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Jenny McCarthy & HIV

Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) (213) 262-9810 Telephone
Press Release – Jenny McCarthy & HIV
Dear Ms. McCarthy:
First of all, please let me register my “fandom” of your work, your sister's work, your husband's work, etc. As someone who came out of Playboy and made a career for yourself outside of being a sex object – I have often referred to you as a “role model” when working with our newer members to show these members the endless possibilities of how they can leave a career in the sex industry in any fashion – whether that be posing for porn, stripping or even prostitution, I refer to people like yourself who have expanded their careers into one using their “other” talents such as your many talents for acting, comedy, modeling, etc. I've even pointed to your marriage when trying to convince some of our new members there are good healthy solid relationships out there where one's past isn't held against them.…