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Jody Williams, Founder & Director Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly “Prostitutes Anonymous”) 5516 Boulder Highway, Suite 2F378 Las Vegas, NV 89122 (702) 488-1127 Telephone
April 8, 2018
Dear Law Makers:
I’m writing you on behalf of the issues surrounding Backpage, the recent confiscation of the website, as well as a law being passed regarding online advertising in connection with the sex industry.In order to understand however why my view is relevant to this issue, (as well as national security), an expert opinion, who I am and why I’m writing you about these issues, I’m sure I’m going to have to first introduce myself.
You can verify I’m a real person, a registered voter in fact in California.I also have news clips about my work and activism available at www.hightechmadam.comI apologize for not being able to be there in person to speak to you, or for having reached out sooner, but realize I’m not a “professional” at this issue like the lobbyist are who are behind…