  Now I know why no one is talking about this site.  They got a good thing going.  I mean if I was a hooker still - who would report just being ripped off?  This is hysterically funny!  The traffickers are now targeting the sex workers on yet another lv

Friday, October 23, 2015


As the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself I'd like to weigh in.

Going back in history I take you to 1980. This is when Linda Lovelace released the book “'Ordeal”. This outlined the film “Deep Throat” was made with mob financing, and she was forced to be in the film with her pimp pointing a gun at her from off camera. Now the anti-porn people scooped her up to be their “poster child” to outlaw porn instead of changing the working conditions on porn sets so this type of thing couldn't happen again. Her statements were fought harshly by the porn industry who obviously had an “image” to protect. To point out many “loved” making these types of films – they pulled out Marilyn Chambers to counter Linda in the press as making porn films “voluntarily”. The pimp, Chuck Traynor, had moved on to now “manage” Marilyn who was now making these claims. Of course she was also promoting her film at the same time. So the more she talked about “loving it' – the more money she also made.

Now that she's deceased – I can point out from behind the scenes the public may not be aware Chuck was controlling Marilyn through her drug addiction. If she wanted that next “fix” - then she was going to play along and smile while she made more movies. Those who wanted to work in the industry again whether that be as a cameraman, sound, lighting, make-up, etc. also kept their mouths shut or defended the industry fiercely. I point this out for a couple of reasons. That being you aren't going to find out the “truth” about an industry while the person you're asking is still financially dependent upon that industry or if interviewed while their boss is still standing there. Those who wanted to keep working in porn during this time period with Marilyn – kept their mouths shut. But I ask you if you consider her making the films because of her drug addiction “voluntarily”?

Would it matter of Marilyn was a secretary who was using her paycheck to buy drugs? I contrast the story of these two women to illustrate my point. By having this discussion in this manner we are viewing the sex industry as different than any industry. The reality is, like it or not, it is an industry. As any industry, there are going to be people being forced to work there by human traffickers. I don't care if that industry is blood diamonds, farming, hotels, meat packing, a legal brothel in Nevada or a porn set in Canoga Park. There will be some elements of human trafficking, as well as some who are there by force caused by drug addiction, mental illness and/or not having other economic choices. The problems come when we stop looking at this like the industry it is because the work involves sex.

But an industry it is – and a big one. I point to the Tobacco Industry. Now did we know the truth about tobacco even from so called “experts” until the truth was leaked to us by an “insider”? An insider who was severely threatened about his life and also his career? I say this because if the tobacco industry was going to lie to the public, and even bring in experts also to congressional hearings to claim their product was “not addictive” and did not “cause cancer” - then do you really think that the truth about the sex industry is all that easy to get at? Meaning outsiders don't know the truth. Those working in the industry actively are going to say what it takes to keep working in that industry. But only those who have been in this industry and who have now LEFT will be able to give you honest perspectives.

Remember, sex work is more than just prostitution also. The sex industry includes stripping, webcam studios, phone sex, pornography production both still photos and video, legal brothels in Nevada, sex clubs such as the Green Door, dungeons, fetish work such as “smashing”, and even “peep shows” where you pay to watch other people or even simply talking to you. It even includes sites such as “Sugar Daddy” where one pays by the month rather than the hour. Which is why I've refused to agree with certain people who want to call “sex work” as “rape”.

Rape implies intercourse. However, there are many types of businesses within the industry that do not involve physical intercourse. Let's take companies who sell “dirty underwear” for example or even being a “madam”. There's also “house mothers” who manage the strippers in a club and the women who handle the phone dispatching for the escort services. Just as rape appears to be about sex on the surface – so too does the sex industry also have that appearance yet deception.

Which is why I argue with those who insist sex work is about “what goes on between two consenting adults” as men like David Vitter and Eliot Spitzer like to fall back upon when caught with a prostitute. The minute you CHARGE for something it no longer is a private sexual act. As an example, I can serve food out of my kitchen day and night if I want to. No one should be able to stop me. But the minute I CHARGE for this food – then I become subject to the laws that govern a commercial kitchen and/or restaurant. The same holds true when “commercializing” the sexual acts in various forms.

Which also brings up the issue of “conflict of interest”. Meaning if I'm a health inspector for restaurants – then should I be the one who is in charge of judging my competitors, as well as my own restaurant? Wouldn't that “conflict of interest” possibly color my reports to try and run my competitors out of business while protecting my own? Which is why I draw a very severe line when it comes to people within law enforcement, politics, and even the media being in positions of power with respect to the sex industry while also purchasing, and/or selling, it's products. I ask you – would we as the general public really hear the truth about the industry while men like Steve Sassa was the CEO of Hearst Media? Further, is Eliot Spitzer going to be someone a victim of trafficking can turn to if he's more concerned with protecting his own family and career over the victims' needs?

Which is why I think the issue of writing laws with respect to the sex industry and/or trafficking works both ways. I think those who are involved in some fashion need to disclose this fact when involved in the issue of writing laws. Just as I would expect that if one was writing laws with respect to the tobacco industry it should be disclosed if one owns a tobacco company at the same time or even smokes. For that reason, I invite those hearing this letter to state their relationship with the sex industry for the record.

So we need to look at the providers, as well as the law makers, the customers and even the general public when it comes to the issue of “prostitution” vs. “trafficking” in order to understand it. When it came to Linda's claims the general public wasn't ready to believe they had “partied” to a film where they were watching a woman being forced to have sex at gunpoint. So they shouted out at her on talk shows “liar” and “boo'd” her to not accept her story. Her pimp had kicked her a lot, and she'd done a lot of drugs – so the touring to do public speaking to try and outlaw porn took it's toll. She needed money for a transplant. The porn industry had turned on her feeling “betrayed” she revealed secrets about them while the anti-porn people abandoned her once she was no longer useful.

Needing $10,000 for a transplant – Linda actually returned to the industry “voluntarily” to make another XXX film. The industry then used that to claim that NO ONE was forced to make films and her statements were false. I think Linda's story told us about the issues of “force” vs. “non-force” very well with respect to the porn industry when at one point she was not the one consenting vs. the time when she was. But because of the way she had told her story – it changed nothing so that others could be prevented from being forced to work in the industry as she once had been. She had focused on trying to stamp out the industry rather than in improving the working conditions in other words to ensure sex work was consensual. That is why she failed – and we need to learn from her mistake.

Having in the back of my mind how the public didn't believe her claims, and also remembering how everyone wrote off her story as being about “selling a book” - I had to think about the public's lack of belief in 1983 when I set up what was the “first adult safe house”. If you look at the clips at you'll see what was called a “brothel two blocks from the Van Nuys police station”. Only it talks about how it was a warehouse, and had “high tech security equipment” which included iron bars, and a CCTV system.

 The reason I got a warehouse is so that if shots were fired – innocent children wouldn't be hit. It was by the police station to deter a lot of attacks and the cameras were to record what went down if the men who would sometimes attack the warehouse with AK47's ever got in – I figured that the film would at least be found back at my home if we were ever murdered. Something I had seen happen during the crazy cocaine days back then.

Which safe house illustrates why no one stepped up to stop Linda from being forced. If they had stepped up because this film was mob financed – there was no where to run for safety before I had opened that first “safe house”. Which is why when considering”consent” one must also consider who is the “employer”. Because the film was a mob film - quitting wasn't an option.

I don't know if you've seen movies like “Charlie's War” or “Cocaine Cowboys” or even “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” but I was dealing with sex trafficking on many levels in the sex industry back in Los Angeles in the 1980's. We had the cousins who were dubbed the “Hillside Strangler” by the media who in reality started out as two pimps. They would kidnap woman right off the street – rape, beat, torture them – and then once done with them they'd lock them in a motel room where they're pimp them for a few weeks before letting them go.

Why? Because to quote one cop “the word of a whore is worthless to get a warrant”. Predators knew this – so the best way to make the world not care about us and our word “worthless” was to turn their victims into “prostitutes”. They of course escalated into murder. But the police didn't really go after them until they started murdering”non-prostitutes”. That needs to change also.

Which is why the sex industry has more trafficking victims inside of it than say the Tobacco industry – because people's view of it as something “sexual” vs. just being an “industry” means those in that industry are not given the full protections under the law that are afforded people in other industries.

Let's look at an enterprise that was “trafficking” vs. “sex work” or even “pimping”. Chuck Barris was producing “The Dating Game” while also acting as a CIA agent. Back then we didn't have the internet, video phones, etc. To get film of beautiful women – they were taken into casting auditions. Those who had no family, and no one to ask questions about their disappearance – had paperwork arranged for them to go on “dates” in other countries that no one ever thought to follow up on who didn't return.

Other attractive women found during scouting were encouraged to register to work at an escort service being run by LAPD called “Talk of the Town” on the set. Their “hourly” rate as escorts was then billed as “extra's” or “model's”. Now you can imagine trying to tell someone about this – and you'd see what I mean about how people would think you were “crazy”. But this was sex trafficking – and something we needed to have this country recognize as such to help women. While what Chuck did was PIMPING – what Barris did was TRAFFICKING.

Now in the 1970's and 80's Linda could have called 911 for help with her pimp and received it. No – I take that back. While the laws were on the books to have theoretically helped her had she called the truth is if she had called then the police, the courts, shelters, victim assistance programs, etc. would have refused to help her then because she was a “prostitute”. That's because we apply the law differently in this country depending on how we feel morally about the victim. Which again becomes the issue that changing the law here isn't the answer. The laws exist already. The problem is when it's not being applied because of the victim being a “prostitute”. Meaning that one step to helping this situation is to start applying our laws, and offering resources, no matter who the victim, or the job, is.

Who would not have been helped back then was victims of this whole network involving Chuck Barris, the Dating Game, and Talk of the Town. I had tried going to the police who said no laws were on the books to be able to help these women. To cope with the stress of this – the mental health system was also ill-equipped then to help us victims. So this whole situation here was why I had to set up that warehouse for victims we had helped escape the situation because these were some seriously “bad dudes” for one. Especially because they were (1) men within our own government, (2) men who were our own law enforcement, and (3) men who were rich, powerful, and famous. We've seen an example of how rape could go on right under everyone's noses with Bill Cosby. Well this is how sex trafficking continues to go on operating right under everyone's noses as well.

Now as long as this country keeps trying to address pimping and trafficking as the same as prostitution AND trying to exclude “us” from being involved in the process of fighting it as survivors – you are endangering this movement to fail again just as it did with the Mann Act.

Yes we also had Iran Contra going on then – meaning the CIA was the ones bringing the cocaine into this country to generate “off the books” cash which was used to buy guns for the Contra's. The gangs were used to process the drug, then it was mixed with heroin and sold through the crack houses in south central Los Angeles. To get the drug however into the parties of the Hollywood elite – it was put into the purses of high-priced escorts who were dispatched into “high society” through the three madams who ran Los Angeles back then. The three was Alex, the Beverly Hills Madam, Cheri, who was the Hollywood Madam, and then myself, who was dubbed the “High Tech Madam”.

Because LA was having the largest number of serial killings of prostitutes in history at this time – Hillside Stranglers, Southside Slayers, Night Stalker, Green River Killer, Grim Reaper, etc. - and we couldn't turn to the police for help nor was the internet born yet then – I had found a way to eliminate cash through an office I used to as a “front” to be able to not only be able to take credit cards – but also to protect our security. For this reason, the other madams would screen potential clients through our security to make sure they weren't cops or maniacs by paying a “screening fee” and also I'd set up the warehouse for adults where they wouldn't be safe in a motel or a shelter. Meaning there was a difference being “pimping” and offering “security” for a community who can't turn to outside agencies for help. I bring this up because I'm seeing a lot of attacking upon the screening used in the sex industry as being the “pimping” because non-survivors don't understand the sex industry.

So back then I was seeing all types of sex work as well as all types of sex trafficking and pimping. I was also seeing the difference between “security” and “pimping” of which there is also a difference. There is a difference between a pimp and prostitute working together on Hollywood Boulevard to support a drug habit and men within our CIA who would come asking if I knew of a woman who I'd sell them for $25,000. A woman who had no one to ask questions back here if she went missing who they would give to a drug dealer to play with or a wealthy Saudi who liked “white girls” to seal an oil deal. Just as there was a difference between a network of traffickers who were behind women like Linda – who were taken from town to town to be sold as a prostitute, stripper, porn performer – any which way that product could be sold. If those women tried to leave – not only was their lives threatened but also their families. What's worse – others in the industry were threatened also.

With all of this in mind – you have to take into consideration in the early 1980's society didn't believe trafficking even existed. The prostitute back then was viewed solely as either a “criminal” or “sexual deviant” or even a “health threat”. Which is how it usually broke down then – the cops thought of us as criminals, the therapists thought we had a sexual addiction, and the churches viewed us as “home wreckers” and “health threats”.

So much so that in 1986 there was actually a Bill considered to put prostitutes on an “island to quarantine them from society”. That was another reason I stepped up in 1987 to launch this movement was that whole push where we were being viewed as a “threat to public health” and people were actually talking about rounding us up and putting us on an island! What people didn't seem to understand is that many of the HIV positive prostitutes who were out there continuing to prostitute didn't want to be there –their pimps were forcing them to be there. But another thing that concerned me with this quarantine bill was when law makers were talking about “us” like we weren't members of society. A “tone” of which I'm seeing a lot of now in the movement which also concerns me.

So when I stepped up on that first talk show stage in 1987 – it was to (1) promote the first hotline to have people call when they needed help to leave for whatever reason, (2) let people know we had a 12 step program for their recovery and where we would believe them about their experiences, (3) call out our society to change the way it viewed this situation so that we could start getting the help we needed properly for whatever our needs were. I say that because I'd been working towards my psychology degree back then also – and the only bits I could find in the textbooks only seemed to be a tiny blurb about the “junkie prostitute” type of character. Meaning even our educational system has to change.

Which was another one of my bones to pick – the whole time I'd been in the sex industry I had never drank nor did drugs. Yet every time I'd try and find help to leave the industry – I kept butting up against the perception we were all junkie prostitutes. Yet here I was driving up to my $250 an hour therapy sessions in my Mercedes 450SL while living south of the Boulevard in a house with view of LA. When I was arrested and the police came and confiscated my cars, furs, jewelry and cash – I want you to know I was just as much of a “trafficking victim” as the next one who might be forced to work in some Mexican border cantina handcuffed to the bar. So these stereotypes I've been seeing lately in the media about victims only appearing to look like street prostitutes and junkies concerns me. I want you to realize that I was a trafficking victim and so was Jeane Palfrey – so determining who is what isn't something so easy to do nor to do at a first glance and does require a trained eye.

The only way I could see to convince America to set up a system where victims of operations like Chuck Barris' was running was to first get them to believe me. I watched how Linda hadn't been believed – and used that to work from. She had started out by trying to sell her story in a book. So I then deliberately didn't “sell a book” or “make a movie” when I started speaking out in 1987. So this meant I kept the contracts that came in after I was arrested. When I reached a $1,000,000 in offers I went onto a Joan Rivers' show and showed them to the audience. I then ripped them up (while Joan pretended to faint). I said to Joan and the audience – I needed them to BELIEVE me more than I needed money. I could get money by going back into sex work. Meaning understand that I don't think we've even be talking about this issue had I not done things like this which cost me a great deal of money as you can imagine. Because not only did I refuse these offers – but I further had to spend over $400,000 of my own money to do work for these calling our hotline because we didn't get federal recognition until 2000. Meaning everything was coming out of my pocket back then and that this a movement I've heavily invested in and sacrificed for. Which is why I'm going to hope you're listening.

Now realize our hotline was the first ever promoted nationally for adults from any part of the sex industry, male or female, whether trafficked or not. Realize the term “sex trafficking” wasn't even coined until the Trafficking Act of 2000. Meaning from 1987 until 2000 – we didn't even know that word. But to give you a perspective on my experience on this issue – the National Trafficking Hotline has answered about 100,000 phone calls to date. Our hotline in contrast has answered about 500,000 calls. Meaning I don't know anyone who has talked to more people in more of a wide variety of situations than myself. This I believe gives me a very unique perspective when it comes to advising lawmakers on the issue of sex work and/or sex trafficking. So granted this letter is long – but I'm also giving you a much wider view on this issue than the story you're going to hear over and over again.

I'm doing this because I don't want to see what we did with the Mann Act repeated. Something I see we're very dangerously close to. I bring this up because the Mann Act was well-intentioned. The problem was however the lawmakers then didn't sit down and work with law enforcement about what it meant. Nor did the law makers give the cops any way to really carry out the law. Meaning the Mann Act was about women who were being brought in from other countries to staff massage parlors basically. However, the only two men arrested on the Mann Act after it was passed was two African American males who married white women. Of course the media back lashed about it – and basically laughed the law right out existence.

To not repeat what happened with the Mann Act – we have to bring this conversation back around to putting real live survivors, and the founder of this movement, back on the discussion table. The fact no one thought to include us to this discussion shows a fatal gap exists in this current movement that if not repaired does endanger it. As well we need bring back into focus what some of the original key points of the movement was about. We also have got to start talking about what modern day sex trafficking is in this country that I'm not seeing. I'm seeing a huge explosion of images of street prostitution being paraded around as “sex trafficking” in the media lately. I can assure you it's different and I can also assure you that I've been trying to get people within the trafficking arenas to talk to me about a case of modern day sex trafficking for YEARS NOW and I can't get so much as a return phone call.

First thing needs to be addressed is when a victim calls 911 for help SHE WOULD without any discussions about whether she's a “victim” or a “prostitute” or a “sex worker” be able to get help. To make these distinctions reminds me way too much of how in other countries you have to prove you fought “hard enough” against the rape. Again, these issues are much like we went through with rape and domestic violence back during the days when society didn't believe date or spousal rape was rape.

Meaning why I'm getting very concerned about all this emphasis on how someone has to cry “I'm a victim” in order to be receiving help in this current climate. Think about it – to call the National Trafficking Hotline right now you have to cry “victim”. Meaning that right now the ONLY hotline where one can call for help to simply leave sex work, whether trafficked or not, whether prostitution or not and WITHOUT CRYING “VICTIM” – is ours. Also, this movement is failing when our hotline is also the only one for victims to call when law enforcement is involved in the trafficking which is most of the time in reality.

One of the biggest reasons we've had to fight people in this movement through the ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops and the Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Open Society is because the church is pushing to limit help only to heterosexual women who have engaged in illegal prostitution who are showing “remorse” by crying “victim”. They are turning this into an abortion issue when it's not. But because we have insisted on making help available to anyone, for any reason, from any part of the industry, who may simply just want to “leave” - this is why certain people been trying to push us out of our own movement.

This tunnel vision that's crept into this movement to only focus in on the prostitute, vs. those in the sex industry as a whole, concerns me . So to the emphasis on only those engaged in illegal prostitution. The way people are being “cherry picked” as to who is a “victim” who isn't deeply troubles me. It's sending a message that help and protection is only available to someone engaged in illegal prostitution as well only someone crying “victim”. It's also excluding the males, transgenders, the LGBT, and those who may be Jewish, Buddist or atheist. That type of focus has been what's destroyed this movement every time in the past and is about to destroy it now. To further only be offering help to those who are arrested makes about as much sense as screening for cancer by looking at the list of who was arrested today for speeding. Trafficking exists within the LEGAL sex industry just as much as the illegal.

You also don't “end demand” for sex trafficking by arresting men trying to buy sex. They are apples and oranges. Most “johns” don't knowingly buy a man, woman or child, they think was forced. Most customers don't go “oh gee I need to find someone who is forced to have sex with me to give money to their pimp today. So limiting who you're offering help to offering it only to people who can call for help is almost an oxymoron. It's like saying you're only going to sell brake jobs to owners of brand new cars. Because if the victim can call a number and say “I need help” then they aren't in the position of needing help to escape trafficking. If you want to call it “ending demand for prostitution” fine. But these people have got to stop calling it “ending demand for trafficking victims” because it's actually siphoning resources away from the real steps it takes to do that job.

Which brings me to these “billboard campaigns”. Do you want to know where this whole “billboard” idea came from by the way? The very first committee we were on put together by Tom Bradley had set aside $30,000 to put up bus stop signs. I had asked for $30,000 to buy a van to go and pick up the men and women who were being released before they hit the “bottom of the hill” where the pimps picked them up after being released. The money was given to the signs because the guy OWNED A SIGN COMPANY. When I found out I marched into Bradley's office and resigned. I told him “not one person is going to be helped by those signs but a van could have changed things”. At the end of the year, when they saw the signs weren't helping anyone – I got call from Tom to “come back”. So that's what started this whole billboard thing – people who had no idea how to do sex industry outreach.

On the other hand, Bob Herbert, who used to have a column with the NY Times, wrote a couple of articles after interviewing me in Vegas. In one of them he actually verified what I was saying by DUPLICATING what I told him to do. He went into a random club first of all. Then he picked a random dancer. He says by doing what we told him – he found a woman saying she “wanted out”. Meaning in 15 minutes Bob found a trafficking victim he was able to help and send home by listening to us. Yet when the ATLAS program was opened in 2007 and their director reported at the end of the year helping ZERO victims. Our hotline however had processed over 300 calls from Nevada alone that year. For $870,000 they got in grant money for the year - that's a crime. But this is happening each and every time we've been excluded from the table.

ESPECIALLY since I'm not saying what I'm saying to try and obtain a federal grant or hold a fund raiser. As a 12 step program I do not solicit federal grants nor do I hold “fund raisers”. I've also been clean from all drugs and from all forms of the sex industry since 1985. I'm not on any type of psychiatric medications, no “medical marijuana” and I'm not a paid lobbyist. I hold no job within this industry I'm trying to protect nor advance my “career” either. I'm not trying to “start a house”.

Meaning what you hear when you hear me speaking about this industry is in fact pretty much therefore an “unbiased” opinion that is not being motivated by the idea of a paycheck at the end nor an advance to my career. I'm also saying not just because we've worked for so long with so many – that means nothing. But because our work has been EFFECTIVE. But since that guy who wanted to use that committee to line his own pockets – I've been seeing people come in trying to exploit this movement for their own purposes and it's threatening the movement.

I say that because I've read many a “report” lately where the groups being listed on that report as “contributors” were standing in line for government grants or using this platform to advance their careers. I mean do you know how many politicians I've seen come in waving the trafficking banner for a year, advance their careers, and then they're gone. That's not helping us! Which means also guess what? What I'm saying might be different than everyone else right now in line who is trying to open a house, get a grant, or advance their careers on the back of this movement – and for good reason!

Now we had to address the issue of “force” in our early meetings of Sex Workers Anonymous. Some were coming in having been pimped by street pimps while others were driving up in BMW's and living in mansions. We had madams, porn performers, strip club owners, pimps, and prostitutes from both the legal and illegal sides of the fence coming to our meetings. SWA has also had members who were drug addicts – and those who never used at all. Some members had pimps and some didn't. Some were trafficked – not pimped.

I can tell you Jeane Palfrey, who was dubbed the DC Madam, was someone who spoke about being “trafficked” while she was in our program. A fact she was trying to get across by releasing the names in her “Black Book”. Unlike what many think – she was not trying to release names of “johns” but trying to reveal the same type of trafficking that I had witnessed, as well as madams like Alex and even Heidi Fleiss witnessed. She was trying to show “proof” of who it is some of the victims are having to be helped to escape from – men pretty high up without our political, legal and even celebrity status. The fact she was murdered before she could testify at the ethics hearing to this speaks volumes!

Let me contrast with you for a moment. Let's take a street drug addict's type of drug usage and the drug dealer who is going to sell him $10 worth of crack. Then let's talk about the dealer who deals in “keys” of cocaine that he has to carry around in his gym bag. Up another level to a group of dentists I knew who banded together to get the paper done that brought in a large shipment of cocaine which they wrote on their paperwork was for their dental surgeries. Then contrast with the people I saw bringing in illegal cocaine on a boat right past the coast guard. This coke was in boxes which we then packed onto a truck I drove because they said “no one was going to stop a white girl”. This coke hadn't even been processed yet and had to be taken next to a chemist. Now liken this to the sex industry and trafficking and you have an idea about the many layers that exist within this world.

Layers that I'm not seeing addressed in this movement yet. Something I was trying to change when I started going on TV telling my stories, and well as bringing on other women into the media like Jeane Palfrey, Brandy Britton, etc. wasn't trying to convince people that pimps existed. They already knew that. What I was trying to raise awareness of was the fact that there is also a trafficking network run by people in power over us. So when Jeane came forward with names like Randall Tobias in her “black book”– she was setting the stage to reveal how this tied into TRAFFICKING – not as “johns”.

Because Jeane had seen the same thing that I'd seen, Alex had seen, Heidi Fleiss had seen, and even Kristin Davis had seen – which is men within our own government using the madams as pawns in a trafficking network where prostitutes were used to milk secrets out of men, blackmail men, set them up, etc. Further, we could not leave or refuse what we were asked to do. When we each were asked to do something we just couldn't live with ourselves if we did – we each found ourselves arrested, publicly shamed, then our lives “glamorized” in the media in what we believe is these men trying to push a “successor” forward they might be able to get more “play” out, and the cycle continues.

When Alex refused – I was flushed forward. When I refused, Heidi was flushed forward. After this, Jeane was flushed forward. This was “pre-internet” so the process has changed some since – but that's the way it was done pre-1995. Afterwards – if it appears we're going to “talk” about what we knew - we'd found dead hung somewhere like what happened with Jeane. The others take their money to make their “Movies of the Week” and keep their mouths shut about the whole story. Only Jeane had hoped to get the “whole story” out, pocket Larry Flynt's million, and have her movie be about not prostitution – but about how our government had been using her, and these escorts like Brady Britton, in their high levels deals that I can show you about over and over again now in the news as “real”.

Which once we got “federal recognition” for being “real” in 2000 – I have to admit I had no idea how fast this would be hijacked. Hijacked by people who want to turn this whole thing into a way to create more fodder to target lower-income minorities, and tear these families apart while throwing most of the family either in jail and/or foster services. This we've witnessed in the projects like Project Rose, Division 17, the NY Trafficking Network, etc., that came out once it became something where one could get paid. The police now go out and round up prostitutes in the same identical manner as the sweeps they've always done only instead of being called “sweeps” it's called “rescue”.

In the meantime, I've been knocking on doors for a couple of years now about the same network operating right now across the USA where the victims' can't speak out for help themselves because of who they're being threatened by and how. In this network, the people involved are also involved within law enforcement, and the trafficking “task forces”, and in some cases even Internal Affairs. Leaving me with no idea who to turn to in order to get help for the victims of this ring. In Wichita, Kansas, a few women were “freed” who then thanked the court for this freedom. Granted the judge, and arresting officer have received death threats for their trouble – but the women were freed.

That said the evidence of this can be used to go after the very heads of this operation. RICO was written because of criminal operations – you can take a few people out but the machine still continues. Well the machine is continuing and everyone is so busy chasing after street prostitutes – that I can't get anyone to sit down with me to look at this trafficking network because it involves looking at our own legal and political system. Problem is – that's the only way it's going to get done. If you're ready to take that on – and help build a system that truly addresses sex trafficking, and pimping, in all it's forms then please get in touch with me. Thank you for listening.

Jody Williams (702) 468-4529 Telephone

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letter to Jovana Lara with ABC News Los Angeles

That's kind of an outline of my background.  If you look at the clips at I invite you to look at the one speaking about a "brothel" I was supposedly operating.  However, the news commented that I had a "warehouse close to the police station that have surveillance equipment and security".  What this was in reality was the first "safe house" for adult trafficking victims.  The only other program that existed back then was the one opened up in 1979.  This was because groups like Covenant House, Boys Town, etc. were either refusing to admit prostitutes - or there were issues of the staff and/or residents sexually abusing them.  There were horror stories of young women being led into kitchen's after dinner - and then raped by 1/2 of the residents and/or even staff in some treatment centers.  There was of course the accusations against Father Ritter for supposedly abusing the male prostitutes while he ran Covenant House.  There just weren't the appropriate services for them in the "runaway" shelters back then.  So Lois had opened CON in 1979.  Leaving me wondering what to do with the adults.

When Linda Lovelace stepped up in 1980 and said she had been forced to film "Deep Throat" on a mob financed film by her pimp while no one stepped up to stop her - the public didn't believe her.  I watched as audiences "boo'd" and even yelled "liar" at her.  So I knew in the early 1980's we had no allies and nowhere to turn.  I also found when I called the police - they would hang up the phone on us or threaten to arrest us.  When I started having anxiety attacks and fainting - I kept going to $250 an hour psychiatrists who told me that "no such thing existed" and then would try and lock me up for "psychiatric observation".  I had actually started college when I was 16 to work towards my psychology degree.  So what little I did read in college textbooks about us was pretty much we were "junkie prostitutes".  The issue was back then about the same as if I came to you today and said "we need to find a way to help stop these aliens from abducting our women".  That's how we were received.

Now I didn't have time to "raise awareness".  We had the Grim Reaper, the Hillside Stranger, the Green River Killer, and of course the traffickers targeting us because who were we going to call to stop them?  The cops?  I really enjoyed the movie "Frozen Ground" because it really showed how we were treated back then by law enforcement.  It was open season on us and the predators knew it.  So I put together that warehouse thinking that if there was shooting at least stray bullets wouldn't hit any kids.

But of course how do I explain this to a court?  They of course had no evidence this was a "brothel" because it wasn't.  But I had other people who wanted me in jail where I believe I would have been murdered to silence me.  Mind you reporters like Gary Webb who have now spoken out about Iran Contra were probably murdered for speaking out.  Rick "Freeway" Ross talks about how he was set up also by an informant to life in prison to silence him.  In my case - they had nothing on me so they threatened to charge my mother with pimping me to force me into a plea bargain.

I spent some time waiting to make sure I could speak out completely without legal backlash.  I also then put together a board of "mentors".  People who knew not only about the founding of AA but also a deep  understanding about how to create social change.  I studied the civil rights movement with ex-Black Panthers and I also studied with holocaust survivors on what happened with how Hitler used propaganda.  I took classes at the East West center about how Gandhi would only wear cotton made in India to produce change.   So when I stepped up onto that talk show stage in 1987 - I was ready!   I came on promoting of course the first hotline for adults - and also telling the public this kind of thing was real, was happening to American men and women, and that not everyone in the sex industry was a "Happy Hooker" I further said we needed to stop arresting these victims who also couldn't speak out because they also knew they wouldn't be believed.

Ex-mayor Tom Bradley was a true visionary.  Knowing how long it takes to changes things politically - he just just donated us a room down at City Hall.  He then appointed someone from each dept. from the police, to sheriff's, to probation, social services, etc.  You have to realize that just in 1986 - there had been a group trying to push a Bill that was calling to "quarantine" prostitutes on an island as a "health risk".   So we were also viewed as "disease carriers" then.

Now I ask you - how is an HIV positive prostitute supposed to stop working when she has a pimp forcing her to work?  Also, how is one supposed to get tested when to be honest is incriminating herself?  Also, condoms were considered "evidence of prostitution" so pro's weren't carrying condoms.  What to do?  Tom helped me get someone from UCLA, and the CDC as well as the Health Dept. together.  They also got an office down about Highland and Santa Monica over where many transgender and gay prostitutes street walked back then because they didn't have cars.  He had the police suspend all "criminalizing" and declared condoms were not to be considered "evidence".  The first test of sex workers was horrifying. They showed an 80 percent positive rate of infection.

I explained we couldn't get them to quit without housing, food, jobs, school, etc.  He got a grant issued that allowed us to hire ex-sex workers who were HIV positive as "outreach workers".  He helped a porn star, Sharon Mitchell, get a special medical degree so she set up AIM.  AIM was the exclusive medical testing site for the porn and sex industry for many years.  They shut down about 10 years ago.  But back then - they were it.   We set up a special process where prostitutes, sex workers, porn performers, were all asked "do you want to leave"?  Those who said "yes" - found they could go out the back way. Through there - they got housing, education, counseling, etc.  Their pimps were then walked out the front door by security.  We didn't focus on prosecution of the pimp because we had victims who needed to not be stressed because back then if you were a female victim you were usually dead within one year.

The jails were packed and no guard wanted to touch the prostitutes.  Sybil Brand back then had 2000 inmates - 1800 of who were prostitutes. The transgenders were sleeping on the floor in the dayroom.  Tom got a house that we were able to put the males into that were HIV positive.  He found an empty drug program and turned it into the first residential program where we focused on the HIV positive and pregnant.  It was in the old Via Avanta program.  The Mary Magdalene Project got the prostitutes without major drug or mental health issues.

These programs were so successful that at the end of the first year - the studies were coming out less than 6 percent positive for HIV infection.  Which was unheard of.  That was less than "straight' non-sex workers.  Which gave Joe Conforte, the owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel, an idea.  In 1988 - he embarked upon a campaign to expand brothels into California on the premise that it "eliminated HIV".  No one would go up against Joe but our program - so we duked it out about his rigged fake medical results he'd bought and at the end of the year - no brothels were allowed in California.

These programs were so successful I was asked to bring them back to Pennsylvania.  Mind you this was before we had federal recognition for sex trafficking.  How we paid for services was this - to take care of about those 1800 prostitutes - it would cost  the county about $1,000,000.  We took $350,000 and for a year ran the "Program for Female Offenders" in Allentown.  This took off and a program was also started in Vancouver - the first ever in Canada.

I came back to Los Angeles in 1991 to have my baby, get married, etc.  My now ex-husband was also an ex-pimp and prostitute who became a drug counselor.  I spent those years helping Mission College set up the first ever training program for counselors, social workers, etc., on how to work with this community effectively.  Realize that before we came along - if you were a prostitute in the system you were previously viewed as "hopeless".  They weren't staying clean, nor staying in the programs, because much of the time the trafficking issue was ignored.  Meaning their pimp would often drag them back.  That or the fact they couldn't speak about these issues - made it impossible for them to get, and stay, clean.

In 1994, we started hearing about child sex trafficking where the kids couldn't get to Children of the Night.  This was going on in Nebraska - and again before this issue had federal recognition.  All most people remember was me leaving Los Angeles again to go set up some houses in Nebraska.  There was no internet then, no cell phones, no small video cameras - it was a different time.  This is where i met Johnny Gosch's mom and we did a lot of good work back there.

In 1996 however, the calls we were getting needing help to get out of legal brothels.  You have to put into perspective these women had no cars, there were no cabs out where these brothels were, and it was literally ILLEGAL for them to leave on foot in most cases.  We had helped one woman escape who was on the Sally Jesse Raphael show - and she spread the word.  Soon we had the madam at the Mustang out of the trade and clean and sober.  We got Joe shut down and chased out of the country.  But literally these brothel owners would sic the police after these women.  The only way out was if someone literally drove up to pick them up and got them out of there.  There was also no bus from one end of the state to the other and didn't exist until 2012.  So we had to cover the whole state.  This is why you see a lot of clips about us from 1987 until the early 1990's and then it drops off dramatically.  The reason is because the Review Journal which is most of the media in Nevada is designed to basically support the sex industry there.  Remember that state was covering up a lot of dead bodies back then - literally!

There was a pretty big push to put a legal brothel where the Mob Museum now sits.  So it took us a while to get that idea show down.  I mean it had celebrities, businessmen, politicians, etc. all pushing for that idea.  It took two things to turn that corner.  One was a campaign where we got big companies to sign letters about how much money they were NOT spending in Nevada because of the brothels there already.  We also had to prepare an economic report that for every $1 the sex trade brought in - we had to show $3.00 going out on social services, lowered real estate prices, over crowded jails, ER's, etc.  We didn't really turn that corner until Obama piped up with a statement about the whole thing.  Then of course we had Aubrey show up at an "off the calendar" hearing with the legislature.  The only person who countered their bid to expand was us - but our survivor told her story which you can hear at   It must have impressed them - because they voted them out and now there's the Mob Museum there, along with the arts district and farmers' market!

By the year 2000 we were rocking.  We were like AA - we had a chapter of SWA in every major city of the USA.  Every Salvation Army or Catholic Charity had a meeting hall for us.  We had the street hookers in their programs, and the escorts would drive in to these meetings in their BMW's and Ferrari's (literally).  In LA we had our porn stars, and in NY we had a lot of madams, and of course each region was a little different.  But essentially we worked with every police, probation, and social services dept. in the country.  This led to the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  This was huge because if you were raped, kidnapped, beaten, etc., but were a prostitute - you were excluded from being able to get help through victim services.

Why?  If you were shot by a store owner trying to break into that store - no lawyer is going to give them damages against you.  In the eyes of the law up to that point - we were viewed as "criminals".  The legal attitude was "you got what you got".  Much like how if you were married and raped by your husband at one point - you had no recourse. For us - it didn't matter if you got raped walking to the store.  If you were a prostitute - well then you were pretty much ignored by the system back then.  So much so that when I took  a woman who had been stabbed 51 times into the Hillside Strangler Task Force - we were thrown out.  When I asked why - the cop said "because I can't get a warrant based on the word of a whore".  Meaning our testimony wasn't valid because of being a criminal.

Now to address this - I've always insisted we need to "decriminalize" prostitution.  Otherwise, we're not going to get witnesses to come forward to help prosecute our traffickers because they'll be too afraid of self-incrimination.  Same for them coming forward to help.  It was the same with condoms - who was going to carry them if used against them in court?  We fought really hard to get prosecutors to stop using this so we could get any woman to carry condoms.  Because even a "non-pro" was called a "whore" if she carried condoms. Now to combat this we made a horrible miscalculation.  We went to the porn industry and talked them into doing "soft porn" with condoms to promote "safe sex".  BIG MISTAKE.  What it did was fuel a huge "amateur" porn epidemic to counter.  Luckily this was before the internet - and we were able to correct the situation before many more got infected with HIV.

I got to tell you - all that work to push for "federal recognition" we thought was our payoff.  I had spent $400,000 of my own money because we couldn't get anything paid for by the state because again this wasn't even viewed as "real" back then.  I remember the first trial I testified in as an expert witness against the pimp to explain how they make the victim "think" they're acting voluntarily when in fact not - the FBI couldn't even find a classification for me!

But essentially by the year 2000 - we had a chapter of SWA in every city.  Any reporters working on stores on this issue came to us to interview who they needed.  We had over 190,000 members in our active database then.  If you needed to speak to a stripper who was Jewish with two kids - we had one you could interview.  If you needed to speak to an African American HIV positive transgender - we had it (and still do).  We had worked with five films, and done three documentaries by then - advising just about everyone in the news and media up to that point.  We didn't have a "residential" program because we believed in survivors getting their own houses.  It was safer that way anyway because we found once pimps learned where the houses were - well that's what happened in 1984.  I had rescued a woman from her pimp in Lancaster - and to get her cast out and back home he figured if he got it shut down - she'd have no where to go back.

I knew how to help men and women escape and recover from sex work whether trafficked or not.  That's my forte and expertise. I'm not  political science or history major.  So I was completely unprepared for what took off when this was federally recognized once that Trafficking Act passed.  Imagine it like when the Indian Reservation was allowed to have gambling on even grow pot on their land.   What happened was we created a gold mine and therefore a gold rush at the same time.  I had no idea what was to come.

But Randall Tobias and then President Bush teamed up and they "hijacked" the movement.  Even Michael Tobias has said the same in interviews.  What Bush did was he confined any federal money for victims to only "faith based" programs.  Now how he did that when there's supposed to be "separation of church and state I have no idea.   Now mind you our studies had shown that past "faith based" programs had universally failed us.  So that was one huge problem with involving the church in with helping us.

Tobias came in with the TVRA of 2003.  That modified everything to be basically two big problems:  (1) you couldn't work with any trafficking victim in this country unless you were going to state that "sex work was not  job but rape", and (2) that unless you were going to call for all forms of prostitution to be OUTLAWED then you were considered the same as "supporting trafficking".  Now let's take the job as a madam - how is being a madam a form of "rape"?  People could be forced to be madams and even strippers. Stripping is not rape because it's not sex.  Now if we make prostitution, and all sex work ILLEGAL then we're going to be right back to how are we going to get prosecutions when people are trying to cover themselves?

Let's put it in another frame - what if you were running drug court and you told Narcotics Anonymous that you couldn't refer anyone to them, or work with them, or even speak to them, unless they (1) joined in the fight to outlaw all medical marijuana, and (2) you tell addicts on legally prescribed medications that their doctors are "drug dealers" and that they have to treat drug dealers the same as licensed doctors.  Well that's going to make some addicts step up and say "hey I'm on prescribed medication and then this whole debate comes up about what's "okay to use" and what's "not okay to use" and when is using "okay" and "not okay" and it then turns into a whole confusing can of worms.  NA keeps it simple with drug court - they don't get involved in any legislation about drugs like medical marijuana and they make no distinctions between drugs from a dealer or a doctor.  A drug is a drug.

Now take back to us.  We say "sex work is sex work" and "trafficking" isn't about what's "legal" or not.  We view the prostitute standing on a corner no different than a woman making a porn or stripping.  We also make no distinction between a man, woman or transgender. Our outreach is to anyone whether Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or even atheist.  WE also don't make some line in the sand saying "only those who were forced".  It doesn't matter if forced or not - we focus if you are male or female, any religion or lack of religion, any age, for any reason, you want to quit and recover - then we're here to help.

So what happened was a huge wave of groups rose up in 2004 that had both federal funding AND a big fat check book from the Catholic Church to fund "faith based groups" and "safe houses" which targeted young women who were pregnant and their babies could be adopted.  These programs EXCLUDED males, transgenders, LGBT, the Jews, the Buddhists, the atheist, etc.

In 2004 - our groups were handed "pink slips" by the Salvation Army and the Catholic Charities.  Our members were banned from their property.  Because we wouldn't sign these policies - we were viewed "the same as traffickers".  Anyone who received funding from the government, and/or these Catholic Bishops, would tell me "if we even speak to you - we lose our funding".  Suddenly our members were fired from all the jobs they held within the system.  Again, imagine if every member of AA or NA were fired out of the treatment field.   Imagine if every drug counselor who belonged to NA was fired.  Imagine if every treatment program that had an AA meeting on site was shunned by the DUI courts?  It was a devastation.  We had teams of outreach workers for example in Phoenix where 15 survivors were fired on the spot.  I was getting calls from 1400 meetings across the USA who were telling me "we've just been banned from the property".

Now I might have understood this is there was a replacement system - but they were literally banning our program from the premises we'd met at for years, anyone in SWA was fired who worked for any program working with prostitutes, referrals to our program from other programs were immediately stopped.  Jail chaplains stopped giving our our phone number to inmates, cops stopped giving out our flyers to prostitutes they'd see on the "stroll", counselors at the mental health departments and social services suddenly stopped giving referrals to their clients to us,  probation officers had to take down our posters and not give out our numbers.

The whole system was replaced with a Christian based philosophy which excluded males, the LGBT, the Jewish, the Buddhists, etc.  Which created another backlash - those in the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities who were Jewish, Buddhist, or Lesbians - were literally ejected.  When we asked why the Jewish women were being ejected we were told it was because their "kitchens weren't built to accommodate".  When we asked why the lesbians were being ejected - we were told "we don't  have separate accommodations!   To prevent women who were pregnant from seeing licensed therapists who might advocate abortions, or doctors who might also advocate abortions - these women left in their programs were restricted to only "pastoral counselors" and "nurse practitioners" until such time as delivery.

II don't know how to describe what this looked like - but the stress of it all caused me to have a horrible stroke that almost killed me.  I mean we had 1400 groups suddenly just evicted and shut down.  I'm getting phone calls from across the country from lesbians, Jewish women, transgenders, etc. all telling me they've just been thrown out into the streets with nothing and no where to go.  I've got members telling me they're "out of a job" suddenly and have no idea why considering our programs were very effective.  So much so we've had three investigative reporters out who wrote glowing reports about us- and even professor Sharon Oselin's book "Leaving the Sex Industry" reported out of a 10 year study of three of the top programs in the country what made the difference between one and the other was those who attended our program.

Now what do we do?  What we did was knock on lawyer's doors.  No one wanted to get involved unless i had $10,000 upfront for a retainer because there was no monetary judgments.  I could only get a "monetary judgment" if I could show I'd been making money before to show "loss of earnings".  We'd just got federal recognition. I'd been spending my own money up to that point - so how do I show "economic loss" for work I've been paying to do?  Finally the ACLU rose to the job.  The lawsuit of ACLU v. Catholic Bishops won.  The court found this kind of "exclusion" wasn't right or legal.  They basically said the church couldn't use their checkbook to tell groups who they could talk to and who they could not.  That was the church.

What about the federal government?,_Inc.  This Supreme Court decision did not come down until 2012.  This decision basically confirmed that one can't restrict who you work with based on them having the views as these groups.  So now they couldn't threaten to withdraw any federal funding, or restrict federal funding - to anyone group who wasn't saying exactly what these groups wanted them to say.

Okay so the courts have spoken.  All of this was "unconstitutional" and "illegal".  Especially since what they were doing essentially was wiping out  services to the LGBT, the men, and those who were not Christian such as the Jewish people, Buddhist, and even the atheists.  

But honestly - anyone who has now entered this field between 2004 and 2013 - has not been told anything about us pretty much.  Anyone who did talk about us told me they were fired. If this was prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - I could get out public service announcements like we used to do in order to get the word out we are still here.  I used to have weekly public access TV shows.  Those aren't free anymore either.

So Lara - now you know why I'm writing you with this whole long story.  I have to let people know all over again we're still here for those who wondered what happened to us (some people thought I died after the stroke), as well as a whole new generation that we exist.  I mean I'm looking around at all these "trafficking task forces" that were set up before the Supreme Court decision that were afraid to even speak to us for fear of losing their funding .

I'm writing to ask for your help.  We certainly can't afford to print up postcards to let people know we're here.  To let them know about our resources. We have the hotline answered by a survivor 24/7. There's our "Recovery Guide" written by survivors about recovery.  SWA has a jail "mail study program for those locked up to work with.  Our radio show at gives new survivors stories they can listen to for support.  We have access to lists of employers who hire them and scholarships to put them through school.  We have the largest list of residential programs in the country.  SWAN is our program for parents and/or kids of prostitutes to find support.

We are also acceptable for "alternative sentencing purposes".  Meaning if Amber Batts in Alaska had known about us - she could have asked the judge to court order her to our program instead of jail.  This would have allowed her to save her two kids and maybe her marriage.  We are not restricted to a special "court' - any prostitute anywhere found guilty can ask the judge to attend.

More important is our "survivor network".  While there are many shelters, domestic violence shelters, and treatment centers across the country who now take survivors of trafficking - the vast majority of them don't offer transportation.  I can get a call on the hotline however from say Miami Florida - I can call our Miami chapter and find someone willing to go and pick up that victim, then take them into where they need to go - all while protecting their "anonymity".  I don't know any other program that can offer that but ours.  Not even the National Trafficking Network has access to phone numbers of people who will offer transportation to other support services.

So please help us get the word out there again that we're still here and allow us to connect to these new programs and also connect those calling our hotline to services.  I soo appreciate your time in reading this.  Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529


Letter to Lauren - an ABC reporter

Dear Lauren:

Who have you got that would be interested in the case I’m really knee deep in right now?  So deep I’m now having to live in an RV that I move every week because of the death threats, and attempts, that have been made on my life since taking on this case?   It’s based out of Pasadena, California.

Here’s some background on it - and it just keeps getting deeper and darker.

It started when I was trying to help women in connection with “Operation Dollhouse” in Vegas in 2007.  This operation was set up in a private home - so we couldn’t do “outreach” like one can with a strip club or massage parlor.   Now these people know I do things like send in “fake” customers, and I do things like get myself hired as a maid or graphic designer because of past “stings” where I’ve done this sort of thing.  

So the women in Operation Dollhouse only spoke Mandarin and only operated out of private homes.  So even if I got into the house - I couldn't talk to them myself.  The customers were only accepted by Mandarin speaking cab drivers who would see Chinese men flying into Vegas with their airplane ticket from China in hand.  So these drivers knew the men had flown in from China speaking Mandarin and therefore weren’t undercover cops.  Then they would take them to the house.  There was no way inside this system that we could figure out at first.   But eventually we did.  So this is how the cab drivers fit into the story partially.  Before involving the press in that story - I had tried going to Chief Gillispie.  I had handed him a complete file on the ring - only to have everything cleaned down to bleach on the woodwork after handing the information to him.   (Now I know why they told me to “take it to the chief”.  He then cleaned everything up overnight.  This left me right back at square one with everything cleared out of Nevada that I knew about EXCEPT the houses where these women only spoke Mandarin.)

Leaving me thinking our only option then was to use to “embarrass” the authorities into doing something by involving the press this time.  After that -  we managed to get the arrest in “Operation Dollhouse” by getting a reporter to convince Metro to do a “ride along”.   Then upon insisting they do a "random sting" these 24 women, bags of drugs and two cops standing in the house were turned up.

Yes the women were sent back home to their pimps 20 minutes later despite the drugs behind found also - and against the law as ICE is supposed to verify their immigration status before sending them back home but they didn’t do that either.  I want you to note that the cops were out of San Mateo.  Also note that Chris Butler was out of “Contra Costa County” which is where San Mateo is located.

What this means is the women knew I “almost” got them out of there.  What we honestly didn’t count on was the police being so bold as to just let everyone walk to cover that whole thing up.  I mean the one cop was claiming “oh we told the driver to take us to a massage parlor and this is where he took us”.  Well I was trying to get the police to get the videotape out of the cab they were in that records everything before it disappeared to prove their story was bogus. 

So what did they do?  They threatened my kid if I didn’t “back off”.  But the women knew that the whole system in Nevada back then was rigged - from the mayor, to the Chief, to the DA’s office (who later died of a drug overdose), and on and on.   Are there great people in politics and law enforcement in Nevada?  Absolutely.  But it was a "perfect storm" that sent those 24 women back into that house/brothel without them being questioned, or any attempt made to ask them if they needed help at all to leave.  

Women talk.  Which is why I got a call from this woman I call “Music” in February of 2013.  She was an Asian woman residing in Pasadena, Californi.   She said she had to talk to me “off the phone” because these traffickers were listening to everything.   She told me that she was brought into the "family business” at 8 years old in China.  Further, the women are trafficked in China while young.  When they get older - they’re brought into the USA.   Which is why if you google the photos - you'll see a lot of woman over 40 that are Asian being arrested in this country in massage parlors.

So they forced her to come over here on a “marriage contract” to Gary Kidgell.  They had originally told her marrying him would allow her to retire - only it was a lie.  Then she’s told if she doesn't keep working - they'll not let her son come over.  So she keeps working and her son arrives.   But then she's turning 50 and enough is enough.  She then wants to “retire”.

So she tells the man in charge she’s “done” and wants to retire.  She’s got herself a real estate license and in Pasadena - she’ll clean up.  The response she tells me was she was carted off out of her home, in front of her son and mother, and she got two false charges filed against her.  Further, if she doesn’t keep working in prostitution for them - that she will get slapped with a third charge and worse - her son will be charged with pimping her.  Meaning they will both be deported where he’ll get the death penalty and so will she in China is what she's further threatened with.  

I warned her it sounded like they were already getting ready to start arresting people - and sure enough in June this happened.  Only we waited for the records that tied Gary to Pasadena to get processed and people start arresting people - and nothing was happening.

I don’t know if she’s telling the truth or not - so we got her an attorney who said if she was falsely arrested it would be revealed in the booking videotape.   It’s hard to believe not only could she had had two fake charges filed - but even have a judge sign off on the case?  The attorney orders the booking videos - and is prompting threatened.  He dumps the case back on me and says “walk - these people are dangerous”. 

Why?  The attorney who threatened him used to be the Pasadena mayor.  The ring leader then tells her that he got her records cleaned up and she doesn't need my help any longer.  Only he lied.  Her record was still there.   To prove that to her - I went to email her a copy.  I then got met with a threat from a man identifying as a Pasadena officer for me to “back off”.  As I’m being threatened - I notice her son is attending USC.  When I tried to speak to his professors at USC - guess what I then bump into further?

When I went to the Pasadena Chief of Police about her case and now the threats I’ve received - I got a strange lack of response entirely.   Very strange considering I’m saying I have these case files and now a phone recording and an attorney has been threatened even.   So I went to the city council seeing as I couldn't find any Internal Affairs.  Only I got told “we're a little busy because we just got hit for six million dollars!”

So I go to the Mayor and the Pasadena paper about how he's not responding.  What happens?  The Chief then starts calling my house five times a day asking me to “come down and talk to him" about the case.  Okay - I told him to first get the information on the case in Wichita so he’ll know what I’m talking about when I come in.  While I’m doing this - I can’t help but notice he’s not asking me for the names of the officers who threatened her, nor the one who threatened me.  So I ask him straight up  -what are your plans to make sure I come and go safely from meeting you if you're not asking me any names of anyone?  He doesn't answer me.

But something interesting did happen.  A private investigator in San Mateo - then joins every group I belong to.  She friends everyone I’m friends with online.  Then this woman Meg from Abeni in Orange County (the Chief lives in Orange County) starts accusing me of “threatening her" and “stalking her" and being “crazy" and I’m thinking like “what?”  I don’t know this woman and I’m not even talking to her. All of her claims are imaginary and I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why is she making this stuff up?

Yet when Meg goes online and starts telling people she’s “afraid to leave her house" because of me and "does anyone know here I live?”so she can "file charges against me" - I also notice at the same time as she's doing this - this PI in San Mateo starts going to everyone who speaks to me online and she starts saying “Jody is crazy you know”.  It's very easy to get an app that will follow someone's IP address - and report back to you their activity is clearly how she's following me around online.

So I’m now getting people coming back to me saying “do you realize this woman is calling me up and saying that not only are you crazy - but that if I “value my reputation I’ll not speak to you?”  I thank them and ask them to submit to me proof of these calls.   I'm very lucky these people knew me well enough so that when this PI started this - people came back to me telling me of what is clearly a form of stalking and defamation.  I hit her with in fact a letter threatening a defamation lawsuit - which after that she then just literally disappears.  Not just stops doing this towards me - but unjoins all the groups I was in and clears out of the groups she had followed me into.  

I start wondering why this is happening and just then I see the Sandra Bland case on TV.  The light bulbs go off - they’re going to charge me with a 5150 when I walk into that police station and cart me off is what they're going to do   To further double check - I contacted the Wichita prosecutor, judge, and police who all tell me no one from Pasadena has even called them to inquire about the case.   They do tell me these guys have threatened to kill the judge and the arresting officer.   I then get a call from an investigator who tells me they had overhead a call with the Triad while they were investigating this ring.   He said they were talking about "me being whacked" and he asked me if I needed a security escort out of Nevada.   I told him I'd be "fine" and I literally picked up and left Vegas at about 5:00 a.m. after talking to him.  By 9:00 a.m. i get a call from my now ex-landlord who informs me someone had "kicked in my front door".  I called the police and asked to file a report about someone "breaking and entering" and they refused.   They said "anyone could have broken down the door".  Okay well isn't that what finger printing is about?   Then they just say "we don't have the budget" and blew me off the phone.

After seeing how KFC was being smeared by a Chinese company - I can see how this all operates.  Sex trafficking makes a lot more money than fried chicken.  I ask this victim about “who is this guy in China everyone is so scared of”.   She told me he was "in the government" as well as "owning a lot of parlors".  Not long after she tells me this  - Liang Yaohui is arrested also.

I then go back to the Chief in Pasadena and point out this case in connection to the Wichita and I can show documentation to link everyone together - and I want to know what he’s going to do in order to guarantee my safety so I can bring him the tape of the call from the officer who threatened me, and the cops who carted her out of her home to threaten her into staying.   He won't answer me now.  After reading that they can “fake a homicide case" if they wanted to - I can also see what’s going on with the building of this 5150 campaign. 

I then decide I'm not walking into that station to talk to him unless i have  reporter walking in there with me.  How can I not be shook up after seeing Sandra Bland take on corruption - and then she's pulled over for a turn signal and next we know we blink and she's now dead?  I've been told a call was overheard ordering me dead.  My front door has been kicked in.  My rental car had been reported stolen when it was not.  Our outreach RV was found to have a bomb rigged in it.  I've just had a woman telling me she'd been hired to set me up to be assassinated.  I mean all of this put together - I'm not walking into the Pasadena without a reporter with me.  I'm hearing the judge and cop on this case have been threatened.  Putting this all together with the Chief not giving me any type of assurance about my safety coming in - and I doubt he can assure my safety if he's not asking me the name of the officer who threatened me.

I think maybe I need to try and locate the family who had their son chased and shot down by Pasadena police - and I can't find them anywhere.  Clearly they're hiding from being found by someone.  This was a family who up until this case had a listed phone number   I thought talking to them might give me some better idea what's going on with the Pasadena police.  As I'm doing research into them though I find out PETA is saying they were "set up" in 2014 by them and I find more than one video of them supposedly "unlawfully entering" private homes without a warrant also.  I'm beginning to see why this report into them was ordered.  

So I’ve been trying to find out who is in charge of Internal Affairs for Pasadena.  A judge has already ordered a report on them.  A report that's been published and then redacted.  I'm still not clear on what the credentials were of the guy writing the report.  I haven't received any answer from him about that background either.  

The judge who ordered the report said the California Attorney General had to review it now it's done.  I contacted Kamala Harris' office who said the UC Irvine Professor of Law had been “asked to look at the report”.  I then contacted this professor and I have his email stating that “no one has asked me to look at anything".

I’m thinking maybe I can speak to a district attorney about this issue.  I speak to a deputy Attorney General who tells me they know all about this ring but they "can't do anything until someone in the police station makes an arrest”.  I talk to a cop “off the record" who says they aren't going to put together a case because they know the DA’s will “screw it up" or the “judge will throw it out.  Basically everyone is telling me they don't want to put their neck out until they know this case is a "slam dunk".  I also keep hearing "she can file a lawsuit" like they're not listening.  No - she can't.  We tried and the ATTORNEY GOT THREATENED.  

I ask why they say these things like "well you won't get a judge" and "you won't get a DA"  and these people all point me to the Tanaka case.  They say basically that “if this is the system we're working with - everyone is scared”.  The ONLY cop who got charged with anything is the one who gave the witness a phone to call for help?!  I'm also hearing that female councilwomen, female FBI agents, female AG's, even our celebrity spokeswoman who is 70 and lives alone - so basically I'm hearing from the women who want to help they're afraid to help because of these threats they're getting.  I understand - this FBI agent in the Tanaka case was approached and threatened in the driveway of her home.  Scary!   As for the politicians like John Kerry and Dianne Feinstein - I"m writing them about the case and getting now answer.  

Meantime - the ACLU has filed and won money to actually DO SOMETHING about this type of corruption.  Only Jim McDonnell has been holding them up for MONTHS  Jim also isn't answering my calls and emails about not just the Pasaden woman - but I have other women in the ring telling me the same thing and more.  They're telling me this ring owns a treatment program in Pasadena so that when they need treatment they aren't going to have some counselor calling to put a case together.   I check it out and it appears true.

They're telling me about how they're having a lot of their women get real estate licenses so they can run credit checks on the "johns” because they're also blackmailing, stealing, hacking, and all sorts of theft and extortion against the "johns".  They show me a lot of real estate agents  that do appear to be hookers - so this story also is appearing true.  It also explains who they're able to pull up these guys' credit reports without one person in particular appearing to pull a lot of reports.  

Which ties into the "johns" who have been contacting me about how they're being blackmailed and robbed and the cops and/or DA's won't look at their cases.  One man said they almost got $60,000 out of his bank.  Steve Sassa was blackmailed.  Donald Banks was blackmailed.  So there’s a lot of the “customers" who are also being victimized by this ring who can't come forward. 

So now what?  No one seems to want to answer me as to who is Internal Affairs for Pasadena.  As a reporter, if you have someone who wants to look into this Pasadena case - let me know.  Thanks.

Jody Williams