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I got a call today from someone telling me they "had been to a Sex Workers Anonymous" meeting at DACCO in Tampa, Florida.  Only we don't have any registration for a meeting in Tampa.  Below is a letter I just sent to their executive director.  This letter applies to anyone running an unregistered meeting of SWA:

Dear Mr. Hampton:

I'm writing to have a talk with you about phone calls we've been receiving.  It seems that someone at your organization has set up a meeting of "Sex Workers Anonymous".  I'm writing to talk to you about helping us find out who is doing this so that we can speak to them about it.  
Please be advised our materials are copyrighted and trademarked.  The reason for this is that our process is different than that of Alcoholics Anonymous, or anything currently taught in drug addiction counseling school or a psychology class.  In fact, NOTHING was working for us in the long term back prior to 1987 (the year we were founded), that wa…