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Sunday, July 31, 2016


I removed content which would identify the sender, but did not edit any of the content itself other than identifying names of the sender.

Dear Madam or Sir,

I am writing this email in order to bring up my own concerns about Maxine Doogan.

I was a victim of rape by police and other higher ups in my NYC apartment. I dabbled in high end escort work once in a while - but only to pay my rent. Not for anything else - well - I take that back. The most important thing was my son and giving him the life he could not have without the occasional monthly here and there. 

I worked with Madam Kirsten Davis - and Jenny Paulino. It really was just a here and there thing as rent was so expensive in NYC.

In 2009 I got involved in a terrible court case against 4 lawyers who robbed my father's and my grandfathers estate. My apartment was broken into several times during my trips to D.C. I was eventually drugged and raped in my NYC apartment. 

With no protection, or any personal belongings ( they whitewashed the apartment after the rape) I was told about brothels. I decided to go and registered my "working" name after the same lawyer that was involved in my dad and grandfathers estate.

I had a huge twitter following, and became a political activist. Even Bishop Desmond Tutu knew of my case.

I met Maxine via a mutual friend that I met at that place. I thought she was someone I could admire because of her purported "defense" of providers who could not go to police after being victims of crimes.

When I told her what happened to me, and provided her links of my case - she never once showed any empathy or compassion - that shocked me,

My hard drive broke on my MacBook and she told me she has a wonderful man who would fix my hard drive and computer. I was never given my harddrive back and she sold my computer. My harddrive had all the evidence of my rape and my son's attack. Everytime I was about to speak out, or on the worst occasion., go to Obama's bioethics commite my son was attacked. 

So -Maxine knew about this. Who exactly is Maxine working for?
 Serial killers? She sends woman to in Alaska and seems to get off on it.

As soon as my hard drive and computer were stolen from her ( and the Mac sold to another provider) my Wikipedia article about my father and grandfather's case was taken down by a man who works with the Bohemian Club/Grove. Ironically 2 of the lawyers in my dad's case are members.

Then, upon reading the woman in WV who had the run in with the serial killer - made me question ; whose side is Maxine exactly on?

I can not log into the videos of my rape in NYC - however I will in a few days "google "does not recognize my log in.

If I was a victim of police and one of the lawyers in my dad's estate represented Blackwater - why would Maxine even though I heard her talking about my case on the phone one night - why would she get rid of my evidence - even the evidence of my son's abuse? On the harddrive I had all the videos and evidence....

Steve the "Mac Repair" man is her client.

I never owed her any money, was there for her when her dog and father died, never hurt her in anyway, so why or what funding would she hurt and hide victims /evidence of what she purportedly are ."helping?"

Thank you for taking time to read this - and as soon as google lets me log into my account I shall send the footage of the aftermath of the rape in nYC in my apartment. Maxine thought it was funny, No help . She is a sick individual.

There more to say about her ,,,but thank again for reading this.