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So far, in every location where I'm seeing someone complain about "sexual harassment" - I see it's the same environment, office, location, system, etc. where the men view sex work as an "acceptable" behavior.

After being around this sort of thing, sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, and the sex industry ever since I was 8 years old and I'm now 57 years old - what I see over and over again is that men who are going to strip clubs for happy hour, meeting other business associates at strip clubs and/or massage parlors, having weekend parties where prostitutes are purchased (legal or illegal) - that these men soon lose that "dividing line" between women at work and "unacceptable" behavior.

They're going into strip clubs, massage parlors, purchasing porn, leasing escorts and "sugar babies" that are dressing identical to the women at their place of employment - and these men soon are losing the boundary lines.  I can assur…