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I've been hearing the slams against Trump lately about his "attitude's towards women" and I want to weigh in on this.  As someone who has answered the hotline for for 30 years, I talk to a lot of women.  When I lived on the east coast - I talked to a lot of women who had dealings with Trump during the 1990's.  I honestly never heard anything about his behavior other than he "was generous with beautiful women".

I will say this.  I do not know Jessica Drake and if I did I wouldn't say I did unless she told me it was okay to say otherwise.   But when I read her account here of what Trump supposedly did to her (we don't know if true yet until Donald confirms), I had to admit it sounds identical to what other women have told me on the hotline was their experience as sex workers with him when we had an Atlantic City meeting and were getting a lot of calls from that area such as where his casino is.…