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The year Annie got out of prostitution - I had suffered a stroke.  The hotline had gone down so too as did the Las Vegas meeting of Sex Workers Anonymous I had been running. I had the members around me – but no meeting. No one wanted to answer the phone, chair the meeting, etc. The members were very scared I was going to die. They'd come visit me daily, make sure I was okay, go to coffee with each other – but no one wanted to take on the responsibility of these jobs. My current husband then blamed the program for the stroke and because he wanted me to “just rest” he basically yanked the phone out of the wall and didn't tell me. I was bedridden so I didn't even know our hotline had been taken down until almost six months had gone by.  Our other local meetings in other cities were still meeting like in Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. but they had no way of connecting to each other without me being the "go between".  Doing the math however – Annie had com…