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Dear Sirs:
I’ve been operating the 12 step program that is ours since 1987.We were originally Prostitutes Anonymous until 1995.That’s the year we changed our name to Sex Workers Anonymous.About 2004, I registered the domain of www.sexworkersanonymous.comThat was after a scuffle with a porn company that tried to hijack the name out from under us.By showing them I’ve been operating under that name all these years and therefore have a “natural trademark” on the name because of doing business as this organization all these years, I was able to get it back under my control in 2004.
I had the domain with for some time.I don’t remember exactly when I transferred it to you, but when I did, I renewed the domain for two years.That gave me until July of 2019 to own this name.I have the receipt for payment showing this transaction.The domain was transferred to you, and then I di…