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I want you to look at all of the fuss raised about sex trafficking at the Superbowl.

Now, I want you to google the subject in connection with the Rio Olympics.  What do you see?  Certainly not people gearing up to go over there for this purpose.

However, a sports writer for Yahoo reported 11 % of the ticket sales are going to people who go into the park - but aren't watching the games.  What could that be for?  Well could be local prostitutes for which it's legal over there to do so.   Doesn't mean there aren't sex trafficking victims over there however being drug there by pimps.

Unlike here in the states, local prostitutes would be flocking to these event to grab wealthy tourists for sex.

Here in the states, the whole Super Bowl hype was to take attention of what THEY were doing.  Look to the Oakland sex scandal for one.  The same guy who was out "john shaming" was covering up his own actions…