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THE REAL DANGERS FROM OUR CURRENT IMMIGRATION POLICIES - THINK AMERICA THINK  Now, I don't read the news like most people do because of my past experiences with real life sex trafficking within the USA.  So I look at this news article a bit differently than other people, and this ties right back to the good old "Operation Dollhouse".   i learned a long time ago that with the biased press we have since the 1995 Telecommunications Act where the same basic 10 guys own our media entirely - and knowing the way they "spin" news to read the way they want it anymore - you've got to learn how to INTERPRET news with your critical thinking skills anymore.  Let me explain - if you remember the story, the victims in this case before the ATLAS program had been created that was supposed to have launched that year - would normally have been taken down to the police station for booking as criminals.  See the previous argument that's existed sin