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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We reported earlier in this blog this was a complete set up and there was "more to the story".

I knew his lawyers had sold him out when I had also tried contacting them with information I believe would have gotten him out of a conviction.  First of all, why haven't I heard one word about whether or not the gun found in his car trunk was found with a legitimate warrant?  Who was the gun registered to?  Why would any cop even think to go look in his trunk when blackmailers are known for being non-violent and he had no history of violence?

I want to know why Donald Burns got a whole "sting" operation set up when I've tried contacting the police on behalf of other "johns" who were being blackmailed, hacked, robbed, etc., of just as much money as Mr. Burns by the trafficking network I believe was behind this situation?

I contacted the police saying I had information on how this man was just part of a network which was using him as a "scapegoat".  For one, I know they "spoof" text messages easily.  I had gone to Jarec's attorney's and the police asking if cell phone records were double-checked against his phone to see if the calls even came from his phone, or not, being they might have been sent from another phone which only made it appear to come from Jarec's phone.  I mean if you were a blackmailer would you send a blackmail request with your phone number showing?  Who does that?

OF COURSE there's more to this case and the reason why Jarec was being scapegoated is because the operation itself wants to continue operating.

They now tell new victims "you don't want to go to the police and have happen to you what happened with Donald did now do you?"

I know well how they operate as it's one of the reasons why I created to extract victims out of such operations who either use or are the police in most cases.