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Jody Williams, Director of Sex Workers Anonymous (702) 488-1127 and (818) 646-3296 Telephone August 15, 2016 Kelly Dodd c/o Bravo Networks Via Email Re:         SLAMS AGAINST PROSTITUTES Dear Mr. Dodd: I’ve been witnessing one slam after another of men and women who fall under the slang name of “prostitute” by many of the “housewives” in previous shows.  Including the pretty nasty slam I witnessed out of Lisa Vanderpump when she was in Amsterdam over a dinner argument. But I’m writing you today to let you know your slurs I witnessed on the show today were totally unacceptable.  Therefore, I’m writing to demand an apology.  Now granted, I don’t expect you to be aware of what really is behind the term “prostitute” as to why I’m so upset, so I will try and explain why I’m so incensed at the moment. On the show you repeated you “could not be a prostitute” for the very fact you are “college educated, a millionaire for years, a