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Friday, September 23, 2016


Courage Worldwide - putting up photos of these women and asking for money IS pimping and exploitation!

What are they going to do?  Leave?

If I"m wrong - then show me what jobs these women have received after this type of publicity?

Our hotline is loaded with calls from women who can't find housing or jobs because of their photos or news clips about their past online.  I myself can't get jobs because of my name even and the fact I was in sex work THIRTY YEARS AGO.

The fact I was a victim of trafficking, the fact I help others now leave the industry, the fact it was 30 years ago, does not alter that I STILL have people call me a "pimp" or a "whore" and refuse to have anything to do with me.

If you're gay or black - you can file a discrimination lawsuit.

By putting these women's photo's online - I"d like to see them get a job now.  Thanks Courage Worldwide!

Because after you get done messing them up even further, then I get the wreckage to clean up after you've siphoned off all the money!  I don't see her supporting our hotline, nor offering to help any of our members because we wouldn't accept that type of "help".

Because it's NOT HELP!