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Dear Liz McDougall: I've been trying to reach you for some time now.  I'm hoping that I have the right email now to reach you.  I've posted this on my blog   I've been answering a hotline since 1987 where we do outreach to let REAL  trafficking victims, who can't call the police for help, know they can call us for help.  I created this hotline and 12 step "outpatient" program after having tried to have a "safe house" I set up in 1984 wound up with me being falsely arrested as "running a brothel" to try and shut me down. So I reorganized our work on an "outpatient" basis, and did this because I became sharply aware through this process that REAL traffickers will do things like that to shut down your work helping real victims escape.  The corrupt police involved in the trafficking I was trying to escape, and help others to do also, wh


During Prohibition, it was well known Al Capone, and the Mafia he was a part of, would routinely use the police to shut down their "competitors", i.e., anyone who wasn't a part of the mob. Now remember, this country didn't acknowledge the "mob" even existed back then. The existence of the mob wasn't "officially" recognized until Joe Valachi stepped up to confess it's existence in the 1960's. Yes these mobsters were arrested - individually. Even Al Capone himself was only arrested on income tax evasion. The film "The Untouchable's" was about the fact no one in law enforcement, or otherwise, could go after these guys because of how they had the police force, and politicians, under their control. This is why we created the "racketeering" laws in fact because arresting even Al Capone himself didn't shut down the "operation" which was flooding the country with bootleg booze. Well welcome to