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Tonight I saw this documentary by Alexandra Pelosi.  Boy I thought I was being smeared badly until I saw the commercial that had been made about Nancy Pelosi.  Okay now I understand.  We no longer debate the issues.  This is about totally slamming the PERSON who you think represents something you don't want or like.   I mean likening this woman to a "Godzilla" because you disagree wit her policies?  Well then now I understand why people are doing the same with us.  This was the documentary I'm speaking of.

Which I would like to thank Alexandra.  Alexandra, In the 1980's and 1990's, I used to be able to get a politician on the phone with respect to the issues.  I used to be able for example to walk into Mayor Tom Bradley's office and ask to speak to him about the issues.  He would return my phone calls and together we got a lot accomplished during the  HIV/AIDS crisis that was affecting not …