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I'm not sure what's up here in reality with this show any further. When I first saw the show for Season One, I of course went to immediately offer to help. The issues shared here are almost identical in many ways to the women we've been helping to escape pimps since the 1980's. In fact, almost completely identical to the situations where victims aren't just being pimped - but actually trafficked within religious cults.

I say that because of the very first case I went onto my first national TV show to try and find help. In researching a group I wanted to put together to help people leave prostitution, which often meant leaving pimps and traffickers also, I was told to go talk to members of a local church who had developed a reputation of getting women off the streets and away from their pimps that was really big in Los Angeles back in 1986.

I went to interview those women and found that almost all of them had at one time been pimped by street pimps before being…