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Shortly after Dennis Hof announced he was running for the Senate - a woman calling herself "Jennifer O'Kane" starts blasting all over social media that she was "raped by Dennis Hof" and inviting other victims to CONTACT HER.  Not to CONTACT THE POLICE.   Not to CONTACT A LAWYER.  But to contact HER about the case.  


Good question.  She says she was "raped by Dennis Hof and she wants to build a class action lawsuit so she needs other victims to contact her".  Interesting.  

Because I've dealt with REAL sex workers and REAL trafficking victims both out of Nevada since the 1980's I know a little bit about this subject.   Especially since I've also worked as a paralegal for 30 years now.  Why a paralegal?  Because most attorneys' won't go near defending one of us because of what it will do to their reputation - that's why.  Another reason they won't is because if you're good at defending us - the government tries to put y…

Letter to Christian Broadcasting about Sex Trafficking

Dear 700 Club, Daystar TV, and Joyce Meyer Ministries:
When I first heard God's voice telling me to start what became the domestic sex trafficking revolution in this country back in the 1980's - I had reached out to your various shows/channels asking if I could bring on some of our "success" stories to the Christian community like I was doing on talk shows such as Donahue (you can see some of these shows at

Despite sending your various producers media kits to try and get us on some Christian programming, we were glossed over.  I thought maybe you didn't want to address the issue of sex trafficking at first - until I started seeing people coming on your stations/shows who were complete frauds such as Samoly Mam and William Hillar.
When no one would believe me t…



I came across this and after reading it my first reaction was "ditto".

Lois Lee had created "Children of the Night" in 1979.  I was 19 years old then and living in the same city as Lois.  I witnessed her creation of that program from her tiny apartment to the program it is today literally from the day it was just an idea Lois had.

I've spoken a few times about what Los Angeles was like in 1979.  If you know what it was like back then - then you know why Lois felt compelled to do what she did to launch her program.  I was witnessing the same war zone Lois was - and I agree - this was a war zone that existed long before Backpage or Craigslist ever existed.

I was actually right on the border of being one of Lois' clients.  I say that because I ran away from home when I was 13 years old myself in 1973.  Like so many youth who run away, I was being sexually abused by my father while being physic…


When I first met Melissa Woodward online - I introduced myself as I always do to the new kid on the block.  That's what I used to do anyway in the beginning.  I did because I wanted to welcome them into the network and also find a way to insert them into our network of resources.  What I've been doing with the hotline since 1987 is "networking" people and resources together to form what people need when they call in.  So I of course want to find out more about her and to see how we might be able to use her services in the patchwork quilt.  

I had barely started to talk to her when I saw her posting on Facebook she wanted to raise money to help a victim get somewhere.  I went nuts!  I told her that this was putting out a red flag first of all her victim was there.  Second, what was to stop her pimp from calling up offering money?  He offers money and then he knows her bank account.   He knows her bank account and then he can track her account to see if she's buying…