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I didn't start our hotline for without a great deal of legal research first.  You have to understand back in 1987 sex trafficking of American men, women and children was NOT illegal on American soil.  YES "pimping" and "pandering" was but NOT "sex trafficking".  

Remember, the term "sex trafficking" wasn't even INVENTED as of 1987.  I want you to think back to the 1950's.  Back in the 1950's if you were trying to report mob activity to the police they had no idea what you were talking about.  OFFICIALLY the very idea of the "mob" didn't even exist back then.  

It didn't exist  "officially" until Joe Valachi came forward with his book validating it was real.  It was THEN that recognition was given federally, laws were written, and then Rudolph Guiliani formed one of the first task forces to go after mob figures who would otherwise have gone without prosecution.  

All of which wa…


Last Sunday I was listening to Nevada Public Radio in the car.  I think the show was the BBC World news
On this show, I heard about a woman going by the name of "Elle Snow" who had founded a group called "Game Over".  In the show they were talking about her "training police cadets" about "how to recognize sex trafficking" in California.  Of course the only thing you could hear on the show was her talking about Backpage!  That's hilarious to me because that's NOT where truly organized trafficking criminal operations are operating out of.  
I can assure you what I heard was her training the cadets about PIMPING but NOT about "trafficking" and sure as hell not about what trafficking in California right here and now is like, or certainly what I've been dealing with for over 30 years now.  
Am I unique?  Am I some lone wolf?  Absolutely not.  Catch this wonderful article which appeare…