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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
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Office of Public Safety
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Re: HB 2668 – Sex Trafficking & Record Expungment

Dear Committee Members:

I'm writing to weigh in on HB2668. I doubt any one person or group has had more experience with this issue than myself to be perfectly honest. I say that because I was a victim of sex trafficking on different levels at different times. I was first lured into the sex industry by men who came from a famous family of pimps. Richard Pryor has been open that his mother was a prostitute who worked for his grandmother, the madam. This family had been involved with prostitution for generations dating back to the slave days. The man in charge of this operation, Weldon, told me it was linked to the days when they were freed slaves, but couldn't find work. The women worked as prostitutes while young, and became madams when older. The men were pimps and drug dealers. They bought a nightclub in the valley which they used to lure in new victims, entertain clients, and it served to launder the criminal money from their enterprise that involved both drugs, prostitution, and other crimes.

When I bought my way out of this “family”, word spread on the streets that I was no longer under their protection. That's when I fell into people involved with Iran Contra. For those too young to remember this, it's when our own government was smuggling cocaine into this country in order to raise cash to buy guns for the Contra's. The drugs were then given to the African American gangs for distribution. However, to get the drug from Compton to the Beverly Hills Hilton – it did so in the purses of high class escorts. That's where I came in. During the 1980's, there were three madams in southern California. Myself, dubbed the “High Tech Madam”, Alex Adams who was called the “Beverly Hills Madam” and Cheri Woods who was called the “Hollywood Madam”.

It was during this time that I was connected to Chuck Barris. Yes the producer of the “Dating Game” and the “Gong Show”. The “Dating Game” was a great cover to lure out beautiful women to the studios to be filmed as an “audition” for the show. The tapes were then shopped around. To get these women into foreign countries with the right papers – they were sent on “dates”. Who ever thought to check who came back and who didn't when Chuck was the chaparone? If you've seen the film “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” then you have an idea what I was dealing with back then. Especially when I learned some of those women were sold outright to wealthy oil men who liked “white women” as trophies like some drug dealers had caged tigers.

There were no safe houses for adults back in the early 1980's. The only one in the country was for minors opened in 1979 by Lois Lee who founded Children of the Night. But what about us adults? Where do we go when we were being denied admittance in even drug treatment centers, homeless and domestic violence shelters when we'd run for help? The police refused to do anything because in their eyes we were just criminals then. No different than a bank robber in their eyes. So they felt like we “got what we deserved”. To change this, I took a warehouse I had once used as an incall place and turned it into the first safe house for adults. One day I took in a woman who had her arm and nose broken by this pimp who also had blacked both her eyes. He found the warehouse because it had used to be where we ran an incall service, and was quite angry when he couldn't break in to get her back.
So he called the police and told them I was “running a brothel” there. The police came out to the warehouse at midnight and knocked. She answered in her PJ's because she was asleep there. They arrested her for prostitution and charged me with pimping because the lease was in my name. Thankfully she testified against the pimp and the charges against me for pimping were dropped.

Only the DA wasn't going to let things go with that. He wanted me to testify against what I knew about the others. I knew if I did – I'd just have our government step in and claim “national security” and I'd be dead. To try and force me to testify the police arrested my mother and charged her with pimping me. They took a photo of me handing her a $20 bill for a bucket of KFC chicken outside of the warehouse. Technically that's “receiving money from the earnings of a prostitute”, i.e., pimping. Now granted, I could have fought this because it was ridiculous. However, the police further threatened to arrest my grandmother for the washer and dryer I'd bought her with a check of mine. I didn't want to see my 70 year old grandmother arrested but I also wasn't going to be a snitch and wind up dead. So my mother and I agreed to take a plea bargain instead.

I was fortunate in that the judge allowed for my record to go under another name because they knew the whole thing was simply to try and force me to testify – not that I'd done anything wrong. I assure you had I had my record appear under my real name – I never would have been able to get any type of work. Almost every job I've ever had has done a background check on me, including when I worked with NASA on the space shuttle as a secretary. I worked as a mortgage banker in Nevada for some years. I can assure you if my record were to have shown up under my real name – I would have had no ability to leave the sex industry and stay out of trouble since 1984 as I have. I've not even had so much as a jaywalking ticket since I went straight in 1984. But that was because I could find not only work, but also could rent a place to live, because I had no record showing.

Now could I go back and PROVE I was a trafficking victim to expunge my records? Heck no. Neither could someone like Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam. The reason why she released her “Black Book” to the public was she was trying to show SHE was a trafficking victim. She had wanted to quit back in 1991 after her first arrest. But men from our own government were having her supply women for certain “special” people who didn't want the average street walker who could cause scenes like the street walkers in Columbia did with our Secret Service Agents.

No, women who worked with Jeane were women like Brandy Britton who was a professor at a university as one example. On top of these men wanting women of class and discretion for “entertainment” for their business dealings, they also had Jeanne pumping these men for information that was relayed back to them, and her supplying them with information they wanted them to have. Jeane wasn't allowed to retire and this was proven by her arrest. She had finally decided she was going to retire as a madam, buy a home in Germany, and just quit. As she went to the airport to leave the country and retire – she was arrested. Her defense was trying to explain to the court she had wanted to quit many times, but these men kept using her to supply their needs. She refused a plea bargain so that the “Black Book” could be public record instead of quashed. She tried to defend herself that she was a trafficking victim. The end result was her attorney was disbarred and had his life threatened. He had to leave the state to stay alive. Jeane, and Brandy Britton, were not so lucky. In other words, they tried to prove they were trafficking victims and are now both dead. I however did not, and I'm still alive.

What I'm trying to tell you is there's a big problem with this Bill 2668. I didn't try and expunge my records because I knew it would be pointless and I'd be dead if I tried. Jeane however did try and defend her record on her second arrest as a trafficking victim because she said she was forced to be operating as a madam by these men in our government. As a result of trying to defend herself – she's now dead. I spoke to Jeane the day before she was found dead and there's not a doubt in my mind she was murdered for trying to expose the truth about her case. Brandy Britton by the way is another. Her trial was coming up and certain powerful men were also afraid of what she'd say. She was found dead in her living room also before she had a chance to defend herself.

Here's what I'm trying to say – you send in a bunch of people trying to expunge their records and you may be creating a huge problem. Take a look at the Margo Compton case. This is a woman who was also forced into prostitution by a Hell's Angel gang. By the way, in cases of sex trafficking you will almost always find reports of domestic violence. Many times these pimps will attack their victims, and then when the police arrive the victim is the one who takes the blame to protect herself and her children. So I'm also concerned about this Bill excluding those with domestic violence charges because in my experience almost every victim of sex trafficking also has a domestic violence charge against them as well. Anyway, Margo wasn't adequately protected. There were no “safe houses” for adults when she testified back in the 1970's. The prosecutor left her in her home during her testimony and it resulted in both her and her six year old twin daughters horribly slaughtered.

You may also have cases where the prosecutor doesn't want to turn over that rock either. Think along the lines of Bill Cosby to see my point. In 2003, Snoop Dogg has confessed to traveling the USA in an RV and trafficking women across this country. He has not been charged and you know why? No one wants to touch that case with a 10 foot pole. I received a call from Joe Heck, a Nevada senator saying he had a friend whose daughter was being trafficked by a pimp who was operating in connection with Snoop's “pimp revival tour”. This woman was pregnant and after Snoop cast her off, another pimp with a long violent record was now holding her hostage in an apartment while pimping her. He said if the police came to rescue her, they'd have to arrest him. If they arrested him, he'd point to Snoop.

Now this was before Snoop's confession meaning he would just counter with a defamation charge or false arrest or some other defense, bringing in a legal team certainly that would make OJ drool. No one would want to testify against him, and with most of this taking place in the RV, there would hardly be any evidence either. So Joe asked me to go in and help this woman because the state of Nevada didn't want to get involved in charging Snoop with trafficking. Especially since the “johns” in this operation were mostly NFL players. It was just a PR and legal can of worms Nevada didn't want to open. They refused to even pay my expenses in this rescue because they “didn't want to leave any trail” and wanted to be able to “denialability plausibility” that they knew “nothing” about this whole thing.

Now let me ask you something – if any of the women who were involved in that year long RV tour were arrested for prostitution, this Bill 2668 means they can go in and “prove” they were trafficked and have their records expunged. Only I can assure you it would never happen. There is no state right now that would want to identify this woman was a victim of the Snoop operation because then they'd have to go in and charge him, and possibly charge some of these NFL players, and maybe even other famous musicians who were involved. It's not like they were checking ID's at the door either to see what age these women were. So tell me what court would allow this woman to expunge her records if it involved this operation? I doubt any court would rule in her favor in a situation like this.
After I got arrested for having the first safe house in the country – I realized I needed to go about this a little differently. So I launched our 800 # hotline and our program as a 12 step program so it could be used as an “alternative to sentencing” program under the laws grandfathered in by AA and NA. Meaning right now many prostitutes are not having to go to jail, and some are even released from jail, so they can attend our meetings and our program. In fact, Michigan right now won't even allow you to get off probation without attending a year of our meetings. I've set up formal alternative sentencing programs in Los Angeles, Allentown, and Reno. But mostly it's a matter of the prostitute asking the judge anywhere in the USA if she can attend our program instead of jail – and the judge decides.

Because of them being in alternative sentencing with us- many judges have also expunged records. We've been asked to go in at the end of their probation and testify to the court as to what we've seen with this person. If we've seen them have problems finding work because of their record – we tell the court. Many large companies don't care like Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, Olive Garden, etc. But when the person has to get jobs like to be licensed to sell real estate, or get a license to be a nurse, then yes it has been a blockage. When we've explained to the court this person is no longer involved in prostitution, that they are free of the influence of the pimp, and that they're being blocked from advancing because of their criminal record – we've always seen the court agree to expunge.

We've had the court grant exceptions. In Las Vegas for example, one can't even cut food to work in a fast food restaurant without a work permit. A past record for prostitution will show up. We've gone down to the licensing hearings and explained what happened – and we've seen them get their work permit even with their record standing.

Very very few survivors can afford an attorney. For this reason, I've been a paralegal since I went “straight” back in 1985. For those who want to expunge their records, but can't afford an attorney, I've been able to help them. We wait until they have the legally required time depending on what state they're in. Two years for example in Nevada. Then we gather together things like their rent receipts to show they've been paying their rent on time, we get a letter from their employer, and pay stubs, to show they've been working at a “legit” job for that time, letters from their pastor or rabbi, we get letters from volunteer work they've been doing, community service, their therapists, and also we have their sponsor vouching for how hard they've been working on their recovery, staying clean, etc. We've then made a motion to the court to hear us and upon presenting to them how this person has changed – we've seen the court expunge the records so they can get licensing they may need for work, and be free of it.

In other words, we've been able to expunge their records by showing how their life has changed NOT by digging up the past. Which in many cases is way too dangerous to dig up. Also, not only may it be dangerous to drag up, but this person may not even be able to afford an attorney, an investigator, and all that goes into what it would take to prove to the court they were a victim. Beyond this, the process could actually endanger them in another way.

If you look at my news clip for my arrest you'll see I was charged as “Rene Le Blanc” not “Jody Williams”. The reason for that is because many many men were afraid of what I would say to the prosecutor or even the press during my arrest. They had reliable information that I had a contract out on my head. It's standard to list all hearings as “public record” meaning my court dates are published as public record. Now with people trying to kill me, and the court requiring me to be in court on a certain date and time, and with the court calendar listing my name as to me having to be there at that date and time – we argued that the court would then be liable if I was murdered coming in and out of my court dates. To protect my life, the court then allowed me to be put under an “alias” of Rene Le Blanc so that the men looking to murder me wouldn't know when I was coming. Court calendars these days are all online. Meaning I can type in a few clicks and I can know if someone is going to be at the court on a certain date and time – even to expunge records.

For those who still have pimps out there looking for these victims – that's painting a bulls eye on them. It's asking them to possibly endanger their lives simply to get their records expunged so that they can not have problems finding work or housing because of their records. Because if the Bill is set up this way, that to expunge their records they have to prove they were trafficked, then you're asking them to endanger themselves. These pimps hold grudges for years. They have relatives who hold grudges. Many today also use technology and if a victim were to start a court date to expunge her records, her name would show up, and trigger the pimp realizing where this victim was going to be. Yes this can happen even years down the road after a victim has been freed. This can happen even if their pimp is in jail because they have “networks” on the outside. The first case we worked on taught us a valuable lesson.

We had helped a woman named Denise escape her pimp in Los Angeles who was horribly violent. She had more than one domestic violence charge from protecting herself from him. When I came to get her she was black and blue from head to toe from this guy. She had to knock him out to get away call us. We got her out and a year later she's walking down the street to go see a movie in Westwood. This pimp sees her and runs her over with his car in broad daylight in front of 100's of people. As the police were dragging him off to jail he's shouting “I taught that bitch no one leaves me”. Ever since then we urge our survivors to relocate as far away from the pimp, his family, his friends, others in his network, etc., and to change their appearance, because of stories like this that are sadly common.

I'm not saying that all survivors who want to expunge their records shouldn't do so by proving they were trafficked. I am saying there should be an alternative for those who can't, or maybe think it's too risky, and/or who can't afford an attorney, nor want one. Because believe it or not, many of us are not safe with the local attorney's either. Meaning there should be a process for us to get help without involving an attorney like I've seen done with our program because I've heard a lot of horror stories about women being also abused by their attorney's.

Right now in Las Vegas, I've got members who report to me there's not one attorney they've gone to for help on their case that hasn't asked them for sex on top of a cash payment to help them. Some of them in fact insist upon it. Many don't have a lot of cash upfront so they have to make payments. The attorney's then demand sex as “interest”. Others say that it's difficult to find an attorney willing to defend hookers and therefore they want something “extra” for their trouble. Others in other cities where there's maybe only one or two attorney's in the whole town tell me either the attorney won't defend them, or if they do, they insist upon sexual favors.

So where does that leave a survivor who is in a town where there's one or two attorney's in the whole region and they won't defend a prostitute because they don't want to be “known as a whore's attorney”? Or they refuse to do it unless sex is involved. Yes I've had attorney's tell me they don't want to be known as a “whore's attorney” and I've had women tell me their attorney's have refused to help them without sex involved. I've also had attorney's tell me they won't defend a prostitute because it could subject them to possible harassment and even cost them their license. Montgomery Sibley for example defended Jeane Palfrey. He was disbarred while doing so and many felt he was disbarred to prevent him from helping her in court. I can show you a very long list of attorney's who have helped prostitutes defend their cases, only to find their license threatened, their reputation, and even in some cases their actual life if they're going up against the traffickers to defend their client.

You have to realize that traffickers have attorney's also. Especially if they're men like Kemp Shiffer, Chris Butler, or those DEA agents in New Jersey who owned a strip club while also partying with Columbian drug lords. Now I asked you – what about those women in the DEA owned strip club who were working in that club and who got arrested before the news came out about them? I can assure you from what I've seen that if this woman had hired an attorney to expunge her records, that this attorney would have then found his license in jeopardy, and maybe their lives threatened. They do this because they know that if the victim has to get another lawyer, it's usually money they don't have. My attorney who defended me had his life threatened, his license threatened, and even the IRS came in to audit him. All because the traffickers in my case didn't want me to have an attorney. I can show you a lot of attorney's who for these reasons won't help us. Then those who do sometimes want sexual favors. It can be a very big can of worms here in other words for one of us to expunge records based on proving we were trafficked. In other words, this isn't like a traffic ticket. It can be very hard to find an attorney willing to take the case, and then able to see it all the way through if the traffickers fight back.

Which is why I'd like to talk more about the way we've been doing things which is much safer for the prostitute. That being that we've been able to show the court this person has changed, their life has changed, and that the record is just a hindrance for them to advance. This is something the person can do themselves without having to hire an attorney who usually wants at least a $1500 retainer, but they also can get an attorney to help as well. Either way they want to go – but it gives them a way to expunge their records without having to hire an attorney.

There's another thing I'd like to bring up here about “our” way we've been doing things. History if anything has shown us that very powerful men can often be involved in trafficking. Look at the “G Sting Arrests” for example in Nevada that involved city councilmen, judges, prosecutors, mayors, and other powerful people. Sometimes a record of prostitution can save a survivor and let me explain how. First of all, one can't get a license to work in a legal brothel if there is a past conviction for prostitution. Also, to be a stripper in most clubs one has to get an entertainers' license. Also which can't be done if there's a past prostitution record. So in cases like this, the traffickers know that this person can't work in the legal brothel, or the strip clubs, which require a license if they have a past conviction.

Now, if you have to prove you've been “legit' for the last year or two – that's impossible to fake. One can't fake rent receipts, pay stubs, letters from the pastor, testimony from local community groups this person has done volunteer work, neighbors, friends, members of a group like Sex Workers Anonymous, or other groups that are out there, Narcotics Anonymous sponsors, etc. Also school records showing for example if they want to sell real estate that they've taken the classes. One can't fake all that evidence to go into a court asking to expunge records.

However, with these traffickers, all it takes is for one judge to sign the papers saying “yes I believe this person was trafficked” and then their records are expunged which in turn then allow that victim to be further victimized and exploited because they can then be forced to obtain a license to work in a legal brothel, or even as a stripper with an entertainers' license. Remember, we held the press conference we did in 2007 to show the public that a victim can be forced to work in sex work and be trafficked EVEN IN LEGAL SEX WORK. Not all trafficking involves illegal prostitution. I worked on a case for a year where the victims were forced to be in the same room 24/7 and they were trafficked via a webcam. They were totally trafficked – but not in an illegal setting nor even were they forced to have intercourse.

Many traffickers are moving towards this – legal prostitution such as porn, stripping, webcam studios and even the legal brothels. To do some of this requires a license, and it would be a piece of cake for them to get some judge to just wipe away their record which would then allow them to be trafficked. I say that because there is not a clear criteria here for what constitutes “proof” of this person having been forced. That can cut both ways. That can make it so no amount of evidence would be accepted by a court that has reasons to not find that person not-guilty say in a Snoop case or a case like that DEA owned club. Or it can go the reverse and the judge might just take anything at all to expunge a record because that's also what it wants. Without a clear cut criteria of what the process is – this whole thing is in way too early of a stage to adopt HB2668.

There needs to be more discussion on this issue involving people like myself who have seen many sides of this issue over 30 years, and who also has no dog in this race. I'm not trying to advance my career by this Bill. I'm not trying to expose my name more because I'm holding a fund raiser, or applying for a grant, or running for office, etc. I in now way benefit by any of this, or even by writing you. My only stake here is what's best for these survivors. Which I can assure you there is danger in waking up sleeping dogs, and also there's problems in some cases with these survivors having no option but to hire an attorney, which may or may not be wiling to help them.

If I can be of any more assistance with input on this Bill – please call me anytime. Our program is the largest, and oldest, program of survivors in this country. Since our members are the ones who are choosing to remain “anonymous” we're the ones who are impacted the most when our records are following us.

Thank you for your time.

Jody Williams

PS - such "sisterhood".  Below is a response we got to this letter.

So I wrote this in response:

If you look at any research put out on the subject, as well as speak to anyone working in the field with the victims of sex trafficking, including many interviews I can show you in the media of victims of sex trafficking - you'll find that the victims DON'T identify by the term "sex trafficking" or "trafficking victim" or "human trafficking victim" or other such words. Because they don't self-identify by this word - things using those words go right over their heads. They think "this doesn't apply to me.

If I put up a billboard asking that everyone wearing a yellow dress call this number, but in my mind I'm wearing a red dress, then I'm not going to call that number. I'm going to think "that's not me".

The term "trafficking" was not coined until after the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000. Before the passing of this act, this issue was not recognized as "real". Meaning it had the same significance as if I were to call the police saying "help I'm being forced to have sex with aliens". That's the response one would get from both the legal and medical profession when one tried to speak about being trafficked.

Because prostitution is illegal - we were branded "criminals" across the board. Both the police, social workers, therapists, landlords, employers, anyone else viewed us as "criminals" for that reason . There was no "extenuating circumstances" like being "forced". To show you the public reaction - in 1980 Linda Lovelace came forward with her book "Ordeal" speaking about how her pimp and husband, Chuck Traynor, had forced her to film "Deep Throat" with a gun pointed at her off camera. The movie was made with mob money and her pimp forced her not only to make the film, but to also prostitute. If you watch the bathtub scene, or her at the pool, in the film you will see the bruises on her legs. Despite these bruises being visible, the public refused to believe her. Think Bill Cosby and you have an idea how people just couldn't believe no one on that set stepped up to help her. Of course they wouldn't. It was a mob financed film and Chuck was known for guns. In fact, he opened the Gun Store in Las Vegas after he left pimping.

When billboards go up for the National Trafficking Hotline - it says "if you want help to escape trafficking". Many billboards and signs up talk about "if you're a trafficking victim".

Most victims don't identify with that word. However, all of them without exception DO relate to "do you want to leave the sex industry? Call Sex Workers Anonymous then" AND they especially respond to "we are not connected with law enforcement". Why? Because most trafficking victims also have local corrupt police on their payroll if not the traffickers themselves. Look up Chris Butler for example, or retired cop Kemp Shiffer, Margo Compton, or even think about that DEA owned strip club. Those dancers in that DEA owned strip club would no more call the police than fly - especially since they were illegal aliens. Even more so because if they went to the police their family back in Columbia would be dead before they could hang up the phone.

Meaning our hotline averages about five times more calls than Polaris. They've taken about 100,000 phone calls from everyone whereas we've taken over 500,000 calls from victims directly. Many who say when they call "I'm not a trafficking victim but I need help". We get the calls that the caller doesn't identify as a "trafficking victim" as well as the calls who feel they can't call the police. Like the 14 year old girl in Chicago who was being trafficked by two local respected cops. In her case, who is she going to call BUT someone who advertises "we're not connected to enforcement. Sometimes law enforcement doesn't want the call like in the Snoop Dogg operation he confessed to in Rolling Stone. What DA wants to prosecute a case like that for a victim before he made that confession in 2013?

We were getting calls about a trafficking ring now nicknamed the "League" back in 2009. There was a cop in Wichita, Kansas who reported he couldn't get anyone to arrest anyone in the chain of massage parlors locally because other cops kept blocking him and threatening him. He finally got some arrests in 2009 - but no one would back him up and he lost the cases. So he waited until he retired and then went to work for the Zoning Dept. From there, he got enough evidence to make an arrest in 2013. This time three men got convicted. The judge and this officer received death threats. There is documentation however linking one of these convicted pimps back to Pasadena, California where the heads of this ring reside. They only received five years and this was in 2013. In this ring, women from China were imported in under work contracts. They then had to "buy" their way out. Some married men in America for money, while others were put to work in the massage parlors.

One of these women who is related to the head of the ring has been forced to work as a prostitute since she was 8. She's now in her 50's and her son was about to go to UCLA. When she told the family she wanted to "retire" she was carted out of her own home by two Pasadena cops. Then slapped with two fake prostitution charges. Then she was told that if she didn't get back to work that she'd be deported where their contact would see that she got arrested a third time which would get her the death penalty in China. This was 2013. In 2015, Liang Yaohui was arrested who had 3000 massage parlors in China, and was a member of the Chinese government as well as the CEO of a Five Star hotel there.

When we went to clear her records, our attorney was threatened as were we. Then the trafficking ring had this attorney lie to her and say they had expunged her record when they had not. We came to her with her records to show they had not been cleared and they lied to her. I was then threatened by a Pasadena cop to "back up" or I'd have a stalking charge. The attorney threatened me with a stalking TRO if I tried to speak to her again. She has tried to quit by obtaining a real estate license to sell houses which is in jeopardy should they report her fake prostitution charges.

Under HB 2668, they could expunge her records if she can "prove" she was trafficked. Now I ask you - how is she supposed to do this when the charges are fake? When I went to the Pasadena Chief to make a report about the officers who threatened us, he ignored me. I went to his superiors who forced him to call me. The minute I called him an ex-prostitute started claiming falsely I was "stalking" her. I have records of our conversations to prove I never did such a thing. But they were timed so that if I walked into the Pasadena station to file a compliant - I would be hauled out of there on a stalking or 5150 charge. After Sandra Bland - no thank you.

The ring knew it was being watched clearly and to let things die down they stopped using women from China, and instead started using Korean women. They started moving their women around more on the circuit, and started opening more massage parlors. While everyone is cracking down on Backpage, they open more parlors and set up separate websites. There is a confirmed HIV epidemic in China, and the women were having up to 10 contacts a day unprotected without any HIV testing by the way. Condoms are not kept in the massage parlor because that would be "evidence" of prostitution.

I don't care how "crazy" people think I am - I have black and white documentation about this ring, how they operate, where they operate, who is involved, where they own real estate, marriage licensing, phone records, and also records tying them to Pasadena that can be looked at and should be. I have contacted every task force in every city this ring is operating and I've been ignored. Including Seattle. Now I understand because a woman was murdered, and a young boy kidnapped -an undercover officer was assigned to the case and there was some arrests a few weeks ago against the "League". However, all roads lead back to the heads of this operation who reside in Pasadena. That's why we have the RICO laws.

Now - how is this woman supposed to expunge her prostitution records when they were faked? By the way, a Pasadena Detective was caught on tape bragging about being able to "frame someone for murder". Certainly prostitution then is a peace of cake. I have the fake prostitution records -but I ask you how is this woman supposed to expunge the records under something like HB 2668 when she would not only have to testify against her own family, but she would have to expose what these officers, and judges, did to her?

I could however do what I suggested in my letter to the Office of Public Safety, and show she's been paying her mortgage payments, working at her real estate sales job, and attending SWA meetings. The way we've been doing things - I should be able to get a judge to grant her a record expungment under these terms.

If she were to try and go up against her family, and these officers, to "prove" she was trafficked and framed, I shudder to think what might happen to her as a victim of the "League". One woman went up against them and they murdered her and torched her apartment. I was poisoned during a meeting that almost killed me. These are not people to play with in other words. She's lucky that Liang has been arrested back in China, but there could be other people behind him who haven't been arrested.

IF the task forces in major cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and other cities would answer my calls or emails, I might be able to discuss with them more the types of calls coming into our hotline and also find solutions for women like I'm describing. This is a woman who isn't going to parade around in front of Congress, or at some trafficking luncheon talking about being a "survivor". Some of us have to remain "anonymous" but that doesn't mean they don't exist. If anything, because they have to remain hidden, all the more reason why they need to be heard.

Which is why I try and do this as best as I can. It doesn't help however when I try and I find women like Amber Pauline Walker telling me that I was "not invited" to the discussion here of HB 2668. She however doesn't get to tell survivors who she thinks should and should not be heard. We all need to respect ALL voices and viewpoints here. And that includes having the task forces, and other NGO'S, in this movement to also respect when I'm reaching out on behalf of someone who can't.