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I got to wondering today what ever happened to the men who "turned me out" into prostitution back in the late 1970's.  I was watching a documentary about Richard Pryor which prompted the walk down memory lane.

I had long suspected Weldon had opened the furniture store in Dallas, Texas.  Weldon was looked at as the "head" of the crime family which got me involved in prostitution.    I suspected it was him because there was never any social media for the place, no phone, no website, nothing that a business man should have when I found the listing for the furniture store years ago online.  Remembering Weldon's refusal to be photographed, or to get near a phone, it was all the more reason why I believed that it was "the" Weldon who had left to go back to Texas that was now at the furniture store.

There was Larry, and also "B.B." as they called another brother.  I'll never forget B.B. because he stole some money out of the cash register…