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I guarantee you this biking event DID NOTHING to help the victims who call our hotline daily. I've been calling out for HELP. Not fund raisers. Not "raising awareness". I need HELP. We've had people who used to help us in the 30 years we've operated all fired from out of the "system". This means police, social workers, probation, etc. Anyone who steps up to work with us is then fired. If you want to know why - google Joohon David Lee, Celeste Guap or Chris Butler and that will give you an idea why. Nancy O'Malley refuses to speak to us down here in southern California. When Celeste Guap first came to the public's attention - we tried to reach out to her. We were told "Nancy is handling it". Next thing we know she's taken by the police to a treatment center in Florida where she's now been arrested and given a $300,000 bail. One officer in …