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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Dear Laura - I saw the film about your hoaxing of the public about who the real author was of our stories just now.  I want to thank you for coming clean about everything because of two major points important to me.

First of all, you were clearly right in that people would NOT have responded to you as they did had you appeared as "you" being an overweight female in the USA.  Your story clearly illustrates had you been upfront with people about your outward appearance - no you would not have had the success and exposure you did.  I know this to be true because I'm now in the same shoes as you are after having suffered a stroke.  I was very ill for some time and gained a lot of weight, lost most of my teeth, and physically I look a fright!

Which is why this has given rise to MANY "faux" sex trafficking survivors to be now cast by Central Casting such as Samoly Mam.  I wasn't thin and attractive so people with an agenda to sell went out and found their "poster girl" in someone like her who was photogenic.

However, it wasn't REAL.  Let me explain why this is important to me Laura.  Prior to 1987 - the world didn't believe sex trafficking was in fact "real".  They put it on the shelf with urban myths and UFO abductees.  The public had the same response to someone saying they were being sex trafficked as they do today with someone saying aliens abducted them!

Here was my challenge Laura - how do you convince the world that it is in fact real?  I believed the only way to do that was to get the voices of REAL survivors out there to the public.  I knew if people heard the "ring of truth" coming out of people's mouths about this being real - then we'd in fact be able to obtain federal recognition.

Which was why it was important.  Our country right now has no exit system to help people claiming to be abducted by aliens to find help with their PTSD and be able to put their lives together after having stopped the aliens.  It doesn't exist because it doesn't exist.  So for me to get this country to put together programs to help sex trafficking victims - I had to first convince America that it was in fact real.

So from 1987 until the year 2000 when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed which gave domestic sex trafficking a voice - that's what I did.  I went onto TV, radio, public stages, cable TV and anything and everything I could get booked on and talked.  I talked and I brought on other survivors and we looked right into the camera and right into people's eyes - and we told our story.

It worked.  The problem was however is we're not warm fuzzy puppies people want to write out a check to donate to helping us.  We're not "sympathetic" in other words.  It's a long story about what exactly went into "hijacking" the movement I started out from under me - but what's happened is about 1000 "fake" survivors have now been not only bombarding the media - but further using these fake stories to get people to write fat checks for fake programs.

Here's the problem now however -so many people have now heard the "fake" stories that people are completely confusing what sex trafficking is.  I believe that's been the result of a deliberate attempt by our government to make sure the public isn't aware of what real sex trafficking looks like in this country as differentiated by people with pimps.

A pimp is in an abusive relationship with their victims.  However, in actual sex trafficking operations there is always an element of corruption.  If you google names like Joohoon David Lee - you'll see what I mean.  This man was Homeland Security, ICE and also heading the trafficking task forces in CA and NV before I managed to get enough people to believe me to get him arrested finally.

The "fake" media has people believing that sex trafficking isn't some guy with a Homeland Security badge flying victims into this country and walking them right past security into the illegal brothel where they're then sold like cattle.   Nor that he was falsely accusing an innocent family to make it appear he was "fighting sex trafficking" while in reality keeping everyone as far away from the real trafficking as possible using this fake media with fake victims.

So now everyone is looking on commercial air flights for what appears to be their "concept" of a victim - only it's not real.  Thus allowing the REAL victims to be walking around right past everyone in broad daylight because they haven't been trained what it  REALLY looks like.

Listen to Ashton Kutcher's plea for money recently with the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.  He was describing a child in another country and then creating an image in American minds that trafficking looks like that in the USA.  Only it doesn't look like that in the states - and people like myself and members of who want to talk about what it REALLY looks like are being completely silenced.

So now I have a new challenge.  Now we have federal recognition that allows victims of sex trafficking to be treated like victims and not criminals.  However, the real traffickers in this country have now so manipulated the media that they have everyone chasing after their tails and wouldn't know what real sex trafficking is in the USA if it went up and bit  them.  In fact, I've now spent YEARS trying to tell the authorities about real trafficking operations who just simply don't believe me.  It's taking more years and more work just to get them to listen now - and when they do they then don't know how to even respond.

Joohoon David Lee for example was arrested and charged with bribery - but not sex trafficking.  Why?  Because there are no laws on the books allowing someone who trafficked another person while working for our government to be prosecuted.  Their immune.  So the best that could be done was to charge him with bribery.  He's right back now driving a limo - and driving trafficking victims around in that limo.

So how am I going to get laws on the books about what REAL sex trafficking is in this country which in most cases DOES involve someone who is immune from prosecution?  Literally these "fake" victims, fake survivors, fake programs, etc. - have so brainwashed our country into these false images that I'm not sure how to pull this train around.

It helps when the fakes come "clean" as you did.  For years when I'd talk to people - they'd think your stories about "lot lizards" was reality.  Now you confessing it wasn't real does allow me the opening of a door to start explaining to the American public what REAL "lot lizards" are like so we can get them the proper help they need.

Because that's just it Laura - there are real "lot lizards" out there who have kids and are struggling just to keep a roof over their kid's heads and they need programs to help them that are designed for them.  Because right now in the USA the number of what I call "third generation" victims is staggering.  So many pimps have had babies with their victims that now are teenagers and the pimps are now pimping them - it's not even funny.  The boys are usually trained to be pimps and dealers while the girls are trained to be prostitutes, strippers, porn performers, etc.

The problem is that REAL survivors aren't like you.  They CAN'T get on the phone and talk to movie producers, musicians, artists, etc., about their ordeals for hours and hours because it's too hard on us to remember that stuff.   Most stuff that stuff down so hard they can't hardly talk about it without triggering a whole breakdown.

I have a real dilemma here.  What I do know by watching this film about you is that you know how to get people in the media to talk to you.  That you clearly know how to do.

My dilemma however is that the  REALITY of this situation is 180 degrees opposite of the images you convey and your demeanor.  Our real victims have had to defend themselves for so long and so alone that many of them are quite aggressive, prickly, and some are just downright mean.  They isolate.  They're not friendly.  They shut down and don't talk.

So what do we do to start getting the REAL information out there so REAL victims can get some HELP?  That's the million dollar question I'm trying to solve right now because in order to get real help to real victims we have to first get the public to now see what REAL looks like.

But how?  I'm clueless and I'm reaching out hoping you'll talk to me and maybe by putting our heads together maybe you can help me figure this out.  Because there's a reason why people believed your voice about some of that stuff with prostitution was real - because the REAL survivors who come out of times like that can barely put two words together - let alone write a book about it!

And we need all of those people who listened to your stories about fake prostitution and pimps and we need to get them to understand what the REALITY is right here in America so we can do something about it other than having it actually allow traffickers and pimps to be operating in broad daylight now.  I mean the public has this so mixed up they think shutting down Backpage is actually shutting down sex trafficking.  While in reality - them doing that only INCREASES sex trafficking because it's now forcing people to have to work for them instead of remaining 'independent".

So please - give me a call if you can any day after 3 pm.  I'm also a very big night owl and talking to our new members also has me up all night most nights.  I really believe your story is one that's in just the right position to help us show the world how what the REALITY is now you've shown them the fake reality!

(702) 488-1127   Jody Williams