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I'm literally about to vomit.  I just saw a commercial for Catherine Cortez Masto where she's running for Senate now.  Her platform on the commercial was her claim she "helped sex trafficking victims". BULLSHIT. Take a real good look at the commercial.  The person she has speaking for her first is Karen Hughes.  Yes the same Karen Hughes who is no longer the multiple head of N. Las Vegas Vice, head of N. Las Vegas Internal Affairs, and head of N. Las Vegas police that I filed a formal complaint with Internal Affairs about.  You can search my blog to find my post about those complaints and Karen further here if you'd like. Want to know why all three?  So that I couldn't figure out who to complain to about her, and other police officers, who were actually involved in sex trafficking that's why.  With Chief Gillispie having finally stepped down, along with 15 other officers, with him, for corruption, I mean who am I supposed to go to with complaints abo