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Monday, March 6, 2017


People are asking me "why are you so upset?" about the types of people who have been speaking to Congress and the Senate about sex trafficking.  For years there's either been completely fake people who have been exposed as frauds such as Samoly Mam speaking to them, or when we kept exposing one after the other after the other as being frauds - then they just resort to bringing in an actual actor such as Ashton Kutcher to speak on the subject WHILE asking for money to do what they're doing WHICH IS SOMETHING WE'RE DOING ANYWAY?

Let's put it into terms which might make it clearer why I'm so upset - let's say that we're back during the days of Prohibition.  Prohibition was designed to do something about the problems alcoholics were presenting to this country BEFORE it was known they have a disease.  The thought was "let's arrest people and that will stop the problem".  

Only it didn't.  We saw what happened with Prohibition - it just made money for the criminals easier and bigger while making it harder for those with the disease to get help.  

Now - let's imagine that the subject of sex trafficking is like that of alcoholism and instead of having people like Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob or even Dr. Silkwood speaking on the subject to them you had instead one of the owners of Anheuser Busch breweries testifying on the subject of alcoholism, or the Oxford Group who was a church group who was claiming to help alcoholics but in fact was not doing anything other than being a church who raised money on the false claims they were able to help alcoholics.  

This was the group Bill Wilson was in where he found himself at eight months sobriety so hit with the craving to drink he reached out to Dr. Bob so he could help himself not drink that day.

Or if one of the owners of the sanitariums who was being paid to put the alcoholic in hospice care were to testify - but again NOT Dr. Bob, Bill Wilson or even Dr. Silkwood testifying.

The question is WHY?  Why do they keep putting up people who either aren't authentic survivors, actually run authentic groups that actually do effectively help victims, or non-survivors speaking on behalf of an outside view on the issue as Ashton Kutcher did - rather than put on someone like Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who was the first group to identify it as a disease, and to come up with a solution that worked for the sufferer.  

I've analyzed what the fakes are saying vs. what one of "us" would say and I can assure you there are key points they're making sure is NOT being recorded on those hearings.  Again, we run the oldest, and largest, program of survivors in this country and until we're invited to speak, or even allowed to be in the same building when testimony is being heard - then we are being silenced about the true nature of what's happening here in the USA.

While yes I agree what Ashton witnessed in another country with respect to a child who was being victimized in a sex tourism racket is truly horrible.  But no matter HOW horrible - it STILL is NOT talking about what American victims go through on American soil! 

THAT'S what's being silenced from the public from hearing.   

Saturday, October 8, 2016


During Prohibition, it was well known Al Capone, and the Mafia he was a part of, would routinely use the police to shut down their "competitors", i.e., anyone who wasn't a part of the mob.

Now remember, this country didn't acknowledge the "mob" even existed back then. The existence of the mob wasn't "officially" recognized until Joe Valachi stepped up to confess it's existence in the 1960's.

Yes these mobsters were arrested - individually. Even Al Capone himself was only arrested on income tax evasion. The film "The Untouchable's" was about the fact no one in law enforcement, or otherwise, could go after these guys because of how they had the police force, and politicians, under their control. This is why we created the "racketeering" laws in fact because arresting even Al Capone himself didn't shut down the "operation" which was flooding the country with bootleg booze. Well welcome to the new "Prohibition" called prostitution. I have uncovered more than once instance where the REAL "traffickers" in this country have been using the movement I STARTED by the way, as a smoke screen to go after the "independents" and thus force them to go to work for them.

Backpage, Craigslist, the Erotic Review, Redbook, and every other site that has been "cracked down on" lately are NOT avenues where the REAL traffickers in this country are operating. In fact, I've uncovered instance after instance where these complaints about "sex trafficking" against Backpage have been completely manufactured. Every time I've traced the source - it's been Backpage"s "competitors" behind the accusations, i.e, the REAL traffickers who are using politicians, the church, and the media no differently than Al Capone did back in his day. Relativity Media received about $12 million dollars in an investment from a film company that's an arm of the Chinese government. The same arm which was connected to Liang Yaohui, a man who was operating over 1000 brothels in China, while also operating a five star hotel. Relativity Media ALSO produces "Catfish", "Intervention", "Jail", and "OC Jail" just to name a few of their shows as well as "Gigolo's.

Now this gives their cameras access to get inside any treatment center or jail they want. Go on and watch their shows and you'll see they get into anywhere in the jail they want even after the person has "lawyered up". Especially a problem when we were using drug treatment programs to hide trafficking victims for some years until they started taking over and building lines of communication in the treatment programs where we used to be able to hide them. Think you can hide them in solitary in jail? Oh no, again watch the camera's on these shows, you'll see they allow the cameras to go anywhere they want, even protective custody. Relativity Media also produced "8 Minutes". A TV show claiming to have an ex-cop with 20 years of service in OC suddenly "seeing the light" and deciding to "run a sex trafficking" rescue operation". Only guess what? REAL traffickers weren't going to send one of their victims to a hotel room just to have them disappear to some "rescue". It doesn't work that way in the real world.

Nor could they. Again, REAL traffickers don't work that way. So Relativity Media STAGED everything - right down to the ads on Backpage where they claimed these "victims" came from. Then claimed these "victims" were coming to their hotel room where they staged fake rescues.

Only one of the women hired as an "actress" had come to us for help. She even reported her husband had been hired to pretend to be her pimp. The problem was the producers had promised to blur their faces and now they were about to air this show with their faces NOT blurred - meaning that then their kids, and their school, etc., would think they really were the people they were portraying on this show. She asked for my help in not letting the show air. So I hit the producers with a notice I was going to file for a "temporary injunction" to stop it from airing. Literally within 4 hours the show was taken off the air, and the internet. Mind you many shows are canceled - but this one was taken right off the internet completely. I found it strange, not only that they were claiming to be running a completely fake rescue, but further trying to make it appear sex trafficking was something advertised on Backpage. I get calls from REAL victims as I have for 30 years now since we launched in 1987. I also get calls from "independent" prostitutes and there is a difference. What I was hearing about over and over again is two things were happening: 1. Any "john" who wasn't buying their prostitute from a trafficker was being arrested under the "end demand" smoke screen. This doesn't "deter" anything - it just forces the buyer to then go to a trafficker he knows will protect him. I saw this in my day when the Beverly Hills police would arrest anyone not using their service "Talk of the Town". Then when you'd go "independent" like Eddie Murphy did with Devine Brown (the prostitute he was arrested for trying to solicit in Hollywood off the streets)- well then the media just blasts you all over the place. Then these cops/traffickers assure you that "this won't happen with our services". 2. Any prostitute not working for these traffickers through THEIR avenues, which were not Craiglist and Backpage, is busted. When that didn't work, they started shutting down their sites one by one by one. What each one has had in common is NOT they're being used by traffickers, but by "independents". Why do you think OUR voice has been utterly silenced at the level of the press, or the legislature? We know the difference.

Rep. Portman "rescued" teens who were being used as labor at an egg farm, but did NOTHING about the system which was trafficking those kids. Now he's an "expert" in sex trafficking? The kids weren't even sex trafficking victims!!!

Funny because I sure don't see him returning our calls or speaking to our members who have a little bit more experience and knowledge on the subject - especially since we're the ones who started this movement in the first place. I'm the one who started the first safe house for adults, the first hotline, etc.,. all because we "couldn't call the cops for help" because our problem WAS the cops! Why do you think I set up a hotline? Because our members couldn't call 911 that's why because those being trafficked were dealing with cops, CIA, FBI, etc., just like I was back in my day.

So they set up the Polaris hotline to make it appear to be someone else - only they're referring callers back to who? Right back to the "local trafficking task force" which IS the traffickers.

If you doubt me on this - google Celeste Guap. Oh sure Nancy O'Malley is "charging seven officers" now in her case. Cases which will depend upon her testimony (which I'd love to see how the johns, or other pimps, are going to testify when it would incriminate themselves by the way) and when those 7 cops defense attorney's get done with her - so what?

After seeing what they did to the Rodney King cops am I holding my breath? Celeste doesn't have bruises or photos of herself anywhere near as damaged as Rodney King. No I'm more afraid she's going to wind up like Jeane Palfrey who stepped up with evidence about who was trafficking her and her escorts and look at what happened to her and Brandy Britton as well as Syvia Landry. Carl ran these publications out of Amsterdam. Their laws don't apply here in the states. Each case of so called "sex trafficking" against him was completely fabricated that I read about. I even contacted their attorney's before with information on this, including the fabricated "sex trafficking" being so called "filmed" with the bogus "8 Minutes".

I can show you step by step how the REAL traffickers in this country are trying to shut down their competitors - and you can also see this in the Seattle sex trafficking case. The site which had the REAL trafficking being advertised was NOT on Backpage. Oh but we have SWOP now claiming those women "weren't sex trafficking victims". (Like Maxine Doogan wasn't bought off when you see her pimp conviction now suddenly overturned and other prostitutes online claiming she "steals evidence of police misconduct") This is all bullshit done just in time for Kamala Harris to claim she's "doing something". I had complained "done what?" with respect to sex trafficking before about her. I've knocked on her door for three years now asking her to look at the evidence our members have with respect to sex trafficking going on through this country based out of California.

I even asked her to help us prosecute a trafficking case based right in a legal brothel in Nevada which was ignored (the pimp was residing in California) Now just days before an election she wants to look good by saying she's "issued this warrant".

It won't hold up. It's all grandstanding while Kamala Harris stands by and does NOTHING to the real traffickers. Who everyone claims doesn't exist just like they used to about the "mob" back in that day.
Grow up and look at the handwriting on the wall. We've now had the Chinese hack Yahoo, hack Sony, hack our medical records, hack California's medical records and IRS records illegally, hack the federal employee's personnel files, try and steal cell phone trade secrets worth billions out of USC, work for the FBI, fund Relativity Media with $12 million to fake this whole "sex trafficking" operation as having NOTHING to do with them (when's the last time you heard about a sex trafficking operation busted out of a massage parlor other than the one in 2013 out of Wichita, Kansas?) and we're now acting like the Triad is as imaginary as we used to act like the "Cosa Nostra" was.

Why? Because we owe them money?
Backpage is NOT the center of sex trafficking in this country. Take a real good look at Joohon David Lee who isn't even being charged with sex trafficking, and the fact I was asking Kamala Harris to look at this for YEARS. I didn't even get him arrested until I went to the OPR to get action because Kamala wouldn't touch the case with a 10 foot pole. Why? Because she doesn't want any house cleaning that's why - so let's direct everything to Amsterdam. But Amsterdam's not the problem. It may be the problem with respect to "prostitution" but it's NOT the problem with respect to "sex trafficking" in this country. And you tell me why I operate the ONLY hotline in this country where someone being trafficked who can't call the cops can call us - and NOT ONE of these people will return my calls? What does that tell you as to whose side they're on? They're grandstanding for the election PERIOD.

Rep. Portman also hasn't returned my calls about the fact there's sex trafficking going on right now in EVERY sex trafficking task force. Oh he said he "wanted to order a report" about Ohio. Well a report was already ordered and it's just sitting on a judge's desk. So what? In the meantime, the band plays on. We have reached the point in this country where we are no different than when Pablo Escobar was in the Mexican Congress writing laws that suited him.

You want to convince me Kamala you're "fighting sex trafficking"? Then where's the warrant for Snoop Dogg who CONFESSED in Rolling Stone to being a pimp throughout this country during his 2003 tour sponsored by Playboy? His confession matches every point of the law for you to be able to issue a warrant for "pandering" by the way. Money, even consent don't negate the charges.