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Monday, February 20, 2017


Please note what this article says -

It states that Palantir Technologies is now working with Merck Pharmaceuticals.  If any of you follow my blog - you'll note I've told you I'm receiving a lot of phone calls from survivors who are being put into experimental research studies - some of which are considered "off label".  

Palantir Technologies is a company that essentially is the CIA today.  They crunch data for them anyway.  Same thing.

Palantir has provided Polaris with a large grant.  This article talks about how Google and Palantir are now considered "partners" of Polaris.  

Polaris runs the National Trafficking Hotline.  Please note their privacy policy with respect to people who contact them, or any of their "partners" with respect to information they gather.  There are also a whole slew of websites up in the sex trafficking field which state they "share policies with our partners" who include Polaris who then shares with their "partners" and so on and so on.  

Please note further what it says here about what happens when you simply go to their website for information - 

Use of Website
Our web servers automatically collect non-personal information such as the domain name of the Internet access provider, the Internet protocol address used to connect the computer to the Internet, the average time spent on our website, pages viewed, information searched for, access times and other relevant statistics. 
With your IP address, they can track all of your online activity by the way.  I know because I've had private investigators following me using my IP address before when stalking me.  I'm sorry but if partners with Google, then having your IP address information means they can track every single thing you do online if you have Google or Google Chrome as your browser.
Note further what it says about their "policy" with respect to your privacy -
Notification of Policy Changes
We reserve the right to change, modify or add to our privacy practices and tips policy to protect the ethical standards provided or to meet the changing demands of digital advocacy. Notification of any changes to the National Hotline privacy policy will be posted to the National Hotline website or other appropriate location so as to adequately inform digital service users of these revisions. We encourage you to please review it frequently.

I have told many people that purpose for the website up at is NOT what it appears.  I'll explain why.  This site has no privacy policy and I've been told it not only grab's your IP address, but it further attaches "cookies" which follow you.  Meaning you're sitting at home thinking about calling the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline.  You want to do a little research into us so you go onto that site.

WHAM - they got your IP address.

What that does is create a mirror of our traffic.  I've told people close to me and readers to this blog I have turned down substantial offers of money for the information on who calls our hotline.  It is because I have turned down those offers, and I've further refused to give anyone any information as to who calls our hotline, who emails us, or who reaches out to us for help in any way, that this is being done in order to try and either block people from calling us, or to then try and get an idea who is contacting us.  An IP address tells a lot more than a name by the way.  It can tell your address, it can even follow your movements, it may contain your billing information, identify all of your social media, and trace all of your online activity of who you speak to.  If you've seen Snowden - you've seen how deep that can go as to how far into your life these people can dig just from knowing an IP address.

Now this confirms there IS a partnership between Polaris and Merck Pharmaceuticals.  This might have something to do with why I'm being told by survivors not only are they being used in experimental drug research, but I've had more than one tell me they are being FORCED into this research.  You want to know how they know WHO they can force?

We've just shown you there is a connection here.  Any proof?  How about proof in the Bill Cosby rape cases?  Can one always obtain "proof"?

But we can show a legal relationship and access.