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Saturday, October 8, 2016


Dear Rick:

I saw your show "Inside OC" talking about Prop 57 and "non-violent offenders".   I wanted to reach out because the largest number of "non-violent female offender's" right now in the criminal justice system are prostitutes.  

Please let me introduce myself.  My name is Jody Williams and I founded a 12 step program in 1987 originally called "Prostitutes Anonymous".  The jails/prisons were desperate back then to get as many who might be infected as possible out of the system so our program was greeted by a red carpet.  

The first year we helped clear out 1800 out of 2000 women, 400 transgenders, and another 800 men out of 2000 men (approximately) right out of the jails.  We were able to put another 100 women who were pregnant and HIV positive into an abandoned drug treatment program so they could also stay with their kids. 

Our study done right before we came into the facility was that almost every one of these female prostitutes had an average of three children who were being put into foster care - costing the taxpayers even more money to incarcerate them.  While it was costing the county about $150 a day to incarcerate a prostitute, it was costing another $2000 a month per child who was now left without a mother, not counting the later cost to society for being torn from their mother in this manner.  

Our work was so successful, it was first duplicated in Allentown, PA with the "Program for Female Offenders".  Once again, we were able to save the county well over $1,000,000 which was then channeled into social welfare programs for the elderly and children in need.  Many of the people who came through our system back then, got degree's and were soon working within the system helping others.  

It was our work which led to the creation of the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Each of the 22 US Attorney's who pushed for this found themselves "fired for no reason".  Since the common denominator was their efforts to see this done, well we knew what the reasons were.  We had pushed for this federal recognition of sex trafficking domestically being "real" because these people were being denied any financial assistance from Victim's services because they were viewed only as "criminals" back then.  

The hope was if they were instead also viewed as "victims" in the cases where they were, then we could stop shelling out money out of our pockets.  By the year 2000 I had personally shelled out over $400,000 and was working night and day to cover the things these women needed to get working again - things like uniforms, an ID card, proper shoes, books, license fees, etc.  I couldn't keep up this pace personally.
It's been said it's hard to get a person with a criminal record work.  That to hire someone with a record can find the company liable. To some extent the comment is true, and then again not.  I say that because there is a list of employer's who will openly hire not only criminals, but also felons.  What we did in our work was get them these lower jobs at these companies who list among them companies such as Walmart, Target, Olive Garden, etc.  

The men and women by themselves wouldn't be open with them about their record, but we would encourage them to be open when applying at companies we knew were open to their records because prostitution is a "non-violent' crime.   We would emphasize this was just a year out of their lives we needed them to take these types of jobs because yes most of them are minimum wages jobs.  While in them, we'd also encourage them to get enrolled in school.  Those companies also help their employees with school.

At the end of about a year, we would then go to the courts with their employment record, housing record, a letter from a local pastor, minister, rabbi or monk (depending upon their religion), along with their sponsor and we'd informally appeal to the court to expunge their record.  No we do not support an "across the board" expungment because sometimes honestly the person IS a dangerous criminal and shouldn't be trusted in the workplace.  However, we found anyone willing to go through a year rehabilitation process with us was sincere in wanting to change their lifestyle.

We would then show the court where they were wanting to go, and how this record would hinder them from this goal, and appeal to them for a record expungment based upon the "circumstances".  I say that because we have always acknowledged not every prostitute is a "victim" of force or "force of poverty".  Even the Bible allows theft when you're starving AS LONG AS you then "pay it back seven fold", or in our language "make an amends".  We feel showing this person can work a job, pay their rent, and go to school, means they have "made their amends" to society and thus their record should be expunged so they can continue in their path of leaving crime behind.

Well we soon found we were on everyone's wrong side.  First, there was the revision to Immigration policy done by Clinton in 1996.  Suddenly, the system is now requiring 35,000 inmates to be in beds at any given point in time so that an illegal immigrant can have a bed.  Well what's the fastest, and cheapest way to fill up a jail cell?  A prostitution sting of course.  

The problem was society was now educated, thanks to myself, that most of those women were out there by force of one kind of another.  Again whether it was because of a pimp, trafficker, or even poverty.  So here comes the "relabelers" who are calling them "rescues" now instead of "raids".  

They also had a problem with us on the "john" side of things because back in the 1990's, the "john's program" I was helping to put together which was also very effective because it was being done in partnership with Sexaholics Anonymous and the National Council on Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, was building to offer them the same as the alcoholic and addict we were taking advantage of.  Sex addiction IS a disease and they require treatment also.  You don't stop anyone using the law - we learned that during Prohibition I thought.  But we were showing great success by getting them treatment for their sex addiction - no different than again any form of this disease whether it be drugs, alcohol, gambling, prostitution or even the consumption of sex through porn, prostitution, strippers, etc.  

The next thing we know grants are flying out of the Hunt Foundation to create "end demand" programs which are really a very cleverly worded way of busting johns the same old way they've been throughout history.  Only you just call the arresting now "deterring demand" is all.  Voila!  You now can go out in one night and pull yourself in anywhere from 30 to 50 men who can't afford an attorney or they wouldn't have been out trying to pick up a $20 hooker.   You then shut down all avenues that "independent" prostitutes use like Backpage, forcing them to have to go to work for the "traffickers" in this country and you seem to be making the program go away while fueling it.  Not at all unlike how Al Capone would use the cops to shut down his competitors.  That's what happens when you have an illegal source of money - the organized criminals go after the "independents".  

You avoid patrons of prostitutes like Celese Guap who use the internet and charge more money - patrons who number among them cops and who are being trafficked by cops also.  Just as I was back in the 1980's and why I created our hotline in the first place - because someone who is being trafficked is also having the local police involved and therefore can't call 911.  Neither can they call the National Trafficking Hotline either because if you look - you'll see they just refer them right back to their traffickers.  If you don't know what I mean by that - you can google names like Joohon David Lee or Chris Butler.

Counties found they could also make MORE money by BUILDING bigger jails.  Okay how do you do that?  Well you overstuff the ones you have, that's how.  Suddenly, we're getting less and less referrals and we're not being asked anymore to set up "formal" alternative sentencing programs in the USA anymore.  We thought this would all change when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed giving sex trafficking federal recognition, but that victory was short-lived.  By 2002, Randall Tobias came in and took all of that money and transferred it to "faith based groups" only, all of who our history had shown universally failed when it came to working with prostitutes.  Now why would you want to fund failure?

I'll tell you why.  Because in 2003, after this had passed, every meeting of our program which was being held at every Salvation Army or Catholic Charity across the USA at this point in time was banned from their property.  Everyone of our members who worked for them in some capacity like "outreach", was fired.  Women we had been working with were all booted right out of the program.  It was a house-cleaning and I had no idea why.  If we had been ineffective, I'd understand.  

Then I saw the grant applications going out asking for money to hire people to do what we'd been doing for free and then I understood.  Didn't mean it would work however.  Because again we were doing this because we found our community didn't respond to any workers who had not "been there" themselves.  So suddenly we now have nowhere to hold meetings, and I've got 1/2 of our fellowship now out of a job.  My phone took off that year so hard I literally had a stroke by July.  I then spent a few years after this going in and out of the ICU and it took me a few more years just to get back on my feet. 

Our program survived, and then the witchunts truly began in 2008.  I was approached by the Hunt people directly and asked to help them prepare a report for the State Dept.  I was offered a job paying me $120,000 a year if I helped them with this report, with another $10,000 given as a grant once I helped them complete the report.  Boy I should have learned pimps come in all forms but like an idiot I opened up our doors, let them see how we operated, talk to our members, and basically learn how we did things including finding trafficking victims who needed our help, how we would rescue them, as well as how we helped them to not be taken back by the traffickers.  I was then asked to give an "opinion on an outside issue" from the podium of this press conference you can read about at  Since I run a 12 step program I can't make statements like that "officially" so I refused.  

To punish me for that, I've now been officially "blacklisted".  Not a surprise since the same people who did this to me also had done the same to Bill Wilson and Jimmy Kinnon before me.  They also had found their programs "taken over" by for profit interests also.  

Which is what then happened.  A group out of Chicago called CAASE then tried to duplicate our work with their "spin" on it against my wishes through things like Project Rose, Division 17, and 10 others.  Only they were attaching our name, our reputation, our literature, without my consent.  I stood back a while to see how and what they'd do with it and the results were more rounding up of women of color to fill jail beds, which forcing them to finger their fathers as their "traffickers" or else risk losing their kids permanently to CPS custody.  I came in with a "cease and desist" letter and these groups folded.  They folded because you can't run a program for prostitutes without Prostitutes Anonymous.  

Now I see things being kicked about about "releasing non-violent offenders" which happen to be mostly our community, only once again with a different name.  I wondered why they started labeling prostitutes as "sex offenders" and now I understand.  Especially since they've been losing money - what a great way to get some of that "trafficking" money right?  I mean no one wants to donate to help a child rapist, but the money's flowing in for "sex trafficking victims".  

We've gone from "prostitute" to "trafficking victim" to now "non-violent offender".  But in reality, these are mostly women who can't afford an attorney to go back and expunge their records in a year, or 10 years.  Especially when they're not only not getting our help to get work, but are further not able to find work simply because they are part of our program.  And without money to hire an attorney as they'd have to do without our help, then they wind up still trapped in the world of prostitution.

Oh yes once the witch hunt started against our program, if you even mentioned you were going to contact our program for help in any way you found yourself fired.  Why?  Again I point to names such as Celeste Guap and Joohon David Lee.  Because there's just too many people right now in the system who are the traffickers themselves - that's why.  They want this community stuck with a rotating work force that lasts about six months who has come from such a privileged life they don't believe in such things.  

I'd love to see if I could come onto your show to talk more about this, and to see if the "blacklisting" reporters have been telling me about applies to your show.  Especially considering the absolutely false media I've seen coming out of Orange County like the completely imaginary "8 Minutes" show was about.  Kevin Brown was a complete con artist and there was no "outreach" despite it being plastered all over the Orange County Register.  I mean didn't someone wonder why this guy wasn't even mentioning our program or wonder why he's suddenly doing this sort of thing after 20 years of being a guy arresting hookers?

Well I guess they couldn't becasue as I said every reporter I speak to tells me they have been told in one way or another if they even mention our name, my name, or anything to do with us they'll be fired on the spot.  Many have already for insisting upon it.   This show was running all over the country claiming Kevin Brown and Greg Reese were "running a rescue" only it was all a staged hoax.  Even Polaris admits they didn't give them consent to use their phone number.  Didn't matter because it was only flushing out calls from victims right back to the very police who were trafficking them in the first place - not to our hotline which is set up to address this sad fact.  

They know we don't have federal grants or fund raisers to have resources to also do things like fly down to Washington, DC to appear on shows like "On the Contrary".  Nor are our Washington, DC members willing to go on TV for fear of losing their jobs they have now.  These pleas are pleas to monetize the work we offer for free, all while refusing to hire our members for fear then people will say "well why are we paying you when they'll do it for free".  So I am hoping your show is at least taped in California.

I mean why pay Polaris another $2,000,000 to set up a hotline in your state when you have our hotline answering calls for free now in the same area?  Since the wife of Polaris is the same women who issues all of the federal grants at the moment, no one is going to stand up to them or rock the boat for our sake that's for sure.  

You see the traffickers, the real traffickers, want the system to fail so they can keep applying for grant money, all while enjoying not having anyone truly interfere with their operations which we gunk up those works.   The "house cleaning" we're experiencing is no different then when they did the same to Narcotics Anonymous in the 1990's - getting rid of anyone who objected to the use of medical marijuana in an addict's clean time.  That's when they chased Jimmy, their founder, out of the office, and also anyone who even knew who Jimmy was.  Now you have 80 % of an NA meeting now on antidepressants and medical marijuana.  Great for the treatment programs, counselors, and the pharmaceutical companies, but bad for the addict.  

If you'd like to talk about this more, I can be reached at (702) 488-1127.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Dear Editor:

About Prop. 57 - I was living in LA during the 1980's when cocaine was flooding the country. LA was also experiencing a record # of serial killers targeting prostitutes, a raging HIV/AIDS epidemic was destroying the sexually active, plus we had widespread corruption which became the basis of the infamous Rampart lawsuits in the 1990's.

Money was desperately needed to fund HIV/AIDS services on an unheard of scale. Things were so desperate a Proposition was considered to quarantine the LGBT, addicts and prostitutes on an island. No one was even quite sure how it was transmitted yet. Guards were refusing to come to work for fear of contracting the virus they feared might be airborne. Sex workers were refusing to carry condoms, or have them in their homes, because they were considered “evidence of prostitution”. Condoms then were literally used in court to gain a prostitution conviction.

Sex trafficking wasn't federally recognized then. The term hadn't even been coined yet. It was considered as imaginary as the “mob” used to be considered back prior to Joe Valachi stepping forward to confirm it was in fact real back in the 1960's. It was considered so “unreal” Julie Andrews starred in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” - a musical comedy parodying it in a hit 1968 film.

But I knew it to be real. Further knew calling the police would only result in victims being treated as criminals. So I'd put together a safe house for adults, the first of it's kind in the country, in 1984. Only to find myself arrested for “pimping” because of it. Traffickers upset at the sanctuary sent in a woman to finger me for this to get it shut down. The media couldn't understand why a “brothel” would have such high tech security all over a warehouse so they dubbed me the “High Tech madam”. Of course there was nothing to the charge but it made me realize I needed to go about helping these victims some other way.

With sex trafficking not even recognized as “real” by general society, or our legal system, yet this also meant there was no money for services for these victims. No “reputable” person nor program wanted to be associated with “prostitutes” then whether adult or juvenile. You had doctors such as Patrick Carnes willing to talk about sex addiction – but no one wanted to step up to help prostitutes”.

Through brainstorming with Edwin Meese, the California Attorney General at the time, Mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block and Chief Gates, I proposed if an addict could be released from jail in order to seek treatment shouldn't those forced into prostitution also be given the same opportunity for treatment and rehabilitation? If Patty Hearst had been pardoned for being made to rob a bank by SLA so shouldn't all these prostitutes be given the same opportunity to not be viewed as “willing criminals” also?

Through laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous I created a 12 step program we offered as an “alternative to incarceration” for prostitutes – without us having to wait to decriminalize prostitution to do so. In 1987, “Prostitutes Anonymous”, the first hotline and alternative sentencing program was launched. A committee was set up at the Mayor's office where one person from each county office represented - from the police, probation, prosecutor's office, social services, the health department, etc. There was no way the CDC or the Health Dept. were going to be able to get to those infected with HIV, nor to get people to use condoms, as long as they were treated like criminals. This was the first time every agency was working together with one goal in mind – the health and welfare of the citizens of LA. In the first year, over $1,000,000 was saved by the county using our program and put to use helping HIV/AIDS victims who didn't have health insurance.

The guards where the transgenders were being held were so scared of being physically close to these inmates, they were being housed in sleeping bags in the cafeteria. Doctors didn't even want to give them proper medical attention so many were not getting their hormones nor their AZT medications popular then. The transgenders and the pregnant females needing drug treatment were the first to be allowed early release. Those HIV + and pregnant who had other criminal charges other than prostitution were allowed to be sent to a special residential drug treatment program which included “Prostitutes Anonymous” meetings. (Our program's name was changed in 1995 to Sex Workers Anonymous.)

Those the court knew were not out there “by choice” were allowed to come to our program instead of jail or do house arrest along with our meetings. Out of 2000 female inmates 1800 of them were there for prostitution charges. Over 80 % of these had multiple kids who were now in the foster care system because of their incarceration, while for 90 % of them reported this was not their first arrest for prostitution.

Almost all of these had the training to work at “legit” jobs. Many of them even held Bachelor's degree's while others even had nurse's licensing. They all had been offered treatment prior but it had failed because it failed to address their prostitution – whether by force or choice. It was all assumed then if you got them clean they'd stop while never once noticing almost every one of them had been forced into prostitution long before they ever started using drugs or drinking. Tell me how else would you cope with being forced to be in sex work?

Our program was so successful, it was launched officially in multiple states, and informally all over the USA. By 1995, we had a chapter set up working in conjunction with our legal system in every major city. We were almost as large as Alcoholics Anonymous then because of the partnerships we had with the courts, social services, and agencies like the Salvation Army. Programs specifically for prostitutes were set up by then hiring our members to staff their outreach teams and to be peer advocates.

In 1996, there was a massive change in immigration policy. This suddenly required 35,000 people to be in a cell at any given moment in order to create funding to keep this many beds open so that not just inmates, but those awaiting deportation, would have a bed available. ;Combine this with the shift to our country now having more “for profit” prisons than ever before – and you can see why virtually overnight our program was like a house of cards suddenly brought tumbling down.

No one told us anything “officially” but it was like we were wiped out. Instead of using our program to clear out the system – we reverted to the same old system just with different names like something taken right out of the pages of “Animal Farm”. The cheapest way to lock someone up is with a prostitution sting. However now instead of it being called a “raid” it was called a “rescue operation”.

Instead of a “john sweep” it was now called “ending demand”. Instead of going after a pimp – we were now “fighting sex trafficking”.

Prostitutes and “johns” are also considered a very non-violent criminal by the system. Rarely do they shoot back so illegal prostitution became the cheapest, quickest, and most efficient way to fill up cells. You won't see one single “trafficking operation” executed within a legal part of the sex industry. It focuses solely on illegal prostitution. Think about it – stick out a pretty girl on a corner in a bad neighborhood on a Saturday night and you now have a paddy wagon full of men loaded up in an hour to cart off to jail. All “non-violent” criminals mind you. Now instead of trying to get a prostitute to turn on her pimp – you now tell a mother of small children she's going to have CPS take them unless she reports their father is her “trafficker”.

In all of the discussion about Prop. 57 – nowhere do I hear any discussion about the fact prostitution is a “non-violent' crime. For every African American drug dealer I'm seeing released from custody lately – I'm seeing three more people of color going back into these same facilities for three times as long of a term under charges of “trafficking” or prostitution.

How ironic Eliot Spitzer comes out insisting “ending demand” is the way to fight sex trafficking despite every lesson Prohibition taught us. Then a few years later he's got a prostitute fleeing the country to get away from him after a violent episode in a hotel. It's not like she can go the NY cops for help. Especially not after one of NY's finest was caught trafficking in prostitutes. Eliot's tougher “cracking down on buyers” only resulted in more trafficking victims because of “johns” wanting to make doubly sure they weren't seeing an undercover officer now.

Sad because truly the front lines of reporting sex trafficking is the customer who the “end demand” people have now made afraid to come forward with this information because they're now being treated like a criminal. Shame no one bothered to ask us the best way to end sex trafficking – the only people who aren't trying to further their political career, trying to get a federal grant awarded, or holding a fund raiser.

'“End Demand” is nothing more than a smoke screen for rounding up Hispanic men in cheap and fast stings as a way to cart off 30 men a night into custody while looking like “heroes” – many of who are found to be illegal aliens who can't even post bail, let alone have an attorney appointed to them. Celeste Guap just proved our view trafficking victims are not found on street corners, but instead indoors because of the tape which surfaced where she's being advised when to stay inside and for how long by the officers trafficking her. Let's be clear – trafficking by it's definition involves corrupt law enforcement or it would be called pimping instead. Statutory rape doesn't change just because money is involved involved either.

We're in the middle of a national prison strike – some of which is motivated by these who once rounded up in an “end demand” sting, aren't being promptly processed for deportation, denied bail, and then being used for free labor while being held at the cost of anywhere from $75 to $150 a day. If they were rounded up for anything other than an “end demand” campaign there would be national outrage here rather than silence for how these minorities are being treated by our system. I don't even want to think about how much money meant to help save and rehabilitate victims is being used instead simply to round up more people of color under this smoke screen who are being used as slave labor and pharmaceutical research subjects by the police who are the traffickers in this country.

I have personally tried to take a trafficking victim to each “trafficking task force” for help only to find ourselves the ones being threatened and ignored and I can document this. This is after some of these task forces have received millions of dollars to create them and I can't get a return phone call on behalf of real victims reaching out for help.
I haven't been able to get one call answered by anyone about what exactly they plan on doing with those convicted of prostitution, a very non-violent crime, if Prop 57 passes. All attempts to open up a dialogue about reconnecting victims into our program that will keep them out of the revolving door right back into jail, or to sex work, have been rebuffed.

Something isn't thought out well here at all and needs to be before Prop 57 is passed. Not even the AHF is listening when we helped to see the Ryan White Foundation refuse them a $3.8 million dollar grant last year to get their attention they weren't going about reaching the sex workers, not the porn performers, who are the ones having the epidemic rates of HIV + infections, as well no one has even tested juvenile prostitutes for 2015-2016. Rates which then determine funding for the victims which of course are now showing zero because some politician wants to say there's “no such thing” as a “child prostitute” despite the fact a 16 year old CAN and DOES obtain a license to prostitute in Nevada – an age too young to smoke, vote, or drink by the way.

The Taliban are considered “animals” when they execute a rape victim. Yet right now in the USA we're still treating sex trafficking victims as criminals, while making witnesses needed to find and convict their traffickers have to violate their 5th amendment rights in order to help rescue them and convict their traffickers.

All while I STILL can't get an answer out of anyone as to what they intend of doing for an “early release” of those convicted of prostitution into, who are now also labeled as “sex offenders”. From what I'm hearing this means they're going to be now forced to be in housing along with the very same predators who raped them as children. Also, can anyone tell me how a convicted prostitute labeled now a “sex offender” is supposed to get a job other than in the sex industry?

I'm sorry but I think we have a lot more talking to do about this subject before this Proposition 57 can be passed.

Jody Williams
Founder of Sex Workers Anonymous
formerly Prostitutes Anonymous

Monday, October 3, 2016


Here's the deal - we're being excluded as you know from the very system we created. 

WE'RE the program who came to the courts FIRST in 1987 when NO ONE wanted to lift a finger to help us.  We're the ones who said first and without a fund raiser or a federal grant - "until you are going to decriminalize prostitution then the least you can do is court order them into our program in place of jail being that these are not criminals - but instead women feeding their children, junkies looking for a way to feed their habit who can't get into treatment because they're prostitutes, and also because victim services won't help them when raped, kidnapped, stalked and beaten because the system considers them as "criminals", women who can't get jobs because of porn of them appearing online alone with having a criminal record which means they can't deny the photos are in facts theirs, criminal records preventing them from obtaining work licenses such as to even sell real estate so they could manage an apartment building and get a free apartment, as well as women who are being forced into prostitution by their pimps, their mothers, and sometimes even the police.  

Such was the case with me and such as the case with men such as David Butler, or even Joohon David Lee who was with Homeland Security, ICE, and even the trafficking task force of California and Nevada meaning he was literally flying women over from China, and then Korean, on government money, then walking them past airport security himself, putting them in Homeland Security vehicles, all while letting them know he could clearly find them anywhere in the world if he ran, and for who the law can't even charge him with the crime of sex trafficking because there is no law against what this man did to women.  

Now until we fix this system the least that be done is to court order those found guilty of prostitution into our meetings instead of jail where we've routinely for 30 years now also helped them to shorten their probation, get an early release from custody, and expunge their records, along with providing them with free legal help, housing assistance, job hunting assistance, scholarship assistance, and emotional support from a "sponsor" or "mentor" who is also in recovery for years to be there for them as they walk through the process.  Something which was ROUTINELY being done for years, and for which multiple research projects found we were QUITE effective such as the 10 year study done by professor Sharon Oselin in "Leaving Prostitution" which ironically was done behind my back - but proved objectively our program "works".  Not only works, but in the long term as we were the only program out of the three she studied still operating once her research was over!

However, we can't be operating programs in connection with the courts, the probation and parole system, in connection with social services and mental health departments where anyone hearing about what victims like Celeste Guap is reporting who isn't someone on a county or government payroll can have their jobs threatened - when those running our meetings, and connecting to government and county agencies is being stalked, threatened, harassed, and intimidated into stopping these services to members as illustrated in this story here recently released to the press -

When we have police officers worried about what women like Celeste Guap  are saying in meetings to people who can't have their jobs on county payroll threatened because our group members are all "volunteer" and trying to not only cover up their own misdeeds such as reported here, as well as cover up up the truth for men such as Charlie Sheen for a price on top of their other sins - and who are then trying to not only either shut down our meetings to silence these victims from speaking to anyone about what happened to them, but further trying to get "infiltrators" into our groups to pull things on us like were pulled on Planned Parenthood, and ACORN, two incidents by the same people who have also been trying to "infiltrate" our program for probably the same purposes,

Well then we have a serious problem.  A problem so serious our program has shut down all local meetings because our secretaries, or those who were leading these weekly meetings, were reporting to us not only being stalked, threatened, harassed, etc., but further having to deal with entirely "faux" meetings which were claiming to be our program but in reality couldn't have been farther from the truth such as Project Rose to name but one of the 11 groups which were running for a while in the USA while we were being told we should "enjoy the press" they were generating for our program.

Press like how women of color, especially those too poor to have a car to drive, were being thrown into police cars, interrogated without an attorney present, threatened into things such as being deported and/or thown into jail, if they didn't then agree to be driven in a police car and handcuffs to a church where they were then forced under threat of being "5150'd" or locked up a in a psychiatric hospital against their will (so of course they'd lose custody of their children) agree to counseling by an unlicensed social worker operating through an unlicensed counseling center (who were both unlicensed because they couldn't meet guidelines to be licensed nor to accept Medicaid payments for their actions) of a highly religious "tone".  

Whereby as part of this "program" they were then told they were attending 12 step meetings called by our name, and represented to be our program, but bore no resemblance in reality to our program.  For example, just like AA, we don't call for Prohibition nor blame the alcohol for our issues.  Yet these "Prostitutes Anonymous" meetings being held without our knowledge or consent literally behind our backs while denying to our face this was happening  did not even use our "Recovery Guide" because they even changed our very steps around to suit their purposes claiming we were instead "powerless over prostitution" which is not our position.

Of course these "faux" meetings were complete failures, wherein the explanation for why my statements about the program were 180 degrees of separation from what was being presented to the media in such charades as this show put on for NBC and Oprah where they actually made Brenda Myers-Powell appear to be the "founder" of the program instead of myself, and how her statements about what this program is about which completely contradict my statements about what the program represents were then classified as my being "unpredictable" rather than admit Brenda not the founder, nor even had any training in how to run one of our meetings as she's never even worked through our steps before to know.  

So whenever statements such as Brenda' in papers such as the "Fix" would contradict my statements to the press - again people were just told "well that Jody there is quite mentally unstable you know" as an explanation.  Here Brenda claims our program believes "prostitution is an addictive behavior" but in reality our program does NOT believe "prostitution is an addiction".  

How can it be an "addiction" when the vast majority of those within the industry are doing so because of being forced by a pimp, a trafficker, a predator trying to make sure their victim's voice isn't respected because they're "just a whore" (as again seen with the Celeste Guap case), a celebrity such a Snoop Dogg where those caught literally inside of his moving RV are too afraid for their safety to say "no",, to feed their kids because they can't find a job, their homes were illegally foreclosed upon by predatory banks, even Homeland Security officers are forcing them to do so while the victims clearly don't have a clue where to run to escape? or they're a 14 year old being forced into porn by two Chicago cops in the very city where Brenda is making these absurd statements.

I assure you when women who are being forced into acts of prostitution by DEA agents who are working them as illegal aliens while threatening their family back home in Columbia with drug lord's who could make one phone call and wipe their whole family out  (you remember Columbian prostitutes don't you -

Or they have police officers looking the other way while other police officers are driving them to "calls" leaving many who truly want to leave prostitution to feel they have no choice but to actually flee the country as we saw in the Eliot Spitzer case -

I can assure you those calling our hotline anyway are more than happy to leave the sex industry entirely behind once they're provided with help to remove their porn photos from off the internet which make it impossible to be employed  in other professions.  For example, Christy Mack stated she would not "leave the porn industry" after her horrific violent attack upon her by her ex-boyfriend, War Machine.  Now I ask you - what Fortune 500 company would HIRE her ESPECIALLY after all the press about the attack to even answer their phones?

Women like Christy Mack nor even Belle Knox are "addicted" to the sex industry.  Instead they're in situations where the cards are stacked against them simply from leaving it in peace.  When they're homes are being taken from them, their husbands forcing them to do adult films like Linda Lovelace reports her husband forced her at gunpoint to film "Deep Throat" an XXX film which gave me instant world fame as an adult performer, cops, prosecutors, secret service agents, DEA agents, and even Homeland Security as well as the Triad forcing them into prostituion, porn and stripping - where our system is not properly set up to help them escape safely as evidenced by Margo Compton's murder along with her twin daughters when they tried to leave - then I as the program's founder say while anyone can be addicted to anything certainly - the great majority of our members in the program I founded are instead being trapped into this system by politicians who literally don't want us to leave as again we've seen proven wtih cases like demonstrated by Eliot Spitzer trying to physically stop Svetlana Travis from leaving prostitution, thus his control.  

Is it any surprise now in light of the knowledge of what was going on between him and Svetlana why Mr. Spitzer was refusing to even discuss with us our views on the subject of sex trafficking, as well as how to TRULY help these victims escape the cycle of entrapment, during his 2008 well publicized "crack down on sex trafficking" where he claimed 'ending demand" was the answer to this problem?  Well that sure proved to be the answer to alcoholism during Prohibition didn't it Mr. Spitzer?   In light of what we know now, this whole charade appears to be more of Eliot trying to make sure Svetlana didn't have any more customers other than him if you ask me.

Which is just all the more illustrative of the problems that are coming to light over and over and over again when the politicians, legislators, and law enforcement who are trying to fight sex trafficking, as they claim, are trying to do so without involving not only a program with a PROVEN track record of helping people get out, and stay out, of the sex industry, for WHATEVER their challenges are preventing them from leaving permanently - but who is the program who started this very movement to have the issue of these people needing help to exit the industry in the first place.  

Whereas Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous to not only help the alcoholic achieve sobriety, but also teach us they were victims of a disease and not people of "weak moral fiber" who needed to be offered treatment instead of jail as previously offered them during Prohibition who tried to deal with their disease through treating them like criminals - identical to how the system's been treating us for a very long time I'd like to add, our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, was the one who stepped up in 1987 and said to the criminal justice system to offer those charged with prostitution the opportunity to come to our program instead of being placed into jail/prison which didn't solve anything.

Prop 57 is being considered right now to offer early release for "non-violent" offenders.  This should include those convicted of prostitution into coming to our program as they were offered in multiple states officially, and informally, starting back in 1987 in Los Angeles, 1989 in Pennsylvania, then Nevada, Arizona, Chicago, and so on until we had just about every major city turning them over to our program as either an alternative to incarceration, diversion, early release, a condition of probation/parole, or to help them re-enter society after being incarcerated or having been in residential treatment for either drugs or psychiatric issues.

However, not only are politicians such as Eliot Spitzer, law enforcement officers such as those we've seen involved in the Celeste Guap case, ' even Homeland Security officers again such as Joohon David Lee, retired officers such as Chris Butler, Chief's of Police such as Doug Gillispie who I watched personally covering up for a sex trafficking operation connected to "Operation Dollhouse" which I see continuing to operate today using police officers who have threatened me repeatedly to "shut up", and prosecutor's such as Stuart Dunnings the III or Heather Weyker wanting to continue to exclude us from cases because of their obvious misconduct and self-interests that have absolutely nothing to do with helping victims to escape and recover from their plight wanting to continue to act like our program doesn't even exist any longer so they don't have to come up with more lame excuses as to why they're not incorporating us back into the system as we once were before this movement got "hijacked" as confirmed by the very author of the Trafficking Act of 2000, Micheal Horowitz, as he's said has happened to this movement.

But how much more absolute mishandling of victims do we have to endure when our program was pushed out of the way to prevent us from helping Celeste Guap by people who reported the Alameda Prosecutor's office was now "personally helping her case".  

Really?  I"m sorry but I don't remember any research projects, nor investigative reporters, coming to validate their office had an effective program to rehabilitate victims such as Celeste who was an adult at the time the story broke as our program has been shown repeatedly to be effective in cases such as hers.  

This is further evidenced by the fact I was almost identical to Celeste myself 30 years ago and since 1985 I've been out of sex work, free from drugs, and also crime free myself.  This includes the fact I'd also been commercially and sexually involved with multiple law enforcement, politicians, prosecutor's, judge, etc. myself "back in the day".  '

Moreover proven they don't know what they're doing when Celeste was then flown to a treatment program in Florida who evidently employs security guards who then arrest clients when they have outbursts for whatever reason in early detox as is frequently seen ESPECIALLY in cases where young girls like her have been forced to have sex by men in uniform - even if that "force" was because she knew saying "no" was pointless because the man was an active duty officer while she was a juvenile female from Nicaragua.  

I've frankly never heard of patients in detox being arrested for having an altercation with a security guard (of course I've never seen a decent treatment program who employs security guards for early detox but that's another reason why I don't believe this was the right program for her.) let alone then found this person with a $300,000 bail which of course does nothing but cut Celeste off from speaking to the media easily.  It also places her in a position that I also am sadly well aware of - one in police custody where she'd probably being threatened with everything under the kitchen sink to shut her up from everything she knows just as I was held on a $50,000 bail myself in 1984 under my bogus charge of "pimping" for the warehouse I used as " safe house" while I was threatened into silence about what I knew about Iran Contra, the LAPD misconduct which became the basis for the RAMPART case down the road, and even Chuck Barris' front with the "Dating Game" where his show served as a cover to get women out of this country never to be heard from again where they were sold into sex trafficking by a man who has now admitted he was a CIA operative while also doubling as a "top Hollywood producer".

I'm sorry but the prosecutor's office isn't the one properly trained, nor with the track record of helping women like Celeste Guap as our program is which again started the very movement these MEN and women aren't "criminals" but in fact victims of circumstances of varying types who need help to leave the sex industry for reasons ranging from all sorts of things of which sex trafficking is but one of these issues.  Dealing with only sex trafficking in this issue is like saying you're going to help an addict get clean but you're only, and absolutely, only going to deal with the heroin addicts while leaving those doing other drugs like cocaine, opiates, and even marijuana and alcohol unaddressed.  You might get a few off heroin, but you sure won't be helping addicts to get clean and find recovery that's for sure.

Our program has the proven track record of 30 years of success now as evidenced not only by research, investigative reporters, but also clips of interviews with members going back all listed up at as well as interviews we have in members' own voices at    We've had Supreme Court cases such as Open Society vs. International Agency now validated we can't continue to be excluded simply because a group of "faith based" organizations don't agree with our views and methods on the subject.  Including that we don't believe most of these people need to be put into year long residential programs like children to be "rehabiliated".  For most, the sooner they're in their own homes with their own keys and supporting themselves outside of other people supporting them and paying their own bills is the better.  It's only for those who are so damaged they need residential care, or who need to be hidden "off the grid" for safety for a while like Margo Compton and her daughter's should have been - not something offered across the board as it's being promoted now where victims are being turned away from help by saying there's "no housing".  This is only something that needs to be addressed in about 10 percent of the cases calliing in for help - not 100 percent across the board.

But we can't continue to operate our meetings to provide the system with things such as early release, and clearing out beds which are needed for more violent offenders, using the money saved for vital things like looking into the repeat of the 1980's HIV/AIDS epidemic hitting sex workers again in this country, as well as as China, Mexico, Korean, Africa and other countries, when our chapter leaders are being threatened again by powerful interests trying to shut us down.  Our members are volunteers and not set up to take this kind of abuse nor should they.  The only reason you're not hearing about this in the media today is because the LGBT community has a handle on this as it's only affecting sex workers mostly right now.  A community which is being notoriously silenced right now for some of the reasons I've outlined above.

So what is going to happen if Prop 57 passes?  You're going to parole prostitutes into houses with sex offenders that include the very men who raped them as children?  Seriously?  No clearly this issue has to have further discussion before our group can either support or oppose this Proposition.  Including a discussion about what the system is going to do about our members' being constantly threatened, stalked and harassed simply for doing things 12 step groups do such as outreach, hold meetings, and go and speak to "newcomers".

LIke abuse issues themselves - we're "as sick as our secrets" and if you don't start including us in discussions at the dinner table these "embarrassing" situations such as the Celeste Guap case, the Secret Service scandal, the DEA owned strip club, the largest fake sex trafficking case, and on and on as the list grows of embarassments, are just going to get bigger and bigger and more frequent" like as what happens when people keep trying to just ignore the plight of these victims as is being done as I speak, especially with Prop 57.

First catch this article appearing on Democracy Now.

Then you can go back over past blog articles I have on here over the last couple of years where I've said the following has been going on in connection with the sex trafficking movement itself.  Articles which I've said the following was going on which people have said "not possible".  Well consider them again in light of this new story breaking to light.

1.   I've said the site up at has been set up to track the traffic coming to our website at  When I refused warrants, subpena's and even offers to become a "paid informant" on those who reach out to our program for help offered by law enforcement - this site was set up.  Most people who are trying to find us, looking for information on us, go to that site trying to check it out.  There is no "privacy policy" on that site and I've had "white hat" hackers within our support circle report "cookies" have been attached to them when they've gone to check out the site.  Meaning us it's being used to gather information on who is reaching out to our program for help.  So please don't go that that site without using an anonymizer is you're someone in recovery or looking to leave the sex industry and wish to remain "anonymous".

2.   I've spoken before about someone who has appeared to be me, claiming to be me, quoted as me, making public appearances, hosting SWA meetings, setting up fake websites claiming to be ours, and even granting interviews.  I've identified who this person is pretending to be me and have her photograph.  I've shown pictures to people of myself and her and they've identified "her" as the person who introduced herself as "Jody Williams".

THIS is where the reputation for being "unpredictable" has been created partially with respect to me.  Of course I'm going to appear "unpredictable" when people are telling me stories of things like meeting me at conferences in Chicago where I supposedly "went ballistic" and attacked one woman verbally supposedly only I was never in Chicago that whole year nor at that conference.  When I showed the woman who told me I had "ripped her face off" at this conference the photo of me and the other woman - she identified this "other" person as being "Jody" and not me.  

I even had the producers of the Dr. Phil show reaching out to me in 2004 trying to arrange my flight to do the show when I hadn't even talked to them beforehand.  When I asked for the phone number of the person who they were speaking to - this phone number matched the woman in the picture's who has been also identified as Anne Bissell aka Juliette Chandler who on any given day she'll say that one is a "pen name" while on her LinkedIn profile she claims it's another person giving her a reference.

I've also been told by MANY people she contacts up anyone she's learned as making friends with me to "warn" them about how "unpredictable" I am.  How ironic since she's the one who appears to be being that reputation created just for me.  I even found a $300,000 grant issued to "Jody Williams" to have supposedly opened up a "drop in crisis center" in Pasadena - which turned out to be an empty hall.  I reported this to the authorities and everyone on her "Silver Braid" board was arrested for fraud BUT her.  Go figure for yourself why.

Why would I be being impersonated?  Well imagine if Bill Wilson were alive and certain powers wanted to have Prohibition brought back and he wouldn't go along with speaking out for this to be brought back into law, add up how many addicts and alcoholics are now offered "alternatives to incarceration" now in dollars as well as how much money one gets to put them into treatment and you  got yourself a motive as to why I'm being impersonated and marginalized in a movement I got off the ground.  Not an easy feat when Linda Lovelace had just failed completely at getting sex trafficking recognition during her 1980's book release of "Ordeal".  My movement however led not only to the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed, but further we beat back the legal brothels on three separate campaigns - 1988, 1991 and the Mob Museum now sits where a lot of wealthy people and even Oscar Goodman "attorney to the Mob" had once campaigned to have a legal brothel there instead for years.   Now we have the Museum, and the Arts District there instead.  Since I've stayed off TV since my daughter's birth in 1991 - it's not that hard to fake me.

3.   The whole fund raiser of "Kamylla" done by the Cupcake Girls'. Maxine Doogan, and her crew of women, was based on her supposedly not being an American citizen who was arrested for prostitution to supposedly silence her about the show "8 Minutes" being faked by the producer's in Houston, Texas.

The money was to get her an attorney to fight the prostitution charge under the threat she'd be deported if she lost this case.  No show aired with her face, no contract was ever shown to prove she was hired to even do this show, Relativity Media refused to verify she was ever hired to film the show.

No reporter validated seeing her ID card, nor any contract between her and Relativity Media verifying she was the person paid to appear on the show.  She further claims to have been mistreated in Kathryn Griffin Townsend's program "Been There Done That" in 2014 in Houston, Texas.   The woman who originally contacted me as this woman claimed to be from Brazil with a Brazilian accent.
We got along fine and when I asked her why she was now online bashing the hell out of and lying about us on top of that she reported to me she wasn't online, she didn't have internet, and she'd signed a "model release" giving Maxine Doogan the authority to post as her online, along with a confidentiality agreement not to speak past that point in the public eye.  She also gave me her legal name when we spoke.

I became concerned her children were going to be taken what with all of the public postings her children didn't have food in the house, the apartment was flooded to water knee high, and her mother was working as a prostitute while their father wasn't employed either.  Children have been taken for less.  Especially when the parents aren't American citizens.

She was also being threatened supposedly with being deported if she lost the prostitution case, and she needed to not just have "any" job to obtain a work visa, but job has to be one where she's not replacing an American worker.  Further, the employer has to be willing to prove to the court she's not replacing an American worker, that her job is  offered because she has "unique" skills".  These were things we have helped our members with since we launched in 1987 so we're quite familiar with the system there in Houston.

Right now as we speak we're going on our third week of a national prison/jail protest.  Many who are involved in this report it's over the way illegal aliens are being kept without bail, not being processed, and used for free labor as we saw even exposed by Rep. Portman who uncovered teenagers being held without being processed for deportation and used for labor on an egg farm.  Let's not even go into what I'm hearing is happening on the sex trafficking front right out of the so called "safe house shelters" by the workers there.

The whole fund raiser with "Kamylla" completely masked there are large numbers of illegal aliens being held right now in Houston without bail, without a phone call, without an attorney appointed to them, without proper medical care as they have no insurance, they're not being processed back home, nor given bail, and many are being used either as forced labor for free or they're being used in pharmaceutical research experiments.  

It made it appear she could be out on bail after a prostitution charge which just isn't what's happening to illegal alien women and their families  down in that region.  It also made it appear their police force was doing individual stings rather than group arrests when their department doesn't have that kind of funding.  If you think the media isn't engaged in trying to cover up what's been going on at all of these riots that have been shutting down more than one prison over the last two years in the USA - then ask yourself why you're not hearing about the prison protests going on right now?

Which is what concerned us deeply.  For one thing, we confirmed with the jail that no, any non-American arrested for prostitution is NOT released on bail.  They're not released until they're found non-guilty and their visa's are properly processed, meaning she'll have to have this job requirement taken care of also to be released from jail.

I contacted the court and not only were there no cases for eviction nor prostitution under the legal name she gave us, but there was no one of any name having both an eviction and prostitution case at the same time as was being alleged.  I further spoke to the Houston police who faxed me over a complete list of everyone arrested for prostitution over the last two years.  They noted to us there were no individual arrests for prostitution as Kamylla alleged.

The reason was because the head of Vice reported they don't have the funds to do arrests other than group stints - that it would be too expensive to set up a single investigation and arrest of one woman as was being alleged in this fund raiser.  This Vice Detective further was quite offended saying they also do these stings in group's to further make sure no one claims any "misconduct" between the officers and the woman as why he confirmed the story of her being "set up and arrested for prostitution" was entirely fabricated.

Everyone confirmed Kathryn hadn't run her program during 2014.  Her Facebook page showed she'd been doing a voter registration drive for the mayor.  Also, Kamylla's accent went from Brazilian to Korean in a tape done with Maxine Doogan.  I further have a tape of my own I'm debating about uploading where I have multiple calls from this woman trying to find who the attorney's are who offer our members free help, where our meetings are located, where I live, and basically trying to scout out information on our members and program which are frankly none of their business.  If you'd like to hear this voice on tape for yourself - again it's on previous blog articles here.

I've been accused of "attacking sex workers" when I attack Maxine Doogan and her crew.  Far from the truth.  These women in my opinion are NOT championing the issues of sex workers in the USA as they're misleading the public.  If I'm wrong - then answer me this - why is Maxine and this crew silencing the fact ANYONE, male female or transgender, adult or juvenile, arrested for prostitution right now in the USA has the legal right to ask the court for an "alternative to incarceration" and receive it which will not only avoid jail for them, help set up the expungement of their records, but further help them keep their homes, custody of their children, their jobs if they have them, and professional licenses such as realtors or stock brokers which would be lost if they have such licensing before the arrest?

All without a fund raiser.  All without their name and photo being splashed about online.  All without having to have SWOP "champion" them.  All using laws grandfathered in by Alcoholics Anonymous so you don't even need to hire a private attorney.  That if you further need a job that will help you comply with Immigration requirements - we do this day in day out for free as we have for 30 years across the USA without again spreading the name and face of the sex worker all over the internet to achieve the fund raiser.  

Now WHO exactly wants to not offer that to sex workers and also not promote a hotline where they can call for help when they can't call the police and can speak to speak to another ex-sex worker where we can also get them into free drug treatment GEARED for our special needs, help them escape pimps when necessary, even if those pimps are like those Celeste Guap was dealing with, as we've been dealing with them back to Chris Butler, get help with Immigration, free legal help with things like evictions, restraining orders, child custody and divorce issues, along with job referrals in case they need work to comply with ICE or probation to also further avoid jail terms.

Now for YEARS until Robin died in 2012, SWOP recognized we offered sex workers valuable services and resources.  But she dies, anyone who knows our name is shut out and shunned, our name is white washed right out of blogs like it was removed from Tits N SAs, and anyone who even mentions they're thinking about calling our hotline for help is then THREATENED?  Tell me again who is being a "sex worker advocate" here please?  We're not out there threatening and intimidating sex workers into being afraid to call anyone.  We are however providing you with information you can ask yourself about and consider instead.  We're not the ones holding fund raisers, asking you for your IP address, banking information, blocking you from information on how you can avoid going to jail when popped, how to keep your kids and stay in this country, and then further inviting you to public events where you can be legally recorded though are we?

4.  If you compare the "faking" of Samoly Mam with that of Wilthema Ortiz Pettiegrew - you'll see it's almost an identical match.  Even down to where she spoke and awards received.  She wins an award for "top 100 most influential people" but for what's not listed anywhere online.   This woman claims to be a juvenile sex trafficking survivor, yet she asks for money to go to Notre Dame college despite the fact there are numerous scholarships for survivors available.  I even contacted her offering to send her a list of these scholarships, to which got no response.

Compare her testimony before Congress with that of what we're hearing out of others who were juvenile women of color being trafficked in California such as Celeste Guap and you'll hear very different stories.  Certainly NOTHING like Celeste has gone through was ever put before the Congress.  I took Wilthema's testimony to over 30 women, and MEN who were actually trafficked in the same time frame, in the same cities, as Wilthema claimed to have happened to her,  

I asked them to read the testimony and asked if this represented THEIR feelings and experiences rather than the well funded group who financed everything about Wilthema, including her "recommendation" to CNN as a "top influential person" by the Ricky Martin Foundation who acknowledged they'll "recommend" anyone for a $500,000 fee if asked.  The groups which were paying for everything to do about Wilthema, except of course paying for her college tuition to Notre Dame she reported wanting, included the McCain Foundation and the California Endowment.

Each one of these survivors I know to be survivors because I've seen their paperwork proving they were actually trafficked while juveniles during that same time period in those same cities as Wilthema was claiming to have been, then reported back that if they had a chance to testify in front of Congress about their experiences that no they would not have reported the same things she did.  They also each confirmed they would be speaking about, including at least touching upon, the issue of police involvement as we've seen with Celeste Guap.

Remember, this is a woman where one officer supposedly has killed himself over guilt to silence the truth and let her know he wanted certain things to be kept quiet before dying.  This is a woman who was told when and where to avoid being put into contact with anti-trafficking services by active duty officers on the trafficking, driven to the airport by a police officer, then put into a treatment program in Florida which had security guards for some reason, who then when Celeste supposedly popped off at her she was arrested which by the way in itself is highly unusual.

My ex-husband works as a drug counselor and I've worked around treatment for 30 years now and when clients assault guards during treatment they are RARELY arrested.  Certainly not given a $300,000 bail during which it's most likely she's certainly being intimidated into being silenced for the sake of protecting her family from Nicaragua.  I know that's exactly what was done to me to silence what I knew about Iran Contra during the 1980's.  All you see about me is at - so you're not hearing about what I knew either because I had the LAPD all over me trying to make sure I didn't talk to the press about the fact the warehouse wasn't a "brothel" but a safe house I'd put together because of Iran Contra.

No - each one of these survivors who had been trafficked as juveniles in Caifornia during the same time frame reported they'd be talking about at least TWO issues not addressed by Wilthema - which included the fact police are often involved in sex trafficking.  They're also often police raping women whether it's considered "statutory" or not.  I mean if you're from Nicaragua and you know this cop might haul off half of your family/friends to Immigration if you don't comply with his sexual advances, and that he can throw you in jail at whim and hold you for 71 hours without having to give you a phone call, nor even book you as I've had done to me many a time by LAPD, they can plant drugs on you as we've seen in the Rampart lawsuits, and they got "friends" like Joohon David Lee who works for Homeland Security and ICE - then you tell me you're going to say "no" to the guy or play along?

Which is all the more reason why I wouldn't even think of putting a uniformed guard anywhere near Celeste as she's getting clean - but then again WE weren't consulted about her placement.  This was something we can thank Nancy O'Malley for who seems to think she doesn't have to bother with things like consulting with us about appropriate treatment despite the fact it's well known our survivors are known to be violent with drug treatment staff if they're not treated in a certain manner.

This fact is why I was brought in to train all of the treatment staff in programs such as the Tarzana Treatment Center during the 1980's and 1990's after most of their staff was being beat up by prostitutes who were placed there was our outreach and alternative sentencing projects done during the late 1980's and early 1990's.  Of which this was the first time prostitutes were in treatment openly because they used to previously reject treatment for fear incriminating themselves before.

I've had a few people say "well you're attacking everyone on both sides".  No I'm not.  I'm attacking bullshit and calling out bullshit.  Lenin was the one who taught you "control opposition by being the opposition".  Monsanto has had memo's leaked out where they've been offering up to $500,000 for people to "infiltrate" their organization.  Anyone who remembers the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's knows well how informants were used all of the time as spies upon them.  I know a "catfish" when I see one.

I also know when someone is pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining.  I learned a long time ago with pimps who were telling me they "loved me" with one hand in my pocket's, and if you look at what each and every person has in common that I have called out it's been they aren't what they're appearing to be.  I remember well how the Nazi's used Jews to lead other Jews into the showers so I don't follow "scape goats" - the goats used to get cows to follow them into the slaughter chutes.  '

I also know good and well I was working on decriminalization, and making great progress, clear back to 1987 and you won't convince me what Maxine is doing has anything to do with decriminalization when she's throwing "illegal prostitutes" under the bus repeatedly with her own words in her own memos and language when talking to politicians and the legislature trying to make legal distinctions between "sex workers" and "illegal prostitutes".

Distinctions we don't make now do we achieve decriminalization by not speaking out against "ending demand".  The BEST witness to call the police and report sex trafficking is the JOHN.  They not only see where it's at, but they're also free to call the police in a manner which victims can't do.  Further, they aren't going to come forward if they're protecting their right not to incriminate themselves.  They're also way more emotionally and financially stable to be able to fully testify against the traffickers in ways most victims aren't even possibly near of complaining around.  THEY'RE the ones in the best position to tell the police when someone is being trafficked vs. not trafficked, and in a way better position to also testify against the traffickers without the risk to life and family the victims are in.  So you want to help DECRIMINALIZE sex work - then you bring up how essential it is to fight sex trafficking by allowing the JOHN to be able to come forward.

Again, let's look at the Celeste Guap case.  I'd like to know how she's supposed to be able to report being trafficked with that many cops knowing where she, and her family, all live.  When she can be thrown in jail as she is now in Florida in a way a "john" couldn't.  You'll  NEVER get prostitution decriminalized by acting like trafficking doesn't exist, and claiming it's a free speech" issue" and suing the prosecutor's office.  All that does is generate publicity.  

Just like the publicity her and her group brought to "50 Shades of Grey", the "Girlfriend Experience" and "8 Minutes".  Ask yourself if you even would have HEARD of "8 Minutes" of not for their "protesting".  Which had NOTHING to do with them being taken off the air I need to add.  That happened 8 hours after I served the station and producers with a legal threat to file for an injunction if not taken off the air and not only was the show canceled, but the letter I had posted on their site was removed along with the whole site.  Shows are canceled daily which are not removed from the internet.  Maxine had been "protesting" the show for months - generating nothing but publicity and doing nothing to shut them down.

Maxine is getting publicity but not doing a A DAMN THING to get prostitution decriminalized.  If she wanted it decriminalized, then she would be in total support of the work we started building back in 1987 where we've pointed out the victims are children, brainwashed, threatened, coerced, and vulnerable.  They wouldn't be trafficked unless scared in the first place.  Therefore the ONLY person who can report it, step up to talk about it, then witness against it and shut it down are outraged clients who are shutting it down no different than if you were to buy a blood diamond and the buyers refuse to buy the blood diamonds.  But you're again not going to get "buyers" stepping up again if in fear of self incrimination because it's illegal to purchase sex.   Now how are you going to convince the public these men are the best weaspon's unless you've got victims AND "johns" stepping up to talk about this in the manner in which we've been doing   I don't see any of Maxine's "johns" stepping up talking about sex trafficking the way our group does - yet she's silencing us.

Again, I'm a sex worker and so are the members of our program and supporters.   How can she and her group call themselves "sex worker advocates" while attacking us?  WE didn't START  any of this.  You go back and look at date and time stamps and see who started all of this.  We've had a perfectly good relationship with SWOP and the other groups like Desiree Alliance up until 2013 when Robin died.  I supported Maxine, and even sent her work financial donations prior to 2013.  When Kamylla called our hotline we did nothing but offer to help her as she asked us to.  It was Maxine, Domina Elle, Meg Munoz, and that whole faction who started launching attacks against us like on

They were the ones sending in "spies" to try and infiltrate our program, get information on our members, threatening our hotline, threatening me with violence, throwing our members out of social media groups, threatening their own members if they continued to speak to us in any way, trying to find out where I lived, and launching the attacks - not us.  We're in a position now where we're trying to warn people about what happened - not an offensive.  We've been nothing but honest and not playing "catfish" games with anyone either as this side has.  I'm sorry but ANYONE can post up a profile claiming to be a "sex worker".

Especially after real sex workers like Mistress Bardot filed a complaint alleging Domina Elle was "copying her every move and behavior" studying her like a method actress studies a character she's adapting.  I've put my arrest record online so people know I"m real at and I don't know of anyone who gets a pimping charge overturned except someone like Alex who was an informant -  I'm sorry.  I've tracked money from Shawnee Hunt to Domina Elle and Maxine, and I've even found an IP address Domina Elle set up to "end demand".

I'm not even frankly sure I buy this person's story claiming Maxine "stole her computer" and I'm taking down the email we were sent after I post this blog for that reason.

This "Democracy Now" article just confirms that this type of thing is going on. And if you think they "only do that sort of thing on other countries" and not here in the USA - go check out some of Dr. Stephen Greer's tapes then on the "Disclosure Project".

Kay Hiramine was using this movement as his smoke screen already.

I haven't changed my story in 30 years. I have been saying the same things back before sex trafficking got federal recognition.  I was saying this before the agenda to expand prostitution into the the USA and get it legalized WITHOUT a union and without laws in place allowing men like Joohon David Lee to be arrested in place nor do I think a woman can only prostitute if she's working in a brothel owned by men like Dennis Hof.  That's what "legalized" prostitution means - that a woman cant work independently like they shut down in Nevada.  In other words, unless the "house" get a piece of the action you get arrested.  Nope - not right.  Especially with no union representing the sex workers in existence yet.  You can't legally call a worker a "subcontractor" under 1099 and then determine they can only work at your location at your hours using their tools because under the law this makes them an employer!

If Samoly Mam can be a fake, Stella Marr, Rachel Moran and Chong Kim then GUESS WHAT?  So can women like Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle!!!