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I have been seeing some disturbing things on PBS and hearing even more on NPR for a while now.  Remember, I was born in 1960.

So I remember what these channels were like BEFORE they were allowed to take corporate money.  I also remember what they were like BEFORE the Telecommunications Act of 1995 allowed the corporations to take over the mainstream press by being able to own more than one station/outlet at a time than they were before.

I also remember when I didn't have one single problem getting onto a new show, documentary, or talk show.  Now I have reporters telling me they were fired within days of even speaking to me on the phone!  

But the gauntlett was thrown down as far as I was concerned when "A Path Appears" with Nicholas Kristof about sex trafficking aired on PBS.  I hadn't been asked for one sound bite.  To me it was like a show about alcoholism without one mention of Bill Wilson or AA.

I had one of my "did I drop acid?" moments with that one…