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Dear Liz McDougall:

I've been trying to reach you for some time now.  I'm hoping that I have the right email now to reach you.  I've posted this on my blog  
I've been answering a hotline since 1987 where we do outreach to let REAL  trafficking victims, who can't call the police for help, know they can call us for help.  I created this hotline and 12 step "outpatient" program after having tried to have a "safe house" I set up in 1984 wound up with me being falsely arrested as "running a brothel" to try and shut me down.
So I reorganized our work on an "outpatient" basis, and did this because I became sharply aware through this process that REAL traffickers will do things like that to shut down your work helping real victims escape.  The corrupt police involved in the trafficking I was trying to escape, and help others to do also, who were a part …