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Dear Mr. Kerry:
How much longer are you going to claim you care about sex trafficking in the USA while ignoring the founder of the very movement which gave this issue federal recognition in the first place? Check out the year on these talk shows I appeared on while raising awareness to prove to the American public this was really happening back when they used to ignore and deny it was in fact real.
You're supposedly working on laws right now about the issue - but conveniently I'm not hearing any discussion about the Joohoon David Lee case. This man was a Homeland Security Officer in the ICE office, and head of the Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force. During the same years of 2012 to 2015 when I was trying to reach your office about the fact this man was literally walking women right past airport security at LAX - which meant the training that had been prepared for them didn't even begin to cover what to do in a situation li…