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Friday, July 10, 2015

Glendene Grant, Jessie Foster & ATLAS

I got contacted by Lois Lee from Children of the Night.  She asked me to "keep an eye out" for Jessie Foster and forwarded me the photo and information.   I contacted the coroner who didn't know anything so that was a good sign. 

I emailed the mom, Glendene Grant, and didn't get a response.  As you know, I operate the hotline and I'm in touch with people who are just coming in off prostitution.  So anyone "fresh" might have seen or heard about her.

I asked around and no one had really heard much.  But someone said "you know I heard about a couple of escorts that have gone missing in the last few weeks" in Vegas.  Which is unusual because usually it's the street prostitutes who go missing.  I checked the newspapers and found they were right - two escorts had gone missing recently.

A few days after that, I got an email from a member who told me she used to work with Peter Todd.  He was Jessie's pimp.  She told me that he was why she quit and why she was in hiding.  She told me he was an absolute maniac and he hurt her pretty badly.  When I asked what he did - she got so upset she couldn't even speak.  But she told me he had "cop friends" so to escape him she had to go over the border into Canada.  This woman was very striking and I could see Peter must specialize in "high end" escorts.  Before she got off the phone she told me to "leave the case alone".  I'm like "why"?  She told me that Peter had been talking to some Jamaican's about selling body organs on the black market before she left.  This meant she felt he might have sold the organs rather than just burying a victim.  She told me that he ran women internationally from Canada across the USA - and that she still had nightmares about him.  Then she said "leave this one alone and run like I did" meaning she really felt he was dangerous.  I told her I would "be careful" and ended the call. 

She told me she "just knew" that Peter was involved in this case.  She wasn't the only one telling me about how cops were connected with not just prostitution, but also strip clubs, drug trafficking, gun running and even an operation where a valet would park the car for the customer while he was inside the brothel.  While in the parking lot, a mechanic would take out expensive car parts, replacing with cheaper parts that would fall apart quickly.  Then the more expensive name brand was being resold through an AutoZone outlet where they knew a manager who was selling the parts to shops in the area.

Vegas also had this death too that year of a woman SWA members said was an escort  -

Since I wasn't getting any response back from Glendene, I contacted Mike Kirkman.  He's a private investigator the news said had worked on the case.  He was very nice to me and told me he had offered to work on the case without asking for a retainer upfront.  Big mistake he told me as the woman then raised money from people for the investigation bill to pay him - only he says he never got paid. 

What he told me was that another woman worked with Jessie - a "sister in law" as they're called.  That prostitute, and the madam that sent them on a call just two days before had also disappeared.  He said they found the body of the madam in a ditch in Vegas - but not the other prostitute.  There was a rumor that the two women got into a dispute over Peter Todd, the pimp's, attentions.  What was really interesting he said was the police didn't question Peter until two weeks after Jessie's disappearance.

By then he said the carpeting had been replaced, the inside of the place they lived in was repainted, and Peter had moved to Henderson, Nevada - in another district.  He said the old carpeting could have been retrieved still from the dump - but the police didn't go looking for the carpeting.  Now who replaces carpets and repaints before moving out unless they're hiding something right?

He also told me Jessie had $10,000 in a bank account she hadn't touched so therefore in his opinion she was dead.  I asked if Glendene knew all this and he said "yep - that's when she got upset and then refused to pay me". 

I then ran an ad in a publication I know hookers in Vegas read.  I posted just Jessie's photo and an ad for her to see if any regulars would contact me.  I got a lot of responses - but no one who said he was a regular of hers.  This told me she didn't get her dates on line but either from regulars or the streets or nightclubs maybe. 

Then I ran an ad with her photo that said simply "have you seen me?"  I got some interesting calls and emails.  Some of the more interesting emails are attached. 

But more important was a few calls I got.  One call insisted that Jessie was alive.  The woman said she was working for Peter now and he was a "very nice man".  She said that Jessie was alive and "working up in Canada".  I was able to trace her phone number to an escort ad - so she was a prostitute.

Why was a hooker working for Peter Todd trying to convince me she was alive?  The woman said that "the mom hated Peter and she's just trying to frame him because Jessie doesn't want to talk to her anymore".  I said "okay - can I talk to her then?"  She told me she had to make a few calls but she would get Jessie to call me herself.   This call came in before I had a recording device on the phone so I figured I'd better move fast to get a recording put on the line.  I checked with Radio Shack and a recorder for the phone was $150 - and I didn't have it.

So I contacted the detective in charge of her case to see if they could get a tap on my line.  He wouldn't answer my emails or calls.  I left a message with his boss - and still got nothing.  Someone told me to speak to Vic Vigna - and that was a disaster.  I met the man for coffee and he kept looking for something to arrest me over.  When that failed - he asked me if I wanted to become a "paid informant".  I said no and then he refused my calls after that.  I was told to "call him in the morning" about the phone tap and then he wouldn't answer the phone.

I went back to Mike who told me he knew seven women who claimed that Vic had traded him sexual favors for not arresting them.  I asked our Vegas members if they knew Vic and they all went "oh yeah".  I asked what they meant and they told me the same thing - he was dirty or he accepted sex to look the other way.

Not getting anyone to respond and thinking I might get a call about Jessie any day now with this new lead - I then reached out to Terri Miller of ATLAS.  She said "unless Vic gives me the call - I can't help you" and blew me off.

I went to Chief Doug Gillespie - who ignored me.

I went to the DA's office - and got nowhere.

I went to Internal Affairs for Vegas - and found there was "no funding for an office".

I went back to Mike and asked if he could loan me a tape recorder.  He said "why?"  Basically he felt no one wanted the case to go further so why kill myself over this.   I told him the prostitutes I spoke to said he was still pimping and he'd go to NY NY every night and "work".  I said because there's other women he's going to harm that I want him shut down.

I have to do 90 percent of what I do at night because I'm not paid - so I email a lot.  But I did what Mike suggested and I then reached out to the FBI.  Erik told me "you are clearly hallucinating this stuff so if you push on this any further then I will send someone over to lock you up for psychiatric observation - and while you're gone I'll have your kid put in Child Haven".

I said "let me get this straight - ONLY if I PUSH will you have me locked up - but you don't think I'm crazy enough otherwise to send someone out right now right?"  He said "well if you're rational enough to know to leave this alone - then yes I'll consider you sane and drop it."

Okay- got it.

I finally got ahold of Glendene.  She had just done Dr. Phil.  No mention of the other woman gone behind Peter Todd.  I told her I had fresh activity and that Peter was trying to make himself look innocent - but I needed someone to look at these emails and to put a recorder on my phone for the call that might be coming soon either from Jessie, or someone they would try and pass off as Jessie.  I believed they might even try to get at her $10,000 if we played it right and could get more evidence on him. 

I told Glendene that if she called a press conference and said there was "fresh evidence" that the police were refusing to follow-up on - we could pressure them into doing something.

Glendene said "let me get back to you".  She then contacted Terri who told her something funky because she then just blew me off.  She said she was "too busy".  I explained someone might be calling any day - did she have a tape recorder I could attach to the phone then?  She said "no" and proceeded to blow me off. 

I then got a call two days later from a woman who said she "spent two weeks with Jessie and she was fine".  I asked if she could help me get in touch with her and she said she'd try.   I never got that call because I found myself having to suddenly move.  My phone went off for two months right after that.

Later on down the road - I was told by a cop who spoke to me "off the record" that the "reason why they blew me off was because Peter Todd was an informant" on what they considered to be a "bigger case" concerning a drug bust.  Peter was connected with some Jamaican's and some serious drugs evidently.

This was not the first time I'd heard this.  Many cops were telling me they were seeing girls out there they knew people had missing posters up about - but they were doing nothing because it would "jeopardize a bigger case".  I climbed all over these cops saying "who says drugs are bigger than a trafficking case"?

To which one cop said to me "well we get people up our butts for drug busts - no one hassles us about these girls". 

He had a point.   I went back to Glendene and asked her to make a video of her holding up a sign saying "my daughter is big enough" to make a point that this is a "big enough" of a case to save these girls if they see them.  I then suggested she could organize the other mothers into a video youtube campaign where they could hold up a sign saying "my child is big enough" to make the point.  I told her not to use my name, not to connect me and it would make a good campaign for her to do something constructive about Jessie's murder.

She came back to me and said she wasn't going to do it.  When I asked why - she said "because people don't like you".  I asked "what does that have to do with the price of rice?"  Because this is something for her to do with the mothers - I don't have anything to do with it - but someone needs to let the cops know that these womens' lives is just as important as a drug bust.

She refused to do it. 

You know I remember when the mothers of African American prostitutes in Los Angeles were being found in dumpsters - the mothers organized and did protests in the streets.  Those protests led to the arrest of the Grim Reaper not long ago.

They made it appear that the LAPD didn't care about African American prostitutes.  No - it is not a racial issue.   They don't care about prostitutes - period.

I have yet to see white mothers organizing a protest calling attention to this issue however - and Glendene clearly doesn't want to do one online because I'm "not liked".

And people wonder why I'm not nice to this woman.  Right now Peter Todd is roaming free.  We had evidence, fresh evidence, that might have got him locked up.  But Glendene didn't want to do anything because I'm "not liked". 

And Peter Todd is still pimping. 

Glendene recently denied she's ever received "a dollar" from fund raisers.  She challenged me to "prove it".  This site here is a fund raiser where $15 was charged for "tubing".   More on that fund raiser -

Here's a "canvas of glass" fund raiser -

Here's talk of another fund raiser where jewelry was auctioned off -

Here's a comedy factory fund raiser -

And a "dine and dance" fund raiser -

This is not all I found - just this is what I found in five minutes online as to fund raisers.  Now I know Glendene has expenses.  I know she's having to fly places, and print up posters, and send things by mail, and pay for hotels, etc.  I know she's got expenses that she's incurring in trying to keep the light on Jessie's case.

What I told understand is what got the woman pissed off at me.  I read her complaining on Facebook that people were wanting an "accounting" of the money and what she's done with it, and accusing her of using drugs.  If the woman is on some kind of medication for depression I wouldn't be surprised.  Who wouldn't be knowing what happened to your daughter and having to relive it every time you have to speak about it?  I have people accusing me of having "relapsed" back to "pimping" all the time - so I take and print out my bank statement showing the only income I have is my SSI check.  No problem.  If people donated to her - certainly she's had to make up a tax return or something so what's the big deal in showing people where the money went?

Next thing I know she's saying "I never made a dime" and whipping up the mom's at me like I did something wrong.  Well Glendene - you told me that you hadn't "made a dime" and challenged me to "prove it'.  Well I've proved you have had fund raisers where the money went to you personally and not into the reward fund. 

I also proved with these emails above I was having activity in the Jessie case that when I went to you to ask for help to put pressure on the Nevada authorities to help me follow up this information, and to help me get a tape recorder on the phone before the call was going to come through that I forwarded to you - and then you refused to help me push on them.  You instead listened to their reasons why they wanted to leave it alone. Leave it alone because Peter is an informant for them.

I don't lie.

The call did come through by the way from a woman who said she "worked with Jessie" and saw her alive.  A call I wasn't able to record because I couldn't get a tape recorder on the phone.  Remember that call Glendene?  The one where I asked you if you could help me get a recorder on the phone because I didn't have $150 to buy a recorder.  I didn't ask you for money - I asked you if you could get me a recorder since I couldn't get the police to put a tap on the phone.  You blew me off on that also.  So the call wasn't recorded.

If you weren't going to back me up Glendene - why should I continue to push on this case for information?  To get FBI agents threatening me - again without you backing me up?  No thank you.  Go on about your fund raisers while Peter Todd walks the streets.  I couldn't even get you to put up a video of you saying "my daughter is important enough" to have Peter Todd locked up now over these women disappearing instead of some drug bust he's helping the cops with. 

Do you know why the "Grim Reaper" case appears to be a racial issue?  Because the African American prostitute mothers went out into the streets and protested.  Guess what?  They got Lonnie Franklin Jr.  He's in jail right now. 

Peter Todd remains free because I can't get the white mothers to do jack.  I guess if he'd killed some African American girls maybe we'd get some traction from the moms.  Way to go Peter - you just showed you want to get away with murder?  Murder white prostitutes.  Instead of out in the streets protesting demanding the police "do something" they'll be out fund raising all over the USA and Canada.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kamylla and "8 Minutes"

About a year ago, I got a call from a man claiming to be Kevin Brown's assistant.  He told me how Kevin Brown had been a cop for 20 years and then upon retiring "found God" and then went out to "save prostitutes" through a trafficking outreach.  When I asked how he did this - he said Kevin would call prostitutes out to a motel room like they were going on a date.  Then he would offer them a chance to leave with him to go to a ranch he had in New Mexico where they would get "rehabilitated".  He claimed that women he had "saved" would be in the hotel room with him speaking to the prospective prostitute to assure them it was the "real deal". 

I knew it was bullshit right there.  For one thing - trafficking victims don't get sent to hotel rooms without the client being "screened" first or "known".  The reason is simple - so that if the woman disappears the pimps know right where to go to find their victim and return her back to the fold.  So I asked the guy (I can't remember his name) what he did when the trafficker came to get their victims back?  He sounded stumped and just started stuttering.  Not a reaction he was used to getting when he told this story clearly.

Now I've worked with trafficking victims - and trust me it took me YEARS to learn how to effectively stop these victims from returning back like homing pigeons since most are brainwashed.  If they don't return to their original pimp - they will often recreate the same scenario elsewhere.  It's their "programming".  There's others who have "Stockholm Syndrome" that takes just as long to learn to treat as it takes to learn deprogramming from cult deprogrammers as I did when I started our program because of seeing this problem in action. 

So I asked where he got his training in how to get these women to leave the industry successfully.  He started stuttering again.  I pointed out it took me years of training, and I had to travel to get a lot of that, and an extensive mentor board I created to get our program to be able to effectively help others leave the industry and not return.  I mean you don't just take someone to a ranch in NM - bop them on the head and voila they're not prostitutes anymore.  What was the process he was using?  I got no answers.  When I asked to see the ranch and meet these success stories to see this for myself with my own eyes - he couldn't get off the phone fast enough. 

So of course "8 Minutes" was staged.  You know why?  A true "trafficking victim" CAN'T say "okay sure I'll go with you" after meeting a strange man for eight minutes in a hotel room.  A "real" victim usually has a family member who is threatened with harm, or murder, if they don't return.  With me - they threatened to kill my mother and grandmother if I screwed up or went against them.  I've seen women who have their children threatened.  Linda Lovelace said her pimp threatened to kill her parents if she didn't cooperate.  So how could someone who is a victim of trafficking just up and say "okay sure I'll go off somewhere" with you by making a choice to do so?  The ability TO make a choice and say "okay sure I'll let you help me" makes them a PROSTITUTE not a VICTIM OF TRAFFICKING. 

But I didn't have PROOF until I got the call on April 13, 2015 from a woman calling herself "Claudia".  During this call she claimed to have been the "only woman with a foreign accent" who was filmed on the show "8 Minutes".  She claimed she was contacted by the producers from an old ad on Backpage she'd run for prostitution when she was "down on her luck" months before.  They offered her $200 to pretend to be a currently working prostitute.   Her husband was given another $200 to pretend to be a pimp.  At the end of the show she said she really wanted help to find work and asked if they knew anyone that could help.  She asked for more money supposedly to pay her late rent and they refused to help her. 

She said she was from Brazil and after not getting more money from the producers she then placed another ad on Backpage.  Then she says she got busted for prostitution and placed in a program run by Kathryn Griffin Townsend where she was attending weekly classes.  She says she was attending these classes and then couldn't look for work which caused her to get behind on the rent again.  Now she said she was going to be evicted in two days and she claimed she had no money for legal help of any kind.  She also said she was worried that she might be deported over this mess.  During the phone call she confessed her name was not "Claudia" but another name.   I asked her why she had not told the press about the show being faked and she claimed she had been threatened if she did tell - she'd be deported in retaliation.  I assured her it was not that easy to deport someone out of spite and there were ways to keep her in the country.  Ways that included suing the production company and Kevin Brown which would keep her in the country while the lawsuit was ongoing which could take years to resolve.

So I told her we could sue them on the behalf of all who appeared on the show for defamation and their constitutional rights being violated.  She brought up the confidentiality agreement.  I told her this was rendered invalid when they violated their constitutional rights and that such a contract was not enforceable unless they pay her extra for that confidence which they had not.  Therefore, you also can't have someone sign away their right to free speech - especially if they have not contracted to do so.  Therefore, any way you look at it she was not bound to silence.

I told her we could "stay" the eviction in the morning, I knew lawyers who could probably get her whole case dismissed, we could probably keep her in the country, and get her some nice cash in her pocket by suing the producers and Kevin Brown.  During this call she then told me what was her "real" name supposedly.  That's why I haven't put that tape online yet - it because I don't know how to edit out the name she said was her "real" name. 

She never faxed me over any of her paperwork that evening she promised.  Not the eviction notice, nor anything about her arrest.  In the morning however, I got a call from two attorney's.  One saying she was handling her immigration matter out of New Jersey and the other saying she was handling her prostitution arrest out of Texas. 

However, neither of these attorney's matched what they were saying.  They said they had her paperwork and they represented her already - meaning she had lied to me about not having any legal representation.   It made no sense to me why she was asking me to help her find a laywer if she already had two.  Many people don't realize this but if your case runs "over" and you're out of money - the lawyers can't just bail out on you. 

Also, her claim she "needed money to get a lawyer" wouldn't make sense either as she has two attorney of record now clearly.  Meaning she can't just go out and get another lawyer to handle the same legal matters if she already has one working on that matter.  There has to be a substitution of attorney - and it's just not that easy.  I'm speaking as someone who has been a paralegal now for over 30 years mind you.  It also doesn't make sense her fear of not having an attorney.  To stop representing her on a matter simply because of money they can't just walk away.  They have to appear before a judge and get approval which isn't granted if it harms her rights and there's no public defender that can replace them.  But both these lawyers were trying frantically to urge me not to say anything online about the show being staged.  They were warning me she "might be deported" if we crossed the producers.  What I couldn't understand was why were they all over me not to say anything to the press - when she was clearly on the phone with everyone from the press.  I mean I counted over 10 reporters already she'd spoken to while the show was on the air! 

I then spoke to a few reporters who told me they also knew the show was staged.  When I asked why they weren't writing about this being true - they said they had been warned that if this woman released the truth to the press she'd be deported.  Okay let me get this straight - this woman is terrified of the press leaking the story but she's called now how many reporters?  That makes no sense at all.  Clearly the woman wanted the story leaked - so why pretend she didn't? 

The story was starting to stink.  She said the show with her face hadn't aired yet - so here was no way to know if she'd even been on the show other than a contract from the producers or a copy of the check.  I asked the reporters if anyone had seen a contract or a copy of the check.  They all said "no" and one said she'd been told the woman was Russian - not from Brazil. 

I then asked if anyone had even seen an ID from the woman - and they said "no".  I'm sorry but Relativity Media also produces "Catfish" so if anyone knows how to fake a person - this guy does.  As I'm getting ready to release a statement the show was "faked" - I get this woman online out of nowhere urging me not to because "she is going to be deported".  As she says this to me I'm wondering how she knows what I'm thinking of doing.

I look on this profile that at first appears to be a 20ish Latina woman.  Only her profile has Billy Graham as a favorite.  No 20 year old Latina I know even knows who he is.  I then simply wrote the word "catfish" on this person's wall.   At that point a joke about me appeared on the page comparing me to a lizard.  That was funny actually.  Then the woman's profile completely changed.  The name changed and the profile photos as well.   That's when I knew a "catfish" had been trying to urge me not to release the information the show had been staged with the proof I now had. 

I released the letter speaking about the call from "Claudia" only that wasn't her name.  Suddenly this woman is claiming that two active sex workers contacted her, claimed I had "violated her confidentiality" and that they were going to help her through this process.  I hadn't violated her anonymity as that wasn't her name, she wasn't going to be deported as it was obviously a ruse, and I figured "knock yourself out" if you want active sex workers to help you quit the industry and deal with the courts instead of someone with 30 years success at it instead. 

But then they started lying about me.  Considering they said no one had been willing to help this woman - why were they bashing the one group who did.  I went again to the reporters who all confirmed no one had seen an ID, a copy of the check or contract, nor any papers like the police report to confirm her story. 

I went to the court calendar.  She was saying she "had a hearing coming up".  I typed in the name she told me was her "real" name and nothing came up.  I then used just the last name.  Nothing came up. I then looked for any female with a Hispanic name.  Nothing came up.   Houston publishes their prostitution arrests - and reading the arrests over the time period she says she was arrested - there's no report of a lone woman arrested off a Backpage ad.  I then took the prostitution arrests and cross-referenced with the eviction cases during April when she said she was being evicted  No matches.

In order to set her up like she claimed - the police can't do that alone.  They have to have a DA willing to prosecute.  I contacted the Houston DA's office and asked them "who handles your prostitution cases?"  I got told they have over 300 deputies and that they're all randomly selected.  No specific deputies handle prostitution cases as they're assigned randomly.   

So how would the cops arresting her know they'd get a DA who would uphold the arrest?  I then spoke to the court clerk.  I asked if they had any name at all that showed up in the eviction hearings as well as a prostitution arrest - and they said nothing was showing up under either the name she'd given me or any name.

I then spoke to the Vice Detective for Houston.  He told me that they don't have enough money to do a lone arrest in the manner she described and he had not heard of any case connected with "8 Minutes".  He hadn't even heard of the show.  This detective then told me that because of financial strains they have to do multiple stings at one time for prostitution arrests.  This was born out by the news which carries the listings of all arrested for prostitution.  You'll notice they all appear to be multiple arrests.  A lone arrest here is rare. 

I then went to speak to Houston's SWOP chapter.  I asked if they'd met this woman and knew if she was "for real".  Honestly they should be doing the fund raiser for her - not Maxine out of California.  It's normally done that way because then local fund raisers can be held where the woman that's the recipient can meet with people in person to talk more about their plight.  No one answered me from the Houston SWOP chapter.

I spoke to local Houston SWA members who laughed when I told them the story.  They told me that if a woman from another country was arrested for prostitution - she would not even be out.  These members confirmed what I'm hearing across the country at jails everywhere - that when a non-American is arrested for anything they are held until Immigration determines if their visa is valid and they take their sweet time doing this because the jail gets paid for every day they hold someone.  They told me of people they know who have been held for months while they determine their visas are valid.  They told me they would have held this woman without bail - and then gone to arrest her husband for pimping her and take her kids into foster care in Houston would be the more typical story they'd seeing.  I spoke to some bail bondsmen and people who take AA meetings into the jails there who told me the same story.  No she hadn't said anything about being held without bail or Immigration even during her arrest.

I went to find Kathryn Griffin Townsend who supposedly runs these classes she was attending weekly.  All news clippings for this program stop about October of 2014.  The vice detective nor the DA knew anything about such a program currently running.  When I tried to reach Kathryn - I couldn't even find a phone number for her let alone this program that was active now.  All I could find was a reference on her LinkedIn page she was a "consultant to the jails".  So I contacted the Houston jail.  No one knew what I was talking about.  They hadn't heard of any program Kathryn was running any longer.  Her "Been There Done That" they said they didn't know about but heard she was "focusing on her voter registration drive".  When I asked if anyone knew how to reach her at the jail - no one had any idea.  I contacted the Houston Sheriff who also had no idea.

I'm sorry but if there was a diversion program of some kind Kathryn was currently running that this woman was "attending weekly" as she claimed I'm sure I would have found a website, a phone number, or something where someone would know what I'm talking about.  I left a facebook message with Kathryn to contact me about the issue.  I haven't heard from her because her facebook was talking about a fishing trip she was on.   Again, if she was running a program this woman was a part of - I think she would have called me back or responded by now.  It looks like she's busy with family and doing HIV testing from what her site is talking about on facebook. 

I called Relativity Media.  They turned me over to Stacey at a PR firm.  She told me quote "we will not confirm nor deny if this woman was even on the show".  I said "let me get this straight - this woman could be a complete fraud out there raising money by saying she was on your show and even though you know this is a complete lie you're not going to deny she was on the show to me now?"  To which she repeated "I'm not going to confirm or deny if she was on the show".  I then said "I'm not looking for a comment or a quote.  I'm not asking you to speak about what she's saying as true or not.  I'm asking you only and simply to say yes or no as to whether or not she was even filmed on this show?"  To which Stacy repeated again "we will not confirm or deny this woman being on the show". 

So they're not exactly claiming her that's for sure.   Maxine Doogan says this is a "verified" fund raiser.  She also spoke about a "good attorney" that Kamylla now has.  One who is there was any case still hanging over her head would tell her to remove her statements online about the case and to quit speaking to people about it immediately.  However, she's still out there talking about it - saying she has a "hearing coming up soon". 

I challenged the "Cupcake Girls" to show me they did "due diligence" to prove the story this woman was telling was true or not.  They refused to confirm they had.  However, to fund raise while lobbying for bills with the legislature is a violation of their very 501c3 guidelines.  When I challenged them for proof their fund raiser had verified the story of this woman - they refused to give me any assurance they had.

So I'm going to put out there - has anyone got a copy of her police report, proof of a court date coming up as she claims, a copy of eviction papers, something that proves anything about her story is in fact valid?

Every time I start bringing up the need for some kind of proof - another campaign starts up callng me "crazy" or a "predator" to try and confuse attention.  It's okay.  Everyone who raped me said I was "crazy" and "don't listen to her".  My father to this day insists that he never laid a finger on me and that I hallucinated years of abuse.  For years he had my own family convinced I was falsely accusing him until they started hearing his stories falling apart over time.   When I told everyone Elizabeth Adams was a "snitch" they said I was crazy - until she got Heidi Fleiss arrested 10 years later while working as a madam during that whole time period.  When I told people that Samoly Mam was a fraud - I was accused of being "crazy" and "jealous".  When I first stepped up on the first talk show stage speaking about witnessing sex trafficking and Iran Contra - I had people saying I was "crazy".  Well then we saw Oliver North and the Congressional hearings and now we have the Trafficking Act of 2000 we saw passed. 

So I'm used to being called "crazy" until I get the black and white proof in hand.  So - anyone got it?  Anyone have proof this story is for real? 


I have no idea who this woman is.  Never spoken to her.  Never met her.  Never heard of anyone in her ministry.  When I got the screen shot of Beth going to Shawnee however with this crazy accusation I was a "pimp" and even "dangerous" - it was being reinforced however by this woman Laurin. 

I have sent each one of these women a "Cease and Desist" notice attached.

Sunday, July 5, 2015



I warned Shawnee that if she didn't take these lies down - that I would create this post.  She did - but then reposted it a few days later when she thought I wasn't looking.  I keep my word - so here's what happened.

I run the hotline as you know and have since 1987.  When I hear about new people - I invite them to come speak at our phone meeting, or to be on our radio show at  To date, the only people who have refused to be on this show, or speak at a phone meeting, have turned out to be either completely fake "survivors" or up to some kind of con artistry as well.  Clearly they refuse because they know you can't "bullshit a bullshitter" and we'd see straight through them if they did.  Well, I invited Shawnee and she refused - so she went onto my radar as possibly having an issue about credibility then.

I didn't think anything about it until I saw her running for an award in Ohio where she claimed to be "the founder of the movement".  However, she says she came on the scene in 2007.  Now if you check my news clippings at you'll see that I was the FOUNDER of the movement with my news clipping going back to 1987.  I was not just a survivor speaking out then, but I was calling out for our legal system to recognize us.  I was also the creator of the first hotline for adults, the first alternative sentencing program, and the first "trafficking outreach" through then Mayor Bradley at an HIV test site where those who were found HIV positive who had pimps were given a chance to leave through a back door to freedom where they would get housing, medical, counseling, and all the services they needed including an educational program we had worked out a deal with DeVry Institute back then.    So that was a lie.  I however only said something to Shawnee privately at that when I saw it - suggesting she stick to the truth or she was going to harm the credibility of the movement.  I don't want to see us go the way of the "satanic panic".

I had been leaving the woman entirely alone - until I got an email from a family member who was very distressed by Shawnee's behavior as spoken about here.  She came to me asking if it was possible that any of this were true.  I explained to her that when I've had people smear me I have no problem at all threatening them to file a defamation lawsuit against them because I know they're lying.  I told Shawnee on this blog if she felt these people were lying about her - then why wasn't she suing them?  I then told her, on this site, that she was clearly upsetting this family, and maybe she should give them an apology, and leave them alone.  I'm especially insulted because I am American Indian.  My last name, Williams, is what they renamed Cherokee Indians, out of Oklahoma - look it up.

Well that must have made her feel pretty threatened because she then went onto her facebook page and posted that I was a "pimp" to chime in with Beth Jacobs evidently.  Which as you can see by the screen shot a friend sent me - that's exactly what happened.  Beth and a Laurie who I have no idea who that is - chimed in that I was a "trafficker" also. 

Again, since I never did that, I have never been arrested for that, I have never been charged for that, nor do I have a conviction for that, and I've posted copies of my bank statements to show I'm a woman living on disability - I'm highly offended as a survivor to be accused of such a thing.  HOW DARE THESE WOMEN TALK ABOUT "HOLDING BACK SURVIVORS" WHILE THEY ACCUSE ME, A REAL SURVIVOR, OF BEING A PIMP?!

I served Shawnee with a "notice of intent to file for defamation" to which she took down the lie.  Well then I get the screen shot that shows she just waited a few days and reposted it.  What's the matter Shawnee - so worried I'm going to say something you decide to cover your back first with this off the wall accusation?

How can you say I'm "holding back the rescue" of anyone?  According to your own words - you claim you have been re-kidnapped by your traffickers over five times since I've known you.  You can see by my post that I actually offered to help you stop that from happening.  An offer you refused to accept I'd like to add.  Not for yourself - but so that you could protect others.  Because if you're being kidnapped this many times - how on earth can you protect anyone you're rescuing - if in fact you are?

I've got testimonies of people I've rescued at and and I've had investigative reporters come and check me out and write wonderful things about my work who have spoken to people I've rescued.  I have an audio tape up from a man talking about a rescue operation I've been working on for two years now involving women from Asian massage parlor trafficking where I've now had attempts made on my life over this project -

So please Shawnee - please let me hear from one of your success stories?  I have members under deep cover that I've still been able to get audio interviews from to talk about how we helped them so that people can know about our work and that they can trust us.  So where are yours Shawnee?

How DARE you call another survivor a "trafficker"?  Especially behind my back, and especially knowing that I'm running the oldest and largest program of survivors IN THIS COUNTRY! 

Now I warned you if you did that nonsense again I'd take legal action.  I'll be preparing that and serving it upon you shortly.  Clearly you just don't know when to stop harming people with that mouth of yours.


In July of 2015 - the  phone I use for both my personal cell, and hotline, (because I can't afford two separate cell phones), started blowing up from phone number (412) 423-5951 sending me text messages starting about 12:30 a.m.  I have to figure out a way to scan them and will be posting them shortly.  Area code 412 is in Pennsylvania.  The text messages were taunting me to "go check out".  The registration for the site has the same information as sites registered by Domina Elle for sites like and others. 

The person of course was taunting me thinking I didn't know who was behind the calls.   I went to Intelius and ordered a phone report on this number.  For some reason, the site would not allow me to order a report on that number.

So I ordered a report on the number that Domina uses on her site and advertising.  It came back-  Apple Cheek Productions is registered in Pennsylvania and shows the connection with Domina.  Pennsyvania again is a 412 area code.  Interesting connection is that Domina runs "Red Cheek Productions" in Denver - so clearly Sally and Domina are friends with the "tongue in cheek" reference to the "cheeks" between the two companies - both of which are film companies.

You can see by her ad she's also using the phone number of  (720) 329-6341.  That's the one I was able to get a report on. 

You'll also see her advertising on "escorts" here using the same number and photo.

Leslie is the British name for the woman who married Renos Avraam and then changed her name to Sheninah Avraam.  Leslie died in 2007.   Here's about the name change.

However, she was not born in 1966 but the voter registration shows that as her birth year with the phone number she's operating under.  The reason why this voter registration has a different date is because the woman calling herself "Domina Elle" is not her real name.  This is how one goes about getting phony ID.

She's evidently stalked other people in her industry, and almost strangled a client according to these sites:  (postscript - after I posted this link it's been taken down.  The woman who owns the site won't answer me about why it was taken down.  I have a screen shot of this page but if she's taken it down it's for a reason.  I'm going to honor that reason by not reposting that site since she wants it down.  I can only assume she was threatened to take it down since it appeared to have been up for about a year - only coming down after I referenced it.)

Then this woman, whoever she is, sent out a massive email to people claiming she had not been sending me these "text bombs" days on end at all hours of the night and day and claiming that either I was "imagining this" or someone had "spoofed" her.  I explained that if I needed to go to the length of proving she did this - then I would have to subpoena her phone records to prove the calls came from her.  All of her phone records, which would then make them public record as part of the complaint.  Records which might include her clients.  Her response?  "Go ahead."  Proof of how much she cares about the privacy of people who call her line is attached here:

Now if I were to say something about pulling phone records out from any other sex worker in the world, legal or not, they would freak out.  She however seem pretty confident it's not a problem.  I've only encountered that kind of attitude before in specific types of situations.  Like that of Elizabeth Adams for example - the Beverly Hills Madam.  Elizabeth was an informant for the FBI who not only got me arrested twice by throwing me under the bus in 1983 - but she was the one responsible for throwing Heidi Fleiss to the wolves also in 1993.  Why? No one believed me she was a "snitch" to use the street terms.  So Alex was kind of cocky when it came to the cops also because she knew she wasn't in any danger of being busted herself (or so she thought because they did turn on her when new people came into office).  

Is this unusual?  Not at all.  Rick "Freeway" Ross was sent off to life in prison because of a snitch who was paid $40,000 a year just to get him set up to go to jail.   After failing to talk Rick into going back into a life of crime - he had to threaten a friend of his life in order to get him to cross the line.  Yes it was over turned and Rick is a free man again - but those years will never be given back to him.  

Why was he locked up?  Well read his book for one if you want to know but I suspect it was to silence him for what he knew about Iran Contra - the same as they tried to silence me also for years and why Gary Webb's death was probably not a suicide.  I mean TWO shotgun blasts to the head?  Even coroners think that's physically impossible.    Murder too extreme?  Some don't think so.

Now Domina Elle never spoke to me, bothered me, even looked in my direction until this whole "8 Minutes fiasco.  In March of 2015, I got a phone call from her asking me for information on our program.  She did not identify herself so i just sent her general information.  We did not talk.  She was emailed our general information flyer and that was the extent of it.  Why was she scoping us out in March?

I didn't hear about her until this whole "Kamylla" nonsense started.  A woman called me for help.  We told her we could provide her with everything she needed and I ended the phone call.  She gave me permission to publish the call and discuss her case with anyone we needed to.  But the next day she tells me that Domina Elle had reached out to her, bashed us ten ways to Sunday with lies, and then convinced her to let Domina Elle help her instead in April of 2015.  A fund raiser was set up for her.  Now in July I checked back on this fund raiser and the woman is still without a job, in a flooded house with back rent still due, and still has legal cases over her head.   So it doesn't sound like they did much of a job to help her.

What I found interesting was that this Domina Elle was doing the fund raising - not SWOP.  In fact, SWOP wasn't saying anything about it.   When I reached out to them to verify they knew about and who this Kamylla was - I received no answer.  But she kept posting lies about us online.  When I slapped Domina Elle with a notice that I'd serve her with a defamation lawsuit if she did not take down these lies and kept this up - she did remove the lies and stopped HER speaking them.  

But in a matter of minutes - the same exact lies, and even the same cartoons, start coming out of Kamylla's mouth online instead.  I contacted her and asked why she was posting these things.  She told me she wasn't.  She said she had no computer.  No internet access and she didn't say those things and didn't mean them.  She also told me that she'd given Domina Elle permission to post on her behalf for that reason.  

Then she said she would ask Domina Elle to remove these statements in the morning.  That was the last time I was able to speak to her other than a cryptic text I got that led me to believe that Kamylla is also being threatened and she's afraid.  This fear started after she told me she was going to ask Domina Elle to take down the lies she was posting online about us while posing as her.  I think Domina Elle didn't take kindly to the request.  Not a doubt in my mind they've told her she won't get that $5000 if she were to let me help her now is the way this thing is setting up.  

Now Domina Elle she's getting away with this by capitalizing upon the impression she's a chapter leader or chair or whatever they call it for Denver SWOP.    This article is a case in point.  Only I contacted the main office of SWOP who says that she "holds no position nor has any power" within their organization.  They said "banned was a strong word" but confirmed she holds no power in SWOP.

Wondering if anyone else has been threatened or harmed by this woman or what exactly is going on - I posted an ad on Backpage asking if anyone had any experiences with her at all, good or bad, to please get in touch with us.  I got a phone call that yes was recorded.  I get threats all the time so I record all incoming calls and delete them once we're done.  In this case I saved it in case she gave consent for me to publish the recording.  She did agree to be interviewed for our radio show but before we published anything online she wanted to get an okay from her partner.  I understood and set about transferring the tape to a format I can post online.  I had not posted it online however when I get a frantic call from the woman who made the call wanting to know how these tapes wound up on   But here's the tape in it's entirely that somehow got off my hard drive and on this site - part 1, part 2 - 

I explained to her I'd been fighting all night with both my phone and computer from a hack attack.  My computer found three threats and it took me all night to clean them off and fix my computer and phone.  My phone not only kept going crazy but it kept having the recorder turn on.  Clearly someone was messing around my phones and computers to get access to these tapes.  So I am in the process of working with some attorney's and the police over criminal and civil charges over Domina Elle's actions.  Now Domina Elle seems to have no problem clearly with you hearing what's on the tape for her to post them online - so here those tapes are in their entirety.  The caller is talking about how she has "friends within the police and the Denver courthouse".  I will be doing a court record search for these restraining orders spoken about in the call to see what I can find.   

Clearly this woman is on a witch hunt for my head.  The texts that were blowing up my phone said they would "continue until I took down our site and hotline".  So I'm being blackmailed by this woman to take down our site and hotline.   To dig up dirt on us - she had to go all the way back to a woman I had a personal fall-out with 30 years ago.  That's a pretty far stretch.  

As for Gaye - the other woman on the website supposedly attacking me - she leaves out that for years i defended her against Rachel Moran.  So you should see the things she said to me to warrant my response to her.   I'm not going to post them because clearly Domina Elle is manipulating both Gaye and Norma Jean Almodar for her own agenda to attack us.  Norma had not posted one single bad word about me anywhere online until Domina Elle approached her about this site.  If what I'd done was soooo awful - it would have been posted long before Domina Elle started digging up dirt, reached out to Norma, then built the site, yada yada yada.  The same with Gaye.  Gaye was actually friends with me until Domina Elle started twisting her head around.  

So if neither of these women had posted a bad word about me online until Domina Elle got ahold of them yet both have known me for years before now  - I don't know if they were threatened or bribed or what - but clearly if they didn't do this on their own and all of this is because Domina Elle has an agenda.

A clearly stated agenda.  Now if she thinks I'm a "predator" or crazy or whatever - that has nothing to do with our program.  We have chapters all over the world.  Our Russia chapter has six meetings a week now.  Our Canada chapter is in three different areas now.  We've been donated a Russian, French and Spanish translation of our books I'm working on getting published.  Our program is an established part of the probation system in different states like Michigan for example.  You can't complete your 2nd year of probation without attending our meetings.  I know of no other program right now where a prostitute who is not being trafficked can ask a judge to come to our meetings instead of jail without a special program, without an attorney, and be granted that request so we are clearly the sex worker community's friend.  So why attack all of us now because of her personal issues with me?  

How can she have an issue with me when she came in the gate looking for an attack?    I had no fight with her.  No fall-out with her. She came in with an agenda to attack us and that didn't happen until the show "8 Minutes" and she didn't come after me until I hit Relativity Media with notice I was going to file a lawsuit and get an injunction and they canceled the show.  

So let's take a look back at what's going on with "8 Minutes".  The media right now is emphasizing the producers "lied" to these women and "didn't provide them any help".   Now just use some logic here for a moment - if Kamylla herself admits her and the other women were paid $200 to "act" like they were prostitutes and that they were being offered "help" then the whole thing clearly is a fraud.  There was no "recreation" posted at the bottom of the screen to say this series dramatized something happening in real life.  And please tell me why if these women were knowing the whole thing was staged why would they expect to get any real answers from these people?  That makes no sense.

Let's put it another way.  If I was hired to pretend to be in a bakery.  To pretend I was buying bread from a fake bakery - why on earth would I then go and shout to the media how ripped off I was that I wasn't able to get any bread out of the show?  That makes no sense.   Because it's a cover.    I had a man call me before the show filmed and told me their spiel.  He tried to tell me that Kevin Brown was actually really "rescuing" young girls after having "found God" after he retired from being an Orange County cop for 20 years.

I'm sorry - but a man who was a Nazi for 20 years doesn't turn around and open up a home for young Jewish girls.  Doesn't happen.  So I asked to speak to his "graduates" of this program and I asked to see the program with my own eyes.   He then tried to talk me into giving them referrals.  I repeated that I don't give referrals to a program I haven't seen with my own eyes and asked to see the operation for myself.  

They disappeared because it was bogus.  I went online and learned that Orange County, where Kevin Brown is staged out of, has received $1.2 million dollars for helping "trafficking victims".   I also saw a few churches holding fund raisers connected to the show while it was on the air - of course with Annie Lobert speaking - queen of the shills for churches to raise money for bogus programs like what happened before with her, Pastor Benny Perez, and her show on Bravo that we got yanked after one episode aired because it was a fraud.  Okay now this is making more sense to me.  We have to show the grant donors we're doing something and Lord knows they aren't doing anything for real victims because that would expose police corruption and higher.  So we have to put on a show.  Got it.

I've been working on a case for two years now about a woman who was drug out of her home and had phony police reports slapped on her by Pasadena Police.   I was threatened by a Pasadena cop supposedly for trying to help her.  I say "supposedly" because he gave me a name that the station says is the name of a cop.  The phone number he used was from the station.  However, he still could have been an imposter. To find out I'd have to talk to the Chief.  Only the Chief was refusing my calls, faxes and emails until I reached out to the city council and city manager.  I talk more about this in my letter to Senator John Kerry (which he hasn't answered by the way yet as of 8/1/15.)

The minute I put the Chief on the spot about working on this case (which was just at the same time this "8 Minute" thing hit) - is when this whole smear campaign against me started with Domina Elle and this phony "stalking" accusation out of Meg from Abeni - the program that's in connection with the Orange County Trafficking Task Force.  She started telling people online that I was "threatening her" and she was "afraid for her life" and that I needed to be carted off on a "5150" charge.  Only if you look back over the conversation she initiated with me - none of these things are true.  

It's about as true as the cop pulling Sandra Bland over and arresting her over a turn signal to pull her into a jail cell.   Now I'm putting the pieces together - she can't get me arrested on these phony charges because she doesn't know where I live and I'm not anywhere near her.  But the minute I go walking into the Pasadena station - that's when I can be carted off on her false accusation.  Sure they can't prove a thing and the law says they'd have to let me go after 72 hour observation - if I lived that long.  

What's the connection between Pasadena and Orange County?  Chief Sanchez lives in Orange County.    When Jeane Palfrey was murdered in my opinion - I had called up the Florida police demanding a full investigation.  Then the Tonopah Nevada police where I live get a call from the Florida police the operator at the station tells me - and suddenly I'm being slapped with a warrant for "impersonating myself" and my house is being tossed by five cops and a drug dog.  A cop can't smear me.  Too obvious.  But if the Pasadena police are connected to the Orange County police - then how do we get all the way to Denver?  

D'Lita Miller calls me up.  I'll go into her in another blog entry - but she's a part of this "8 Minutes" show AND this Long Beach Task force that just got $650,000 for "outreach" and another $3 million to set up a program with the youth courts for trafficking.  She calls herself a "consultant" yet she admits her own daughter got trafficked in 2011.  

Doesn't sound like she knew much about it before 2011 to me.  Then she says she "couldn't find help".  That's funny as there's Children of the Night, Covenant House, Mercy Ministries, Children of the Night, Mary Magdalene Project, and Dream Center just to name a few - all with trafficking programs for the young within a 20 minute drive from where she's based out of.  Of course not mentioning we're based out of Los Angeles and can be found online in two minutes - as can SWAN - our program for parents.   So frankly if she "couldn't find any help" in 2011 when all these programs were easily found in a 30 second search on Google - I don't know if I'd brag I was a "consultant' on the issue myself.  

But my point is that D'Lita Miller connects Kevin Brown, Relativity Media, the Orange County Police, and the Long Beach Police.  How does Domina Elle in Denver fit into this?  She's coming out here in September to speak at the Catalyst Con  She's also speaking with Maxine Doogan, who is suing four District Attorney's in California.

Maxine has also talked with Tom Forman and D'lita Miller.   Ms. Miller even told me she reached out to Maxine before she called me so I know they know each other also.  Again, doesn't sound like her priorities are about helping victims if Maxine was on her list to call before my call.  Maxine had in fact tried to get a judge to leave out wording in her 2008 Bill so that voters wouldn't know that she didn't want any "minority trafficking victims to have help funded".   So she's clearly not on the side of wanting minority trafficking victims to get any help to escape their traffickers - but that's who she calls before us?  Got it.

Now with this information in hand I approached the Catalyst Con organizers.  Now mind you I've been doing this work for about 30 years now.  In my experience, organizers and sponsors don't want to risk any liability with putting on an event where someone who is representing them might be posing a situation where they could be sued for negligence.  So you think they'd be happy to receive the information, and thank me for giving it to them.   

Not at all.  The minute I told them - I had this silly threat coming at me from an attorney threatening me with "economic interference" if I tried to tell anyone else any of this information.  First of all, for this to be "economic interference" I'd have to be a "competitor" to Domina Elle.  I run no dungeon and I've been out of all sex work since 1985.  I'm therefore NOT a "competitor" so their own lawyer was clearly just trying to scare me into silence.

If you're wondering why I'm not taking that site down?  I'm not only running our program - I'm also trying to show the world how this all operates.  I want them to see what happens when you try and go up against these people.  They threaten.  They smear.  They hide behind websites they don't sign.  They text bomb you at 2:00 a.m. from phones they then claim aren't theirs.  They call from blocked numbers.  They lie. They threaten.  They deceive and manipulate people.  Also - we're getting a lot of traffic from people trying to sort this all our so it's actually quite educational for people to see how this is all playing out.  That's why I'm not moving for an emergency TRO - I want you to see how these people operate.  

By the way - anything you say to someone who is an "informant" can be used against you in a court of law.  Whoever this Domina Elle is in reality, she is NOT on the side of sex workers.  She has actively NOT told sex workers they can avoid being incarcerated by asking to come to a SWA meeting.  She's also posted on her Kamylla fund raiser she wants a law passed "requiring shelters to admit prostitutes".  They don't admit them because it's not safe.  They're not secure for when a pimp comes looking for them - that's why they're not accepted.  I mean why would you want them to anyway?  There needs to be special programs set up for trafficking victims to be placed in - NOT HOMELESS SHELTERS.  Any sex worker on our side would know that. 

IF Domina Elle was on the side of the sex worker - then why are her, Norma, Gaye or Maxine not lifting ONE FINGER to help another sister sex worker who when she announced she wanted to leave the industry she ewas then carted off by two cops and falsely arrested?  Why not a word of defense of her case or against the cops and the judge that slapped her with these phony cases and threatened her?  Why not one word about the cop that threatened me when we tried to help her or the attorney that threatened our attorney?  Yes they are SOOOO interested in helping sex workers - they won't lift a finger to bring any attention to her situation and they're trying to smear us who are trying to get her help and these criminals brought to justice!!!

(copyright 2015 J. Williams all rights reserved)

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Beth Jacobs is a woman living in Arizona.  When we first heard about her - she told us she was the founder of "Willow Way" in Tucson, and that she was providing counseling for women who had been detained through Project Rose through Cactus Counseling Center.  Cactus Counseling was providing counseling through a contract they'd received for this purpose.

I had just moved into this one apartment when I first spoke to Beth - so it had to be about December of 2012 - January of 2013.  I remember because I was still unpacking.  I then did not get a cell phone until March of 2013 - so it probably was about March or April of 2013 that I first spoke to her. 

People had been telling me that Beth had been very hostile towards us and I had no idea why.  I've never spoken to her and since I understood the program she had worked with back east used our "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings with success I was confused.  So I emailed her to find out what the problem was.

She told me she had called me on the phone "years ago" while I was "shopping at a Walmart".  She says that she asked the woman on the phone she thought was me "why do you use the 12 steps?" and she says the woman on the other end laughed at her in response like it was a stupid question. 

This would mean if she was talking to me - then I was on a cell phone - not a house phone.  However, I had a stroke in July of 2000.  Since August of 2000 until March of 2013 I did not take any incoming calls on the hotline on a cell phone because I COULDN'T AFFORD ONE.   I have only taken SWA calls from the house phone since the stroke - so therefore I could not have been talking to her from a Walmart to be the person she spoke to.  I have had one cell phone provided to me by the state that gave me 200 minutes a month that I kept in my purse to call for Paratransit rides or a cab - but I never ever took calls on that phone because I had to spread those 200 minutes through the month.  When I would leave the house, if I could get someone else to answer the hotline I would, but those people would be at home also. 

Now there was another possibility who she spoke to.  Anne Bissell aka Juliette Chandler had a website up for years calling herself "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous".  On this website, there was an 800 number, and the 12 steps were there.  She also had our literature on there word for word verbatim taken out of our "Recovery Guide" so much of which without quoting our guide as the source that I had sent her a "cease and desist" letter numerous times before getting her to take the site down.  People were confusing her site with us right and left for a very long time before I could get her to take the site down.  I know it was her site because the site would link to the Silver Braid site, and then sell her book "Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor".  So it's extremely possible she called "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous" instead of "Sex Workers Anonymous" and that's why this woman might have laughed at the question. 

I also had a problem with other people setting up groups calling themselves "Prostitutes Anonymous" online taking donations, and book orders.  I had a porn company once actually hijack our domain of and I had to threaten legal action to get that taken back, and I once had an escort service set up a facebook and a website using the name "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Right now there's a woman who calls herself "Obsession" selling a book called "Prostitutes Anonymous" on Amazon. 

So I tried explaining to Beth that I am not the person who spoke to her on a cell phone from a Walmart prior to 2013 - and also offer my apologies if she thought I would laugh at her.  I have never ever laughed at a question someone has asked me, and certainly think her question is a valid question.  So valid that's why we have a whole chapter devoted to it in our "Recovery Guide".  So it's a valid question in my mind and not something I'd laugh about.  So even though I did not laugh at her, nor speak to her during that call - I let her know I was sorry her feelings were hurt and she thought it was me. 

I asked her if she would please look up the phone number she called so that I could prove to her it was not me she spoke to that upset her.  She refused and blocked me.  I thought that was the end of it until I got a very distressed phone call from one of our members.  She told me that someone had taken private photos of her and her daughter and posted them on facebook.  Her landlord did not know she used to be a prostitute, nor that the child was from her pimp and she was now being threatened with eviction.  Further, the pimp now knew she was online because he'd been trying to find where she'd gone to.

She had to take the children and leave because of his threats.  When she said she wanted to quit prostitution - he threatened to use the two small girls in child porn if she didn't return to work.  As their father, and having legal custody, he could do such a thing.  Her only option was she moved in with a family from church so that he could not trace her using utility bills or lease records.  Now with these photos online - now she was in a lot of trouble.  She asked me how these photos got published in facebook when the only place she'd posted them was in a private "members only" group for members of SWA.

Beth had joined the group by telling the truth about being an ex-prostitute and it was Beth who published these photos on facebook of this woman and others in our group in public postings.  It had never dawned on me someone in the group would do such a thing.  The photos were not copyrighted meaning I had no legal recourse against Beth for taking those photos from inside the private group and posting them on facebook in public like this.  I hadn't thought to make everyone sign a contract that if they did such a thing they could be fined because no one had ever done such a thing before and I just never thought anyone would.  I've never had a survivor attack us before like that and was completely unprepared.

I had to scramble to help this woman get moved now because now the family found out they might get a pimp on their doorstep they were evicting her.  All I could think of to do was taken the group down.  Yes I could have sue Beth for an invasion of privacy but I was frankly too busy getting this woman, and her children, moved into another safe place where the pimp couldn't trace them which isn't easy to do when no one has any money, and the woman is also disabled.  She is living on SSI disability with fibromyalgia probably brought on by working as a prostitute from the age of 12 years old until she was 24 when she finally stood up to him.

Then she started contacting people in a yahoo forum we used to run which members also found very distressing "warning" them I was "pimping" actively.  No one believed it but they found her contacting them quite distressing.  So I had to shut down the forum group.  One woman was so distressed she told me she didn't sleep for two weeks after Beth contacted her saying I was a "pimp".  Not that she believed it - but that someone would look her up and reach out to her in that way just freaked her out because of her PTSD.  It's a shame I had to shut down those groups because for the members who worked full-time jobs to have a place they could come and talk to other survivors at night was a real loss.  Our "connectedness" has suffered a great deal since I had to shut down those groups also. 

To let Beth know I was not "pimping" I took and emailed her a copy of my banking statement back then showing I was living on $720 a month.  If I was pimping I was sure doing a lousy job of it.  I sure wouldn't be risking going to jail over social security fraud if I was either for $720 that I could make in an hour if I were to relapse. 

I thought this would be the end of it.  For some reason, Beth started accusing me of being "unethical".  I know just as much about projection as anyone else who has taking a psychology class or two - so it got me wondering.  She was representing herself to be a "social worker" and also providing "counseling".  Which in Arizona anyway you need to be licensed to do so.  One of the reasons I chose a 12 step format for our program is so that our members don't have to be licensed to work with one another.  Since she's rejecting the 12 step model - therefore she's going to have to be "licensed" if she's going to be providing "counseling". 

I checked with the Arizona state licensing board in July of 2013.  I remember because I was in Los Angeles that month working on a trafficking case, and having my daughter consult with a neurologist down there about her brain tumor situation.  Beth is not a licensed social worker, counselor, drug and alcohol counselor, nor a marriage and family counselor.  I also found out that Willow Way was not incorporated, nor was there a business license nor any 501c3 nonprofit status for it either despite her representing that she "ran Willow Way" online.  Which might also be why Cactus Counseling was having its license considered for revocation - they were using an unlicensed counselor.  Now either they knew and let her practice anyway - or they'd been lied to about her license.  I don't know.  Proof of their license being reviewed also is attached. 

I asked Beth to please stop telling people I was "pimping" or I would file a "defamation" lawsuit to start.  I've also been advised I can file a "tortious economic interference" since by an attorney because she has literally cost me contracts, and position within this community. 

How?  I have screen shots of her approaching many people "warning" them about how they would be "shunned" if they didn't stop speaking to me.  I had offered Jacqueline Homan a job.  However, Jacqueline couldn't even focus on the job properly because Beth kept hounding her saying that her "books wouldn't sell" and her "reputation would be harmed" and "people were going to socially shun her" if she took a job with me.  We tried to move forward with the job but Jacqueline literally couldn't focus on the training because Beth had her completely freaked out.  All of which I have screen shots to prove that unsolicited Beth took it upon herself to approach a trafficking survivor and tell her to refuse a job because Beth had started a campaign to get her to quit that job and rob us of a member and supporter.  A woman who had been without food in the house for days and without heat before I stepped up to wire her food money, help her get into school, help her apply for SSI, and even got someone to commit to paying $25 a month for six months to help her while she was working on learning a trade she could do from home.  For that - I had Beth, and Lynn Robertson, applying pressure on Jacqueline to stop having anything to do with us. 

Jacqueline was not alone.  I was in the middle of very productive talks with the Nebraska legislature.  They had announced they were "going after tougher sentencing" of the traffickers.  I had contacted them and explained this would just get more victims murdered by traffickers not wanting a witness to testify if there were tougher sentences.  I explained they needed to start offering more services for victims to escape and rehabilitate.  In response, they made an announcement they were doing just this.  So we were building a productive relationship.  Until Beth stepped in and started telling people that I was a "pimp" active current sense again.  After Nebraska politicians started getting contacted by Beth - they backed away from speaking to me also.  Again, I don't think because of me but fear of her. 

She's now an elected warning campaign for some reason about this lie.  I honestly said to myself "no one is going to possibly take this seriously".  But not a month goes by without someone sending me a screen shot that they are getting these "warnings" by Beth that I'm a "pimp" and to "stay away" from me.

Do you know why I publish my news clippings?  To prove I am a survivor.  No matter what anyone says they can't say I'm lying about not only being a witness but a survivor of trafficking.  The date on my news clippings show that I launched our program, and hotline, in 1987.  Further, we started calling for victims of trafficking to be recognized as existing by our legal system in 1987.  Now until anyone can show me a clipping pre-dating 1987 - that makes me the FOUNDER of this movement.

I started the OLDEST hotline and program for adults that has meetings today in the USA, Canada and five other countries currently.  I've answered FIVE times MORE calls than Polaris to date.  So I'm telling myself that no one will possibly believe this nonsense or take it seriously.  Which if that's all she did - that's what would happen.  No one would take her seriously and would move on.

However, one woman stood up to her.  Teresa Belsky.  Not to defend me but because as a survivor she said she doesn't like being told who she can talk to and who she can't.  She showed me a screen shot showing she told Beth she's not a personal friend.  However, that wasn't enough.  Beth insisted on her joining in an active attack upon me "or else". 

When Teresa refused to comply - Beth then took a post that she claimed Teresa had posted and spread it all over social media and the trafficking rooms in a drive to have Teresa ostracized true to her word.  Problem is that there is free software online that can "spoof" text messages, emails, phone calls, etc. and Beth did not verify that Teresa had even said this message she was now on the attack campaign on her tail about.  I contacted Teresa who told me she wouldn't say such a thing nor would she.  But that didn't stop Beth from going around to every trafficking group she could asking them to remove her as she'd had me removed. 

Isn't this a classic text book example of how Hitler got control over Germany?  No one stood up for me and no one stood up for Teresa.  Do you know what I hear a lot of good people saying also right now?  Good people in DROVES are leaving the trafficking field because of all the "in fighting" and how "nothing is getting done".  Well it might be because this woman has chased real survivors out of the rooms like an organized pack of wolves!

You'd think she'd run out of steam.  Not when this tactic is serving Beth so well.  She's been made head of the "Policy Chair" or something now with the United Way.  She's "training CPS workers about the needs of trafficking victims" according to her facebook page.   It's now June of 2015 and I got another screen shot showing that Beth, and now someone I don't even know at all, are going up to others online and also telling them that I'm a "pimp" active present tense.

Do you know how I get these screen shots?  I will repeat - I run the oldest and the largest program and hotline for those leaving the sex industry.  We have members like this one who go back to 1987 who have belonged to our program, and are in regular contact with me, all over this country, that most have JOBS now.  So when she comes up to these people trying to tell them this NONSENSE that I'm a "pimp" they bring this screen shot to me.  Which might give you an idea how widely she's doing this sort of thing to people. 

This is beyond name calling.  You call an African American the "n" word and that's still not calling them a criminal.  She however is calling a trafficking survivor a pimp - do you have any idea how heinous this is and hurtful to me?  A pimp is a criminal - so she's not only defaming my character she's telling people I'm engaging in a life of crime.  More than that - it's personally the most insulting word she can use against me. 

From where I come from, providing "counseling" to someone without an active license is a crime.  I didn't do anything.  I didn't report her to the board for this, nor Cactus Counseling for allowing her to work for them without a license.  Do you know why?

When I contacted the state board I asked them why she hadn't renewed her license since 1998.  They said it was because of "multiple mental hospitalizations".  Is that true?  I have no idea.  That's what they told me when I called to inquire.  But I figured that if Beth is a survivor, and if she has been hospitalized, and if she found herself a job then I should let her work.

However, that was before I started having people I don't even know hear my name - scream "pimp" into the phone at me and hang up the phone.  That  was before I'm having survivors tell me they think "there's no services out there" because she's so terrorized our members offline that people don't see we even exist any longer.  We had no choice.  She was going to every single person who said they were a SWA member on their profile and attacking them to the point where they were worried she was going after their job next.  What - an unreasonable concern after she applied pressure on Jacqueline to quit her job and got another survivor evicted?

Or when she directed a maniac who had said he wanted to find me and kill me online to another survivor she claimed was an "alias" of mine to justify what she was doing?  She pointed a maniac threatening to kill me to a woman who had two small children at home and told him she was me - she could have gotten this woman murdered so no I don't think this is a small matter.

Especially when in June of 2015, over TWO YEARS have gone by and I get a recently dated screen shot she's continuing this crazy accusation.  Clearly she's got people afraid not to listen to her or else they're next on the hit parade like how they chased Teresa out of the field, and many others who just left in disgust or those who didn't want to argue with her. 

Clearly ignoring her is not working - so I am going to move forward with legal action.  In the meantime, I've posted proof about her unlicensed status, along with proof she did not incorporate Willow Way until July of 2014 - long after she was representing this to be a real organization. 

I will be editing the screen shots (to protect other people's anonymity) of these attacks of hers and posting them online over the next few days.  My bank statement showing I live on $733 a month is also below.  Thank you.

Jody Williams


Copy of Cactus Counseling License Revocation Hearing -

By the way, the "alias" that they are speaking about is one of two things:

1.   Whenever a member of SWA says anything to pipe up in my, or our, defense - they are labeled an "alias" of Jody and attacked and then blocked.  Mind you these are other survivors who are attacked without any attempt to identify who they are being this assault and shunned "justified" as being okay because it's really "just Jody" in their minds.

2.   I had no many people trying to kill me, and two people did wind up dead, in connection with my case, that to protect the court from liability of my being murdered when coming to court for my hearings which were public record, they put my name under the male spelling of "Rene Le Blanc".  My maiden name is Jody Williams.  I have been married to a Reyes and then a Rahlfs and then divorced again.  Meaning I've had several LEGAL name changes.

To be accused of being a "trafficker" a "pimp" and a "procurer" again I would think any rational person would ignore.  However, if has now reached the point where any member of SWA now who says anything in my, or our, defense - is immediately attacked and run right off the internet with people shouting "you're just Jody - we know you are" like somehow that justifies that type of behavior towards another survivor, let alone another human being. 

It has now reached the point where I have people I don't even know yelling "pimp" into the phone at me when I call agencies looking for help for victims I have in front of me in dire straights who have come to me for help. 

Which makes the other accusation of "keeping people down" even more heinous to me.  I have spent almost THIRTY YEARS of my life CREATING and NURTURING this movement - and now I'm seeing it being trampled by people who think that rational adult mature responsible people run around the internet calling other survivors "pimp" like it's nothing - and clearly people who listen to this sort of thing.  I mean Beth seems to be doing quite well for herself considering I now have three years of screen shots verifying the many people who have come to me telling me she's been making these accusations against me to people. 

Now Shawnee is clearly trying to cover her own backside in fear - and I'll explain why on a second post about her issues.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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