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Monday, April 24, 2017


One of the reasons why it was not such a good idea that "non-sex workers" take over SWOP, or Sex Workers Outreach Project, as they have since Robin died is because they clearly have no idea how our world works in reality.  

As a result, they're going to get a lot of people hurt.  Either that, or they are aware and this is some kind of deliberate set-up.  I don't know because their "new management" won't even speak to me when I call and try to.  Older members of SWOP who were chased out of SWOP after Robin died told me they were cautioned to "not to Jody".  So I don't know what's up with them.   

I'm referring to the practice of "fund raisers" to retain a private attorney for someone who has been arrested on a prostitution or madaming charge.  Since SWOP doesn't want to seem to listen to my cautions against this practice - let me explain it to you here.  

In my day, in the 1980's, if you were an attorney who tried to represent anyone on such a charge, or a drug charge - you wound up being threatened by the police to stop.  If those threats didn't work, then they'd start the harassment and raids.  If that didn't work, then the Bar would come in auditing your firm.  If that didn't get you to stop, or get you disbarred, then the prosecutor would come at you demanding to know the source of all of your money.  Especially where the money came from to defend the sex worker, or criminal they didn't want defended.  

If your retainer for these clients came from drug or prostitution money, they would confiscate the money and prosecute the attorney accordingly for receipt of the money, including money laundering charges.   If this type of harassment didn't stop the attorney from representing you, and they couldn't get the attorney disbarred - then they'd offer some kind of "sweet deal" to sell your case down the river.  

Many attorneys got disbarred - look at Jeane Palfrey's attorney, Montgomery Sibley for one example.  I can name you countless others who were disbarred while trying to defend one of us.

All of this was one of the reasons why we originally called our 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous".  Using laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous, if arrested for prostitution, or pimping, or madaming - all one had to do was to ask the court to send them to a meeting of ours as an "alternative to incarceration".  Even if there was a mandatory jail sentence - the court had to honor this request as 12 step programs can be substituted in for jail or prison.  NOT a "meeting" but a "program".  Yes there is a difference.  If the court objected, I could threaten them with a discrimination lawsuit and complaint.  

Why?  If an alcoholic is allowed to get treatment instead of jail as is an addict - why can't we?  Besides, usually when you're arrested the cops take every penny you got and if you do have money left the prosecutor starts demanding to know "it's source" which can just get you into more trouble.  By us helping the sex workers without being paid - we bypass all of this.

This system allowed many of us to avoid jail while not having to deal with these problems with attorney's. 

Does that mean you can't get an attorney?  SWA has a list of attorney's who are more than willing to help our members, but who aren't willing to be labeled as a "hooker attorney" by being named on the court records, and also possibly in the press and on the internet.  What they do is "advise anonymously" through a public defender who is not going to get themselves jacked up in the same manner as a private attorney would helping one of us.  Or they can advise in other non-direct ways how to handle this case if there needs to be.  

After Robin died, I started seeing this practice of "fund raisers" to get private attorney's for some of us and I was mortified.  Let me explain why - it's a common practice if a prostitute is arrested that the cops will arrest whoever bails her out, then demand to know the source of this money.  That's why I personally used to have an arrangement with a good bail bondsman who wouldn't have this problem.  

In other words, if you give money to help a sex worker through bail or an attorney's retainer you may be targeted by law enforcement for investigation.  Again, talk to Montgomery Sibley who can let you know the nightmare he went through trying to defend Jeane Palfrey.  

These SWOP fund raisers are done through a 501c3 nonprofit.  Meaning that they will identify donors to their fund raisers to the IRS.  The sites they use to collect the donations are not safe guarded in any way for confidentiality.  Meaning if the IRS or law enforcement goes to these sites with a warrant, even a letter, demanding to know the names, bank information, etc., of the donors - they will give it to them.  They can also match it to the tax records that SWOP has admitted they file with IRS on "anyone they give a grant to".  Meaning they also file with the IRS, and in public record, the legal information on who they're giving the fund raiser to also.  Very cheap way to find out personal bank information on someone if you ask me.  

Are we different?  Hell yeah.  The PayPal account for is my personal bank information.  I am an ordained minister.  My private taxes are not published as part of public record like 501c3 tax records are.  

As a 12 step program we are afforded the same confidentiality rights as an attorney, priest, or doctor being because of laws grandfathered in by AA who allowed that when a man confessed to murder in an AA meeting that speech was "privileged".   

Between the layer of 12 step confidentiality laws, my right to privacy as a private person, and the fact I have the double protection of being an ordained minister - anyone who buys a book or donates a dollar to SWA is guaranteed complete confidentiality.  Their records are not published with the IRS or anyone for that matter.  I've had warrants and subpoenas come to me over the years and I've refused them.  In other words, no one knows the banking information and identity of people who either buy products from us or who donate to us.  

Now do you think this doesn't happen to attorney's any longer who defend people the cops don't want defended?  Think again.  Look up Mitchell Stein who got 17 years in prison when not one person had filed a complaint against him.  He was completely railroaded by the Attorney General's office for defending people who had been illegally foreclosed upon in the 2008 economy crash.

Here's a recent case in point -  

Note from this article how the law firm defending this dispensary was being harassed by law enforcement and prosecutor's office.  

If the money from these fund raisers SWOP is holding are going to private attorney's to help individual sex workers - I not only can guarantee there's problems - I've heard of problems.  

For one, I've heard from sex workers the attorney's were paid for by SWOP, and therefore a "third party".  Meaning their client is SWOP and NOT the individual sex worker.  What does that mean?

It means the only person they're concerned with please is their CLIENT WHO PAYS THEM - not who they're representing in court.  

Why don't you read up on what Teofil's attorney did to him who wasn't paid for by him to answer the  question "what harm could that do?"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We reported earlier in this blog this was a complete set up and there was "more to the story".

I knew his lawyers had sold him out when I had also tried contacting them with information I believe would have gotten him out of a conviction.  First of all, why haven't I heard one word about whether or not the gun found in his car trunk was found with a legitimate warrant?  Who was the gun registered to?  Why would any cop even think to go look in his trunk when blackmailers are known for being non-violent and he had no history of violence?

I want to know why Donald Burns got a whole "sting" operation set up when I've tried contacting the police on behalf of other "johns" who were being blackmailed, hacked, robbed, etc., of just as much money as Mr. Burns by the trafficking network I believe was behind this situation?

I contacted the police saying I had information on how this man was just part of a network which was using him as a "scapegoat".  For one, I know they "spoof" text messages easily.  I had gone to Jarec's attorney's and the police asking if cell phone records were double-checked against his phone to see if the calls even came from his phone, or not, being they might have been sent from another phone which only made it appear to come from Jarec's phone.  I mean if you were a blackmailer would you send a blackmail request with your phone number showing?  Who does that?

OF COURSE there's more to this case and the reason why Jarec was being scapegoated is because the operation itself wants to continue operating.

They now tell new victims "you don't want to go to the police and have happen to you what happened with Donald did now do you?"

I know well how they operate as it's one of the reasons why I created to extract victims out of such operations who either use or are the police in most cases.