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Saturday, August 15, 2015


When Samoly Mam was going through her rise to fame as a "survivor" instead of people learning about what the issue is really about, about how sex trafficking really works (not some sob story designed to get your check book out), nor learning about who we really are - people started comparing people like me, a real survivor, running a real group that worked for us, to her and her fake fund raising & fame machine.

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That Newsweek cover COULD have been either myself, or another REAL survivor or someone who runs a REAL GROUP.  Which would have happened if not for her.  So that cover went to her instead of us - that's my problem.

Why wouldn't Newsweek go for her story over a story like mine?  She's attractive number one.  However, by the time we get to a victim - they're screwed up, damaged, sick, disabled, messed up.  Do you have any idea what the stress of living with that kind of stress and danger 24/7 does to you?  Just to cope - you have to build all kinds of defenses.  I was having fainting spells at the end of my time in the sex industry.  I was going to psychiatrists who were giving me anti-anxiety medication.  They were telling me that I wouldn't be fainting if I could just stop what was causing the stress - that wasn't happened.  So then they said that if I "talked about it" that I could reduce the stress.  Only when I "talked about it" either I'd have the psychiatrist jacking off under the desk while I was talking because it sexually excited him, or I'd have him offer to take out our sessions "in trade", or I'd get some woman asking me questions because she was thinking about becoming a hooker, or I'd get the guy who wanted to "help me manage my money" or the ever classic one who would think I was "hallucinating because these things aren't real" and wanting to lock me up for observation.

Brenda Myers-Powell has a scar on her head from where her pimp took the leg of a chair and hit her over the head with it.  My adrenal system was blown out the doctors told me - which has thrown off my whole hormonal system.  Meaning I have a thyroid problem - which by the way mimics almost identically bipolar disorder.  Which they didn't discover until I had blown up to 460 pounds - that's when the doctors finally discovered it was my thyroid.  Now I'm on the right medications I'm losing about 10 pounds a month and I'm much smaller but still not skinny like Samoly Mam.

I gave so many blowjobs the doctors say I have calcification of my neck and back.  I'm in constant pain.  Because of the pain - I often can't sleep.  Which by the way is extremely typical of ex-hookers.  You want to "scare straight" an active hooker?  Take her to a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting.  Everyone in that meeting practically is over weight, on SSI disability, living in a section 8 apartment, and on state health insurance.  We're missing teeth because insurance doesn't pay dental and if we're lucky we're on paratransit.

But rather than an article about the "real" us - they will publish a whole cover story on the fraud?  That's more news worthy than writing about the founder of the movement - and maybe even a quote from me about how I feel about all this?

The reason why Samoly Mam was doing all those fund raisers?  Because she could.  Me?  I can't hardly walk through an airport.  I can't go through an airport to have a fund raiser thrown for me by Diane Von Furstenberg because I can't leave my daughter who I'm caring for who has a brain tumor.  We're in Los Angeles right now getting her into see the best neurologists in the world here.  Which I can do now I've recovered from a stroke I had in 2000 that laid me up in bed and in and out of ICU for two years.  So no I can't go running all over the world being a part of these fund raisers, and dinners, and events, and being photographed for the cover of Newsweek.

So honestly for a while when she first came out I thought to myself "you know what?  She can do what you can't - so let her spread the word.  Maybe this is a good thing."  So I stepped back at first thinking that maybe this was a good thing she was doing for us.

Until the comparisons started coming in to attack us.  I started hearing "well Samoly Mam has her face out there on Newsweek so why isn't your face on your website?"  I started having people TELL ME TO MY FACE that the reason why they weren't booking us for lectures, or trainings, or events to speak at that were local that I could do was because I did not have a photo of my face up online.  Yeah I really want the pimps to see me coming when I'm pretending to be a cleaning lady so I can get the keys to the back door to let women out of where they're being held captive.

They'd even compare me to Lois Lee who does run a fantastic program for teens.  However, Lois is not a survivor.  She's the founder that runs the place.  Also, she has a job running that program.  When she goes home to her neighborhood the neighbors tell her what a fantastic job she's doing "helping those kids".  People have a WHOLE different attitude when it comes to helping adults trust me.  Also, she has a job running the program.  I don't.  I don't have a grant or a foundation.

We are a 12 step group.  Our goal isn't to stop drinking or stop doing drugs.  Our goal is to be supporting ourselves without sex work.  Meaning A JOB.  Which means that all the work we do in Sex Workers Anonymous is what - "non-professional".  Now the drug and alcohol field can hire "special workers" because there's grant money for one thing that comes through the National Council on Alcoholism.  They also make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS selling their "Big Book" not just to the alcoholic - but to bookstores, libraries, treatment centers, addictions counselor schools, etc.  There's a whole industry that they sell Big Books to - that who am I going to sell our books to?

Tell me - who am I going to sell our books to?  Our members when they come into the door are always broke.  So I have to give away out book about nine out of 10 times to the member walking into the door as a newcomer.  Then when the members get working - they are busy paying their rent and back bills and they are always telling me they don't have money to donate either.  Once in a blue moon a member will have a wind fall and donate.  But most of the time they can barely make ends meet because working a "legit" job is something very foreign to us.

Sell the books to the jails?  They claim they "don't have a budget for it" which is true.  Buying a SWA book is not in their budget.  Meaning I have to create it like the National Council on Alcoholism did for the Big Book.  How many treatment centers are there for sex workers?  Most of them that do exist think this is either a substance abuse problem or sexual addiction.  They don't want to hear that it's not either - let alone buy our book about how it's not either.  Counselors?  The only things they want to learn are what they're required to learn for their license.  Hand them a book they've never seen to educate them about this and ask them to pay for it - and it's not happening.

Police?  They don't care about us why would they read our Recovery Guide let alone buy it for the prostitutes.  Oh sure they'll give them away if I give them to them - but they wouldn't buy one if their life depended upon it.  Do you have any idea how many people call me up and tell me "I want to start a program to help hookers can you send me a Recovery Guide?"  Okay sure that will be $24.95 and they hang up the phone.  Go and get an AA book they've downloaded for free off the internet and they call that a program.  I'm not kidding you.  I've probably had 1,000's of people tell me "we want to start a program" but when I ask them to buy one book to know how to start an effective one - it's not worth $24.95 to them.  They go and get something for free - and then they push that onto the prostitute and then a year or two later scratch their head wondering why it didn't work!

The drug and alcohol treatment centers think that's our program.  There's an old saying that "all problems look like a nail to a man who only has a hammer for a tool".  Social Services thinks our only problem is we need a degree or a job.  These people do not want to hear that for our kind - you can get us away from the pimp, get us sober, get us working a job - and WE WILL GO BACK.  They don't want to hear it's not something they can solve knowing what they already know.

The MINUTE I say it's "not what you think" and that they have to learn something about us before they can "help" us - they're out of there.  So who exactly is going to buy our Recovery Guide?  So I give it to the members free on ebook and have yet to sell one copy to someone who works in the field of supposedly helping us.  Polaris, Shared Hope, Veronica's Voice, etc. have never bought one copy of our Recovery Guide, training manual, or step working guides.  Not one.  Because in their minds they know it all already without any input from me despite successfully working in this field for three decades now.

Samoly Mam didn't have to think about her neighbors rejecting her because of her past, nor the ladies at church rejecting her, nor about a boss who might not hire her because of her past.  Do you have any idea how many good jobs I LOST when I went on TV in the 1980's and 1990's?  I remember one job where I didn't have to show up until noon, I made $20 an hour (in 1988 was great money), I have a 401k, health insurance, and a lunch room with unlimited snacks and coffee.   It was a beautiful law firm in Tarzana with covered parking.  But when I went on TV to let people know about our hotline - I got called into their office and told "we're an old respected law firm and we just can't associate ourselves with this" and I got fired.  They gave me a nice severance bonus because they didn't want to be sued for wrongful termination - but the job was over.  So no - now unless I have something worth losing what I have now no I'm not going to go onto TV and wreck my life.

People started attacking me going "you're not positive like Samoly Mam".  Sure she was positive BECAUSE SHE HAD HER HAND IN YOUR POCKET.  She was a con artist.  Con artists are charming, and caring, and they make you feel special and they talk to you for hours and after they get you to like them and trust them THEY GET A CHECK FROM YOU.  Only guess what?  That's not a job.  Our program is about having a job.  If I wanted to go out conning people for money - then in my world that's a relapse.  To smile at someone I can't stand, and pretend to laugh at their stories, all because I'm going to get paid IS A RELAPSE for me.

My sobriety, my program, is that saying what I think, doing what I want, and getting my money from work not from people LIKING ME.  Which is what Samoly did.  So guess what?  I'm NOT going to act like her.  I'm not going to spend an hour kissing your ass, telling you how wonderful you are, listening to you talk about yourself because frankly I don't want anything from you.  I do my job and I also do my work in SWA.  If I like you - I tell you.  If I don't - then I don't.

But what amazed me was all these people telling me that because I'm not acting like her - they aren't going to give us covers on Newsweek, or fund raisers, or fat checks - why?  Because you have to smooze for those things for one.  For another - you have to spend your time going after it and doing it.  I just don't have that kind of time because I'm doing the work.

Which was really highlighted by a case that came in a couple of days ago.  This woman calls me up screaming about what a "fraud the Cupcake Girls are".  She tells me how she can't get work because she doesn't have an ID.  She doesn't have an ID because her birth certificate is from another country and her country can't find it.  Without it, she can't get an ID and without an ID she can't work a job is what she's telling me.

So if that's the only problem - I figure I'll help her get an ID card.  As we're talking, I know 100 places where she can get work, good work, without the company hassling about ID.  For one - I know of a company that hires attractive people to do presentations for time share companies.  They pay $25 an hour and could care less about an ID.  I went and interviewed with them for another woman and they never once asked for an ID.  So I told her about this job and all I heard was "oh that's too far for me to go because I don't have a car".

As I went through some jobs she could do working from home - she snaps at me "what is this insistence on me quitting the sex industry about?"  I explain to her that I run Sex Workers Anonymous and we're about helping people quit.  Isn't that what she told me when she called?  She had said she "wanted to quit but couldn't because she didn't have an ID card".

Okay if that's all that's holding her back - then let's get her working at jobs that don't require an ID.  Because right now there are millions of illegal aliens who are in this country who are NOT prostituting who are making a living who don't have an ID card.   But see we know that in SWA - we know that all those excuses are just that - excuses.

That's why when I hear the Cupcake Girls say that "these women can't get jobs because of their record" is bullshit.  That's the excuse they tell everyone, even themselves.  Because there are many many employers in Las Vegas who do not care about a prostitution arrest.  Some companies even actively prefer that type of worker.  Like marketing for example where you go out onto the casino floor and you sign people up for Players cards.  I know people making $300 a day doing that and that's with a prostitution record.

But when I offered the Cupcake Girls the list - they refused.  Now that's when I got suspicious of them.  If they're about "helping these women" then if they want to quit and want to find work but their record is holding them back - then they would jump at this list of employers.  But they didn't because clearly they're not what they're representing they are.

Which then this woman throws up at me.  She says "they held a fund raiser for Kamylla so why can't you throw one for me?"  I then have to explain to her why would I do that?  Okay let's say I raise her $5000.  How long would that pay her bills?  A month?  Two?  Then what?  What happens when the money runs out?  We're right back where we started which is getting her an ID card and getting her a job outside of sex work.

So then she confesses "no I'm not ready to quit" which is what I thought.  So I suggested she contact Red Umbrella, Desiree Alliance, or SWOP.  They're three programs I'm aware of set up to help women in active sex work.  I don't believe in harm reduction.  To me, it's like the heroin addict who puts B12 in his shot.  I don't see the point.  It's a short lived career at best - and one is going to have to think about quitting one day.  In the meantime, it's going to be full of violence, danger, disease, rape, kidnapping, being arrested and even possibly a high rate of murder and that's just the nature of the game just as football players get a lot of head injuries and dancers screw up their feet.

Now over the years - I've seen a pattern in my life.  A pattern where I come into someone's life to give them another path.  I offered to help her quit - and she didn't want to quit.  So I left.  Before I left she asked me why I'm not out fund raising like the Cupcake Girls.  She told me they even get cash donations in the club.

So I asked her "are they talking to you right now?"  She said "no".  I said "because they're out fund raising right".  She says "yes".  I said "how do I spend my time? Talking to you, and women like you all over the country right?"  She acknowledges.  I then explain to her I'm only human.  I have so many hours in the day and I can't do both.  I can't go out pan handling in a strip club for money and then spent three hours talking to her about if she wants to quit and how to help her.  It's just real life.  Something I've learned how to do in the 12 step lifestyle.  Accepting life on life's terms.

It's now 1:00 a.m.  I get a call from her telling me "it's urgent".  She starts telling me how she went into a casino on a Friday night to hook and how she almost got arrested.  I start hearing about the mean cops.  You know what?  If I wanted to get a 1:00 a.m. phone call from someone who almost got arrested, or got arrested, for prostitution in Las Vegas - then honestly I'd go back to hooking.   Only I'm not the hookers' girlfriend to get that call anymore.  I left that lifestyle.  Now I get calls about the first day at work, or the job interview, or getting off probation, or paying off the mortgage, or my kid graduating college, or I got my diploma.  I frankly don't want to hear this dumb shit.

So I tell her to call SWOP, Desiree Alliance or Red Umbrella and let them help her.  I gave her the option of quitting the very day before and she didn't want to hear it.  Fine.  Then suck it up.  If that's what you want to do - that's what you're going to get.  I told her when she's ready to quit - then call me.  Until then I am not here to get that kind of emergency phone call.  I sleep with the phone by my ear at night so that if I get a 1:00 a. m. phone call from a woman who wants help to escape her pimp or trafficker - I can get her, or him, out of there.  That's what my hotline is for.  It's for a late night call when you're alone because you've left everyone you know to get out of sex work and you're scared.  A few nights ago I talked to a woman who was married, had four kids, and three dogs - and now she's in a house by herself for the first time in her life.  She's going out looking for work and life is scary.  THAT'S what I'm here for.

But this woman calling me up wanting me to help her put on "a fund raiser just like Kamylla had done for her" is the kind of bullshit I'm now having to deal with because of people like the Cupcake Girls.  When Annie Lobert was promising women she was going to help them out but left them hanging - who got the call when they had a 5 day notice that had to be filed by 8:00 a.m. the next morning?  I did.  I'm the one who had to help them file that Answer or Stay, and then take them looking for work, and take them to the food bank.  All because of a crisis caused by Annie.  I don't play like that.  I have our members figure out an exit plan that's realistic so we don't have a crisis to deal with.  Creating crisis is not what people in recovery do.

Now what am I going to do about this?  Clearly these con artists aren't going to go away.  They are creating false expectations and false ideas in the public's mind about what we do, how we do it, who we are even.  Which when I think about it - isn't even new.

At least we're on the map now.  Back in 1987 people didn't even think we existed.  So in reality - this is progress isn't it?  At least people know we're real now.  Now I guess we just need to clarify the details.  So I guess this is a good thing.

Now - you've just witnessed what we do in a 12 step lifestyle.  We "accept the things we can not change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference".   I can't undo these unrealistic perceptions in the public's mind.  That we don't exist - or that we do but what they're putting out there isn't accurate.  That I can't change.

But I can change how I perceive this.  So in reality it's progress and a good thing because at least people know that sex trafficking is real and exists and why many of us need help to exit.  Just as I helped people to see that pimps are exploiting us - maybe I can educate about how pastors are exploiting us like with the "Children of God" cult that was our first big case we got involved with helping women to leave that cult where the pastor was pimping them.  Just as I guess I know have to teach the public that the government, and even other 501c3's can exploit us also.

So how am I going to educate the public about what we really are like?  Well we've got plans for that in the works.  In the meantime, I'm going back to sleep.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Now we're on my territory again.   Why?  Because my father was a sex addict.  He was living in Los Angeles at the time and decided he was very attracted to the whole Mormon polygamist lifestyles.  Anyone who remembers me on talk shows telling my story remembers me talking about how he would leave pornography around the house, and how he started sexually molesting me starting about eight years of age when my mom was having back surgery.

He knew I was getting old enough to "tell" and to escape prosecution he decided to move to Idaho and join the Mormon's who had a polygamist cult there. The reason why he wanted to move us there was because they owned the police there, social services, CPS, and he knew he'd be "safe" there.

He told my mom that if she could cope with multiple wives - she could join him.  She said if I'd accept the new women - then she'd do it.  Only my mom says that I kept throwing food at these women and refused to have anything to do with them.  My dad then had my mom run up all kinds of credit card debt and loans that she signed everything so the police would come after her.

Then he put everything from the "spoils" of this credit card sham into storage units in Las Vegas as a midway point between Los Angeles and Idaho.  He told my mom he was "going to go find them a house to rent" and then disappeared - taking everything with him.  Leaving her and I with no money, no car, my mom couldn't work because of her back surgery, etc.  This is when I talk about taking the tools he gave me and putting them to use - how I walked into the corner bar with a short skirt on, a halter top at 13 years old, and started hustling pool at first by distracting the men with my tits over the pool table.

My dad had sued the state of Idaho using my mom to falsify over $300,000 in records when the Titon Dam broke.  He promised my mom that she'd get half and he screwed her and I over on that also (using her and I as witnesses to what was damaged).  By the way - I understand there's no statute on perjury to the government so if you're listening Idaho prosecutors and the IRS - I'd like to talk to you about how he forged that lawsuit.  My mom couldn't do anything about it while she was alive because my father became an attorney and threatened to either kill me or sue her for custody of me to block her from filing any charges against him or fighting him.

Anyway, I got mad when he did this to us and drove us up to Idaho at 13 years old (yes I know I didn't have a license but I knew how to drive and looked older), until I found my father in this mormon community.  I went to shoot him and my mother took the gun away from me.  That's when he knew he'd made a dangerous enemy.  He briefly tried to sell my mom and I on joining in this lifestyle when this happened.

But when I heard them talking about how "evil" people were in Los Angeles for going to live concerts - while I knew they were screwing kids - well I couldn't stomach it.  I refused to live there and my mom knew I was serious and took us back to Los Angeles.

When I first started Prostitutes Anonymous, it was in doing research that I came across these women who were in the "Children of God" cult.  I kept hearing around the NA and AA rooms that this "church had got all these women out of prostitution - so why not interview them?"  That's how they were presenting themselves - they were targeting street prostitutes and saying they were a church that was "doing outreach to get them away from their pimps".  So I went over to interview them.

Remember, I said I spent years researching other programs that said they helped us to leave sex work before forming our 12 step group - and the "Children of God" was one of those churches/cults that was claiming they were helping us back then.  As I'm interviewing these women I'm hearing how they're being used to bring in donors and donations, and I'm seeing the children exposed to pornography the same way I was.

I was exposed to porn as a child to make it appear "natural" as my father used to say it was to make me think that what he was doing was "expressing his love for me".  Only when I'd get sick to my stomach and run from him he would lay this guilt trip on me saying "don't you love me?"  What a twisted fuck.  By the way, he's still alive in Idaho and in this mormon cult.

As I'm interviewing them - I'm seeing these women just have a new pimp.  The corner has been replaced with a church, and the pimp's been replaced by the pastor, and the children are being groomed to join the "family business" in the same identical manner.  Only where am I going to go with 10 women with kids?  This again is why I've been saying the system needs to change.

That's what our first show on the Sally Jesse Raphael show was about.  I spoke up about our hotline for others who needed help, our program, and said that I needed help to place these 10 women with children who were also being trafficked.  This was in 1987.  If you read their history for the "Children of God" you'll see they left California in 1987 and changed their name over in Europe.  That's because I was going on the news talking about them.  But a landlord who owned an apartment building stepped up - and we got those women out of there.  That's also when I met my first cult deprogrammer.  This is also when I had to learn about Stockholm Syndrome because many of the kids kept wanting to go back home - they didn't understand what was "wrong".

When things died down - the cult came back to Phoenix under a new name.  Only we didn't have TV or internet really then - so I heard about their return  when this happened:  When we heard about Ricky Rodriguez - we knew they were back.  We then resumed our efforts to funnel people out of that cult.  I say that because many were having to also resort to prostitution to escape this cult because they couldn't find any other way out.

Only let me tell you what we've been seeing over the years - these pedophiles and predators and pimps know that the first place these kids are going to be taken is foster care or group homes.   They also know the law is on their side.  Do you know why women can't get away from their pimps?  Because they have children by them.  Even if they get a restraining order against the pimp - the pimp is still entitled to visitation and to know where his children are if not having custody. The men in these cults are identical.

Do you know how they get custody?  They are the ones with the jobs so the court will award it to whoever has the job most of the time.  These women are kept dumb, and without a job, and without a means to support themselves legally so that the court will not consider they can provide a fit home for the other kids.  I watched this on my mom growing up - he made her a mental wreck and then used that against her threatening to come get custody of me if we went against him in any way.

These guys are experts are portraying the mothers as mentally ill, "hysterical" drug addicts, and in need of help.  Which we saw on the show as to how they labeled that girl as "an addict" when they put her into the treatment center.  The reason?  Simple.  When she goes to testify on behalf of her sisters and brothers - the court will disallow it saying her testimony is "not reliable".  THAT'S why they labeled her that way.  

Which is what you saw with the treatment center on the show "Escaping Polygamy".  They have laws where they will cart you off as crazy and stick you into the mental health system that they control also - then your testimony becomes worthless.

Now even Michael Horowitz, the man who wrote the "Trafficking Act of 2000" wrote that the "movement has been hijacked" that I founded.  Yes I'm the founder of the MODERN day sex trafficking movement.  I say that because Hollywood, in order to protect Chuck Berry, convinced everyone through the media that sex trafficking was no longer real or happening.

But I knew it was real and happening now and that's why I re-started the movement started back by Wilber Wilberforce as people have pointed out to me as he was the "original" founder.  As well the Mann Act was set up to help these poor women being brought in from other countries to be trafficked.

Only the legal system then didn't want to take the time to learn how sex trafficking worked - so they prosecuted all the wrong cases like the one with Chuck Berry and then the boxer who married a white woman.  They turned it into a racial issue in other words - WHICH IS A REPEAT OF WHAT THEY'RE DOING RIGHT NOW.   They turned it into a joke in the 1960's and 1970's - which is what we're witnessing right now by the way.  Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.   Which is why please people - come talk to me about this.  I'm working on a history book about this as we speak for this reason.

Because they're deliberately creating false propaganda in the media to make you think that sex trafficking is just about prostitutes with African American pimps.  It's not.  It ties right into what's happening in these cult homes with blond blue eye'd children.  It's why Las Vegas embraced this whole propaganda campaign of trying to show you a "Brady Bunch" of a polygamist family where they couldn't even keep up the charade for the camera for long.   They're trying to make this a racial issue just as they did in the 1960's to make you THINK that sex trafficking IS PROSTITUTION.  It's not.  And the laws that trap these victims are the same laws trapping these kids.  

Now at first, when I'm seeing all these fakes and con artists like Samoly Mam popping up I thought it was just for the money.  However, with time I'm seeing it's something else.  Because those who do this as frauds get arrested and exposed.  So why keep doing it if you're just going to be exposed I'm asking myself.

For years now I see these people getting up in the media and saying "nothing exists" in the way of resources that they then use to raise money.  But what they haven't seemed to understand is that victims of all kinds see this - they hear "nothing exists" and they think there's no hope so why bother trying?  Only I keep messing up their plans, along with other groups who are offering real resources and real help.  Which is why I DON'T want this show to keep showing that these kids got no way out when the father fights back.

Which when I saw the episode where a young girl was sent into a treatment center on "Escaping Polygamy" and then another one was sent back home - I realized what is really going on.  They want you to see this.  They want you to think there's no hope and no help and no escape - when the reality is that there is.

So I've reached out to the producers on this show and I've asked to be brought in as a consultant for these girls that want to help rescue their sisters and brothers.  Because they've got to know these guys' tactics.  They need to know that if you do manage to find an attorney to help you - they will get him disbarred, or set up on phony charges of some kind, or even kill him if that doesn't work.

They need to know if you escape to another state in the USA  - they'll extradite you.  Canada is the only way to go that doesn't extradite - but you have to hit the border before the Amber Alerts go out.  This why we have an RV.

Talk to me girls.  We got a lot to talk about.  (702) 468-4529.  Only do this - download TOR, set up a hushmail email account, and don't talk on Facebook.   Facebook is not covered under the same privacy laws that email is.  You also have to be sure who you're talking to - I'm an ordained minister so I can keep confidences even if they try and hit me with a subpena.

So call me.  This is all the same world because when these victims of polygamy go into foster care - the pimps are right there cherry picking because now they've been "trained".  And Nevada is one of their target destinations because the legal age of consent is 15 years old.  The Cupcake Girls has a direct link into Snoop Dogg who has ADMITTED to being a trafficker that no one will prosecute.  THAT'S why they are telling people who call them for help "there's nothing available" which is a lie.  They just can afford more publicity than groups like ours can so people go to them first.

I've got my phone on 24/7.


Below is a post I made about a week ago about the Cupcake Girls and Hookers for Jesus.  Today I spoke to yet another woman who told me she tried to find housing for a sex trafficking victim and they are "a sham" to quote her.  She didn't understand what their purpose is however until I told her about who their lobbyist is - connected with Snoop Dogg.  Welcome to the maze you run into when you get involved in the trafficking of children for sex and/or money.

I've written more at length about my history with Annie from Hookers from Jesus here:

As for the Cupcake Girls - I had read an announcement about them in the porn blog run by Michael Whiteacre, and also that they were having a "hospitality suite" at the AVN.  Now I know the attorney for the AVN and I've talked to him about Sex Workers Anonymous having a booth at the AVN.   Now when I first met him - he was very standoffish.  I asked him to level with me and tell me why he was acting this way. He then did what most people in the porn industry do lately - which is he asked me "are you like Shelley Lubben?".  To which I truthfully replied that "no I'm not at all like Shelley Lubben".  I know what he means because many people tell me when they call that the ONLY reason they called was NOT seeing her on our "friends" list.  So after explaining that I do not have an opinion on the industry itself - but only focus on helping the person who wants help to quit, and to recover from any issues they have left over from the industry - he then calmed down and even offered to help me out with some issues.

I had spoken to him about his thoughts on Sex Workers Anonymous having a booth donated at the AVN so I could do (1) some HIV outreach, and (2) register the attendees to vote.  He then told me they were having some strong discussions about the HIV issue and they hadn't made up their minds what they thought about it yet.   I have no idea what the problem is - but I've had a few people tell me that there really is a war raging between those who think condoms are necessary to fight HIV vs. those who think the vaccine is the way to go  vs. those who think that condoms are a "sexual restriction".  I don't know but the answer was "no" as to donating us a booth.

Now I don't know if they bought space on the porn blog, or maybe paid for their booth at the AVN - but when I saw them being promoted this way considering the lack of what I've seen them doing for sex workers you're darn tooting I was pissed.  Why?

When I first heard they were coming to Las Vegas - remember I answer the only hotline for adults in this country to call nationally for help not just when they're a sex trafficking victim - but also if they just want to retire from sex work.  For example, we have a woman who is a member who has been in Playboy, she's a stripper, and she's done more than one Playboy.  She's never had a pimp nor a drug problem.  Now she's in her 40's but she's been doing this since she was a teen on the streets.  Now she wouldn't qualify for help with the National Trafficking Hotline or victim services - so we are the only hotline she'd be able to call for help in this country to get into another type of work.  Which was not easy since she literally got a cancer diagnosis right as she came into SWA.  So she wasn't able to work NOR was she able to keep stripping and doing porn because of having to go into chemo.  But we held her hand and walked her through all of this transition.

But we don't do everything.  For that reason, I try and maintain a list of resources that do what we don't do.  For example, I have a list of drug treatment programs that will donate treatment to someone leaving the sex industry free.  I have a list of companies that will hire someone who has a prostitution conviction or a drug conviction.  I even have a list (granted a short one but it's a list) of foundations that will give felon sex workers money to start their own companies.  I have a list of scholarships not only to sex trafficking victims - but also to help someone leave the sex industry.  I have a list of attorney's who will donate their services.  I mean we have a lot of lists of people and companies that do what we can't do.

So when I heard about them opening in Vegas I wanted to know what they did so if the need came up - I could refer them to them for whatever they did. I emailed them asking if I could please meet with them to learn more.  They blew me off.  I asked again and got blown off.  Frankly I would have thought they would have liked to at least hear from me about what the field is like considering I've been here since 1996 working with this community.  But nothing.

Then this whole thing with "Kamylla" and "8 Minutes" came up.  I initially thought I needed to file for an injunction to stop another episode from airing that would not blur this woman's face.  I needed to file it with the court, and I knew a news reporter in Vegas that could announce the filing - but I was out of state.  I didn't have enough money to crash afterwards to get a nap before driving home.  So I told them what I was doing, that I was trying to stop this show from airing before her face went out and her kids (and their friends and teachers) saw this, and did she know anyone that would let me grab a nap on their couch before going home.

Now mind you honestly - I have 100 places I am welcome to spend the night with SWA members in Las Vegas.  I wanted to see what their response would be to helping out someone in an emergency situation would be.  Well I got my answer.  They told me to leave them alone and blocked my email.

So I figured that meant they didn't want to help Kamylla.  On the contrary.  They then went behind my back and started up a second fund raiser for her other than the one Domina Elle had set up.  Then just about then I'd talked to five reporters who all told me they had not seen her face on an episode, the episodes were now taken offline, they hadn't seen an ID, an eviction notice, her police report, nor even the contract between her and Relativity Media.  Four reporters said she said she was from Brazil while one said she was from Russia.  I smelled a rat so I contacted Relativity Media Human Resources who told me they would not confirm she was ever on the show.  Then her story starts completely falling apart.  She's telling everyone she has to "raise money for a lawyer" yet I'd spoken to two attorney's who told me she was their client.  So one lie after the other after the other.

I then went to the Cupcake Girls to warn them that if they were raising money for this woman using their 501c3 I sure hoped they'd done their "due diligence" and checked her out properly before asking people to donate to her.  Also, that if they were asking known sex workers to donate - then they could be charged with felony pimping and even possibly money laundering.  They did not respond and they continued to fund raise.

Then I heard they were at the Nevada legislature trying to get a Bill passed based on the claim that strippers were unable to find "legit" work because of past convictions for prostitution.  Which is pure poppycock.  I've been placing men and women in jobs since 1996 in this state and EVERYONE will hire an ex-prostitute with a conviction, even a felony conviction - for any job except one handling money like a cashier job.  But who wants that kind of job anyway/

Now if you ask me - this is an excuse I hear all the time.  I hear these prostitutes tell me "oh I can't work because I have a criminal record".  To which I say "have you tried?"  The answer is "no".  I have a list of companies who hire even with a criminal record, and an even longer list of companies in Las Vegas that don't even care and don't look.  I even have a list of companies who actively WANT to hire someone who has a past criminal conviction because the owners believe they make the best salesmen.  I know of a car dealership and a mortgage brokerage in Las Vegas that actively recruit from the probation department for that reason.  I know a time share company that will pay one $25 an hour full-time plus commission with health insurance because they think they are "good with people".  I won't name these companies because they don't like to throw it around.

I mean look at NeNe for example.  She used to be a stripper and she was on Donald Trump's "Apprentice" show.  So she's done quite well for herself with a stripper background.  On "Master Chef" - the woman who won was an ex-stripper so Gordon Ramsey doesn't discriminate.  So the last thing I do is buy that they can't find work that will hire them.  That's baloney.   But I'm thinking why are they saying they're not a "political group" but here they are only two years in and they're already at the legislature in front of the cameras?

I'm also thinking they would like the list from me of companies who hire.  NOPE.  They refused the list and they continue to fund raise for Kamylla despite her claims now being just outrageous.  For example, her apartment supposedly flooded in July.  Yet now they want to pay $980 for unpaid rent.   Only legally the landlord can't CHARGE RENT FOR AN UNINHABITABLE UNIT.   This is complete nonsense or she's being taken for a ride by the landlord.  One or the other.

THIS is what I mean by they're collecting the checks - and I'm the one doing the work.  I can't help but think when I look at the PR for the Cupcake Girls that they are creating the impression they ARE a "rescue" group as they say they are not.  They're raising money for Kamylla, and they're going to the legislature saying they're "trying to find work for those with records".  Reading their "minutes" about them - again it sure looks like they're doing what I'm also doing for our members.  How are they NOT a "rescue" group like they say they are here.  They also said in their email they have a "differing view" on how to accomplish things.  However, since they're never spoken to me, and never met with me, nor have we ever discussed how we operate or how we do things - I have no idea what they're basing their opinions on other than 2nd hand rumors if that.

As for me -  I don't mean posing for the camera.  I mean I'm doing the work.  As for Annie putting people into the program that's described here - all I can say is that I've done EXTENSIVE research into what works and what doesn't work for us and I have NEVER EVER heard of a program like this being described that worked as far as extracting someone from sex work and/or trafficking, and rehabilitating them into supporting themselves outside of sex work.

The only thing this sounds like to me is one of the first cases I worked with - extracting people from the cult of the "Children of God" that had been indoctrinated into the cult.  If this type of isolation is being done to protect them from a pimp that's looking for them - putting them from one jail into another is NOT HEALING nor EMPOWERING.  It takes them from a position where they've been treated like a captive child and put them into the same exact setting with only the people changed.  I will guarantee you no expert in this work has approved this program and I'd love to talk to anyone who says this program "rehabilitated" them.  I can guarantee you people looking for a free ride for six to nine months will go into this program and the minute they have to get on their own two feet again they will either relapse, run away, or find someone else to become dependent upon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Jody Williams, Founder & Director
Sex Workers Anonymous
(702) 468-4529 Telephone and (888) 253-9619 Toll Free

August 12, 2015

Re: Grant Awarding


I'm writing you as the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement. I can say that because I spent years searching for a way out of the sex industry for myself, and also for those who I saw being pimped and trafficked as well. There is a difference. The only program I could find in the 1980's that even understood what the differences were – as well as having a solution for them - was Children of the Night formed in 1979. They had a hotline they created which was different for teens than the Runaway Hotline in recognition that a certain sub-population would be either having to run from a pimp or they would be treated differently by the juvenile system because of being identified as a prostitute. However, the cut-off age for them was 18 years old and I was in my 20's.

Witness protection existed. If you look at my news clippings at I want you to please note my name there is a male spelling of Rene Le Blanc. The reason for that is simple – the DA was trying to convince me that I could testify against the trafficking that I'd witnessed and he would take care of me. I considered it briefly but then a man came to the very hotel room I was staying at with a gun and refused to leave. The police shot him dead. Then a woman who looked like me that i'd loaned my car to was broadsided by an illegal alien paid to do so and also died.

On top of it – the men I'd seen sell women to drug dealers during Iran Contra were men within our own government. Anyone who has seen the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys” knows how cocaine was being brought into this country through corruption opening those channels. Because prostitution was a crime, and because the men I'd be charging could block up evidence against them based on the need for “national security” - I knew I'd never be able to properly present my case of how I'd been forced to do what I was doing when I was arrested. So I knew witness protection wasn't structured properly either.

The Mary Magdalene Project existed. A residential program for those wanting to leave prostitution. However, I didn't need a residential program. Besides, their residential program wasn't set up for my needs. I had people trying to kill me, two people had already been murdered, and they weren't set up in such a way as to offer me proper security. I also couldn't be a resident because I had house payments, car payments, a mother I was caring for, and even a dog I wasn't able to take into the program with me had I decided to try it anyway.

However, neither of these programs, nor even Linda Lovelace who stepped out to the media to say she'd been forced to film the XXX film Deep Throat at gunpoint – set about to change our very legal system to have trafficking recognized the way I did when I stepped up to that first talk show stage in 1987. I called out for this change by telling the public that those of us who were being forced to be in sex work, in it's many forms, were victims – not criminals.

Yet we were being treated as such across the board with no consideration as to whether we were forced or not to be doing what we'd been arrested for. When I set up the first 800 international hotline for adults to call who wanted out of the sex industry, no matter what their reason, offered up our 12 step program as an “alternative to incarceration”, and also offered to be an expert witness in prostitution cases to explain when a victim is being forced or not even when they don't realize it – in a world that thought sex trafficking had become an “old wives tale” or “urban myth” - that made me the founder of the modern day movement.

Recognizing that a true sex trafficking victim CAN'T call the police for help for one reason or another – I set about establishing ties within the front lines of the sex industry itself telling those on the streets, in the massage parlors, inside the strip clubs and the legal brothels to give me a call when they saw pimping and/or trafficking so I could go in and pull the out of the situation. Why me? Because they wouldn't dare call the police for fear they'd be arrested also. That or bad publicity would result.

Take the legal brothels for example. Do you honestly think they're going to call the police on a case of sex trafficking when that would result in very bad publicity? They won't when a prostitute is raped or physically assaulted – so why would they if they're trafficked or pimped? So for years other SWA members and myself would take flowers into the brothels under the guise of it being a church outreach – and then letting everyone, including the madams, know about how we could get them out of there whenever they wanted to go without involving the police, or the press. Then when a madam would see a horrible case like this woman was going through – we'd get a phone call to “come and get her”.

But our biggest problem was funding. We were all having to do this on our own dime. I was having to pay for $1,000 a month 800 phone bills for our hotline by working two jobs. The first safe houses were houses I could buy in Nebraska for $5,000 on my credit card.  The roses we'd get donated from local flower shops we were carrying into massage parlors and strip clubs all over the country.  There was no funding because no one had believed this even existed back then remember? 

To change that, we had to get federal recognition. To get that – we first had to be believed by the public this was real. To do that – I drug on talk show stages, and weekly cable shows, and in front of reporters, other survivors who had come to us through our hotline, or who we'd sought out ourselves we knew needed help. I drug them from 1987 until Michael Horowitz wrote the Trafficking Act of 2000.

However, in 2000 when he wrote that Act – Sex Workers Anonymous (known as Prostitutes Anonymous at that time) was a major presence in the USA and even Canada. We had a chapter in every major city of the USA. No one would give us free meeting space but the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and/or the Goodwill. The courts, and local police, were giving us referrals when someone was arrested, or found being trafficked, or simply said she wanted to quit sex work. Social workers and drug treatment centers were giving us referrals while we were giving them trainings in how to work with us. Our program was so effective I set up the first program at Mission College in 1991 specifically to train counselors and social workers on the methods we'd found to be effective in working with us as well as I set up continuing education through CADCEP.

I falsely thought that federal recognition would allow us to pay these members doing these jobs from outreach, to after-care, to advocacy who were creating history by stopping the previously almost universal relapse rate for “our kind” prior to our program being created. A program which wasn't created by copying Alcoholics Anonymous verbatim. For one thing, sex work is not a “life long genetic terminal and incurable disease” such as alcoholism is. We can't tell our members if they don't work our program they'll die for one thing – nor they have to belong for life or they'll relapse either.

So to stop the previously almost 100 percent relapse rate our kind suffered from (one study claimed 98% of us would return to sex work even after being offered their freedom and unlimited social services within two years with the current system we had), a relapse rate that had cops, social workers, and counselors not wanting to work with us because they felt we were just “hopeless” and “wanted to be out on the streets” - I had to create this program because remember in 1987 NOTHING existed for us as adults that worked. I had spent seven years combing the USA myself looking for such a solution and found nothing. 

So when I decided to start PA – I did so after doing extensive interviewing of existing systems ranging from treatment centers, to the Mary Magdalene Project, Children of the Night, Covenant House, the jails, the police, everyone. I also interviewed over 2,000 prostitutes who were male and female from both the legal and illegal parts of the sex industry. I needed to find out why no other program was working, where our system was failing them – and then set about to find mentors who could help me create a program that worked.

Which I did. After gathering together founders of other 12 step programs, directors running the offices of 12 step programs, people who had been sponsored by men like Bill Wilson and Jimmy Kinnon, people from other movements such as one of the founders of EST and Lifespring, men who founded the National Council on Sexual Addiction, Patrick Carnes, as well as another 2,000 prostitutes who had found their way out for more than two years (the two percent who had made it) – I was able to create a system and process that worked. If you doubt me look at my own recovery. I was a “career criminal” according to the DA in my trial, and I had a $1500 a day drug habit in 1984 when I was arrested. I've now been drug free and sex work free since 1985. That fact alone is a miracle in itself. Everyone else like me ranging from Heidi Fleiss to Kristin Davis and even Jason Itzler have relapsed. Not me.

Thinking federal recognition would allow us to be like how Narcotics Anonymous works with the drug courts – I sacrificed a great deal to assist in creating the environment that allowed that Trafficking Act of 2000 to be passed. Then the movement was “hijacked”. Not just in my words but also the word of Michael Horowitz who wrote that Act who says the same thing. In one swoop – all of our meetings had our meeting locations yanked out from under us. The stress of getting phone calls from all over the country with prostitutes saying “where do we meet now?” at me while I was trying to work at job and take care of my family (mind you we didn't have paid jobs then for this work) was too much.

I had a stroke in 2000 and was rushed to the ER. I was in and out of ICU for almost a year. I had to stop answering the hotline which is how and why the National Trafficking Hotline was born. My stroke had caused a gap in services as far as those calls. Then people came to me and asked me if I would say certain things I knew not to be true. That if I said them I'd lose the credibility and respect of the very community I need to trust me in order to help them. So I refused. That's when these “fake” survivors like Samoly Mam, and “fake” rescuers like Ben Hilliar were born.  People who became spokespeople for these fund raising campaigns whose battle cry was always "give us money because no services exist" when in reality services did exist already that needed the funding they were not siphoning away from us.  

Why?  Because I'd made it "cool" that's why to be "fighting sex trafficking".  Cities who were losing funding due to terrorism dying down were looking for new ways to pump money into the police departments. When 2008 hit – donations to homeless shelters as well as domestic violence shelters were horribly cut. So city, county and state agencies saw a way to pump money into their budgets in a way they wouldn't have to answer for it. When asked for proof of where the money was going – they could just claim “confidentiality” of the victim. It also became a brilliant way for a politician, or someone in office, to advance their career.

I can show you an almost universal pattern that's emerged now that I thought would resolve itself when I had helped to expose Samoly Mam for a fraud – and when I showed how ATLAS in Las Vegas in 2007 received over $1,000,000 in grant money only to have not helped one single victim while I could document our hotline and program had processed over 300 such victims in Nevada alone that year because every penny she got was put into other programs while we were left out to dry with nothing.  I had tried getting reporters to write about what happened – only to have those who tried threatened, and even fired for doing so. Bob Herbert as it was of the NY Times was threatened with a "baseball bat to the head" while Tom Ragan was fired for insisting the Review Journal print a story on our work - not just about trafficking but how we'd been fighting the brothel expansion in Nevada also.  Plus we have nowhere to go to report that for all this money coming into these programs – we're not receiving services.  There's no Internal Affairs - and the Attorney General's aren't complaining because they're getting federal dollar matching.  

The person they're coming to for services, and with tales of how they're not receiving services in areas that have received substantial donations from agencies such as yours is myself.  Here's proof about one such call that comes to me. So what do we do about that?  They say shun her, smear her, and act like she doesn't even exist in the hopes we can either drive her out of what she's doing or so that anyone she tries to talk to about what's going on with these victims is ignored. It's a tactic so universal when it comes to money the Chinese are even now being sued for such smear campaigns by KFC who make up stories about KFC selling deep fried rats.

There is no law against lying in the media. 11. The Media Can Legally Lie - Top 25 of 2005   I had to learn this myself when I was seeing wholescale fraud being done in the news, in documentaries, in so called “reality” series. All media that is being used to manipulate programs such as yourselves that issue grants in the millions of dollars earmarked with the intent to help sex trafficking victims – not to advance a politician's career – and not to pump money into the police departments or homeless shelters. 

 But I can show you such lying and fraud it should be criminal. Plus they're now getting outright cocky about it as we've seen with “8 Minutes”. They staged large news spreads in the Los Angeles Times, and the OC Register, about non-existent outreach that men like Kevin Brown and Greg Reese were doing.

News spreads that resulted in $1.2 million being given to them to set up the OC Human Trafficking Task Force. Only one problem. They have to have some kind of program that looks like it's trying to help the sex trafficking victims and prostitutes. They can't put me on that task force because I'm trying to help real victims of real trafficking who are telling me they're being carted out of their homes by police officers, and slapped with phony prostitution charges on their records, by corrupt judges, and then when she reaches out to me for help I'm now threatened by an officer, and even an attorney – so no we can't have a group that would actually do something.

Because real sex trafficking victims in the USA today are like we saw illustrated with the recent DEA owned strip club in New Jersey. Real victims are like the women who were trafficked during Snoop Dogg's Playboy tour in 2003 – where the police, the DA's office, etc. didn't want to touch that case because they didn't want a Bill Cosby times 1,000 on their hands. So they can't work with me because I'm working with victims of men like Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer. I'm working with victims like we saw in Operation Dollhouse where 24 Chinese women were taken out of a brothel where two cops were also found on the premises. Or like the Jessie Foster case where her murdered is an informant who is using his immunity to do whatever he wants to do with his prostitutes. So when I have other prostitutes coming to me for help to get away from him – the “system” doesn't want to work with these cases. So they have to shut me out – and create fake programs and fake victims and fake news stories.

Frankly, I could care less. Because before money came into this I used to have people I could go to for help. I figured let them do their thing and I'd just keep doing my thing on my side of the street for a while.  I had reporters who would write stories on men like Chris Butler or even Operation Dollhouse. I had police who would come out and protest us while we extracted a victim from a house where they'd been locked in it for a year. I had churches who would donate us food, motels that would donate us housing, landlords who would give our victims a year's free rent while they got on their feet, even counselors, lawyers, and dentists who donated their services to our victims.

People who saw through the smearing because they could see I was doing the work. However, a different environment is in place now these grants are in the millions of dollars instead of $100,000 or less. Now they've started threatening people. Landlords that used to own motels and apartment buildings that would donate housing to victims - he got himself so hassled by the zoning department that he up and sold his properties in protest.  Cab drivers who would give our victims free rides were fired.   My ex-husband on the board of Pacifica public radio is being audited and told they'll lose the station if I even call in another show let alone come on air to talk about any of this stuff.   

As for trying to put the pimps behind bars - Daniel Bogden, the US Attorney who was responsible for the G Sting arrests won't answer my emails begging for help.  I've got a man in San Jose who ignored the threats to “back off” and he wound up with a TRO, a gag order, and his legally owned guns taken from him that he needed to protect himself. We're seeing even female FBI, female US Attorney's, female public defenders, all being threatened themselves if they don't fall in line with these agenda's and what these people want. 

 Here's just one example I can show you about what I mean -
Judges are trying to register their complaints about this the best way they can - In response to what happened with what this judge did – the Attorney General's office said it would be “asking the UC Irvine professor of law to make a report” on the situation. Only to date, months later, he claims he hasn't been asked to do anything.

I was able to be part of the group of people who got an audit ordered against the Pasadena police. Only when the audit came in – it said they could repair issues like cops being able to fake cases with “more money and more training”. When I've asked where do we go from here – no one will answer me. Now with respect to the Orange County and Long Beach police – we have the situation I've outlined in the attached letter that's gotten completely out of hand.

In 2013, members of SWA had to go “off line” because they were being identified, then stalked, then threatened, simply for being a member, for knowing me, for having us helped them, etc. They were being “outted”, hacked, harassed, threatened, fired, etc. So I had no choice but to tell all of them to not be in online groups, to not identify online, to not speak my name online because people using search software would show up five minutes later threatening them. Local chapters of SWA were calling me saying they were finding gas cans on their porches, their homes broken into where the only thing taken was our flyers, they were being followed around during the day, etc. It caused great difficulty in keeping our members connected because of now having to be so secretive. Others just go so freaked out they've left our program entirely in fear and I can't blame them.  These attacks broke down the stability of our program that took us decades to build.  

Now I have sex workers through groups like SWOP, Desiree Alliance, and Red Umbrella – groups where we used to get most of our referrals from when one wanted to leave sex work, or was being trafficked – telling me they're now being identified, stalked, targeted, harassed and threatened by people who are directly connected to grant recipients. Only many of these groups are out of sex worker and members of SWA – so they're coming to me letting me know this is happening. Right now any sex worker who even says online they're going to call us for help – then gets bombarded with threats about what will happen to them if they even speak to us.

Why? Because the people you're giving this money to is not reaching victims. Not only is it not reaching victims – in some cases it's being used by traffickers to go after their competition. Pretty identical to how Elizabeth Adams, the Beverly Hills Madam, threw Heidi Fleiss, Cheri Woods, and myself to law enforcement when we would become competitors to her business. That's not fighting trafficking - that's working for the traffickers on a federal dime.

They're also discrediting me because they don't want you to believe me when I tell you what's going on. Only I can prove, document, and validate everything I'm saying is true. They can't. If these accusations that I'm a "5150" were true - then how come my bills are paid, my daughter with a brain tumor is getting cared for, I've got two dogs and a cat doing just fine under my care, and I'm even writing you this letter.  If I was 1/2 as crazy as these people are trying to make others believe - I know many people who couldn't do what I'm doing so I doubt I'm "crazy" any more than any human being under the stress I'm under.

These people spent six months online trying to find someone, anyone, who would say something bad about me. The best they could come up with is a woman who is holding a grudge against me for 30 years now because I stopped talking to her when I was on probation, and she was still active in sex work, and I didn't want to risk violating my probation by speaking to her. She's held a grudge about that for years now.

Please help me do something about this. Because now it's reached the point where they are actively now standing inbetween me and real victims who need help. Not just me either – but anyone who tries to get real victims help is also being attacked, threatened, terrorized, and smeared.  I can show you documentation of victims who have been reaching out to SWA for help since April of this year - who are now being THREATENED for reaching out for help this situation has gotten so bad.  

We need to talk.  Please read the attached letter and call me.  

Jody Williams