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Dept. of Florida Corrections Via Email
Re:       John Meekins
To Whom this May Concern:
I was minding my own business when I received an angry request on Facebook from John Meekins to speak to me on an encrypted phone line, i.e., “off the record”.  John is a guard at a Lowell jail who is also involved in the sex trafficking field. 
When I asked what this was about, I was informed he was “fired because of a complaint I had filed against him” from his job as a guard in a Florida jail.   John further claimed I had “ruined a project for sex trafficking victims” by making this accusation against him.  When I asked him why he thought I did this he told me “because they played me a tape of your phone call”.
I had no idea what he was talking about.  When I contacted the Dept. of Florida Corrections, I received an email back from Tracy who told me “John had been terminated”.  Meaning there was basically “nothing to discuss in the matter.  I was further told the investigator who played this tape for…