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Wichita, Kansas

This is the contact information for a woman identifying herself as "Penelope" in Wichita, Kansas.

She contacted us saying she wanted a meeting for herself.  As we do with new members, we told her that all new members must go to a phone meeting and to be screened before we will tell them where our local group is, or give out phone numbers to any of our existing members.   She said she understood the reasons for that and got the codes from us for the phone meetings.

Since this is basically a screening process, she came to the meeting.   Then said she wanted to start her own local Wichita meeting if we didn't have one going "already".  I wasn't going to tell her anything about our local activities until I figured out what was up with her.  First of all, NO ONE comes to one phone meeting and then pipes up with "Hey I want to start a meeting".

I then told her the cost…