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WHAT HAPPENS TO A PUBLIC VICTIM 10 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD ONCE THE STORY IS COLD? I'm very disturbed by this article on many levels with respect to the idea that a tape of a 14 year old victim of R. Kelly was shown to CNN by Michael Avenetti.  Before I say anything, I want to preface a few things.  First, I was sexually abused as a child by my father, and physically abused by my mother as a child.  I was raped as a 15 year old by an older boy who was 17 years old when I was a virgin.  I was sexually taken advantage of by older men such as the 31 year old who came after me to get involved in an affair with him while married while I was still 15 years of age.  I was again raped at 19 years of age by a 35 year old man who was my manager at work.  I have been through some horrific rape and abuse when I was a prostitute that I don't even want to go into at this time.  So let's just summarize by saying I've been a victim of just about every type