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Sunday, August 13, 2017


These videos demonstrate how pimps/traffickers "brainwash" their victims into thinking they're acting of their own free will.

Meaning no you don't ASK a victim "are you being trafficked?" or "are you here against your will?" because guess what?

They will say they ARE there "of their own free will".  

So anyone who teaches you to "ask questions" of trafficking victims to determine if they are in fact trafficking victims, is either talking about the street level of pimps which is a whole other apple vs. orange, is either yanking your chain because they clearly don't understand the subject, or they're misleading you.  

Let me ask you something - don't most abusive people put on a "respectable" act?  Didn't the CEO's of big tobacco get up in front of Congress and LIE about the vindictiveness and damage of their products?  John Wayne Gacy was a children's clown at parties.  The BTK Killer was a deacon at the church.  Hitler claimed he was "saving Germany".  I mean it's all part of the dynamic that the abusers, serial killers, or just downright 'evil" people depending on what you're looking at do a few things and have a few things in common.

1.    They claim they're "good respectable" people.   They do volunteer work, or donate a lot of money, or hold positions of respect like the priests who molest children.  So one common thing evil does is pretend not to be evil.

2.    They all build up their "supporters" who will say "oh that person would never do such a thing" when the shit hits the fan.  Michael Jackson donated HUGE amounts of money to childrens' charities and then invited terminal kids out to his ranch to come play.  That's how he got all these people depending upon him financially who all went "oh he'd never do a thing like that" when the accusation hits the air waves.  Hitler had a lot of building projects going on and other such things where people were dependent upon them financially.

The church for example would go into very poor areas where there were no doctors or medical care and build hospitals and had doctors and midwives in very poor areas so that the whole town was dependent upon them for medical care.  This way if a priest's "indiscretions" hit the fan there were a lot of people who were dependent upon that money or the medical care.  This way they got to all the "unwanted" babies they got to adopt out for a lot of money to wealthy families and thus build more alliances.  

3.  They try and pick victims no one will "believe" or "align" with.  They find the loner kid who has no friends and his family isn't involved in his life.  They target the drug addicts, the mentally ill, the unloved, the unwanted, the ones no one likes, the unattractive one, or basically someone either no one cares about or one that no one would believe what they say.  They don't pick the "popular" one, but the one who has no support network.  

So you have to realize that TRUE  traffickers/pimps, etc. don't appear to be so.  They're not walking around like "huggy bear" from Starsky and Hutch or looking like Bishop Don Juan.  When Snoop Dogg was doing his "pimp revival tour" during 2003 - he wasn't in Rolling Stone BRAGGING about it!  No, that only came after the statute had passed and he was pretty sure the witnesses had all been sufficiently silenced as well as no state prosecutor was going to take him on legally.

With everyone running around TRYING to find "traffickers", this man got up and ADMITTED he had been trafficking women for a year across the USA and what did the state prosecutors do?  Not a damn thing!  Why?  Would you want to have another OJ trial on your hands?  Spend all that money and then lose?  Think about it - NO ONE wanted to do a repeat of the OJ trial.  Plus Snoop's making a lot of money for a lot of people - so who's going to care about a few "hookers" right?  

What do some of the traditional traffickers do?  They promise that the victims are "going to find better jobs" or "marry a rich American husband", etc.  They don't say "oh hey we're going to have you screwing 10 different men a day and taking your money away from you" etc.  Oh no - so there's always the layer of "denial" where the victim thinks it's something else entirely than what it is.  

Think about it - the abused women doesn't usually walk around thinking "I"m an abused woman".  No - she thinks "I'm trying to work on my marriage"?  and "when he gets a job things are going to straight out - this is just temporary" or "he was just drunk that night", etc.  

That's how it works - so DON'T think you're going to walk up to someone and say "hey are you being trafficked" and have that person go "oh yeah please help me".  
Take a look at how brainwashing works in reality, and then take a real good look at your social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Alex from Amazon where you're talking to your TV set.  Remember, that means someone is on the other end of  that box listening to everything you say, EVERYTHING.  

You say "well I'm not hiding anything" but that's not the dangerous part.  Take a look at how CONDITIONING works to brainwash someone properly:

There's a great clip in the Will Smith movie "Focus" where he shows how he got a guy to pick a number he thought was his number on a bet, but in reality Will's character had "convinced" him to pick that number.

Now, if this was a real life scene, if you asked that guy "Hey were you tricked into picking that number?" he'd say "yes" or he would say "oh no I picked that number of my own free will?"

But if REAL trafficking victims don't know they're trafficking victims - then outreach becomes a whole other matter doesn't it?

One that probably won't get the real victims picking up their phone after seeing a billboard and calling the National Trafficking Hotline now would they?  I mean if they're in denial they're victims - why would they call a hotline for victims?  

Kind of puts a whole other spin on then why is Google donating $20 million dollars to a hotline that real victims won't call because they don't believe their real victims?

Do you know what one of the fastest growing cons is though in this country now?  Oh my pimp is trafficking me and I need money to get away from him.  

Does anyone remember the film "Risky Business"?  You know the one with Tom Cruise?

Does anyone remember how the hooker in that film was running away from her pimp and she needed money?

In the last movie Robin Williams made, the guy he loved was being beaten up by this "pimp" and Robin gave the guy all this money to leave the other one alone.

Am I saying anyone who says they were trafficked is lying?  No I'm not saying that.  

I'm saying "it's not that simple".  

I'm also saying if most true victims don't know they're victims - they aren't going to call the National Trafficking Hotline.  

For an alcoholic to go to an AA meeting, he has to first admit he's an alcoholic doesn't he?  Certainly without intervention anyway when he's in denial right?

THINK about it!