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Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear Mr. Kerry:

How much longer are you going to claim you care about sex trafficking in the USA while ignoring the founder of the very movement which gave this issue federal recognition in the first place? Check out the year on these talk shows I appeared on while raising awareness to prove to the American public this was really happening back when they used to ignore and deny it was in fact real.

You're supposedly working on laws right now about the issue - but conveniently I'm not hearing any discussion about the Joohoon David Lee case. This man was a Homeland Security Officer in the ICE office, and head of the Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force. During the same years of 2012 to 2015 when I was trying to reach your office about the fact this man was literally walking women right past airport security at LAX - which meant the training that had been prepared for them didn't even begin to cover what to do in a situation like THAT - he was walking women from China right into this country to be trafficked.

To make it appear he was actually doing something in the task force - he falsely ruined a whole family's life, and their business, in Las Vegas by falsely claiming they were sex traffickers. It was done because the man's club was in competition with a club owned by one of the traffickers he was taking money from at the time.

I first tried to alert the police, the media, and the public, to this exact situation where our own officials were involved in 2007 with what was called "Operation Dollhouse". I knew ICE was involved when the women were not held until their visa's were checked as that's what the law requires when a prostitute is arrested who isn't an American. Instead 24 women were literally released within 20 minutes right back to their pimp after a raid had been staged which I'd gone to a lot of trouble to arrange just on the same date I knew the police involved were making one of their "weekly drops". I say that because this trafficking ring had been using cops to transport the victims, drugs and guns in from San Mateo, CA on a regular basis.

Something I had tried to alert Chief Gillispie to in Las Vegas - only to have him then clean up the evidence I'd provided him by the next morning. He has since stepped down, along with 15 other Vegas deputies by the way, for corruption allegations.

But those women couldn't have been released like that UNLESS Immigration was involved in the trafficking ring as well. Because of threats I've received from Vegas police, as well as calls from victims in California - I had relocated to California back in 2013. I then started trying to reach your office about the situation - only to get absolutely no response.

After trying Internal Affairs, various other Chief's of Police (including Oakland), city council, board of supervisors, and many other offices, including yours, who wouldn't respond to my calls about victims who were needing help to leave this ring because of sophisticated Chinese technology - I finally went to the Office of Professional Responsibility about the situation. They then did open a case against Joohoon David Lee.

However, he's only being charged with bribery now because no laws exist on the books yet which can charge him for sex trafficking. This man used money from Homeland Security to buy the airplane tickets these victims were flown into this country in. He used his badge to get them past airport security. Further, he destroyed a completely innocent family's life and business to cover up his tracks and I received YEARS of threats upon myself to try and stop me from helping the victims of this ring.

They are now calling the "case closed" despite the fact the man who bribed him hasn't even been charged yet - and despite the fact the ring itself is still flourishing. In fact they've downright invaded Wichita, Kansas at the moment.

And more men in trafficking task forces are involved. Men who also wear badges and are using government money to traffick these women with IMMUNITY.

Yet you're down there right now with victims of other countries talking about trafficking so you can CONVENIENTLY not be talking about what's happening here right now in this country to our own people.

Because it's not just the women being victimized. Look at the CEO of Glaxo Pharmaceuticals. He was being blackmailed by these trafficked women. How about Steve Sassa, CEO of Hearst Media, who was being blackmailed by a trafficker via text? How about Donald Burns, also blackmailed via text by traffickers who then blamed it upon one of their prostitutes (which is how they operate).

Each time I contact a trafficking task force - I'm the one threatened. This recent news with Oakland only goes to show why - because everyone is covering their own ass. Only I've got documentation of contacting EVERY trafficking task force only to be ignored and/or threatened to "back off".

I'm not unique. I have calls from many private citizens who are having the same experience.

I'm also getting calls from the "johns" who are being blackmailed, hacked, robbed, and one situation even involved trade secrets for cell phones which could have cost his country over TWO BILLION DOLLARS through USC. That's because the traffickers are placing the children of the prostitutes in colleges across the USA.

Mr. Kerry - Bill Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. More than that, he's the man who is responsible for the fact we now see alcoholism as a disease requiring treatment - not a moral issue or a vice.

I'm the person who did the same with respect to prostitution. When I started our work back in the 1980's - this country didn't even recognize sex trafficking. Prostitution was called a "victimless crime" which you can see the tone of the time in my talk shows on this link. I created not only the first hotline, but the first court set up to provide treatment to these victims, the first safe house for adults, and changed the attitude of this country to realizing these women needed help in order to leave prostitution - not to be judged for situations they couldn't control.

There is a Brief right now being heard in the Chicago District Court which is asking the court to rule that sex trafficking doesn't even exist - that it's all a big "hoax". Something I don't think you're aware of Mr. Kerry. The lawsuit is Backpage vs. Tom Dart. They're basing this lawsuit on the fact no reputable cases of sex trafficking are being reported. However, they aren't being reported by people where the charges will stand up because every time we do - we're shut down, threatened, stalked, harassed, and some of these people have even been drug into court and given gag orders by the traffickers lawyers.

So Mr. Kerry - how much longer do you want to keep ignoring me? You ignored me during Joohoon's trial and now after everything he's done he's on probation and driving a limo in Las Vegas unsupervised. Yep. A sex trafficker is now driving a limo in Las Vegas and hasn't been even charged with sex trafficking.

Something I think you should be discussing while you're discussing laws on this issue don't you think?