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Thursday, December 31, 2015


Does anyone remember Kemp Shiffer?   This guy used to be a cop in California.  Then he became an agent for the IRS.  The IRS took over running the Mustang Ranch.  Only a little too well.  The government found that old Kemp was bringing girls who were 16 years old over from California into Nevada to work at the Ranch.  It was legal - but distasteful.  So they fired him after about a year.

(Which by the way if you watch the movie on Joe with Helen Mirren - you'll see the one girl talking about being offered a job in accounting - this was how Kemp justified what he was doing.  Claimed he was helping these girls "learn a career".  What they left out of the film was that same girl came back in a year.)

He then became a professor at UNR where he then taught at interestingly the same schools at this "New Wine New Skins" is holding their classes.  It was said in the indictment against him that he was using his office as professor to recruit women for the brothels for another 11 years before they finally were able to catch him doing something illegal enough to arrest him.  Meaning by the way he was on the government's radar for 12 YEARS he crossed the line well enough to get arrested.  Do you know how hard it is to get a woman out of a trafficking ring where the traffickers are ex-cops, ex-IRS agents, who are now college professors that have all those connections at their fingertips?  Connections like this?

You all remember Bonaventure right?  He left off a child molester with "impulse control" classes.

Anyway, I digress again.  This site says that Joy has "helped 1,000's of women get medical and dental".  Where?  Where do we line up?  I've got about 20 members of SWA who are toothless.  We used to get dentists to donate work until Joy swept into town and now we have people telling us to call her.  Only she's blocking our calls and the woman who helped her fund raise for Kamylla has set up   Kind of easy to raise money to do something that we do for free when you're convincing people I'm a maniac isn't it?  But no formal complaints against me anywhere.

Okay where on earth did she do "1000's of women"?  I'd love to see proof of that.   Dr. Paul Louis Metzger - you wouldn't publish that statement without proof so can we see that proof please?