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April 23, 2018
PACE Society Via Email
Re:Cease and Desist with Erroneous Public Relations on our Behalf
Dear PACE:
I’m receiving an increasing amount of phone calls from people who say they have come to your facility to inquire about a meeting space to host a Sex Workers Anonymous meeting, only to get a very “chilly” greeting, and then told gruffly “sorry we’re not a RESCUE organization like that” before being shown the door.You are completely entirely utterly 100 % incorrect about what we are and your spreading of defamatory lies about us needs to stop immediately.
In 2015, a show aired called “8 Minutes”.It was posed as a “reality show” showing a retired cop turned minister who was supposedly setting up phony “dates” off Backpage where he then offered “trafficking victims” a chance to be “rescued” into a program he claimed to be running out in Arizona.Only the whole thing was an absolute LIE.There was no program.He couldn’t possibly have formed the church after he retired as claimed becau…