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I've been seeing SWOP up promoting fund raisers for "legal fees" for women involved in the sex industry.  Speaking as someone who has been a paralegal for 32 years now, and as someone who has been involved in over 34 years now of legal cases across the country involving prostitutes - I feel the need to weigh in here. 

Because I was arrested myself in 1984.  You can read about the case hitting the news at   Now at that time, I had a family friend who was an attorney who stepped in to help me.  Now, had I RETAINED an attorney for cash - that attorney would have had his bank account frozen, he would be audited  by the IRS and law enforcement, he would probably be considered for felony charges for "receipt of earnings from a known prostitute" and he might have been disbarred.  He wasn't.  The attorney I had helping me didn't suffer these things because he was doing these things as a favor for a family friend. 

In 1984, every other madam …


One of the reasons why it was not such a good idea that "non-sex workers" take over SWOP, or Sex Workers Outreach Project, as they have since Robin died is because they clearly have no idea how our world works in reality.  

As a result, they're going to get a lot of people hurt.  Either that, or they are aware and this is some kind of deliberate set-up.  I don't know because their "new management" won't even speak to me when I call and try to.  Older members of SWOP who were chased out of SWOP after Robin died told me they were cautioned to "not to Jody".  So I don't know what's up with them.   

I'm referring to the practice of "fund raisers" to retain a private attorney for someone who has been arrested on a prostitution or madaming charge.  Since SWOP doesn't want to seem to listen to my cautions against this practice - let me explain it to you here.  

In my day, in the 1980's, if you were an attorney who tried to …