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Dear Rick:

I saw your show "Inside OC" talking about Prop 57 and "non-violent offenders".   I wanted to reach out because the largest number of "non-violent female offender's" right now in the criminal justice system are prostitutes.  
Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Jody Williams and I founded a 12 step program in 1987 originally called "Prostitutes Anonymous".  The jails/prisons were desperate back then to get as many who might be infected as possible out of the system so our program was greeted by a red carpet.  
The first year we helped clear out 1800 out of 2000 women, 400 transgenders, and another 800 men out of 2000 men (approximately) right out of the jails.  We were able to put another 100 women who were pregnant and HIV positive into an abandoned drug treatment program so they could also stay with their kids. 
Our study done right before we came into the facility was that almost every one of these female prostitutes had an …


Dear Editor:
About Prop. 57 - I was living in LA during the 1980's when cocaine was flooding the country. LA was also experiencing a record # of serial killers targeting prostitutes, a raging HIV/AIDS epidemic was destroying the sexually active, plus we had widespread corruption which became the basis of the infamous Rampart lawsuits in the 1990's.
Money was desperately needed to fund HIV/AIDS services on an unheard of scale. Things were so desperate a Proposition was considered to quarantine the LGBT, addicts and prostitutes on an island. No one was even quite sure how it was transmitted yet. Guards were refusing to come to work for fear of contracting the virus they feared might be airborne. Sex workers were refusing to carry condoms, or have them in their homes, because they were considered “evidence of prostitution”. Condoms then were literally used in court to gain a prostitution conviction.
Sex trafficking wasn't federally recognized then. The term hadn't even bee…


Here's the deal - we're being excluded as you know from the very system we created. 

WE'RE the program who came to the courts FIRST in 1987 when NO ONE wanted to lift a finger to help us.  We're the ones who said first and without a fund raiser or a federal grant - "until you are going to decriminalize prostitution then the least you can do is court order them into our program in place of jail being that these are not criminals - but instead women feeding their children, junkies looking for a way to feed their habit who can't get into treatment because they're prostitutes, and also because victim services won't help them when raped, kidnapped, stalked and beaten because the system considers them as "criminals", women who can't get jobs because of porn of them appearing online alone with having a criminal record which means they can't deny the photos are in facts theirs, criminal records preventing them from obtaining work licenses such…

First catch this article appearing on Democracy Now.

Then you can go back over past blog articles I have on here over the last couple of years where I've said the following has been going on in connection with the sex trafficking movement itself.  Articles which I've said the following was going on which people have said "not possible".  Well consider them again in light of this new story breaking to light.

1.   I've said the site up at has been set up to track the traffic coming to our website at  When I refused warrants, subpena's and even offers to become a "paid informant" on those who reach out to our program for help offered by law enforcement - this site was set up.  Most people who are trying to find us, looking for information on us, go to that site trying to check it out.  There is no "privacy …