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Dear Truth and Justice Commission: I just got done watching a documentary about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with respect to how native American children were treated when they were removed from their homes, taken to boarding schools, and "white-ized" for lack of a better word. I remembered this because by the time I was 24 years old, I had become a drug addict and prostitute.  In my path to find recovery, I had to confront family trauma connected with my native American bloodlines.  In my history, my great grandmother's generation was the one where they were taken away from their families, shamed about being native American, and then "educated" into how to integrate into modern America where their way of life was now considered "dead" and "savage".  Of course most of them wound up on drugs like me.  I was interested in this film "Dawnland" t


On June 30, 2016, I put up the blog post found at Not long after it was published, I got a Facebook email from Christine Katas which was basically her screaming at me to "take it down take it down".  The general tone was pretty demanding, and claiming she was "harmed greatly" by what I'd said in the blog.   This was not my intent.  I told her sincerely if she could point out to me where anything I had said was "untrue" then I would gladly remove it from the post, or the whole post even depending on the case she presented.   She responded with another demand to "take it down".   I don't respond well to demands so I repeated again to her that I would be more than happy to remove anything I had said which was untrue.   I asked her to please tell me what part was untrue and I would then delete this part.   Her response was to tell me &q