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Saturday, July 30, 2016


I came across this Appeal today online.  file:///C:/Users/Loren/Downloads/backpage_v_dart_7th_cir.pwwdf

However, here's the previous briefs in the matter:

November 2015 -

Here's another brief I can't find a date on -

The case started out as a "free speech" matter from what I'm reading.  Then somehow morphed into saying that "sex trafficking doesn't exist".

You read these and tell me what you think.

I've been trying to figure out WHY these fakes have been allowed into the media while the TRUE stories are being suppressed for years now.  One of the members of our board told me that what's happening here he's "seen before".

He told me he saw the same thing happening with respect to child sexual abuse down to a "t".  Slamming the media with story after story of "false memories" and "debunking satanic abuse" to the point where now if you even so much as mention "satanic abuse" people will roll their eyes at you and say "we've already debunked all of that".

Well no they haven't.  Just because there's been a few false cases doesn't not mean there aren't some which are real.

I myself have been wondering why the press has been INSISTING upon bringing on people who are being disproved as fakes AND covering they're fakes - while I can't so much as get a word in edgewise about the REAL stories.

Case in point here:

Story debunking Samoly Mam correct?

This ran on the cover.

Yet when I've tried to reach out to the same reporters, the same publication, about doing a story with respect to REAL sex trafficking - I can't get a return phone call.

I can see what the bricks are building here.  Can you?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Something is being taken out and road tested here and I'm not sure if people see this for what it is.  The mere fact that my IP address has been blocked from commenting on any articles posted on the LA Times website making it so the only way you're able to read my comments now is that I know about how to use TOR to anonymize my browser.  What I mean by that is that I can no longer even post comments on this site using my own computer.  However, I have no problem when on TOR.  Meaning that my IP address has been blocked.

So yes this IS about free speech. Because it's not just the LA Times that's blocking me from speaking.   Maybe they got tired of me finding out the things they're reporting on in some cases are completely fabricated for one thing.   Then there is the issue of free speech which is not free speech when you're standing alone where people can't hear you.  I think a component being missed here about free speech is that it has to be in a venue where those involved in the issue can hear you.

I myself have been blocked not only (on an attempt to block me anyway) from posting comments for you to see here as readers of the LA Times, but I've also been very clearly threatened about what would happen to me if I even showed up to make a public comment like this man is doing.

I do not believe a cartoon is a threat.  This is a test case where they found the most outrageous person they could find to make fun of and try to set a presidence.  Why?  Because there's other people like myself they're trying to silence not from speaking, but from being HEARD.

I know because I've already been threatened with a 5150 charge if I were to even show up at any of these city council, board of supervisor meetings, or any political event.  Sure I can prove I'm not crazy but that's after being carted off for 72 hours and subjected to an inability to refuse treatments, medications, loss of my liberty, and who knows frankly after Sandra Bland if I'd even make it out of their custody alive.  Are you going to tell me after what happened to the witnesss in the Paul Tanaka case that ANYONE IS SAFE IN OFFICIAL CUSTODY when an advocate who is attacking those in the official system?

I'm at least sane enough to know a true threat when I hear one.  Who is threatening me?  I watched as the LA Times, and the OC Register, built up a man by the name of Kevin Brown who was claiming he was "doing sex trafficking rescues".  Only these papers didn't think to question the two other EXISTING groups in Los Angeles who have been doing work with men and women in prostitution for 30 years who started the trafficking movement why they weren't involved in what this man was doing with a private investigator by the name of Greg Reese.  They were supposedly working with the OC Human Trafficking Task Force.

The information they gathered while in the field trying to make contact with women in prostitution was used to solicit large federal grants.  Not just for work with sex trafficking victims, but also for things like housing, and useless billboards.  I say "useless" because in the 30 years I've seen others stupid enough to think that victims can see a billboard, then pick up a phone and call the number on that billboard to get help, I've yet to see or hear of one single case where a victim has been rescued from such a thing.  Why?  Because if she can call the number on the billboard - she can just as easily call 911.  Sex trafficking rescues just don't work that way.  That is if anyone bothered to speak to anyone who actually does such things such as does for adults or does for juveniles.

I then watched as the publicity from these articles was turned into a so called "reality" show produced by Relativity Media called "8 Minutes".  A show where the producers then got money from investors who thought they were helping to produce not only a reality TV show, but also to help some victims of sex trafficking.

Only the whole thing was a "catfish" in itself which was ironic because the producers also produce "Catfish" on MTV.  There was no rescue.  Kevin Brown claimed he had "found God" upon his retirement in 2013 and then started doing this type of outreach for a church he created "Side by Side" I think it was.  Only problem was if the reporters, or editor, had bothered to check anything out they'd find the address of this so called "church" was actually located in a medical building.  Also, his "church" was incorporated in 1994 - YEARS before the concept of sex trafficking even achieved federal recognition, and also years before he supposedly even "found God" in the first place.

Even Polaris had asked the people connected to this show to stop using their hotline in a cover for this fraud.  Building upon this fraud, the Board of Supervisors, along with the Alameda and LA prosecutor's office then spent another MILLION DOLLARS on a bus sign campaign for "".  Only problem was that website for six months went to a bus schedule and nothing else.  Where did the phone calls go to?  Not to our hotline, the Children of the Night hotline, nor even Polaris.  The number was routed to the DA's office but they can't do anything until a police report is filed.  In other words, it was a useless loop.

Our group however in REALITY does work with REAL victims of sex trafficking.  In 2013, a woman came to me reporting she had been drug out of her home by two uniformed Pasadena police officers and then slapped with two fake prostitution charges when she told her traffickers that after 40 years she was wanting to be let go of.  They then told her if she didn't "get back to work" they'd see she was deported where men like Liang Yaohui, and that group of pimps, would see to it she'd get the death penalty through their seat in the Chinese government while running the largest transnational sex trafficking operation in the world.

When our group stepped in to help her expunge these charges, I myself received a threat from a Pasadena officer.  I recorded that threat and then did as I should have done - I went to the Chief of Police with it.  Who promptly ignored me.  Why?  They were in the middle of having a report done about how bad things had gotten in their station.  I then went to the city council who was up in arms about six million dollars that had just been stolen from them to want to talk to me about a little thing like sex trafficking victims.  Only this ring was doing more than just forcing women to be prostitutes.  They were also blackmailing the "johns" just as we witnessed being done with men like Donald Burns.  Men who when they went to the police then had their secrets turned into public record that none of their best attorney's could stop from spreading all over the internet - just as the traffickers had threatened.

I went then to the LAPD Chief of Police, Charlie Beck, who has now received a complaint by the union claiming he's been making it impossible for people to complain about misconduct of officers.  What with witnesses disappearing in the jails and even the threats of the FBI agents are ignored - yes that's a big problem.

Especially when I"d like to know how I'm supposed to help women leave prostitution when I have LAPD officers forcing them to continue on in order to serve as informants, and also to raped by these same officers when the mood hits them.  Which still would not have come to light had not someone other than me, a neighborhood watch member, reported what two LAPD officers did to these prostitutes.  However, my attempts to speak to anyone about how these women were treated have been completely ignored still.

So simple - I just go knocking on someone's office door, or maybe even go to a city council or board of supervisors' meeting and talk about what's going on right?  Not so fast.  I did raise a stink with the Pasadena City Manager over the fact both chiefs were refusing to speak to me about a threat I received to stop trying to help these women, which is what we do, and the threats I also received, and yes it did get the Pasadena Chief on the phone saying he wanted me to "come into the station to speak to him" about these issues.

Only guess what else happened at the same exact time?  I had a member of the OC Human Trafficking Task Force, and a private investigator who is also connected to the San Mateo sex trafficking task force who is where Greg Munks serves that I got arrested in 2007 in "Operation Dollhouse" trying to expose what's going on here STALKING and THREATENING me.  What with?

A 5150 charge.  Making it very clear that the minute I come into one of these buildings, or try and knock on someone's door about what's going on I'm going to be carted off on this charge possibly never to make it out alive again.  This thing with Wayne?  Smoke screen.

They're taking someone they can make fun of in the media and they're making it a test case.  They ARE pushing the issue of free speech and making it clear that if you don't agree with what they're doing, or you protest what they're doing, where people can HEAR you, then they're going to have you arrested.  If you tolerate it with Wayne, then you'll tolerate it with me.

Because just as the producers of "Catfish" and "8 Minutes", who also produce "Jail" and "Intervention", can fake a reality show about sex trafficking that I did get off the air after only 3 episodes by threatening to sue them for defamation and fraud, they can also manufacture a whole case against me being silenced by saying I'm "crazy".

Only guess what?  Even if you are "crazy" you have the right to free speech.  I find it very interesting that if these people think he's so "dangerous" then why not a psychiatric hold?  Why arrest him?

Because it's not about him.  It's about the goons these politicians have in the police force who will do it when someone says something they don't want heard on the record.  They want to be able to threaten them with "did you see what we did with Wayne?" to get people to back down off protesting or even witnessing to what's going on.

Because right now MILLIONS of dollars have been pumped into Los Angeles SUPPOSEDLY to help sex trafficking victims.  Only just as we've seen with Samoly Mam, and Heather Weyker, it's all fake.  It's not going to the real victims.

Why?  Because REAL victims lead to men like Joohoon David Lee, a man who used his office in Homeland Security and ICE to actually bring women past security and into this country TO traffick them who was sentenced today in Las Vegas and again in Los Angeles on the 26th for BRIBERY.  Not "trafficking".

You know why?  Because the prosecutors are claiming he's "immune" from prosecution.  Just as the two women who were being raped and forced to be "informants" which can't be done unless they're working as prostitutes by the way, by LAPD can't be prosecuted for trafficking either.

Which is why they want to distract you with bogus billboard campaigns to make it LOOK like they're doing something while in reality distracting you from what sex trafficking really is by making sure people like me are too scared to roll up in a city council meeting to talk about such issues.

Wayne's arrest is a message to our group what can happen to us if we rock the boat on these issues.  So no he isn't "hiding" behind the issue of free speech" but in fact typifies exactly why this right is so important to protect