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I had someone send me this email she received.  I wrote this back to the Sheriff Lee:

Dear Assistant Chief Lee Tramel: My name is Jody Williams.  You can find news clips verifying that I'm the founder of (formerly "Prostitutes Anonymous), at  Please note that I founded our hotline, and 12 step program connected to the hotline, in 1987.  
Please further note I was arrested in 1984 supposedly for running a brothel with a lot of security and surveillance equipment inside of it close to the police station in 1984.  This was a misunderstanding by the police who didn't know what I had actually done at that time was create what is now known as the first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims in the USA.  
They didn't realize I was keeping victims there for safety because they were being denied access to any victim services back in 1984 because they were being viewed as "criminals" only by law enforcement.  Not rea…