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I've followed Joyce Meyer since I got clean in 1985.  I've been a "partner" of hers for probably 10 years now and tithe to her ministry each month.  I do this because she was the FIRST and ONLY ministry which opened spoke about a house she put together where the women she helped were PROSTITUTES.  That's what she called them clear back in bot 2004 - "prostitutes" NOT "trafficking victims".

Back in Biblical times, there were "slaves".  Mary Magdalene was a PROSTITUTE.  She DID NOT have a pimp when Jesus saved her.  He found her whoring and then told her "go and sin no more".  He did not put her into a "safe house" where he then had her making jewelry she sold to raise money for Jesus.  No.  He told her to "go and sin no more" and she then started STUDYING under Jesus.

Joyce has always been very open about these women in her house being "prostitutes".  So for this reason I've financially sup…